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  1. I feel you @lu09. I was chuckling over that butterfly who flew from the resthouse to the hospital. It could not have been NJ as he was still alive that time.
  2. @nohamahamoud2002 Can't blame you for hoping for a better ending for NJ. AR and Esther were afterall given a new lease on life, so why not NJ too, right? Anyways, the end finally came. As predicted, OSH's father got NJ's corneas and he is fondly remembered. The storytelling was far from perfect but it still left me with generally a cheerful vibe. I enjoyed it most of the time, the most important reason why I keep watching K-dramas. Thanks everyone for keeping me company. I really had fun reading your comments and watching the interactions here. See you all again in some of the other threads. Ciao!
  3. I just watched the raw version of ep 102 and if I could give only one acting award, I would give it to JTY/ NJ hands down. He is really the best actor in this series. AR comes a very close second. Am happy that the series seems to be ending on an exciting note. I will willingly gloss over its many weaknesses if tomorrow's episode could pack a wallop.
  4. I liked that scene. I think the writer used the jacket as a substitute for a comforting embrace or even a tap on the shoulder. You could see that PSH was conflicted. While he felt sorry for AR who was shaking, he was understandably hesitant to go near her because of all her sins. So the jacket was PSH's innate kindness still showing through. That was a good move on the writer's part.
  5. From the preview, it seems the operation would fail. I will stick by my prediction that NJ would end up being the donor of the cornea. He needs something "big" as that to redeem himself somehow. I also think having another villain is a bit off being too late into the game. With just a few more episodes left, it's not the best story-telling style to introduce new twists unless maybe the intention is to give AR a chance to self-redemption. Maybe she'll end up 'saving' Aura from the new villain. Maybe.
  6. No need to defend NJ, @nohamahamoud2002. The fact that he is getting a lot of hate goes to show how effective Jin Tae-hyun's acting is. You should be a proud fan and will leave this thread with some additional fans am sure. The actress playing AR is also very effective. I already said this before, she and JTH are the best actors in the series not only because they have more complex characters to play but also because they are truly good at what they do. Acting wise, am pleased with most everyone except Esther. Although she has improved of late, her acting during the first 2/3rds of the drama was painful to watch. All she did was contort her face and/or made her eyes wider. The mental lapse of NJ is hopefully not an indication of another amnesiac in the show. Should that happen, in any degree or form, I might start thinking the writer is uber-obsessed with the subject. He probably suffered from amnesia in his previous life. Am liking the pace and story development again. However, I miss having Gon / Chan and hope to see more interactions between him & his newfound grandfather. Looking forward to a satisfying finale.
  7. The highlight for me in last night's episode was OSH's dad requiring cornea to transplant. Am guessing NJ's headache and cornea would later on play out significantly together. NJ might have his chance at "redemption" afterall. Re cause of death of PSH's mom. I already said it before that it was likely accidental, as in many K-drama's where characters claim killing someone not because they actually did it but only because they feel responsible for the death.
  8. Tonight's episode was fun to watch, if only for the much-anticipated reunion between SH and SH. It didn't surprise me that OSH has decided to continue playing along as Jemma despite recovery of her memory. PSH's dad still needs to be rescued on top of the battle over Aura Bio. What struck me more in this episode is NJ's headache. He also had it an episode ago just before he 'proposed' to Jemma. Am guessing this is a glimpse into NJ's inevitable end. I wouldn't be surprised if the writer would also give NJ amnesia.
  9. I think we all watch K-Drama knowing fully well that the writers enjoy a certain privilege to tweak their work as they please. We're ok with that. What's not okay is when the twists in the stories come across as insulting to the viewers' sense of reality. That's when I start walking away from a show. In this case, everything was still within tolerable limit until OSH came back as another amnesiac. It just showed a total lack of imagination on the writer's part. After rehash of the amnesia line, I now expect another DNA test to confirm Oh Jemma's real identity. I agree with @nohamahamoud2002 The character actors are more effective than the leads.... well except for the Esther actress. It probably comes with the territory considering that most villains are better fleshed-out and more complex, easier to manipulate, so to speak. Btw, I read somewhere that this drama should not have been called "Left Handed Wife" but rather "The Extremely Unlucky Husband" or "Who Am I Today?" Even the title isn't suitable.
  10. I don't know about you guys, but I am very disappointed with the way the narrative has turned out. This drama has crossed from ridiculous to twisted. The writer must have completely lost steam that he had to go back to the amnesiac storyline. With less than 20 episodes left, there's quite a lot of ground to cover. We might end up with a harried finale.
  11. What the heck?! Just saw the raw episode and I almost turned as looney as NJ. Didn't see any of those twists coming!!!! And am seriously conflicted. I don't know if I am supposed to be excited about these new turn of events or should I just keep scratching my head. I don't think I missed any part but am a bit confused. I need the subs pronto!!!
