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  1. Let’s get past the topic of DY’s Daughter. I guess the story focus on the couple and the office. I believe off screen, DY definitely will give her Daughter a call and further more, in this episode, we did saw that she marked her calendar to pay a gift for EH and her Daughter on her payday. She does remember but the writer thinks there’s no point to include a 15 seconds phone call. Ultimately I don’t think DY will tell her daughter about the pressure and stress she face at work. I do do believe that DY will introduce EH to her Daughter and they might have met each other already. I’m totally in for the writer to put more screen time with EH and DY. They known each other for more than twenty years and finally they got to reciprocate their feelings. This is hard to come by. im all ready for the rest of the episode with more sweet stuff. Only one thing I don’t understand about the director GO. Over qualified is a good thing rather than under qualified. Why make a big fuss out of it..........
  2. Excellent drama and story so far! Once again, I’m addicted to Lee Jong Suk’s works. I am looking forward to this week’s episodes. I have been waiting for DY to realise that she has feelings for ES. The day has come and it would be interesting to see how he kept teasing her until the situation becomes serious.
  3. Perfect ending and close up of all the characters. Drama ended and left me with the bittersweet feeling. I’m going to miss this show soooo much!!!!!!
  4. My favorite trailer is up! Cant really understand everything but it seems that WJ has first crush before knowing JH?
  5. Finally it's the preview~ why is JH running away from WJ again ? Didn't he forget about the second chance and being greedy once again? Shouldn't he grab this chance and cherish the moments together rather than wasting time avoiding her. Does he know that somethings are fated to be together no matter what you have changed ? Disappointed in JH!!! If he did not mend his relationship with WJ in the next episode, I will be utterly disapponted JH need a lot of improvement and forgiveness from WJ. If WJ didn't have the strong determination, he would have been alone..... meh~ please be together. I need some lovely dovely moments. I am curious about one thing - they will only able to change the day of 2006? And the rest are fast forward. I hope to see some timeline as I see that JH manage to avoid WJ and HW on the day of 2006 and came to the future. WJ still pretty as ever!
  6. Perfect episode!!! As what I predicted, the time travel was a cliff hanger for next week. (So sad, another week till the exciting and reconciliation will happen :() However this episode was good. It managed to close off a few conflicts between JH and WJ; JH and JH and colleagues get together to put good words for JH. WJ mentioned that she wasn't that old 'WJ' as weak what he thinks which I believe it was true. JH was there throughout and she just have to lean him. He was her lifesaver and that's why their marriage broke down when he is no longer there for her and was busy bringing food back to the family. I really love how writer portray WJ's character. I didn't expect that she would forgive JH that easily in less than one episode. I thought writer would drag 1-2 episodes for JH to beg forgiveness. WJ is cool and brave at her thinking and understands that relationship is not a one way thing but two way. She's willing to give JH a chance despite knowing that their marriage failed. Both are lacking in communication and understanding in their marriage. But love is there. All they had to do, is to straighten out. Im really impressed at WJ and she bear grudges that JH was with HW. Thumbs up for her lastly i I would prefer lovely dovely relationship for the last 4 episodes. How they build up their relationship through studying and slowly step into work environment then kids. I missssss this show once again!!! The ratings are superb! So proud of it!
  7. I agreed tonight wil be a miserable first part of the episode where the loan issue will arise as well as sorting out their relationship. WJ will definitely go back to the past and change everything and that would be the spoiler for next week! I hope that even though she change the past, JH can remember all these series of events otherwise he might not cherish what he lost. I support WJ!! GO GO GO! Love her attitude and mindset! She knows what she wants.
  8. Managed to watch partially on live! Missed the front part where WJ kissed him >.<. I guess nothing happened between them. Not sure if WJ remembered the kiss. The preview seems to be interesting. Looks like JK is on the down run and JH got into trouble with the 600 mil loan. He's nowhere to go and wanted to suicide I guess. Now it's WJ turn to go back and save him. I'm not sure if WJ would remember her current life where they fought so much. I would prefer she remember and make the choice of staying with JH again. Im hoping for a patch tommorrow and clear things up properly so I could enjoy two episodes of lovely dovely!!! I have to say the story really portray the real enactment of married couples. So true and touching! How I wish I could have a 2006 coin! I may try to go with JH's way and see if I would have coincidence with my partner!
  9. Any live link to watch today's episode ? I really really can't wait anymore!
  10. Im hoping that WJ can have the chance to travel back to the past and she remembered their current marriage life. She will understand what exactly happened and she can make her own choice if she still want to be with JH. I think this is fair to me. i would believe she will still choose JH no matter what. But I would prefer if the story flows this way. Has TVN drop any new preview ? I missing this show badly.
  11. This is the drama that I got hooked after so long! Love the storyline and characters. They actually portrayed the real marriage life vs couple life. You can be as as sweet as possible as a couple but once you get married, reality hit you hard. The first thing you think of is to keep the family fed. Not an easy thing. One of the thing I like about woo Jin is that she still fall in love with JH although she didn't know he was her husband. This doesn't change anything which kept the drama going on. She knows what she wants which makes me very much in love with this drama. I cant wait to Wednesday. Hoping they could drop some more preview. :(
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