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  1. @nrllee, thanks for the review link, I appreciate reading it, and looking forward to her next reviews I noticed that you guys are wondering who is SK's body double for ballet. He is ballerino Kim Myung-yoon, and this is his instagram account. https://www.instagram.com/free_yun93_/ Unfortunately I can't find any youtube video of his performance. but there's practice video, and photos with SK.
  2. Song Kang's agency Namoo Studio YouTube content for SK Navillera, focused on SK's Ballet scenes. Title is "Meeting pretty funny ballerino, Song Kang/Namoo Theatre" They styled it similarly with KR human documentary show called "Human Theatre" - or "Screening Humanity" by wiki - Namoo makes this type of videos for their actors/actresses. I remember seeing similar one for Lee Jun-Ki. After watching this - and other variety show called Michuri - he is a cute introvert with strange sense of humor. I hope he stays this way and don't lose his innocence.
  3. Cried so much again. Dementia is scary, to watch someone I know being lost right in front of our eyes. Fear that I'll lose my mind surely in the future, really what we can do to prepare that I don't really know, just like Deukchul said. Chaerok is a sweet kid, who tries to protect haraboji, following him home and quietly urging him to find the right path. :'( Also, Chaerok's last dance scene was beautiful. I wondered how they're going to do dance scene in webtoon, they changed rain to snow due to season but it's still very wonderful, more so in the drama that this was CR's despera
  4. Everything went so well - or as good as it could - in episode 7, until the last scene. I loved Ki Seungjoo and Chaerok's moment and their relationship. It's such a wholesome relationship and Ki is a teacher anyone wishes to have in life. CR wanted to do competition more so because he told his dad, I hope to see Dad supporting CR's decision in later episode. CR practicing ballet in the studio was beautiful. If I can make it, I would love to play the scene forever. SK is a beauty and director knows how to show it. And every ballet scene is done beautiful in this drama. A
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNghIQNJmq9/?igshid=ml01w0a80kn9 I never felt this desperate for Monday morning before .
  6. Dramatization changed things here and there and one of them is HB's story. I agree that HB as a character is more interesting in the drama, I wonder how they're going to redeem him. CR and Haraboji tried to give him a helping hand - CR saying it's not too late... Haraboji's talk after the accident. Hopefully they show the story in fresh way. And in webtoon, there's a scene of CR that left HB deep impression, I hope they include that scene in the drama. It was a really beautiful scene! About HB beating SJ, yeah, I saw that coming. HB is at the bottom now and already beat CR before h
  7. Corporal punishment have been banished from Korea's school system on 2012, but I think sports team had this as persistent issue. It is distasteful and I hope there's more story to it than just part of training. Original webtoon doesn't have this storyline(beating and CR's dad in prison). Hobum doesn't have much back story in webtoon other than being sort of bully to Chaerock. This story does make Hobum's character more interesting in the drama, and I am glad CR's fall was accident instead of purposeful action. Not saying beating is better, because that was definitely HB's intentio
  8. Didn't see these making clips are posted here. If they were, let me know so I'll delete this post. Making (Behind the scenes) 1 1. Song Kang learned Pilates for leg split. 2. Song Kang and Hong SeungHee talking about breads. Apparently the place is known for it. SK got very happy when staff said he's allowed to have one for himself. 3. when staff said they'll use stand-in for the haraboji's testing scene, Park InWhan saying he can do that and showing pose. 4. Haraboji's really good at billiards. Making 2 1. haraboji
  9. This is lovely drama! I have been following Song Kang's dramas after I watched Love Alarm, and he has been showing continuous growth in each of his work. He may not be perfect at the moment - but who would be in their early works! - he's growing well and he already has special presence in each work. Navillera is such a happy little warm drama with lovely characters. I only read webtoon halfway thru but so far drama's well made and kept the essence of original. I can't wait for the next Monday!
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