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[Drama 2019-2020] Unasked Family / Down the flower path, 꽃길만 걸어요

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my friends, a new OST has just been released. I made a simple MV. Unfortunately no subs yet, so I just synchronized the Korean lyrics instead. Anyway the song is sooooo beautiful. enjoy!!!


in case you are curious, here is the link of the Korean lyrics, you can use Google translate.




It is a male singer this time. From Google translate, I understood it is about how CD felt when he met YW, how his heart beats, how he smiles more often when he sees her, but he is afraid of goodbyes, so it is a bit sad too. The music is so beautiful and the singer sings with so much feeling, his name is Donghyun from the group "Boyfriend "

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OST 22, I added the English subs at last, Press cc (on android the 3 dots down right) Some of you already watched the music video, because I published it last week but it wasn't with English subs  

Oh great, more crappy in-laws. I guess it makes sense, my future Korean in-laws are pretty against me too so these dramas are practice for how not to act and be pushed around 

my new video. I used the sad OST of their separation. Press cc (the 3 dots down right) for English subtitles of the song (the subs are taken from a blog lol)   @angelwingssf @lu09 @dramaninj

I've seen only the raw version of Ep 75,  and am very disappointed by it. I don't like that YW and Bo Ram are back with the in-laws. To make things worse, her father & sister are with them, too. So everyone's indebted to the in-laws now. Unfortunate turn of events.   But then again, maybe that's why the drama is called "Unasked Family" in English. They form an extended family due to their circumstances rather than by choice. 


@dramaninja  I think JH was presumed an orphan. That's how all three of them (CD & CD's sister) ended up living & growing in the same orphanage.   But given the new development in tne story, looks like JH wasn't really an orphan but still has his biological mother (most likely con-artist ex GF). We'll soon confirm this I hope & maybe also find out how JH got separated from his mother. 

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14 minutes ago, lu09 said:

@nohamahamoud2002 Ohh, it will lol:lol:. There is no way brat will ever accept a mother in law who is a gold digger and who may or may not end up being YW new step mom if YW dad is crazy enough to accept her back:crazy:


I don't think YW's dad will end up with that woman, but now both she and her son owe YW and her family many apologies, JH for unintentionally causing Dong U's death and the con artist for stealing every thing 


In the preview, SJ's mom wearing the usual white band for headache :D

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2 hours ago, dramaninja said:

and she back living with her MIL ... nothing has change at all.She back  fully where she was at the beginning,living the same place working at the same place.


Yes, the serial is back to square one.


2 hours ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

Back to prison


... in which she may have to serve as a servant to the whole in law family, who would also block the relationship between CD and YW.


1 hour ago, Songbae said:

I am dropping this drama.


It would not be surprising if some viewers go elsewhere, as YW & CD may be reunited only at the end of the last episode.


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5 hours ago, jasmine19 said:


... in which she may have to serve as a servant to the whole in law family, who would also block the relationship between CD and YW.


I don't think that will happen because YW's mother in law might encourage YW to return to her job. The problem is that once the MIL finds out that CD is the one whom YW loves, she will be cold towards him. 


By the way, I am not surprised by the drama at all because my country in the 1960s was worse. I watched old movies about the inlaws' interference and its negative effects on the family. It used to be portrayed in a comic way sometimes, we even had a famous female comedian who used to play the role of the nosy mother in law, so I have an antidote against this type of thing lol. Also married women in those old movies were very weak, like the Joseon era 


What really surprises me is that it happens in modern Korea. I had the idea that the mother has full custody over her children and is entitled to remarry. I think that the drama is unrealistic. If you accept that as bad writing, you will continue watching. But I hope other viewers don't leave the thread. I suddenly remembered "it is my life" where most viewers gave up on the drama near the end.


Please don't leave. It is good to have fellow sufferers. Here is a good song from the OST of the drama 



My friends, YW left poor CD for 2 reasons, first she is worried that her mother in law will take Boram from her. Second, SJ told her that CD will suffer if he marries a person like her. I believe now that YW truly loves CD but she doesn't want him to be miserable if he marries her. She is not selfish. The problem is that she is taking decisions on her own, thus hurting poor CD. She should tell him everything 

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Drama lovers get two KO blows this week.

The first, in "Unasked Family", kind and diligent Yeon-Woo returned to live with her selfish and meddling in-laws, who would shut down her relationship with Chun-Dong.

The second, in "Wanna taste", lazy and diligent Jin-Bong looks to be paired with diligent and caring Cheol-Jin.

Who could suggest a treatment?

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6 hours ago, jasmine19 said:


Who could suggest a treatment?


The only treatment that most people  do is drop the drama lol


Just a short comment, I don't think the MIL as evil. She really loves YW. The problem is that she is too old fashioned, and she is worried about Boram having a stepdad. Also she didn't expect that CD loved YW, so she will lose her trust in him once she finds out he loves YW. The only reason she will accept him is after realizing that he has Dong U's heart. :(

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2019-2020] Unasked Family / Down the flower path, 꽃길만 걸어요

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