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  1. Thank you @Ephoenix for sharing this sad information. As a long term fan, I think I can say that BH personified the adjectives: Patience, Perseverance and Hardworking. I am so glad that he overcame his early setbacks to become the kind of actor he is today: respected, versatile and award winning!!!!
  2. Korean Actors Who Have Caught Hollywood’s Attention FEATURES May 22, 2021 by Belinda_C Korean films and actors have been making waves in Hollywood these past years. Whether it’s movies like “Parasite” that has attracted tons of critical success, or actors like Youn Yuh Jung, who has gone viral for her various awards show speeches, it’s clear that Korean talent is getting the recognition they deserve i
  3. April 27, 2021 Congratulations You Yuh Jung-nim ! Korean Stars Congratulate Youn Yuh Jung On Her Historic Success At Academy Awards CELEB Apr 26, 2021 by U. Kim Many Korean actors have shared messages to celebrate and congratulate Youn Yuh Jung for winning Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards. At the 93rd Academy Awards held on April 25 (local
  4. April 23, 2021 @Ephoenix Thank you for letting me know that some of the threads have returned. However, I could not find: "Key to the Heart", I loved all the four protagonists in that movie. Aside for Lee Byung Hun, I liked You Yuh Jung who played the mother. In fact, I liked her a lot in the variety programs with Lee Seo Jin and in the drama "Wonderful Days" . Hope to see her in "Minari". I cracked up when I heard her acceptance speech for winning the Best Supporting Actress in the British Academy Film Award.
  5. April 22, 2022. @Ephoenix It is a shame that the photos are deleted. However please do not get too stressed because there is nothing that we can do about it if the IG links were not allowed at that time. I forgot to mention that the older movie threads once archived are gone for good. It is a pity that we can only enjoy the present and not treasure the past.
  6. April 22, 2021 Thank you @Annelyse Court for posting the great images. The smiles and expressions on LBH's face are too precious not to share!
  7. Btw @peonie I just had to go back and look at few of our old posts because I needed the info on LBH’s TVCF details. But I was heartbroken to see majority of the pictures in the thread have just disappeared and there is just this blank page in blue in most of them. It’s not even in just few. It will be such a hassle to find them and recognize which is for which, and arrange them again. I am just confused whether to just redo everything or just post the link of the picture sources and be done with it. If it’s gonna be like that with every software update, It’s gonna look so messy and just space
  8. April 21, 2021 Lee Byung Hun, Shin Min Ah, Kim Woo Bin, And Han Ji Min In Talks + Cha Seung Won And Lee Jung Eun Reported For New Drama TV/FILM Apr 20, 2021 by D. Kim No Hee Kyung is preparing a star-studded new drama! On April 20, industry representatives reported that Lee Byung Hun, Cha Seung Won, Kim Woo Bin, Shin Min Ah, Han Ji Min, and Lee Jung Eun will
  9. April 19, 2021 Thank you @Ephoenixfor sharing the news on the new drama "Our Blues". What a terrific acting lineup! I love LBH of course but Cha Seung Won too!!! All three actresses are great. I have always liked Han Ji Min and Shin Min Ah. Discovering Lee Jung Eun in "Mr. Sunshine", I have since searched for her in other dramas. . She did not disappoint me. Will definitely look forward to this drama.
  10. April 5, 2021 Thank you @Ephoenix for providing the link to the finger food party at BH Entertainment. Most impressive presentation! The food looks so delicious! The flowers were great too. Here's to wishing the filming of "Concrete Utopia" a smooth one and it's box office a great success! We are very spoilt with three BH movies to look forward to...............
  11. April 1, 2021 Thank you so much @rubie for making this awesome clip. All the photos are so well matched! The song is one of my favourite songs. It is a Chinese love song made famous by Teresa Teng who sadly left us at a young age. The lyrics can be translated as follows: You ask me how deep my love for you is, How much I really love you… My affection is real. My love is real. The moon represents my heart. You ask me how deep my love for you is, How much I really love you… My affection does not waver, My love will not change. The moon represents
  12. March 31, 2021 Let's celebrate Lee Byung Hun's son Joon Hoo's birthday today. Happy Birthday Joon Hoo ! You are a little superhero! Wishing you a wonderful life with exciting future. May your day be filled with much fun and presents!
  13. March 31, 202 Happy Birthday Joon Hoo ! You are a little superhero! Wishing you a wonderful life with exciting future. May your day be filled with much fun and presents!
  14. March 26, 2021 Lee Byung Hun designed the hat that his China fans club sent together with the coffee truck for the movie " The Match": Source: Weibo / China Fan Club
  15. March 2, 2021 That was a good Interview. I would really like to thank @Ephoenix for translating this piece. It is always a treat to read what Byung Hun-ssi has to say on the characters he portrayed and decisions why he has chosen specific roles. Translating from a foreign language is particularly hard because translation sites and apps often miss the true meaning of the original text.
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