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  1. Anybody else here who watches "Hospital Playlist"? You may find it interesting to see the actors who play Trang and SuJi both appear as guests on Ep. 3 of "HP." They look slightly different there because of the characters they play but I think it's really them.
  2. An upside to being on lockdown is being able to catch up with all the episodes I missed. @dramaninja I have been rooting for YJ and YN, and can't be happier to see them end up together.
  3. The way I understand it, the land isn't exclusively owned by YW & BR. Rather, it is co-owned by all the heirs of Mr. Nam -- his widow and all his children (biological and adopted). YW and BR step into the shoes of DU (adopted) who is already deceased. That gives each heir equal say to what to do with the offer from Hana. Anyways, am glad YW and MIL saw through JH motive for asking YW back to work at Hana.
  4. YJ, YW's sister is officially my favorite character now. She's flawed like everyone, but is feisty, honest and hardworking. She owns up to her mistakes, yet stays brave to face the future. I really want her to end up with I Nam. How did YW turn to such a spineless boring character? I caught myself moving fastforward during her scenes because she's too predictable. I hope the writers have some surprises up their sleeves before the drama ends and up their tempo soon. Please. This week was riddled with those filler episodes. I hope things start moving faster next week.
  5. @shamrockmom Reality bites. Luckily, this is melo where our OTP would most likely still have a happy ending by the 123rd episode, despite their over-extended pushing & pulling. Fingers crossed. @nohamahamoud2002 Even if it's quite challenging to stay interested in the series now, I'll try to hang on until the end. Afterall, aside from YW and CD, I am also rooting for YJ and Yi Nam. When it's time for YW to join the Bang family, I'd like to see YJ become the new "unasked family" of the Nams. Maybe Yi Nam doesn't feel attracted to YJ yet but he'll soon appreciate her boldness and tenacity. Fingers crossed again. Also, I want to see justice done to YW's father against con-artist ex-GF, and to YW over Dong U's untimely death. We can do this!
  6. I've seen only the raw version of Ep 75, and am very disappointed by it. I don't like that YW and Bo Ram are back with the in-laws. To make things worse, her father & sister are with them, too. So everyone's indebted to the in-laws now. Unfortunate turn of events. But then again, maybe that's why the drama is called "Unasked Family" in English. They form an extended family due to their circumstances rather than by choice. @dramaninja I think JH was presumed an orphan. That's how all three of them (CD & CD's sister) ended up living & growing in the same orphanage. But given the new development in tne story, looks like JH wasn't really an orphan but still has his biological mother (most likely con-artist ex GF). We'll soon confirm this I hope & maybe also find out how JH got separated from his mother.
  7. Aaaargh! Our OTP has "broken up" again! I feel so bad for CD. @marrez1, we seem to be pounding hard on YW because we want to knock some sense into her. She needs to see the big picture, so to speak. You know how many people are when they are emotional. They tend to dwell on their misfortunes and can't see things objectively anymore. Just like Il Nam and for a time, even YW's father. They stuck in their failures and hurt the people around them. We want YW out of that rut. Do you guys honestly think SJ has finally given up on CD? What about JH agreeing to meet SW by the lake? What was that for? I predict that "walk for some fresh air" will have some significance and will somehow affect CD and JH's relationship later on. Do you know what my favorite part in the last two episodes was? It's the fact that con-artist GF is now in the Hwang household and would probably victimize SJ's family soon. I dislike the Hwangs so much, I'll be super happy to see them getting conned. Sigh. The drama still has a lot of ground to cover. I hope next week would bring our OTP closer to their happy fairytale ending. Cheerio! See you on Monday! @nohamahamoud2002 thanks for your video!
  8. From the reactions of many, we're more affected by the preview than the episode last night. I feel you all. And I feel for CD, too. However frustrated YW makes us feel, we have to bear with it for now. (But, really. Her push & pull is infuriating. ) Going back to Ep. 73, I generally liked it for many reasons -- 1. SJ's sin over the phone call was finally discovered; 2. She unmasked, again, her cold-hearted self to JH who I hope will finally be able to move on from her. (I really hope it's a turning point for him); 3. Someone from the in-laws' side now knows YW's family went bankrupt. (Hopefully, MIL would be less harsh on YW now, whatever her intentions are); 4. Yi Nam seems to have tempered his liking for CD's sister (now giving BoRam's aunt a fighting chance to win him over ). Crazy SJ was kinda scary though. I was half-expecting her to grab & hit YW hard, not just throw the money at her. SJ has really gone loony. She could be dangerous to YW.
