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  1. @UnniSarah - I also think this is a plan by CTJ to kill two birds with one stone. One to get an upper hand with Yanji group and second to be able to continue his legacy by having a child from KI. JH also wants KI to divorce and marry somebody, so she can bring her child home and have her grandchild live with her. She also wants happiness for her son and that would involve SW. I doubt anything that comes from IMR's mouth. She is an opportunist. She will twist the words to elicit any empathy. So, we don't know if CTJ really kicked her for sure. But we know that he married JH knowing that the girl he had on the side was pregnant with his child. But the actual heinous crime was done by IMR - replacing her child and dropping off the Yanji child in an orphanage. What does that involve? Kidnapping and abandoning laws.
  2. After watching today's episode (102) with subs, everytime JH used a curse word for SW, I felt like dragging him from the screen and slapping him . Who does he think he is - just because he is older. I think SW should let the authorities know about what JH and his mother did to both Bora and YM. I am so angry. Blowing my steam here. With the frantic pace that SW is moving, who thinks he would get married to GH this week? What do you guys think? @dramaninja - Are we thinking on the same lines?
  3. Yep. He saw CTJ and IMR in the park and wondering how dad knows OTY's mother in law. I am sure KI will wonder about his roots and may even go and do a DNA test with either the mother or DS and he will be floored to learn that is his mother.
  4. Actually KI does not know of all the bad deeds of his father. So, we cannot blame him. When a heir of a conglomerate needed to learn accounting from a secretary, we can estimate his IQ. Even though this money would have grown, it would not be too much . Would OTY keep mum about the information as to why he took on an alias? IS it because he is the heir of Yanji group? I think if he can provide explanation as to why and the severity of the accidents, it would not affect Sun holdings? I think the damage will be minimal. But Yanji will suffer due to this when the truth comes out.
  5. Yep. GH better marry SW otherwise SW's mom won't hesitate to even steal YM. Add JH to that, he will help her since he can't get over GH. Getting on JH nerves.,,,,,,
  6. Not only that, she comes back the next day all haughty. When are the divorce papers going to be filed? Disclosing his mother 's involvement in finding his child.
  7. Adding to @joan0528 : - OTY comes and visits grandpa at the new hideout. - Looks like JH fires the Yanji Medical Chief of Staff - JH takes charge of taking care of Chairman Jang. - KI comes to take JM home and releases information about OTY.
  8. I would say it is a combination by choice. I think JH - is pretty squeaky clean IMO. Other than the one incident with SW about JM, the other fights with her sister SH - I would just chalk it up to half sibling rivalry. Also, she is pretty good with the business just like SW. Her father on the other hand is pretty underhanded and wants to get an upper hand by hook or crook. No doubt about that. But even he is not as bad as CTJ. Since we don't know much of TY father, I would assume he is very much like Mr. Jung and hence good and ethical. Even though TY was scared to become a whistle blower, and hid according and lost his bearing, I would say, it was SW who was the one directing him to do the right thing even though it is difficult. So, peer influence was what might have made him to become righteous. Since he is pretty smart, I guess he did not have to cook the books, or be a crook to gain an upper hand. But what I see is that he is a pretty planner and plans his attacks efficiently making use of people's weakness or capability or nature.
  9. ditto. Irrespective of how well JH raised him, the genes don't lie. OTY is good no matter who raised him. Kind caring and considerate of others.
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