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  1. Lee Rang sacrifice was noble at the end. His character development reached the finale. The writer did her best. In the first few episodes, we saw him as a ruthless man - killing innocents, trick and conning people. Just because his life was RickRoll'D, and abandoned by the brother. His kind heart turned black all over 600 years. Who knows how much he has sinned? The GateKeeper and Grandma knew about it, but never told Lee Yeon to kill him or whatsoever. He is the one who started the Imugi revival and so on tragedies happened. With his sacrifice, his reincarnation was rewarded with
  2. Lol.. Investors should be like that. He is fact check logic person. Hes drilling people to wake up.. Mmyeah I also disagree when he said he will be her plan B but that essentially betrays her trust in her own ability. I hate the writer change the trajectory of the story. I honestly tthought the revenge is for the Main Director. But is it Han Ji Pyeong? Was he always coldhearted. Take hints people.. he said couple of times in each episodes about start up, reality and facts. Look when he remind Dal Mi about Start Up foundation, shares, decision making, idea-investors, and pitch.
  3. I felt like the writer is making us to less swooning for Han Ji Pyeong with the story is teasing that he is the villain in the past. Like I have mentioned in previous post, revenge story is for HJP. HJP is in his mid30s. He had more experience and logic. He knew things more than us about start up and investments. Whether he is the villain or not, in YungSan story, i dont like how the writer turns the story now with his character. Many hints were told in the series like certain start-up starts spend up money for fun /wasting resources and then, failed to make due for De
  4. Just tell her the truth..JiPyeong. Dont beat around the bushh.. Dont lie anymore or twist the storyy
  5. Yeahh the plot is 2016 but the phones, the handbags, the jewellery are/were all in 2019-2020 collection release...hahaha Even that damn AI fortune teller HJP having hate-love relationship
  6. Tbh.. i dislike Suzy in reality. hahaha but I watched all her dramas. Idk why. Uncontrollaby Fond, Gu Family Book, Vagabond., While you were sleeping.. hahahah god damn it. I am so sad for Han Ji Pyeong. Imagine the pain of growing up alone and maturing alone. No one is there to mentor him except himself and yet the grandma affection struck him until now. I like the writing in drama- realistic in business making. I guess the drama turning point will be about revenge - grandma sickness - truth. Grandma's sickness - she will beg Do San to contin
  7. I bet Lee Yeon took the blame for the all the dead villagers. He atone his brother sins by becoming 'headhunter' of evil spirits for the deity. He probably said that he killed his own brother 600 years ago and beg the deity to forgive his brother. He lost his own woman due to traitorous event, his own brother due to evil succumbs.. and his own position as the Great Spirit Deity of Baekdu? Mountain...
  8. Aisshhh just say you want to date Chae Song Ah.. Come on.. hahaha.. Damn cute, Song Ah trying to act shy2 shy2 with Joon Young.. But in ep 4, why bother ask for Traumerei again? Since it remidns him of the agony of loving someone that he does not want to. I understand Joon Young agony - he felt fortunate when he won the scholarship but that scholarship is formed because of Jung Kyung parents death. It is painful that he understand under someone misfortunes that he benefited. Plus, i dont understand after all the years they as friends, why didnt Jung Kyung
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