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Add and Subtract Game

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I’m so emotional even rejecting letter shouldn’t be that sweet  , right :tears:



{ Hae Rin, I’ve read all the letters you left for me. Your feelings for me were beautiful and precious, so I didn’t want to mistreat it. The woman I’ve known for three years is passionate, diligent, and beautiful. That is why you will find a better guy than me. Someone who recognizes you. Someone who makes you shine. Someone who makes you happy. At least, someone who won’t pretend not to know your feelings. I don’t want to remain as one of your boyfriends in your memory. I’ll be a great colleague to you instead. And I’ll wait. I’ll wait until you meet a nice boyfriend. Next to you, as a nice colleague. Thank you for everything, Hae Rin. And for liking me. } 




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I was going to run away LOL:tounge_wink: safely in silence after reading today's posts but then decided what the heck my opinion is just one  and hopefully you won't mind my sharing it.  I understand the idea of protecting oneself  as a woman and everyone must decide their own path.   My opinion might seem old fashioned because it is and unpopular but I guess like everything else that molds a person it's how I was brought up, where I come from and what I believe.  Trusting in the idea that a man will take care of the woman he loves and that she too will take care of him as well...

For me love, marriage, family and life are about trust and faith and respect.  In fact it's kind of the cement  that holds one person to another and it's their love that is the foundation they build upon. Honoring one another, caring and sharing for one another. It's the moment two people freely and willingly exchange a vow in the presence of each other and in the eyes of God.  To me it's giving oneself to another in everything and in every way .  It's when your joined and become one flesh and the meaning behind that is you are no longer your own instead you're him and he is you...


I know that it's popular to do a prenup and set one sights on what if it doesn't work out. A safety net to protect oneself.  Maybe it's that thought from the beginning and lack of faith in the person one is about to marry that bothers me the most. It would be hard for me to accept one but even harder for me to expect one.  Yet one can understand a part of why it's happening the sad truth is there is no longer trust.   Its because of the worlds thinking that has changed and is ever changing.  Divorce has not only become convenient and quick it's become acceptable and almost thoughtless.  To be honest it's been made so easy to throw ones marriage away today. Making it seem almost as if it never even existed...


Yet I believe that a marriage where two people hold nothing back and give all they have.  Risk everything in building a life and family together whether it's successful or a failure it's up them alone and their responsibility a step of faith in the other person.  For marriage should never be thought of as easy its those struggles, fears, sadness, tears, forgiveness, happiness, passion and sacrifice that are worked on day after day.  That define what marriage truly is. It's a life that two people create and build together and it's that same desire and belief in wanting and believing it can and will last forever. Yet today it's hard to find and even harder to achieve...


If you are all in than you’re less likely to give in or give up and I believe when you're invested like that you're less likely to walk away or throw away someone that you said you loved...  Some might say it's fairy tale thinking in believing like I do.  But I know without a doubt there can be forever that it's possible too.   I saw it everyday in my parents  for they proved that working along side each other that dream can come true... That even after death one can still be in love and stay true...





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Oh God, this pinku pinku stuff is way too cavity inducing. Haha. So cute. 


Bwahahahahahaha he is so clueless that it's kinda endearing. Lol. Poor Oh Yun seo though....Hahahahaha. 

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