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[Drama 2023] Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (Season 3), 낭만닥터 김사부 시즌3


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Hah. I just finished episode 16. I laughed quite a bit and cried quite a bit. The episode was better than what the spoilers said.


Good performances. I laughed at Master Kim's exit line. And that was quite a rampage there by the Chairman. Quite, quite funny. The lady was the previous Chairman's daughter. And since I like the actor playing the Chairman thought it was a  hoot to suddenly see him flinging cupboards about and getting all red and apopletic.


Nurse Eun Tak was quite swoony. Lol. That was so cheesy romantic I wanted to squirm. Did he actually say that? Man he has changed from season 1.


Ciao while you guys watch it subbed. I am off to bed since I woke up in the middle of the night. Nothing like a cathartic cry fest in the wee hours of the morning. I know its all dramatic moments and all but I still enjoyed the cheesy reconciliation from the Geodae team amalgating into the Doldam team.



And what I found hysterically funny is that I finally understand Dr Yung and SWJ's lisp when speaking medical terms and now I won't ever hear them again. I swear the actors are clearer yelling out those tense orders now. I think it's hysterical but then that's just me. Even Dr Yang pulled the rabbit out of the hat when he pulled off that histrionic moment with Prof Park.

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Hand surgery is part of orthopedics. Or rather you are a orthopod then specialise. It is a small hospital after all there won't be enough funds to have 2 on in a tiny place. And CTS is one of the easiest and common diagnosis. It is after all just a Carpal tunnel release surgery which is a day surgery procedure.

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Oh my gosh.. .what a perfect ending!!! I love it to bits! 


It's been a while since drama gives me this kind of great ending. How happy it is seeing DYH is all in rage throwing his tantrum. LOL. Not just he lose his dignity but also kim sabu shoo away all his nonsense pretty badly. Hahaha.. I am so satisfied. 


And they give us extra episode, 1,5 hour is such a generosity that I thanked a lot. It's such a wonderful to see all those loose ends tied up beautifully. 


I am going to miss them a lot now. Ah... now what to do? I am suffering withdrawal symptoms pretty serious. Which doctor should I ask for help to??? I can't see them again on next Monday :bawling:


Will BRB later once I got a grip out of this. 

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3 hours ago, Blizzardistkaputt said:

I have not seen the subs.

i think the MS diagnosis is a red herring. It's kind of dumb for a doctor to wave a piece of scrap paper at another doctor and believe wholeheartedly  that it is a diagnosis.


Haha I agree, it's a scribble paper, not even a proper report.... 

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12 hours ago, corey said:

Yes, it is wishful thinking, but I think they have laid the ground for season 3 pretty solidly. Maybe just in case? But there are plenty of unresolved plot lines and it would be just impossible to resolve it in the last episode. Compared to the ending of S1, the ending of S2 is much more open and the hints are there (like the conversation between KSB and NIB)


11 hours ago, Kasmic said:


With strong ratings for both seasons, I think the possibility for Season 3 to be green-lit is pretty high commercially?


13 hours ago, Hana katyoun said:

I wish they do like Japanese Drama Special Episodes in between drama and then Movie for Grand Finale HAHAHA....

 Yeah, I would like to see at least an SP for Dr Do In-bum.... I mean, he is Still DIB But different (excuse my bad pun:smirk:)  in terms of his attitude towards the others in S2 cameos, making me want to understand more of his growth in the un-narrated 2 years.


12 hours ago, Linwe said:

 I really feel like this season felt like a weekend drama (with the slow burn main romance too!). While I normally struggle a bit at the longer length of weekend dramas, I adore it when they get the character dynamic right and give space for all their characters to grow with each other... you get invested and addicted like nothing else. I've loved every minute of this season as it's gotten better with each ep rather than the normal structure of a k-drama where there's a buildup to the 'melo' part and you dread the angst. Next week we won't have anymore Doldam :tears:


Given there would be S3, the darn line between ChaEJ and SeoWJ would not be the most agonizing, slow-burnt romance in RDTK ever....:grimace: it would be the one between Nurse Oh and Doctor Nam (which has been lingered for quite a while but particularly hinted at S2 finale).


