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  1. Rubie, I love your posts esp. W photo and the VIP preview clip! BH looks so good. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BoxOffice result is great. Over 1M tickets sold for 3 days since the release. article src:https://news.maxmovie.com/414150/ Since the release, this movie has been 1st spot in the box office. The break-even point for this movie is about 5M, hopefully it'll go over that and possibly even more. Full GV video on Jan 23rd with Kim Gura. Some points told in this GV. Marked with * is my addition, not from this GV. Any mistake is because I'm scatter brained. 1. In the movie, 2 chiefs ( roles by PDW and LBH ) are described as friends. In history, they are more of senior junior relationship from army. It was changed to show similarity between 2. * Adding that there are some changes and fictional choices added to known facts, so this is movie and not documentary. * 2. Kim Gura called BH god of acting and asked whether the acting got easier for him. BH got really bashful, and thou he appreciated the compliment, acting is still so hard for him, a challenge to guess about character. 3. There are several movie/dramas on this event and period of time. This time LSM and president Park doesn't look so alike. So LSM tried to investigate Park's gestures and such. * Also I heard that they added artificial ears too * 4. One of the q asked that there were a lot of scenes where BH pushed his hair back, whether it's intended, adlib, etc. BH said because he was portraying a real person so he researched in to the real scenes left including court scene after the assassination, where KJG was unkempt , messy hair and a bit neurotic. Because he was a soldier and kept very clean look before that, BH tried to pull this image into this movie to describe this character better. 5. 6. Last Q was the scene where they think the hardest or the most liked. LSM said the scene he liked the most is where he had to hit BH's head with a magazine. This could be dangerous and he was worried and cautious. He was able to hit the right part of BH's forehead and it dropped at the right place in one go, so he was so glad. WMH liked the scene BH's character sneaking into security house, it was long take ( camera was far ) and can't even see the actor's face but the body, posture and act showed the character's emotional status. LSM said he heard that BH got over the wall in one go, wondered how fit BH is to be able to do it. BH said in reality it was hard so he groaned when he did it, the sound caught by his body mic. WMH actually liked the sound during the monitor. BH liked the helicopter scene with Gwak(Lee HeeJun). Apparently they laughed a lot and it was fun. PDW liked the last scene where he died. He thought ah, his dying act(with the tip of his foot) was great.
  2. More photo for this Sunday's Happy Base Camp.(Which is about a day later ) Not sure how fast I can watch this, but hopefully soon!
  3. They had a preview recently, reviews from press and people are so great. Really so far I can get from usual movie review site and all, most of them like this movie. They're saying WMH hit farther than the Inside men. This move comes out very dry, editing got much better than the last closed viewing. This review clip is in english, with a US professor who lived in Korea during 60-70s. He's providing some background information for this movie. Honestly I am so excited about this movie. Can't wait to watch it. (Jan-22 is the release date set in Korea)