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  1. "tvN's drama 'HERE' is out of production this year. "We're discussing a schedule." tvN's anticipated drama "HERE" will not be available this year. An official from the drama bureau told Daily Sports on the 7th, "HERE, a drama that writer Noh Hee-kyung wrote and drew attention with the casting of Lee Byung-hun, Han Ji-min, and Shin Min-ah, has failed to produce this year. ___________________________________________________________ @Ephoenix This is depressing news indeed. I hope the writer, actor and actresses can somehow work to together so that production can start, perhaps in the future.
  2. July 2, 2020 A chronology of Lee Byung Hun's Dramas, Movies and Awards. The awards list is not complete. Source: From a HK LBH Fan.
  3. June 26, 2020 More photos of the special buses sponsored by LBH China Fan Club , his Japan Official Fan Club and Rubeurs.
  4. June 24, 2020 Thank you so much @Ephoenix for posting "The Man Standing Next" review. It is unbiased and well written. I am not aware of the "another ending for " I Saw the Devil"
  5. June 19, 2020 Congratulations Byung Hun -ssi!! Three Best Actors awards in June: Best Actor - "Ashfall" 56th Grand Bell Awards Best Actor - "The Man Standing Next" 56th Baeksand Arts Awards Best Actor - "The Man Standing Next" 25th Chunsa Film Arts Awards and many more Best Actor awards to receive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. June 19, 2020. More photos from the Chunsa Film Art Awards.
  7. June 19, 2020 A short excerpt from Lee Byung Hun's "Best Actor" acceptance speech (a translation): Lee Byung-Hun said: [ for “The Man Standing Next” , I received a second honour. All the nominees are good. Despite my long acting career, I was really influenced by Lee Sung Min, Kwak Do Won and Lee Hee Joon who worked together to perform “The Man Standing Next” Thank you very much." He also said, "I took a long break and is currently shooting “ Emergency Declaration”. I hope that the current situation will end and I can meet the audience in a healthy way in the theater. ]
  8. June 19, 2020 Congratulations to Lee Byung Hun who has just received "Best Actor" of Chunsa Film Art Awards 2020 for his portrayal in "The Man Standing Next"
  9. June 19, 2020 Byung Hun -ssi posted this selfie in his IG. Fighting!!!
  10. [Wishful thinking: Since it's produced by BH Entertainment, most likely the majority of actors will be from the company itself and The professor will be played by none other than Lee Byung Hun himself.] Thank you @Ephoenix for this interesting news. Would it not be great if your wishful thinking actually comes true! Lee Byung Hun is so versatile. He can play any role, even a villain. He was great as President Jin in "Master" (2016)
  11. June 15, 2020. Lee Byung Hun discussed his recent commerciaI: E:FLASH (A translation) I: Interviewer LBH: Lee Byung Hun I: We invited the national actor Lee Byung Hun, nice to see you. LBH: Hello, nice to meet you. I: I heard that you are going to be a new advertising model this time, so I immediately invited you. Please briefly explain what kind of advertising this is. LBH: For this commercial shooting, can you say the brand name? I: Of course! LBH: It is a product called [800 million toothbrush E:Flash] I: Toothbrush advertisement. Speaking of Lee Byung Hun, it’s healthy teeth. Healthy teeth, it’s Lee Byung Hun. LBH: Ha Ha, you flatter me. I: Why does the product name says "800 million?" What does it mean? LBH: Do you know the value of one tooth? I: Not sure? LBH: According to the findings of a research institute in the United States, the value of a tooth is over 30,000,000 won. In general, there are 28 teeth in our oral cavity, so our teeth have a value of about 800,000,000 won, so it is called 800 million toothbrush E:Flash I: Ah, the scene that just appeared in the advertisement, but Sunbae, did they add BGM when they just introduced the product? LBH: Huh? what? I: Isn't it? Sorry, you mean a product that protects teeth that are worth hundreds of millions. LBH: Correct I: But it looks like an ordinary toothbrush. What's so special about it? LBH: How long do you brush your teeth? I: I have not really counted. Almost 1 minute? Not quite sure, ha ha ha LBH: Please press the button of E:FLASH, it will light up accurately for 3 minutes. Please brush your teeth for 3 minutes of Dental Time. Discover the value of 3 minutes and get into the habit of 3 minutes. Please protect your precious teeth. I: Just like the advertisement just now, 3 minutes! Ah, 3 minutes later, the light will turn off, right? LBH: Yes. Didn’t we learn when we were young that we need to brush our teeth for 3 minutes? From a scientific point of view, harmful bacteria in the mouth will be eliminated when you brush your teeth for more than 3 minutes. I: Yes, it’s true. If you do not count the time, it is difficult to calculate whether it’s 1 minute or 2 minutes. But then again, the product will be broadcasted directly according to what I just said. It’s just like a commercial. LBH: Hahaha, The current lens are not out yet. It is not even shooting. I: I just looked at it. The products have red lights and blue ones. Does that mean anything? LBH: E:FLASH There are three products: Blue light with whitening effect: ME: FLASH. Red light to protect oral health: FIT: FLASH Green light for children KI: FLASH Now your dental health has a new Dental Device E: FLASH to guard it. I: You? Are you talking about me? LBH: It’s you, your teeth E:FLASH I: Ah, thank you very much, I look forward to this advertisement. LBH: Before filming E: Flash ads, we invited Lee Byung Hun and finally say hello to the audience! LBH: Why is it called 1 billion toothbrush? Protect your teeth with hundreds of million of economic value, please use E:FLASH toothbrush to protect hundreds of million three-minute habits F:FLASH I: Hello, this is not an interview but an advertisement! LBH: Yes, it’s Lee Byung Hun’s E:FLASH ad now. Source:
  12. June 10, 2020 Byung Hun-ssi in a Pizza Alvolo commercial
  13. June 10 2020. Thank you @Ephoenix for sharing that LBH appeared in the musical "A Chorus Line" in 1999. I never knew that he did a musical as well. Such versatility ...........
  14. June 8, 2020 Lee Byung Hun said a few words to the press after he received the Best Actor Award from the 56th Basksang Film Awards: (a translation) “ It’s been 30 years since I debuted. I have been acting since I was 5 and I am 35 now Isn't that funny? Hahahaha Sorry, it is so cold. It is 30th anniversary The acting is on its 30th anniversary Everyone knows better than me that I have received many blessings I will not be affected by the number of years since my debut I will do as always and continue to work hard in the future How about getting 100 prizes hahaha? How come humor is not working today? So surprised. Baeksang is an award ceremony that has honoured me a lot in the past So I am always grateful and feel the closeness The awards ceremony is unque because it includes Television, Movies and Variety shows. Therefore, I think winning an award here is all the more meaningful. Source:
  15. June 8, 2020 Byung-hun-ssi , has been chosen as spokesmen for Pizza Albolo!