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  1. Is there a gif with JW having the pink lighter in his hand. When did IJ give the pink lighter back to JW. I did not see that.
  2. Looks like it were the same books. Wonder if they are living in the same house. I know the door to JS house had something like music school or something. Also, JS is going to college? Finishing up since someone in one the previous episodes mentioned that she did not have a degree - was unable to finish since life turned upside down in an instant on her birthday when her mother and sister died.
  3. Will have to wait for the subs. You guys were right. Everyone showed some kind of remorse and JH quit HYsung group and I think they appointed a director/ chairman. YM is waiting for his father who comes late to pick him up and apologizes to him. Later YM asks why he got divorced and his father says that he was not confident to be loved or someone would really love him. Shows how difficult his life must have been with his hateful / disciplinarian mother. JH and JS get together and looks like JH's son went abroad with his mother. IT was nice to JH leading a group of new (probably) entreprenuers in a group meeting. Looked like a library. The only person who did not end up being nice was the chariman. He was brushing his teeth and a feather falls on him and he throws it away and then it lands on JS who is sitting outside. Did she come with JH to see the chairman? Anyway, just rambling.
  4. out on k dramahood dot com for more than 3 hours now. From the preview - looks like JH is leaving and going somewhere and saying that they will meet again. May be not a happy ending, but a look towards a happy one. But I see the new ring on JS finger. Don't know what that means.
  5. Preview I see a ring on YS finger. So happy ending. Episode: JH gets stabbed and comes to the hospital. He was in surgery and wifey kicks JS out saying she was not family. JH friends come over and see JS sitting outside till surgery is done and they forcefully take her out. JH searches for JS face when he wakes up from his surgery. JS goes to EX 's office after remembering where she had seen that old man and what ever conversation he had with JS earlier - she goes and talks to him and comes to police and gives them the information. He ex is called or comes to the police station and stupefied as to what the police are telling him. JH gets discharged and before that the friends take a picture of him being better and text that to JS to see that he is ok. SH comes to JS residence and wants JS to give up on him since she was the cause of him getting hurt, but JS refuses to since she made a promise to JH. JH goes to stay with his mother in Yangpang (?). JH goes to the police station and talks and explains to the father (whose son kills himself) about his father and what happened to him. JS comes to YP and meets JH 's mom and they have a nice chat and tea together and JH comes home after meeting with SH's dad about the issues at the company. JS and JH have a pleasant walk and JH comes to drop her off at the bus station, and waits outside for the bus to leave and joins JS and comes to Seoul with her and drops her home. Prosecutor is grilling Chairman and nothing is going smoothly. He is still there at the end of the episode and JH comes to meet with all the labor union folks (I think!). SH wants something from JS (probably the company) and she would give up on JH if JS can make that happen. The END.
  6. It is true that it is a hazard with plastic wrapping. Just imagine how many flowers that they might have to have gone through with all the takes instead. So, as Ji-soo father said, you have to give up on one of them if you want another. Also, this way, after the photoshoot is over, all the cast can pick one to take home. Definitely not encouraging plastic wrapping .... but giving a cop out. It was sad seeing JH getting stabbed, and I was thinking how did this person know where JH would be. This would be near JS home. He does not have the resources to tail JH. Talking about wasting, how many bouquets of roses would they have used for that scene. Just wondering.. What will happen now that JH is in the hospital. The chairman has already gained more support since he has an upper hand with management and shareholders. JH has to recover quickly to combat any more advancement in the chairman's plan. What was the deal with the friend falling sick?
  7. Why do you keep saying that. I did not see anywhere JH getting stabbed. IS there any pictures on instagram or somewhere? Just curious. Even if he was getting stabbed, I don't think that they would release it like that. They would want to save the suspense for the episode! No?
  8. did not see it in today's episode. Probably tomorrow The morning after? . I see JH 's clothes similar to the one he is wearing in. the bedroom today. But JS's clothing is different.
  9. Continuing from @Samuel Yohanes - I think one of her friends who works for the company gets fired or laid off or let go and Ji-soo calls SH to talk about it. SH tells JS to come to her office and she could not talk right now. SH comes to the office to talk to SH and SH is with other school parents who bullied her in that lunch meeting and JS stood up to her. SH rejects meeting with JS. JS is in the lobby thinking what to do and walks out of the office, and those school ladies throw coffee on JS and start talking trash at her and how she is causing problems for SH and what a bad influence she is. SHe comes home and her bar friend is waiting there for her and he asks what happened and she does not say anything (I did not understand !), but he comes to JH and spats something about if he cares about her and he should do the right thing and not let her be harrassed. JS ex meets with her and I think he wants to get custody of YM because of all the slander that is being spread around and walks out. JS comes home and the next day, she makes up her mind to go see JH in the hotel. SH sees JS and is angry and scared and frustrated that irrespective of what is thrown at her, she is still standing tall. JH is in his hotel room and deep in thought after talking with his bar friend. Episode ends with JS in the corridor of the hotel .
  10. I think JS will start her own school and teach children who are poor and they will probably win some competition and she will be the talk of the town. Then everyone will want their child learn from her. She was already eyeing the rental place. I did like that JS father apologized to JH even though it was too late, but since he had dementia and for a henious act of his, he lost his entire family. So, GOD taught him a lesson. I am waiting to see how GOD would teach FIL a lesson too. He needs it big time. Looks like all big businesses are corrupt this way. At least there is a little bit of sensibility in the US (I think!).
  11. IMHO the people who wronged both JH and JS are the chairman and JS father. I don't think that JH should go to prison again for making sure SK is going to be OK. That is her burden to bear. Children are resilient and will bounce back. IF she was involved with her father, it is better she serve her time too. I think JS would be a better mother to both children.
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