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@triplem You loved it, yay! Go Back Couple is easily one of my go-to favorites when I'm looking for a second chance romance type thing. There's just something about seeing a couple fall in love for the second time that tugs on my heartstrings. :wub:


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@phikyl@USAFarmgirl @mouse007 I really had no tear ducts left after this drama :lol:. The OTP had great chemistry & were completely believable as a couple of 18 years. Mum was such a scene stealer, I was in tears each time she would hug mum & cling onto like a lost puppy. I was also very moved at how Much he appreciates his MUm in law. 


I initially thought I would have SLS as the actor is an oppa I love from Come & Hug Me . But I could tell that the OTP were really still in love , & just needed to open up & communicate. They seemed like parents of the second leads as opposed to being romantic interests. Even though they were physically young , they have so much life experience that their interactions with the 2nd leads did not make my heart flutter at all. On the contrary, scenes of them together especially all the small comforting things he did for her which was taken for granted  ( he got her pads with wings !) made me root for them like crazy . 


Really satisfied with how it ended. One of those with high rewatch value 



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Watching Bridget Jones' Baby on Netflix right now and man, Colin Firth is still so fine despite the age! :wub: He'll always be Mr. Darcy for me.

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