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  1. Thank you @Ephoenix for the wonderful news. It is an honour to receive this award because the award was selected by Directors rather than fans. I hope he will be selected as Best Actor for the Baeksang Arts Awards 2024 as well.
  2. February 9, 2024 Wishing Byung Hun-ssi and his family and his fans on this thread a Happy New Year of the Dragon! May all of you be blessed with Happiness, Good Health, Good Fortune and Success in all your endeavours.
  3. December 28, 2023 @Ephoenix. Thank you so much for sharing these two captivating interviews. I have always love reading and translating his interviews. I feel that I get to understand Byung Hun-ssi a little better each time I read an interview about him when he reviewed his inner feelings and thoughts. Yes. The Blue Dragon Film Awards had eluded him so many times when he truly deserved to win. There were instances when he received best Actor Awards from other Film Awards organizations except the Blue Dragon Film Awards.
  4. December 20, 2023. Lee Byung Hun is spokeperson for a very meaningful cause. Source: LBH Instagram
  5. December 20, 2023 BH Entertainment Company held its End of the Year party. Most of the images were posted by Mr. Son Seok Woo, the "Boss" of BH Entertainment. Byung Hun- ssi must be busy filming "Squid Game 2" for he is no where to be found. Photos credit: bhent_boss
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