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  1. Hi, this is what I look forward to. Please comment your thoughts! Pardon my English as well. in S1, we saw Gyeo-ul progressed in becoming less blunt, more caring and less stoic to patients and the relatives. We see her evolved. However, one thing we didn't see is her struggles as a doctor yet in handling emergency situation like patient dying or life-death in OR. I think writer will create stories to involve Gyeo-ul into a life-death situation and this will make most impact on her. I would like to see writer to explore her humanity/emotional side in her. We saw her competence but we didnt see her struggle yet. We also wants to see JeongWon calm her and give her pep talk about patients life-death - more mature side of him. We saw Chu Min Ha handled the situation over a patient- quite good?And she almost failed but it turns out okay and good for character development. I wonder how she can evolved more and more. Song Hwa POV. Yes, it is quite sudden for IkJun confession and added that, they were friends for 20 years. Plus, she is in comfortable space right now with IJ. When IJ confesses, maybe that space tore down? She is hesitating, but we can only hope the best. I cannot imagine how she able to interact with the other 99 Fivers in Sokcho. Time-skip or perhaps she is returning perhaps. She had a number of patients, maybe several appointments will prompt her to move back and forth to Yulje. Seok Hyeong; Ex-Wife struggles? It can be that, the ex-wife wants to get back together because of the inheritance??? Or she is re-marrying to someone else. However, we have not seen the conclusion for the mistress. Poor child but good for her. His father passed away so no more scene of SeokHyung lamenting over newsletter and gossips. At one point, her mother will also passes away. Her sickness is progressing and she is often in the hospital. Writer will try to create a situation where Seok Hyung left with no one except his friends. And soon, opening up his heart to more possibilities. JeongWon. I noticed that in the character transcript. He is less likely to get angry at medical staffs, doctors and patients. His anger and his bad side of stubbornness is only for his friends. But he lied to her, he gets angry at her and even try to not care about her, all the points are ticked off. He wants Gyeo-ul. I wished we can see more POV from him. I am convinced about Gyeo-ul devotion but him? I want more evidence. huhuhuhuhu. The drawbacks about IkJun is that his character is too perfect. He had no flaws - good in music, in studying, in playing games and even parenting. How the heck we can see more development in his character. His character vulnerability was that time with the ex-wife. I just wish the writer will NOT go with the route of time-skip and introduce more new characters (different faces of Hospital Staff). just retain all the present support roles and not abandon them.
  2. Does anyone have this vibe like if JeongWon dies, he will give his organs for donation. It will be surreal and sad. He will leave a letter to his mom, Fivers, and Gyeo-wool to move on. I am sorry about this ridiculous imagination. Have you guys watched Will Smith Seven Pounds film? Damn it was surreal. The guy was guilt-ridden so much that he killed himself to.give all his organs to people he connected with in his life. The guy was quite religious.
  3. Is she not appearing in the next season?? OMG Please not. Please not. I want more Gyeo Wool. If shes not appearing, I gonna wreck! I scrambles around the net to watch more of her. I watched Lost Choices, Confidential Assignment, Confession, Warrior Baek Dong Soo and Argon... but but.. I cant watch Mistress. My image and impression of her is broken in that drama.
  4. I hope Jang Gyeo-ul will do her fellowship in Yulje under Ahn Jeong Won. 2 years of diploma 5 years of med school 1 year of intern (rotation every department) 4 years of residency (PGY-1 Choose 1st dept withinn 6 months, if not liking it, chnage in tri semester) PGY-2 and PGY-3 Residency PGY-4 Chief, More responsibility and last 3 or 6 months is final hurdle for Board Exam 1 or 2 year of fellowship Add 2 more years to go for associate professor (doing pHD)
  5. So what was it really?? JeongWon POV flashback or Gyeo Ul POV flash back.. or both of them?? No, I was overthinking. With Chilbong, Junghwan and the past Jehyuk.. i dont know man. I gonna hate the writer if they clashed.