10 hours ago, monalisa said:

Dr Kim still has not revealed his hidden card, right?

Trust me, really a exceedingly satisfying moment seeing the card finally revealed!!!:relieved:


The ride for RDTK2 is somewhat bumpy due to some glaringly obvious plot holes, but I enjoy immensely watching the drama with you all! Kudos to Doldam squad!



PS. I found this acknowledgement not translated in Viu subs (I am not sure if other streaming services had it done though). In case anyone is interested, it says "Thank you to Jang Bo-seok nim [Dr Bae's dad] & Kim Hye-eun nim [Former president's daughter, now succeeded as Geosan group's president] for special guest cameo"


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Fantastic ratings for the finale episode and so close to beat the first season! i think if they had 20 seasons like the first series they could have beaten them


:lol::lol::lol:  Well done to the cast and staff(especially my fave AHS:flushed:) for their hard work and achievements.

I'm glad they still were able to have a wrap party. Does anyone know if their reward vacation will still go ahead?

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Finished the final episode! 


The drama is not perfect but I enjoy the ride nevertheless.

Finally, everyone cross the line we've been waiting for them to cross in the very last episode, even for Dr Park. I feel like his redemption arc could have started midway instead of last episode like this. I've always known he is a grey character and will eventually go to Dr Kim side.


I feel like season 2 was a bit rushed... somehow not as throughout as season 1. And it feels a bit repetitive where it is always Dr Kim who has the final badass line before a certain 'shady' character stop their wrongdoing. 

I think it's possible for season 3 because Doldam hospital itself is now a character of its own. So even if Dr Kim is not there, a whole new crew can still manage to get story out of Doldam hospital. With the high rating, who knows, it's possible. 


As always, the veteran actors and actresses are really shining. They all deliver good performances. The young ones get good exposure as well, medical drama lines are not easy to memorize. 

If there is a season 3, I will of course tune in. 

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i think theres a good chance of there being a season 3, the main antagonist is still there which is the chariman and he will find some sort of way to try and get ride of the hospital but im unsure of the rest of the cast. 

Throughout the last few episodes they kept signaling that Seo jung , Dong Joo , and In Bom were coming back( the 3 main doctors from season 1). Most of the reasons that they left seemed to be temporary and would return but im mainly concerned about In Bom's character the most because headlines was that the actor who plays him, Yang Se jeong's military service was coming up which might complicate a return.

Obviously with the high ratings a season 3 would be a huge welcome with the returning casts all coming back but there are some limitations to trying to create new medical cases/scenarios a 3rd time for this drama that doesn't reuse much from season 1+2

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20 hours ago, chubbyzmae said:

seriously? where do you get this info?


Oh sorry it’s not based on the news but I based on the last episodes. From last RDTK 1 I know there will be RDTK 2 (but tbc for date release) but different characters to build the best trauma hospital; RDTK 2 they succeeded to start of Doldam as separate foundation away from GD and Kim Sabu found a scarred President in the midst of President Yeo’s sickness and death.  


For sure there will Season 3. There’s a lot of trauma cases and with these healed doctors found by Kim Sabu there’s a lot to tell! Dr Yoon and Dr Do has a lot of case research and not to include the cases that might be found by Dr Kang in his service time. 


Anyway, the sequel of Trauma Hospital has yet to begin. YahooOooo and with Dr Park as new President of separate foundation. 

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I totally stayed away from social media on Mon and Tue coz I wanted to catch last 2 episodes back to back..soooo excruciating:bawling:

Finale was sooo awesome!! :wub:

I cried soo much during parts of it and was swooning and grinning like a crAzy woman at some parts.

At longgggg last  they crossed the line!!!!!
I did a little dance when the moment finally arrived hahaha
This slow burn romance while it infuriated me many times it also made me feel sooo appreciative of SWJ.

He is really a thoughtful guy and never pushy. Which is a fresh change from most and he has me rooting for him!! 
I have always enjoyed medical

dramas but this one really was awesome.

The medical cases and ppl stories all touches the heart.
I will surely miss watching this drama..

