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[Drama 2019-2020] Unasked Family / Down the flower path, 꽃길만 걸어요

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OST 22, I added the English subs at last, Press cc (on android the 3 dots down right) Some of you already watched the music video, because I published it last week but it wasn't with English subs  

Oh great, more crappy in-laws. I guess it makes sense, my future Korean in-laws are pretty against me too so these dramas are practice for how not to act and be pushed around 

my new video. I used the sad OST of their separation. Press cc (the 3 dots down right) for English subtitles of the song (the subs are taken from a blog lol)   @angelwingssf @lu09 @dramaninj

I had connection problems the last few episodes.  Was able to watch snippets but not the entire episodes.

Did YW's Dad recover all his money?  He had agreed to that thief repaying him by installments but after everything went bust.

That crazy woman made money peeling garlic!  But still her hair and makeup looks the same as before her husband went to jail and the family lost money!  And only when she lost everything, she referred to JH as her "son-in-law" and he became family.  

Did they ever show that MIL and family was aware that her "baby" was dating YW's sister?

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