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7 minutes ago, mouse007 said:



@triplem oh yay! I'm glad you're watching Go Back Couple.. I really enjoyed that one and yes, I cried every episode too! Especially when she misses her little boy.. ugh! Broke my heart.


LOL I can only do my insightful posts when the husband is around, or when the kids are busy playing or asleep. Otherwise I'm busy! They're still both babies so they require a lot of attention. But my mat leave is ending so I'm actually going back to work on Thursday :bawling:

Oh , I feel ya. I’m a working mum. It takes a lot to juggle especially when they are little .   Who will look after them when you are at work ?


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@triplem a family friend will be watching them when I go back to work. She runs a home daycare. I wish I didn't have to work so I could spend more time with the kiddos. :bawling:

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