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  1. I don't think so. Isn't she too young to have Naro to be her child. She remembers where she saw him before. (I think that is the reason she is surprised) He is not helping SoA, but helping himself. Initially since he wanted to be with BCW, and she did not approve of it, he changed hosts and is now feeding off of SoA.
  2. I think it is. In the last episode, the grandmother advises JW to make sure that she should not push away SA because her bio daughter is back. She had no empathy of what JW went through losing her child, irrespective of who the father is. Grandmother being a mother has no feelings of remorse of having left CW with someone else and not even checking up on her. She just kept quiet when JW went through hell (from the tidbits that we have gathered from various episodes). Once she finds out that SJ told JW about CW (her bio daughter), she calls SJ and yells saying - "Why are you sendin
  3. It is not completely clear yet. But, the grandmother did not like CW's dad from the beginning and so she must have orchestrated something to get CW dad behind bars. (I think!). He was not the socially elite that JW loved. So, when JW had a child, the grandmother orchestrated something, because of which CW dad wanted SJ to take care of CW. Seeing that the father brought the child to SJ, the grandmother hatched another plan and let SJ take care of her and deserted her, while telling CW's bio mom that the child was dead. JW might have had postpartum depression and hence the grandmother w
  4. I thought that JW married a man with 2 children. So, Jun A (son ) and Seo A (daughter) are from JW second marriage. From what other soompiers have discussed before, children can have either the first part of the name or the second part of the name common as siblings. So, I think that they are not JW bio children. SA insecurities must come from something else. I don't think it has been revealed except for the fact that SA was scared to be abandoned. That is one of the reasons for all the tantrum she throws.
  5. @nohamahamoud2002 Nice to see you too Chingu!! Did not know you were following this too. Definitely love the aunt and uncle - they are comic relief to me. Another one who I love is James and Koala - Everytime Koala is so frustrated, I remember how frustrating kids are. James is like a kid now. Listening to everything Koala tells him. I don't like HD with NAro - he is too sly to be with her. SA 's brother "Meat ball sandwich" will probably be her mate! I also like Koala's mom - who inspite of being bipolar and sick, still working and making a l
  6. I think you are right about the idiocy stuff - but I think BCW is already attracted to her bio mother whether she likes it or not. Once she really finds out that her mother did not abandon her and that it was her grandmother, she will willingly go to Chairman Kim. I guess, there is a part that is going to be played by Nara (I always end up calling him that - since my visit to japan 's buddhist place - hoping that he will be turned into a good human being - the slimy sly penguin) and BCW 's dad the PP(prisoner pop). In the latest episode, PP is already out of prison and comes l
  7. It is possible that the PP (Prison Pop) might have sent his lackeys to retrieve the kid or it could be that the lackeys themselves wanted a piece of the action by kidnapping the kid and asking for ransom from JW. Since he is their boss, everybody might have gotten caught with the con. Hate the heartless granny. Why is she so uptight with her own grand child? IS JW really her bio daughter? Or is JW like the adopted child who inherited the riches from her father? It is really out of character that the granny did not even want to take care of her grandchild and broke all promis
  8. I think it will back fire and she will hate her father very much once she gets to know that he was the one to separate her from her mother. I think it would be better for SJ to tell BCW about her father too. I am sure he will get chummy with BCW since it is all about the inheritance. BCW is much better off with SJ than growing up with her real family. Other than JW, I did not like the grandma or the dad. Both have their own agenda. She will hate the grandmother too since she did not come back and get her after coming back from the states. Both JW and BCW will ki
  9. In today's episode preview - ep 18 - I think BCW is rejecting her mother. I don't think the mother might reject her daughter and she might want to accept both of them. I thought SoA was the daughter of the guy in Prison. There is still something left out (story) as to why the JW mother did not want her daughter to raise BCW. We know that the man in the prison is BCW's father. Maybe he was a gangster, but still the grandmother should not have been so . Since SJ did not tell JW about her mother's involvement in this, that would be another secret still under the hood. Hopefull
  10. Nice article. I haven't seen Reply 94, but from what I see and read from all your analyses, JW is definitely end up with SHwa. I thought that since this was a shipper's paradise, they would let me get away with quoting pictures.
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