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  1. In the preview for the next episode, SK is warning BW to be careful of her father. Hyung is telling BW that there is a problem. Did SK ex-inlaws come to visit her current in-laws or is it the Queen consort? Still the subs are missing in many parts of long conversations.
  2. reading the article and understanding it, some writer A was cough* attacked *cough by the person who acted as Jun A. which happened 12 years ago.
  3. It was just in IJ memory that SHwa was his girlfriend. He had not even confessed or talked to her . SH is the one who confessed to SHwa and got rejected and when IJ was consoling SH about his rejection, he trashed the ring he brought for SHwa. Thus ended his fantasy girl friend. Just because IJ had a crush does not mean they are a couple .
  4. If this was the case, I would have at least seen a smile or a smirk or some happy face. Nobody says, oh let me think about it. It is about feelings - which is mostly visual and heartful in nature.
  5. ECSTATIC !! But that was not what was shown. SHwa felt embarassed about it. . The balloon just popped. If she did not have the hots for IJ during college, she must have known that he liked her that way. IJ might have been the main reason she is moving away now. So, hopefully she wants nothing to do with him (IJ) or Uju for the time being and since she like Uju just like her nephews and nieces. Out of Sight, Out of mind.
  6. I would want to know form Songhwa's POV as to who she likes . If it was IJ, it seems like she was not on the same page as him. Because when she asked what he did for himself and what he wanted, he said that he wanted to enjoy eating with her and drinking coffee. But, if you look at her facial expression, you can see looks down, looks to the side and looks up and changes topic. That is not something someone who has a crush on the other person who just said those things behave. I think it would be more like "Me too". I love doing that with you and so on. Not the way, SHwa acte
  7. I think she flat out rejected both of them. Some people cannot get the meaning of the word "NO". How long ago did she reject CH - and he kept at it till this episode. Even in this episode she did not want to go out to dinner with him to give him the wrong idea. But he wanted to speak informally to her as a birthday gift. But what were his actions, - he touched her as it she belonged to him. That is crossing boundaries which should not be unless it is mutual. She could not say anything and was flummoxed to do anything about it. IJ proposed at the dinner table in the previou
  8. Since both the doctors and the interns are adults, it does not matter if there is a relationship. Since we know Jang is 29, and the others are 40, if the feelings are mutual like MAYBE MH and SH, than it is worth a try. I am sure these things happen in real life too !! I think it was in the first episode where his name came up as Andrea. you are right! It is just a drama and there is no need to get hyper with any ship. But what truly bothers me is the fact that one set of people become the perpetrators and we lose out on an entire group who are scared
  9. This is a show - It is unfair for all parties if you think one should not express their views. This is a public forum. If you don't like someone talking about a different ship, you have the choice to skip instead of writing something like this. Please support your ship and good luck with that. No need to write such crap hurting others feeling and making them insecure in this forum to voice their reasons for their ship. Since JW is a pediatrician, he has all those cutie emblems . IT is nice. I have seen some of the doctors even having teddy bears, on their stet
  10. Is he projecting about himself like how JWan said when IJ was talking to Capt Ahn. Does he want GW to be happy with him ? Just wondering? This looks like WYSWIG is not the case . IJ seems to be sad underneath and not displaying it to the world and acting all fine and dandy is causing heartaches for him. He wants a girl to fuss over him like GW fussing over JWon, but has not realized that the affections from GW has turned towards him. Once he does, he might be happy since he adores her so much - both her work ethic and her.
  11. I think he was frustrated that Rosa was not looking at it from his perspective. We get a little bit more insight on how JWon wanted to be a priest from a young child. - probably he had a big brother as a role model. SW was funny asking him to marry (her) and she changed after looking at his face. Well we will have to see if there is anything there. IJ kind of confessing and SW (kind of rejection) shows that that ship might not sail either. MH confessed, but will have to wait and see how SH would respond. He has not given any indication, even though h
  12. GU is special in IJ eyes. He wants her as her work partner . Remember the dance by IJ "Pick me, Pick me , pick me up!!" We don't know if Jang is special in JW eyes. As others have said, he might not want to give Jang the wrong idea or he may be just biding his time. He may not like certain things about Jang, but he does not make it a big deal about it either. Since she is not some one in his department even though she works on rotation in his. I think you may be right. We all work and hang out with members of the other sex. But when going out, people
  13. he has two phones. The obnoxious one with the emergency ring tone is his daddy long legs phone indicating it is extremely urgent and had to be handled immediately.
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