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Add and Subtract Game


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@Lawyerh ahhh...i'm glad she's enjoying her weekend.. @partyon you ll be on team add for the battle royale. But it seems we have so many adders and not enough subtracters. 

Last post for the night. 

:byebye2: 390

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20 hours ago, Lawyerh said:

Yes Help! Sos alert...

Haha goodnight too... 




Watch more dramas with more oppas, to distract you from your SLS :coolshades:


I don't think I can join the battle. On weekdays I only available after work hours and on weekend usually distracted with dramas and shows. Not enough points to spare to buy the tickets entrance too :sweatingbullets:

Put most mine into the bank.



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1 hour ago, kokodus said:

How come no matter how many times i rewatch that chocopie scene, i still get butterflies in my stomach? DAMMIT. I seriously dont think i have the ability to move on from this show and that darned ship. sighh




This is going to haunt us forever.





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Hello @mirmz good evening from my timezone


@im0202 this has yet to be released song, has been stuck in my head since Saturday night until now... I really love the acoustic version too :sad1:








@kokodus I haven't move on from HP too, but in my case my ship hasn't sailed yet...



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