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  1. Anyone know where HB was talking about the ratings promise here? And also did that eavesdropper spy just become a ASMR guy in the end lol??
  2. So in the end she didn't get hired at Daechi even though it was her top choice and she's been working there with great reviews? must be some sort of joke high school then even tho the vice principal said they wanted to prevent good teachers from leaving
  3. I thought that the story didn't really give Ji Hae Won a chance to demonstrate his full capacity yet. Like you graduated from that school and been there for 6 years working as a temporary you should be rewarded lol. i thought that Ko Ha Neul was shown to be a great teacher because she was given the opportunity mainly through the advanced class of Icarus an opportunity in which Hae won wanted to but wasn't give the opportunity. The pacing of the drama seems well off also since the ending of the latest episode was a good ending for the drama as a whole with all the kids graduating and noone getting the job. I wonder how they will fill up the rest of the episode with mainly fillers now unless they want to go bring back Hae won and Ha Neul at the same time. One plot hole i seem to always get back to is they went and asked Jae Hyun's dad if they could go visit the hospital to boost their resume, and he seemed to agree to it but it seems they never even went back to this point and just simply zoom past all that and focused towards the top 2 kids and testing and then BAM graduation and now they're gone lol. we dont even see if the other kid made it to hankuk university as well.
  4. Are you guys sure this drama is preproduced? it didnt really mention anything about that from before and havent seen anywhere where it's done or anything. Usually if they are truly done with production they would hose the wrap up party by now if it had so im unsure of that .
  5. So no Ju Da, Baek Kyung , and Do Hwa in the end. Whats the point of showing Nam ju in the new story when they didn't show the others. I'm sure that this is a new Manwha in the end but whats the point of flipping everyones role from side to main and main to side characters if they didn't do it for the rest. Whats the point of leaving those 3 main characters out. I remembered there was a video online showing Haru and Baek Kyung filming their final scenes like a couple days ago with which i assumed baek kyung would appear at least but sadly he didnt in the ending
  6. One of those feel good kdramas with the happy ending but they just let the Taiwan subplot go lol.
  7. How is that we're on episode 10 now but havent gotten that time jump we were expecting since Ep1, seems weird to be this way unless they end the drama out with that scene with him suddenly pulling the trigger on Go Hae Ri lol
  8. The reason why they're saying Arthdal was doing was because the drama before it Hotel Del Luna achieved double digits ratings, 8 % ratings is above average for a TVN drama but you can't just force a next season with a petition. Netflix is one of the companies that sponsor this drama so money wouldn't be a problem if they wanted another season its just that all of the actors here are big names actors and it's hard to scheldue them together again for a drama unless it was already part of the contract. Basically if there is a 2nd season there will be one with which i think there should be but we just gotta wait and see. Even if there is the earliest we could see this would be late next year at least when you consider that they havent started filming yet and all the CGI it takes to load and create.
  9. just wondering but bquestions i have is that they didn't specify this but what happens to the rapper and his army buddy. Its like how does the thug survive all the way to the end but they don't show what happened to the other two(Obviously they could've been killed but no bodies were shown or described) . And also why did the female police officer start to see Mun Jo hallucination also now? Other than briefly seeing him at the dentist and realizing that he was the murderer, those 2 barely interacted enough for her to see hallucinations of him now? Like even when she went in during the final episode, those 2 never met face to face , A more likely person to see hallucinations would've been Ji-Eun cuz she actually experienced the horror. And what's with the police department in this drama? A detective goes missing and you only characterize that as a vacation? Even if you go on vacation you at least answer the phone LOL,
  10. So basically with season 1 ending next week, is there going to be a time jump from season 1 to season 2 or like how do you guys thinkthe transition will be from season to season 2
  11. It seems like she chose Tagon's side because he was humming which assumes hes excited and has the plan sorted out. Also curious but Taelha said she was gonna do what Tagon said to do or expose him and his plan.Obviously she chosed Tagon side but how would she have exposed his plan then if she didn't know it herself? The next episodes previews has Tagon asking who the new warriors is, is that Eunseom or is that the boy he was hiding? (Couldn't tell because of the black paint.)
  12. Rewatched the first 2 episodes but doesnt anyone know what happened to the other two Neathanl boys that were with the mom and Raganz, Pretty sure they were the two babies that were saved by them in ep 1 and we see both grown up in ep 2. havent heard much about them other than they probably died during the hunt? Also how they did survive the disease lol, they have to explain the love between ragaz and the mom and how they cured all 3 of them from the horse diesase.
  13. Did anyone see also that this series will be split into 3 season with the last season airing in september which gives it like a 2 month off from season 2 to season 3? Anyone seen any drama like this before because it really doesn't make sense in my mind to give it a break when filming was already completed.
  14. Just finished this drama but felt like the ending especially that last 15-20 min was kind of rushed, they went from being a lawyer to special counsel then to judgment against them already lol. Hoping for a 2nd season also but doubt it with Junho mandatory military coming soon. Loved the bromance between the 2 leads. Either way other than the delayed subs this was one of the more underrated dramas of 2019. Loved it from start to end.
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