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[Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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If only the TIME didn't stopped... The kissing session will consume for 30 minutes.       The slow-burn sweet kisses  were so HOT and sexy.           

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If they collab again then it will surely be written in history (:lol:) since kdramas don't really repeat couples. Wish they become real couple after this they really match each other - outgoing LJG and reserved MCW. But with all the break ups and divorces in the industry I am bit afraid too. 

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Who knows, maybe down the line somewhere they'll be able to collaborate again in some capacity haha. I feel if they actually dated, though, that Lee Joon Gi might get a reputation for dating his labelmates lol. 


But I was watching Iljimae recently and noticed that what I believe is the cliff that appeared in the last episode was also used there haha.



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Hi. Been lurking for some time now.

Just come to say it's final episode today. How I wish they can have a view party today but we all know due to current situation it can't be done.


Share my favorite wallpaper of this two. Someone already share it before.. but their image are just perfect and compliment each other.. hope you guys don't mind I share it again..




Cross finger we gonna get a satisfied ending tonight.. 




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  • Turns out DHS's parents aren't coming to the wedding
  • CJW is worried that they would regret it and DHS said that they can just have a 2nd one
  • DHS says that it's fine because it's just an event and CJW thinks that it's sad for there not to be any parents but DHS tells her that she's the only one for him
  • CJW and who I presume are DHS are talking and did he really lose his memories? She talks about how she last saw him at the doctor 2 weeks ago and now how 4 months have passed
  • After the shooting, CJS checked and said that DHS was breathing at least but they shouldn't move him and went to get the ambulance
  • CJW is in the ambulance reporting on DHS's condition and we learn that BHS died
  • CJS tells CJW to hang on even if it's hard
  • Rookie looks like he's having a hard time and boss can only put his arm around his shoulder to comfort him as they walk away
  • DHS goes through some scans and it looks like he has a fracture in his skull?
  • CJW is getting the update but they don't really know when he'll wake up
  • CJW puts his wedding ring back on
  • CJS comes and visits and CJW begins to worry about the team but CJS tells her to only worry about herself
  • CJW tells him that if they fight together, they'll certainly win
  • In voice over she says that she didn't know that she wouldn't see that person again
  • CJW tells the person she's sitting across from to say something, to say anything and asks if she makes him uncomfortable
  • It's DHS and he is wearing the wedding ring still
  • CJW tells him that she hopes he's not too uncomfortable and says that she and him can get closer slowly again
  • He calls her Detective and says that she just called him Hee Sung, his name is Hyun Soo
  • It looks like he was dreaming about the incident when he was in a coma or something? Or it's more like all of the moments of him and CJW together
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  • DHS said he thought he woke up in the hospital due to the car accident and thought it was 2005. It was like he was going backwards
  • DHS stumbles outside of the hospital room where CJW is standing there and sees him
  • He begins to approach her but it's not to approach her, it's to walk right by her
  • CJW calls him 'Honey' and he turns around only to see her police badge and begins to back away thinking she's there to capture him
  • He stumbles but continues to run away from her, despite falling over multiple times as CJW chases after him yelling 'Honey'
  • DHS makes it to the front entrance where there's police around but there are also reporters who begin to question him
  • I think the police are giving something about how BMW and GMJ conspirited and about how BHS was the one with the murders and we see that they dig up the fingernails in the backyard
  • Hae Soo is in prison and KMJ goes to see her
  • I think DHS called himself a psychopath for deceiving someone and how someone shouldn't forgive him
  • CJW tells him it's because he doesn't understand their relationship
  • DHS says that he can't say what CJW wants him to say 
  • CJW tells him that there's nothing she wants but there is something she's curious about and she begins to ask about the wedding ring but stops herself and calls him Hee Sung again
  • DHS says that he understands, just assuming she's getting him mixed up with someone else she's working with
  • CJW says that she came to support DHS but she just must give him more pressure
  • DHS says that he doesn't know if he'll do well and she tells him that he just has to do as he practiced and goes to leave
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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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