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[Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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My stream started lagging a little bit so I missed some parts

  • They're at the court room for Hae Soo's trial about the foreman's murder
  • DHS enters and takes the stand
  • They begin to question him about what happened saying he was the first one to arrive on scene
  • There's a flashback to back then as DHS narrates how he took the weapon
  • KMJ comments on how well DHS is doing
  • CJW says that he has to do well for the other questionings as well
  • The police force are talking amongst themselves, my stream started lagging, when something they say makes CJS think of something
  • The next person asks DHS how he could perfectly lie and brings up his inability to feel 
  • I think DHS is thinking about how he actually can feel and thinks about how he told CJW he loves her. He's looking at her while spinning the wedding ring on his finger
  • I think KMJ said something about how DHS will make it look like the other evidence will look like a lie?
  • DHS and KMJ leave together and DHS notices CJW leaving
  • DHS says that it's because of CJW, that the moment their eyes met his mind went blank but when they see each other, they give a slight bow and DHS pretends to look somewhat happy
  • CJW gets a call from CJS and informs him that it didn't go that well from their side
  • KMJ asks if he's aware of CJW or not and when DHS replies that he's uncomfortable and when KMJ pretends that she's there, DHS immediately looks around. KMJ says it again and DHS asks if KMJ thinks he's an idiot and hits him haha
  • DHS says that even when he thinks about it his chest is stuffy
  • Turns out she's actually standing there as she tells him that they have somewhere to go because CJS found some evidence that'll help them, or a person that'll help
  • In their conversation in the car, CJW accidentally calls DHS 'Honey' and she apologizes
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10 minutes ago, Madu Mita said:

Hae soo is in  prison? Damn..They really giving us what we didn’t ask for ... it’s like her character appeared to get shot and suffer ... hopefully she gets a nice ending 

I feel very sorry for her but prison was inevitable for her. This is why CJW said "you can not justify murder". The law is cold. Her reasons are very valid. I am wondering if she wont get out in the end though. I hope she can somehow. Or a good lawyer can poke holes in the prosecution's case. 

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  • KMJ is giving Hae Soo an update and mentions how CJW is like an angel for putting up with him
  • KMJ says that DHS changed a little after waking up 
  • Hae Soo says that it's probably not that he changed, he probably went back to being the original DHS
  • Turns out tha DHS is living together with KMJ
  • Hae Soo tells KMJ not to come visit her because she's shy even with wearing the prison clothes, which KMJ tells her looks good on her
  • Hae Soo says that she quickly wishes that all of them can sit around one table and eat together, her, DHS, CJW, Eun Ha, and KMJ
  • CJW and DHS go to visit the house of the person but no one's answering even though they said they were going to be home
  • CJW tries to call and is unable to get in contact with them and DHS says that they're obviously avoiding them
  • CJW says that the person on the phone clearly said they would talk with them but she gets a text of that person saying they can't do it
  • DHS wants to leave but CJW tells him that they should wait and try to convince him and so they do
  • It starts to rain and CJW goes to look at it
  • That image either makes DHS remember or fall in love with her again haha
  • He goes to stand next to her and asks her if she likes the rain. CJW sticks her hand out in it and DHS turns to watch her with a smile on his face
  • It's then that he starts remembering when he said that CJW only believes what she sees and how he thinks she's easy
  • Eun Ha is drawing and CJW's mom asks if she hates her dad and Eun Ha says she doesn't but her grandma wants to know why she's not drawing her dad in the picture
  • Eun Ha says that if she draws him, her mom will cry and she'll feel bad for her
  • She's under the impression that her father left for a trip and just didn't take them
  • DHS suggests that CJW leave and he can wait there by himself but she's still looking at the wedding ring
  • CJW asks why he didn't take it off
  • DHS seems flustered but he takes it off in the end to give to her
  • CJW then notices someone coming towards them and it's the person who originally said they have evidence
  • He runs when he sees them but DHS is able to easily catch up and asks if he did something wrong towards him
  • Yang Ji Tae, is his name, and tells DHS he's sorry
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3 minutes ago, -Love Blossom- said:

Is he going to remember everything last 5 min?

Yup... I guess this ep

is a melodrama trip... actors said something similar too..

Edited by Jillia
Please do not quote pics! Thanks!
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  • They manage to talk to YJT at a cafe 
  • DHS asks what sort of thing he did against him and it seems like he spread the rumor about DHS in the village?
  • DHS asks that he says what he says at the trial 
  • YJT says that he works at a school and i don't think wants to ruin his job
  • DHS tells him to do what he has to but he hopes that he'll help them in their search and also says that he's forgiving him so he hopes that YJT will stop feeling guilty towards him
  • Later in the car, CJW tells him that forgiving someone isn't easy so DHS must've had a hard time but DHS says that it was easy because it was a lie
  • DHS gets a call from YJT who agrees for the evidence, feeling that he must do it
  • DHS notices CJW looking slightly uncomfortable, is it because how he just deceived her?
  • She asks what kind of thoughts she's thinking and DHS calls her out for thinking that he's not the person she knew
  • In tears she asks if he's doing that on purpose and DHS says that he's someone with the inability to feel and someone who can lie and it seems like she doesn't know that about him
  • KMJ is at home looking for DHS and seems shocked to find something in the fridge?
  • I think DHS said that he knows how to use emotions and basically use people and knows what CJW wants him to say but she says that there is nothing
  • DHS says that there is and that she wants to hear him say something
  • The kind of lie that CJW wants him to say is that he may have lost his memories but his feelings about her stay the same
  • They're both in tears and CJW asks when she said she wants to hear that kind of thing
  • She begins to ask him how he could forget after everything they went through, how he could just leave her to remember everything
  • In tears, DHS is saying that he can't believe her but I think he does feel something when he looks at her
  • CJW asks why he doesn't believe in himself and I think he says that she just thinks he's the past version and he says that he doesn't want to know that person and hates them
  • I think DHS said that in the end, neither of them will be able to move on, CJW from what she wants to see and I guess him from the person he doesn't remember being
  • They both break down in the car even more
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