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  1. Oh no no, victims were probably not because they own cats ... imo, i suspect he is killing the cats so he will not cough, since he could be allergic to its fur (?)... joker might know that one of DB witness testimony, she cannot forget how the joker was coughing that night. Maybe he is trying to hide his identity by making sure he will not cough especially with DB around Honestly i still dont have any idea why joker kill people ... its very hard to connect since main clue is not yet obviously revealed at this moment
  2. After watching episode 10 , i cannot help but to cry on several scenes from this episode. so many conversations, emotions & topic were spot on! My experiences in life goes the same way as DB (except for the thriller part). And this drama made we reflect somehow. Although reality bites harder to me, i know there is always an opening! 1 thing i am unsure, how i wish YS truly exist in this current world. If young generation could be as half as genuine as YS, that would be awesome!
  3. Oh coz i havent watch episode 10 and read only recap, so I didnt know HM actually caught the person who refill cat’s food. So most likely he was really allergic to cats fur and no wonder there are no cats around Ongsan because he is killing them. How about the fire? What could be the reason why he starts the fire ?
  4. This drama is getting better & better! and here’s my thoughts:- We already in the middle of this series and up to this moment, i still cannot clearly pinpoint who could be Gabuli. Several characters can easily be the suspect. But maybe it is just to mislead us viewers (of course that is the main purpose hehe). I think DB mother was always there to protect DB & PG, so for me she is not Gabuli. But she seems to be the one who refill the cat food container (?).. My guess is to lure the real Gabuli. Cats maybe will give us clue soon. I dont know but i have this feeling that Gabuli has an allergy with cats fur (that’s why he cough). And having Cats will make him vulnerable. I also think the mom is the one inside the OK Aesthetic, but she was there not to lookout for YS, but Gabuli himself. Which sometimes bring me to conclusion that it could be the Chief, since he was always with YS when he investigates. but because i dont have enough evidence, i am not confident on my suspicion. Some more there are other characters which havent introduced officially.. like the hardware man’s father, the person who YS suppose to visit due to its dog (or is it a cat?), and DB father (which i hope will give as background on why her mother left DB in the orphanage). episode 9 was all about not being a joke while episode 10 was about being a parent! the kisses were absolutely satisfying! Just the right time
  5. @maribella @Lmangla i think the one year leap was necessary for EH to become a chief secretary? .. His new boss need some time to trust him. And likewise for EH to prove that he is useful to him. (Most likely, the new boss gain something in return for EH service.) I also think the reason he did not contact anyone especially CR, was because he knows that the moons will not stop until they get rid of him and worried CR may get harm in the process. I agree that there were so many weird, illogical, & at times, nonsense situation happened in the story of this drama.. But one thing i like was the otp.. They found each other's soulmate.
  6. Sweet ending for me! Have a happy family CR & EH!
  7. So this is also ending this week... So far, new /upcoming drama looks not appealing to me.. I may hibernate once again! Fighting MCR! Forget about those conglomerates and live happily with CEH!
  8. Well unfortunately, that is a question that will never get to be answered.. it all depends on our imagination & interpretation of the last scene. Happy ending, yes. Satisfied, im afraid not much. But i dont regret watching it. I still enjoyed this drama after TMS for SJS. As for JIS, i will watchout for her next project! Thanks a lot to everyone in this thread its so nice to interact with all of u! Cheers and see u around
  9. I agree with your choice of word... "sprinkle" of romance haha I hope there's an appearance of AR parents too in the finale.. But well.. They have to wrap up the spy stuff first so i dont think its possible (sarcasm intended)
  10. I am also taken aback by those comment of netizens where they're ok with last night episode lol I think they only want KB to live alone so they can have him all by themselves haha poor guy.. AR should end up with JYT then..
  11. @inna75 - - i am also in the edge of understanding these"spy" stuffs!!! I am annoyed to myself for expecting something
  12. Me after watching the preview.. KB looks going to be fine after confronting K.. Then... more confusion comes... Who is the mole? What will AR do with the list? What happened to JYT? Why still no appearance of JJ? Will there be OTP sweet moment? Will AR show more affection to KB as a man? More questions being raised than answered = preview perks I wanna pull my hair lol
  13. And (sweet) bickering haha i love it when AR always reason out or argue with KB.. Like the driving lesson, the 1st mission, the 2nd mission, the training, and even the meat cooking... I finf it cute when KB is sulking
  14. How the ending should go, in my own version: Madam Na vs her own bloodline Ms Kim vs Mdm Na or police Moons vs Otp JPD vs tattoo guy @mizkorea - - if the evidence is inside the Moons house, then only CR has a chance to get it. Maybe on JS bday? @maribella - - same as @oktatwork.. The Moons obsession with CR.. JS probably coz of his ego.. Then Chairman Moon partly because he saw his son agony but mainly because of money. CR capable of running a business which is advantageous for Taesan Grp.
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