  12. @chrissydiva I feel you. Esther is really very annoying and it's incredibly unnatural for the family to keep her around, even if it was because of DoRi. Am sure there could be other ways of taking care of DoRi without having to tolerate Esther's presence. But that's the thing with Kdrama. You just learn how to set aside the ridiculous little things. Grandpa Chairman is really quite a character. All he does now is shout "ya ya ya" and spew colorful but useless words of anger. He remains relevant only because of his money and stake in Aura. I also agree that it doesn't make sense for the VC to believe that LSH's dad has died. The VC was afterall present when LSH mom died. Be that as it may, I still believe the VC is not directly responsible for her death. My wild guess (again ) is, LSH's mother was accidentaly killed. Maybe AR was jealous and she confronted LSH's mom who fell or somehow got fatally injured. LSH's dad was trying to help when the VC arrived. VC and AR ran away and the Dad got blamed for the death. The Chairman and Grandma decided to make it appear that their son was also killed to avoid any negative publicity and unnecessary rumors. @chococarmela I also want AR down (aka powerless and useless) but not gone. She needs to be seriously punished!!!
  13. I hope AR isn't dead (yet). Death would be too light a penalty for everything she did. She needs to suffer longer and a bit more. She needs to see NJ getting caught and punished. For me, that would be justice. Whether or not AR is alive, NJ is more (crazy) dangerous now because he's desperate. From last night's episode, NJ resents LSH for having SH. Nj will likely go for "the kill" and steal the happiness he thinks he also deserves. Since the most important storylines have been resolved, the writer has introduced what I hope would be the last 'mysteries' before the end --- what happened to LSH parents and what the yellow pantsuit lady is all about. I have a couple of theories about the parents but am completely clueless where the writer wants to go with the story of the pantsuit lady. Anyway, am happy we are not going through any boring plateau at this point. We still have 20+ episodes to go so a lot could still happen. I hope there won't be a slump in the storytelling.
  14. Oh really? Am happy because I would get to enjoy the drama a bit longer, but also apprehensive that it would go back to a boring plateau to fill in the remaining numerous episodes. I hope not.
  15. Ep 79 was an exciting way to end the week. The 'twist' regarding the doctor was a pleasant surprise. I didn't see that coming. As we guessed a few episodes ago, LSH's dad is alive afterall. We'll find out the details soon! In the meantime, I hope grandmother would be rescued right away and be able to safely recover. My most-hated 1 minute in this episode was when AR asked to be called 'mother' by NJ in exchange for all the wrong things they're doing to steal Aura. I nearly cringed. She's so evil. We still have 21 episodes to go. That's still a lot, and most secrets are already out. So am guessing (again) that the new character, the representative of the company who holds the 2nd biggest shares (the one in bright yellow mustard pantsuit), would be NJ's bedfellow to drag the series for the next 4 weeks. From the preview, AR would 'save' NJ from being arrested by threatening to harm herself and the VC with the police would fall for her trick, however ridiculous. Can't wait for next week! The comeuppance on NJ and AR can't come soon enough. The most ideal ending for me would be for AR to see/watch NJ die. She should be punished in the most painful way by losing what she values most. Getting arrested would not do it for me because they've already been through that and they somehow always get released.
  16. Ep 75 was a good one, certainly much much better than what we had over the last two weeks. Looks like the writers are off the slump. As @lu09 said, finally everything is out. Almost everything except the truth on evil mother & son, and as a minor storyline, the whereabouts of LSH's father. From the preview, we may yet see Esther vindicating herself if she becomes the crucial snitch against AR & NJ. Makes me look forward to tonight's episode.
  17. It's guessing time again, this time on the true condition and whereabouts of LSH's dad. My guess is he is alive but being kept in a mental assylum, not only because of his condition but because everyone believes he was responsible for the wife's unnatural death. I've been pretty quiet the last several episodes because am so frustrated over the development of the story. Am sure LSH snd OSH would have their happily ever after but in the meantime, we have to bear with the many ridiculous twists and turns of events.