Hope there will be a  Season 3!

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I love the ending.

I love the entire season 2.

Both seasons were great but I have to admit that I love season 2 more. 


Yeheeey. I literally screamed and shout for Joy when both main leads crossed the line. :lol:

Happy ending for everybody.


Can't wait for the 3rd season. :wub:

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DJW acted like a spoiled brat that did not get his way.  He was humiliated by BYJ but he embarrassed himself by his childish tantrum. It was so gratifying to see the young doctors rushing to Dr. Kim's aid when DJW grabbed his scrubs. It's so funny that Mr. Koo is always hovering in the background. He's always within earshot when he is summoned! :D This is one ending I have nothing negative to comment on.

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firstly, IM SO GLAD AT HOW OUR OTP GOT THEIR HAPPY ENDING. I love how the ep opened up by letting us see cute jealous woojin when eunjae was talking about how dr bones is so charming and handsome. The look he gave her was like "hello i'm right here who are you calling handsome" LIKE WOW tho i wished we would have had moment like this earlier but it's okay, better late than never. 


AND THAT "I'M THE ONE CROSSING THE LINE NOW" LIKE WOAH GIRL. idk if the writers saw what we wanted since we kept on saying how we wanted eunjae to make the move and kiss him first BUT SHE DID. SHE KISSED HIM FIRST. and omg the way he grabbed her and kissed her back lIKE CONFETTIS AND FIREWORKS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!! a big FINALLY. 


okay onto our second cutey otp, it's good that ahreum immediately explained how inbeom is her cousin just so euntak won't misunderstand. tho i didn't understand his reaction at first, suddenly becoming a little stiff and cold towards ahreum for a while making the poor girl awkward. but DAMN THEIR ENDING THO, the pick up line he used on her.. WOAH EUNTAK. YOU GO BOY. it's so cute how she blushed furiously and giggled afterwards. 


ANNNNNNND see, our theories came true!!! dr bones' father is someone related to the loan sharks which was why he's able to help woojin!!!!! my heart broke a little when he asked woojin that if he leave, will it make him feel better. like omg </3, no dr bones, you're our bae <33333. i'm glad that woojin still went to him for advise on eunjae even after realising the whole story hehe. 


ah the part where everyone said goodbye to the president :'( at least there's closure for everyone. and wow, dr park's redemption. i love how kim sabu lectured him (for the last time) asking him if he was gonna run away. I think those words finally sinked into his heart. I was like FINALLLYYYYY again when dr park ran to the ER to help with the emergency patient. LIKE DAMN THAT MOMENT WAS FREAKING COOL (and handsome huehue). 


AND OUR KIM SABU IS OKAY. HE'S OKAY. HE'S WELL. HIS OP WAS SUCCESSFUL!!!!!! HURRAY!!!!!! but damn i knew his hidden card had something to do with their pretty classy lady. that ending scene with evil chairman do.. SATISFACTION. when kim sabu handed the envelope declaring doldam's independency from geodae... SATISFACTION. when evil chairman do started to cause a ruckus (dude has serious anger management issues im sure) and MR KOO APPEARS AGAIN.. SATISFACTION!!!!!! tho i was surprised at how dr yang became dr park's minion follower again (after switching sides for a while), but he isn't really a good surgeon anyway..


THe final scene where everyone comes together at the ER to start saving people MADE ME SO HAPPY. but a tinge of sadness knowing that i won't see them again on screen :( okay like everyone here... I NEED A SEASON 3. A season 3 with both casts from 1st and 2nd season!!!!!!! WE NEED IT. 


Okay, it has been fun participating in this thread with yall. I'm gonna miss our theories and fangirling :( hopefully a season 3 will be confirm soon!!!!! peace out~ <3 

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I dunno why Ahreum didnt want Doldam peeps to know she is related to In Beom, but anyway, In Beom just went along with it.  


Sad that they killed off pres i was hoping they wouldnt. Still not satisfied with Insoo's situation, more of Dr Nam, Mgr Jang, Nurse Oh their backstories and that of Nurse Park as well, what happened to Dr Woo.  

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