  6. What if in 2nd Season, Our Jang Winter outgrew her affection to him and became bored in her relationship with Dr Garden? Ik Jun said Gyeo Ul had this fantasy in Dr Garden. He is reminding her about his character. I bet next season is about Dr Garden conflicted feelings in tending patients and tending to girlfriend. I heard many doctors relationship doesnt work well with people outside of hospital because doctor who cares too much abt patient didnt have time for his loved ones. I can feel that writer makes us feel happy with the development of Winter Garden.. and then make them have a rocky start in the relationship. Yhis foreboding sense.. is it the Abuser Dad, is it relationship struggle or is it overempathize Garden will make it hard for Winter? What I meant is like Imagine that ``` Gyeo Ul and JeongWon makes plan for a dinner date. They emptied out their schedule for the weekend. They have postponed the date several times already and never had the time to spend together outside hospital but instead PICU or OR. But then JeongWon had ER call and have to abandon Gyeo Ul from their date. And eventually this habit repeated again and again over time. Gyeo Ul felt not appreciated. She understood JWon love for his patients but soon struggle to find her place inside JWon heart. She will be like "Am I not important to you as well". It will be a real pain for Gyeo-ul ``` I said this, in my experience "a 1st timer in dating experience will have a hard time with her/his date if the opposite date could not make it work for both of them " Knowing the writer-pd, they might go on the route of first time dating crisis added with mid-life dating crisis. Plus, with the character of JWon who is overthinking like that.. I never dare to. I can sense a foreboding danger to their relationship.
  7. Thats why Winter had such mellow expression, while observing him in PICU on 24th Dec. Shes thinking "when will he buy me a delicious meal?" JK
  8. Thank god. I hope Gyeo Ul 1st love sprouts and live happily ever after like DeokSun and Taek. His reaction was livid. He is planning to tell Gyeo Ul himself about him staying but Gyeo Ul came forward sneakily to him and stole his own line confession. He was taken aback about her confession and plead to stay beside her. And that kiss signify "this is my first step towards you. Sorry for being late". The pent up feelings exploded. Look forward on how IkJun gonna tease them as a HospiCouple or PediatricCouple in season2. I hope PD nim and writer let us see WinterGarden awkward dating. On side note; I want to see Rosa reaction when Garden brings Winter to meet her. He doesnt know that will be her 2nd time meeting Rosa and vice versa.
  9. Nice catch! Yeah. It is hard for him to handle cases alone and dealing with unfortunate patients. I just noticed that Gyeo Ul is frequent present in PICU and in previous episodes from 7, 9, 10 and 11.. we saw Gyeo Ul in OR room with JeongWon. He slowly grew accustomed to have her inside the OR. Put aside her schedule in General Surgeon dept, there is a lot rotation among residence to different areas in GS. Now they have two more residents, so Gyeo Ul is open to do pediatric surgery and GS doctors didnt need to bid auction war. It feels like anime or netflix series for the waiting time. If Nov is filming session, then we will be introduced to Season 2 around January 2021.
  10. I had bestfriends over 10 years of friendship but yet i didnt go accompany him to do check up when she asked to not to. It was early in the morning in ep 6 and later that morning, all fivers came by and ask her conditions. Thats enuf for me. Plus, if I love someone, I would run as well to the ER
  11. Well we havent seen his own understanding and POV on GyeoUl. We did see he is slowly leaning to Winter and the signs were like the eyes, the torn expression and Ikjun who knew him for 20 years. Other than that, he might talk with Shwa often abt his feeling Abrupt? We saw the transition of months 1st Rosa plead in Early November 2nd New patient in late Novembet 3rd his interaction with Gyeo Ul over the OR 4th his discussiom with SongHwa. Seems like SHwa knows more than IkJun. And we didnt see the behind the scene of their discussion. And we didnt know when did SHwa know about Winter 5th His Mother Rosa. He is slowly warms up to the idea of not abandoning his lonely mother 6th We are still oblivious when did he developed that feeling!! 7th the reminder of unique status Yulje Pediatric Ward
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