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This is a rare event, but we put up a k-pop poll (tagging @Lmangla). BTS released their first English language song ever yesterday. Check out the video! The song is pretty catchy!  

@partyon I generally am not that much attracted to sageuks. Faith was my first costume drama, I remember being very confused on what was going on in that drama and I actually dropped it initially, the

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23 hours ago, stroppyse said:


More BTS fangirling in spoiler


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I'm actually not a heavy listener of kpop, preferring American or British music, but I do listen to other international artists from time to time. As for kpop, I've liked some tracks from Big Bang, B2ast, CNBLUE, K WIll, Day6, but that's probably about it.


Didn't even really listen to the girl kpop groups, perhaps because I could never square away the overt sexuality of their images with the fact that they had to act like the dumbest, most naive women in the world who had to be protected from the big, bad everything when they weren't performing. I knew that was sheer hypocrisy since it's brutal on both boys and girls in kpop, but the hypocrisy seemed bigger for the girls than the guys. Actually, that's not entirely true that I haven't listened to girl kpop. I guess I've listened to some tracks by Jessi and CL.


Honestly, I came to Blike TS relatively late in the game, though I had heard about them earlier. The first time I even heard about them was because they headlined both KCON performances in the US in 2016. Unfortunately, the tickets for those concerts sold out too fast, but it made me a bit curious about them, so that was when I started listening to some of their songs, but didn't really think that they were that different from the rest of kpop.


Then they gave a speech at the UN. I watched RM give his speech with the other boys in the background, and it really made me take another look at them. I started actively looking for more of their songs to listen to and liked them, but still wouldn't say I was a huge fan.


And, then MOTSP dropped, and it was everywhere. After I listened to the entire MOTSP album, I think that's when it finally clicked. That the entire album was an album in the sense that each song had a certain role that was part of an overall concept, rather than just a collection of songs. I think previously when I was just listening to a song here and there, I didn't appreciate that as much. It was more that I liked this song or that song.


It made me go back and buy entire albums rather than the singles so that I could listen to how the tracks are laid out. Their earlier works are brashly fun and seem much more influenced by their producers. But, also more in line with other kpop groups for most of their songs, though definitely some with a much darker vision, especially in the MV's.


Their more recent works seem more thought out, and the MOTS albums seem very personal to them. I think MOTS7 is my favorite album of theirs.


I liked the speeches that they gave at 2020 Graduation. I thought all of them had something meaningful or touching to say.





As for me I listen to kpop more than any other type of music. While BTS is my ult group I´m a casual listener of other groups too.


About the Girl groups I agreed with you and that´s the reason why I also couldn´t really get into them. Now there are some groups that are doing girl crush like for example BP or Teen crush. But I can´t really take most of them seriously as in this female empowerment knowing very well what goes on behind the scene and that its´all an image. The only girl group that I know off that is  authentic in that aspect is  mamamoo and Red velvet. I agreed with you that the hypocrisy is bigger for the girls a result from a partriarchal society.  But with bg music it is seen as less because they have a large female fanbase. So if a bg have a huge amount of male fans it´s music is seen as superior. I was active in another kpop forum and it´s really ridiculous the mysoginistic attitude towards fandgirls. There is this stigma that it´s all 13 year old hormonal girls who can´t think for themself, therefore their music taste is trash. Both boygroups and girlgroups have their their struggles in the industry.


That´s the thing that I really like about BTS they like to tell stories with their album. Oftentimes they take references from Literatur like how MOTS was based on the book from Carl jung, Blood sweat and Tears was based on the book Demian by hermann Hesse in Spring day there is a reference to the book the one who walks away from omela etc...Their songs are also connect with each other as there is sometimes references to a previous song. Like there is a whole entire  universe of BTS songs and MV. I have given up on trying to figure out everything :joy:


MOTS7 is really personal to them, I watched the Vlive where RM explained the songs and the concept and it´s about all the 7 years they have spend together, the good and the bad times, where they are now after seven years and also about their future. I also really enjoyed the most beautiful moments of life, and Love Yourself series. I´m looking forward to their next korean Ablum as this time they wan´t to do everything by themselves. 


I´m just dreading enlistment as Jin and Suga will have to go next year :sleepy:




19 hours ago, wallflowersforjane said:



I am a casual listener, I really liked On and Boy with Luv! Make It Right is also a constantly repeated song for me. I like my kpop! But I mainly follow it through Spotify playlists now. 



That´s awesome, you got great taste! :happyshakes:

Have you listened to the newest album completely? 



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13 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

Try no 1, don't like. Story not engaging. No 4 give up halfway, too slow. No 2/3 no ideas. Maybe basically no 1-4, none of it are my oppa :joy:



Oh lawyerh... I have a feeling procedural/crime drama isn't the type of drama you like :lol: Unless probably if LSG is the ML in it :ok: i get it. Thank you for sharing your opinions though :)

Edit: oh hang on..but you like secret forest though~~


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1 hour ago, snowlou said:

Hooray~~ well done me for finishing Hyena  

@Alice Wonderland @Lawyerh @wallflowersforjane I might go and try ep 1 of Twogether sometimes today. 


Next drama candidate to watch: (has anyone watch any of these? thoughts?)

1. Memorist

2. Welcome 2 Life

3. Mystic Pop up bar

4. Confessions 

Wow congrats! Good job! :D

Wo xiangxin ni, xiangxin wo. Trust me you'll love it. 


123 watched. 1 wasn't finished. And 3 hasn't finished yet either. 4 not yet at all. 


For 1, it's good for 2 first eps. But then next round it feels tiring. Why? Because the villain keep getting away and the hero is failing to save the victims. They keep playing cats and sogs like this which I watched until ep 5 or 6. I become impatient and then paused it and not long after and I completely stopped watching. 


2. Binged watching and ffd many scenes in the middle of the drama, around ep 7 or 8. It started to be boring for me. Hahahaha. Yeah.. I'm easily bored. But it's still bearable so I used the magic butto ffd to help me finish it. 


3. This is super fun but somehow it felt dry not because it's bad but I got distracted by somw shows like variety and all. So I still paused it until now. A group of three are running a mystic pop bar. Their concept is they need to get a customer with problems and they have to share it with them. And they'll these customers through their dreams. Once they wake up they will habe the courage to face the problems straight and fix it themselves. If you ever watch HDL,  which I didn't, people said this drama resembles to it. The difference is in HDL they run a hotel and here they run a mini bar. 


4 no idea. So :idk: :D

Have you watched The King Eternal Monarch? Or the recent popular one IONTO. They're good. TKEM is superb. It keeps your brain think a lot from the beginning to the end. And min ho oppa is just so gorgeous! 


IONTO, I'll resume ep 3 to 4 before ep 5 and 6 come I guess. So let's get ball rolling! :lol:


Good morning everyone!

My first and last number before going to work. 



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@Alice Wonderland thank you chinguuu :loveu: mmm..ok. Tempted to watch mystic pop up now.

@Lawyerh have seen most of the dramas you suggested..so this lesser god sounds really interesting. I'm gonna put that..and the children of nobody and sign on my watch list. And perhaps less than evil too. I watched Luther season 1..and while it was good..it was a bit too cruel for me (he stabbed his own hand with...with what was it...a pen??:scream:) so dont know whether less than evil follows the same vibe?



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