  9. @Ldy Gmerm, several episodes ago, YW already discovered about the money being taken by the stepbrother and the rest of the story which you described so uncannily close to what really transpired. Unfortunately, YW forgave them (too) easily without the "wake up moment" that is long overdue. Going to the last episode, it was quite disappointing that it didn't turn out to be the sweet and romantic reunion that I hoped for our OTP. I share @dramaninja's frustration with YW. Someone should tell her that being half honest with her feelings and to CD, would save a lot of heartache. She and CD should resolve their "couple issues" soon so we can finally move on to the other storylines -- how Dong U died, CD finding out who his heart donor was, catching up with the con artist GF, brother-in-law meeting his son with Trang and resolving the love triangle among Yi Nam, Yeo Joo and SW. There are still many unresolved sub-matters and I feel too much time is wasted on going around CD & YW's temporary breakup.
  10. We're going to have a good weekend, guys! The ending and the preview for the next episode will keep us smiling through Monday. Woohoo!
  11. The saying "when it rains, it pours" is so apt for the beleaguered Kang family. They're already soaking wet from their misfortunes and things are about to get worse coz YW is in trouble at work. Writer nim, please give them a break soon! They are such good-hearted (uber good in fact) people and deserve to be happy NOW! On the other hand, I wouldn't mind a bit if SJ, her nasty parents and even JH start getting their karmic punishment pronto!!!
  12. Whoa! Con-artist GF moved faster than I expected. YW's dad looks so heartbroken, in addition to being broke. (I think she & her co-conspirator took not only the house deposit & YW's sister's savings but also his taxi. Talk about giving her the benefit of doubt. ) Let's see how things will play out. And JH? That man has no self-respect at all. Still don't know why he caters to SJ's every whim however misplaced they are. He even allows himself to be openly abused & rebuked by SJ's mom in every way. What does he see in SJ anyway?
  13. My two most important take away from this week's closing episode are (1) YW and Bo Ram are finally out of MIL's house, and (2) YW's sister barging into MIL's room and telling everyone off! As it turned out, MIL was purposely harsh on YW to allow her to move on. I think that initially, MIL was genuinely angry and really only wanted YW to quit her job. But a more altruistic reason belatedly kicked in when YW spoke up. MIL wasn't expecting YW's answer and that put things in perspective for MIL. YW and the others don't know about MIL's feelings yet so we should expect several more episodes of misunderstandings and conflicts because of that. Dad's opportunist GF is showing some hesitation now and seem conflicted between her real motives and growing attachment to YW's dad and sister. Am sure she'd cause a lot of trouble but I predict her character would turn into a new leaf before the end of the series to give daddy his happy ending. Too bad there was no interaction between my beloved OTP, CD and YW, but I hope things will get better for them soooooon. So, am looking forward to next week's episodes.
  14. Ohhh what a sad episode it was for my OTP. But as much as I disliked the break-up part, was equally happy because of the actor who plays CD. He was such a natural in his crying scenes. I also got to like YW's sister some more. She is probably the most sensible in the group. She immediately saw through her dad's suspicious GF and quickly understands & supports YW's situation. I also would like for her to end up with Yi Nam. I personally don't get why YW hesitates to tell her in laws about CD. Her mother in law had several marriages with stepchildren even. Her sister in law was brought up by a step mother so she is not in a position to criticize YW for moving on from Dong U. The dad's girlfriend!!! What a big scheming b+×#h! She's as annoying as bratty SJ and her mom put together. Tonight will be the last episode for the week. Although the preview suggests more sad scenes are coming, I hope we go to the weekend feeling a bit more upbeat.
  15. CD walking out on SJ and Alice was the highlight for me tonight. Good job, CD! Bratty SJ lives by the saying "misery loves company." Since she is miserable, she's dragging Alice to hell with her by sowing intrigue and encouraging a wedge between the siblings who were previously very close. It doesn't matter to SJ who gets hurt in the process. She's just desperate to break YW and CD apart. Too bad we still have to endure her evilness over the next many many episodes