  18. I've stopped finding reason & logic with this show. But regardless of all its weaknesses, or probably because of those, I am really enjoying this drama tremendously. Like @marrez1 @lu09 @chrissydiva @newyee I have always felt Chan was the one because of his heart condition and the way the writers brought him close to SH & her family. I just thought there must be a good reason why the writers made them attached to him. What am afraid of now is NJ might somehow use what he knows about Chan as bargaining chip against LSH to get back into Aura. NJ might see this as an opprtunity to save himself. I was very touched by the scene between LSH and DR. LSH is really the biggest victim in all of these --- being thrown away by his aunt (AR), losing his face and memories, losing his son & not being informed of his real identity as the eldest grandson. Makes one wonder why misfortune keeps happening to such a good fellow? Next to LSH, Chan and DR are the most pitiful victims. They are innocent and in unfortunate situations because of their elders' sins. Those boys are scarred for life. On the other hand, I think AR and Esther are the most vicious and wicked sinners of all. Both are motivated by selfish greed. They have stooped to the lowest levels possible by victimizing helpless babies (AR against baby LSH / Esther against baby Chan) because of their lust for wealth and a life of luxury under Aura. NJ is also wicked but his motive is revenge. I do not condone his ways but he feels wronged by the mother who abandoned him. His actions are based on a warped sense of justice, not greed. Looking forward to next week's episodes.
  19. Even without the subs, Ep 58 raw was an enjoyable episode. Who wouldn't enjoy watching the good people (SH & SH) finally get the upperhand against evil mother & son (AR & NJ)? And retrieving the USB was a lot quicker than I expected. Esther did a good job on that matter and maybe, this is when she starts redeeming herself.
  20. @newyee @Pam_Van Fossen Thank you! I think I now understand and remember. NJ took the brooch which was supposed to be a wedding gift from grandmother. On the other hand, the pendant given to Gun was the one found with baby LSH. I briefly got confused thinking that the pin/brooch in NJ's box was one and the same as the necklace / pendant. There were in fact two ruby items from grandmother.
  21. So now there are new mysteries to be solved -- was the death of NJ's father an accident or murder? If it was really murder, who did it? And Grandmother's ruby pin in NJ's safety deposit box. Where did NJ get it and how? AR is cruel! She didn't think twice about victimizing LSH again by making up such a ridiculous accomplice story, emotionally blackmailed her husband and just watched him have a great meltdown. She lies regardless of who gets hurt. Esther looks like a saint beside her. The VC was such a big disappointment. Hasn't he heard of the saying "the truth shall set you free"? I don't get why Esther won't show the USB. Everybody now knows that she's already a participant, in one way or another. No unnecessary harm to her anymore in producing the video. On the other hand, nobody believes her that NJ was her accomplice. The video is her proof. Btw, has AR confirmed that NJ is her son? She already knows who his father is, but if I remember correctly, she was still doubtful if NJ was the son she abandoned. From their conversations, it seems that AR and NJ have not openly acknowledged to each other their relationship, right? And who is the old man in the wheelchair in next episode's preview? @chrissydiva I also agree with you that the mansion is a hotbed of messy criminals. That family is super dysfunctional but is unfortunately LSH's real blood-family. Am just hoping that before the drama ends, LSH with SH, would give us a satisfying saving grace.
  22. @lu09 From the preview of tomorrow's episode, it's unlikely that SH's mom would be taken hostage. NJ and Esther appear to being taken to the police station. (Yipee!) I don't think much would come out of it. Too early in the series as we just crossed the half-way mark. I think starting tomorrow, the focus will now be more on the missing kid(s).
  23. Ep 54 Raw The cat is finally out of the bag, courtesy of LSH himself. Also, I think AR now knows NJ is her son. However, the chase for the USB continues as it falls into the wrong hands. Towards the end of the episode, LSH was shown holding the recorder. However, am worried that AR has already erased its content. Now waiting for the subs.
  24. I so agree with you. I found myself scratching my head a few times, all within only 30+ mins. I also think it's super silly for LSH to dance along AR's beat. The best revenge against NJ & Esther is to expose their sins to the persons whose opinions count more than AR's. LSH should stop working at Aura and go back to being a doctor. His place is with his real wife, regardless. He should also rid himself of all the negativity in the Park Mansion. Of course he doesn't know yet that he is the 1st grandson. All the more reason he should not feel attached or indebted to them. But even with that hidden fact, the first thing he has to do is go back to being himself. The entire world should once again know him as LSH. That way, his investigation, research and quest for justice would be much more quickly attainable.
  25. I think moving out of the Park Mansion would be good for LSH. With a new living arrangement, he can get rid of Esther and just move back into his and SH's house without the Park elders knowing about it yet. I too don't understand why LSH won't just volunteer the truth himself. Why should he let AR decide when to disclose the facts? To heck with hurting the elders! They'd soon get over the initial shock and move on to revealing the remaining secrets. By telling the truth now, AR, NJ and Esther's worlds would be a lot smaller. With less room to move in, the harder for them to manipulate everyone and everything. AR is the worst among the three baddies! She's keeping PDK's death from her husband and the grands not only because of guilt over her hand in DK's death but also because of her pride. She could not accept how all her efforts to throw away the 1st grandson (LSH) were wasted. Indeed, karma has bitten her hard.
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