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  1. So basically with season 1 ending next week, is there going to be a time jump from season 1 to season 2 or like how do you guys thinkthe transition will be from season to season 2
  2. It seems like she chose Tagon's side because he was humming which assumes hes excited and has the plan sorted out. Also curious but Taelha said she was gonna do what Tagon said to do or expose him and his plan.Obviously she chosed Tagon side but how would she have exposed his plan then if she didn't know it herself? The next episodes previews has Tagon asking who the new warriors is, is that Eunseom or is that the boy he was hiding? (Couldn't tell because of the black paint.)
  3. Rewatched the first 2 episodes but doesnt anyone know what happened to the other two Neathanl boys that were with the mom and Raganz, Pretty sure they were the two babies that were saved by them in ep 1 and we see both grown up in ep 2. havent heard much about them other than they probably died during the hunt? Also how they did survive the disease lol, they have to explain the love between ragaz and the mom and how they cured all 3 of them from the horse diesase.
  4. Did anyone see also that this series will be split into 3 season with the last season airing in september which gives it like a 2 month off from season 2 to season 3? Anyone seen any drama like this before because it really doesn't make sense in my mind to give it a break when filming was already completed.
  5. Just finished this drama but felt like the ending especially that last 15-20 min was kind of rushed, they went from being a lawyer to special counsel then to judgment against them already lol. Hoping for a 2nd season also but doubt it with Junho mandatory military coming soon. Loved the bromance between the 2 leads. Either way other than the delayed subs this was one of the more underrated dramas of 2019. Loved it from start to end.
  6. I think the real motive here might be that Seong Mo wanted to help change Lee Ahn's life for the good. When he was in interogation, he proved that psychometry can't be used in court as of right now, but like it says above LA can prove his ability by finding the killer now after he read SM. In the end justice kinda prevails here from what im predicting. psychometry is would finally be accepted by the police force, YSS will be exposed, the killer will be jailed, SM might get some jail time depending on the truth here , Jae In will get admitted to the police force, and the mother will finally be safe. Only thing left confused here is why Jae In's dad didnt fight against his charges or maybe it was true in the first place.
  7. LOL its like LJJ knew he was being recorded when he talked to HB but did he not think that that would ever be used against him. Also did all AJC want was to see his child before he goes overseas or something? I thought since hes in that special ward that he could see his family easily or something like that? Can anyone explain the Congressman Jung situation or is that something no explained fully yet.
  8. What I mean is that if he was the one that initiated the first interaction between DH and his sister. I don't get how does he hire the lawyer that basically freed the person he was trying to frame. So it's like now basically the fate of his sister is in the hands of a dude that he will probably have to kill or at least physically harm in the future. He could've asked the DSC to help him out or whatever ORG he is helping out but now hes stuck in this predicament.
  9. Man this story is going so deep im wondering when it will end lol. just confused at this with what I'm assuming is that they're going to rule jong du's death as a suicide but how would it make sense for him to fight off a guard where he actually pushed him and ran in order to call DH but then its framed to look like a suicide. Like from their perspective, he physically fought off a guard to commit suicide lol unless there some obvious corruption there it doesn't make sense from their perspective? Also why did JD need to call DH immediately? it seemed like he was warned not to tell him about anything but like to call him right after getting the warning just seemed weird for me since it didn't look like the police officer would kill him soon. so he couldve just waited for the right moment soon after to do so but he had to do it immediately right after lol. Also confused why its kinda obvious the brother hired DH to save his sister but then like now he wants to kill him lol? if he didnt ask DH to help with the case earlier it would avoided the whole thing lol.
  10. Honestly, there's a reason why this drama isn't doing as well ratings wise which could be because of sloppy production. Heck, even I could name a couple of parts that don't make sense like how Sohyeon's kid should be like around 1-2 years old but looks more like 5 ish. When I watch dramas I don't notice these types of issues tbh, Only when you mentioned that part did go back and noticed that it doesn't make sense. I guess like I'm too caught up in the moment to see some of those parts unless they legit stands out. I'm just interested, what sort of justification you're looking for here, do you want to see CPR performed by LA or him calling the police with his phone for help, I'm just interested what you might be looking for. Like from your viewpoint I could see that you have high expectations for the dramas but like coming into dramas I also usually look into the directors and writers of the show and once I saw its the same PD who directed The Korean Odyssey and what a mess of a show that was. I wasn't going to expect much improvements from him again. Basically, it's like high expectations for a low performing show. Either way, i still like this drama.
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