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  1. @KittenLou soompi forum is one of the best forums now and not toxic as before and you’ll learn a lot and enjoy a lot speaking your thoughts. Just avoid being toxic and don’t mind not being good in English! Welcome!
  2. I love this fictional Joseon drama and lead actor Kim Min Jae and Gong Seung Yeon are doing a great job without knowing each others feelings while the rest of the flower crew is seeing it! Well, actually, Hoon is married to Gae Ttong through her new Lady Yun name. If I based this to a real Joseon story the Lee King don’t get to get married to his lady love but he will get a powerful queen and full of greed as he cannot protect the one he loves. But usually its myth.
  3. Jenny Jang has one line of defense — she keeps you protected and you keep her protected! She knows the dark secrets of everyone. She know when to lie in wait for the proper defense. This is what Wi Nam never learned as she destroys every playing field she can actually win but because she’s too emotional she easily breaks down and makes a domino of mistakes. Hyun Ji - she’s very calculated and knows her defense line but we all know, knowing defense is different from understanding defense. Sun Woo is not in love with Jenny Jang. He just cares for her so much that she does not want her to die without getting any justice. He’s quietly falling for Hyun Ji But Noona JJ will always be his priority. Hyun Juk cannot distinguish his love and friendship between Jenny Jang as he never understood Jenny but he quietly support her all the way because he know Jenny knows a lot about him. The chairman Kim I still do not her move. But she might win to Jenny but Jenny is too strong inside. I am so excited about this drama! Addicting revenge story! How exacting to the person who stole everything from you. In the end, the three characters before Chairman Kim Will protect Jenny Jang! Exciting!
  4. Okay so my baby Kim Min Jae is not anymore baby — he has proven so much so I will put him in my A list actors — the eyes, the voice, how he butterfly feelings, get flustered and get angry. Omy — the place reminds me of #HDMP but as expected from my baby he has gone to prove he can be a lead actor!
  5. Why no hype on this drama! Best ending they didn’t allow the antagonist to die but “experienced” real judgement! I am so happy!
  6. Omiya! I love this drama! My queen Kim Su Nah never fails to make me so proud of her! And plus two of my second leads fav TaeHoo and Jae Young are here! The whole plot is so amazing!
  7. OMG the best parallel story! He’s now pursuing her but I am dying for Dong Tae as I also like him for Si On! Jae Sang finally awake that type of work, fame, money will never bring happiness!
  8. Another A List drama to watch — Omy my Rain is getting level up in acting! I love his sketch and I want more of that character but this proves he can give more — he can be sexy, romantic, another is crying out his heart. As for the story line reminds me of Beating Again since he’s the writer too! However, this is not just improved by way better! Ji Yeon wow a beautiful badass and my so cute and realistically acted! I love her acting 3000 and Kwak Si Young! he’s really better and shining as second lead!
  9. Kyung ho oppa! I never can phantom how can you act out peculiar characters that good that you can easily make me that hook just like your past shows. As for the story, it’s very interesting — remind me so much of Dorian Gray, my favorite classic . I am expectant of witty bantering of #WoongHo Couple — hahaha of Life On Mars! hahahahaha — interesting to see Lee Seol and Lee El as I can sense another Ah Sung Go character who nailed her odd character in LOM! I missed the LOM cast!
  10. Haha my WoongHo couple! I love the drama and Kyung Ho never fails to project his drama image so perfectly! Okay watching the drama is like watching one of my fave creepy classic Dorian Gray! I’ll watch and enjoy this one!
  11. @triplem I sorely missed your brain! reading yours and my other favorites soompi best forums commentators is what I need! Yahoo thank you!
  12. @jenappelle ah its okay! But I am recommending to watch the American version. You’ll die laughing of the bantering and how the Cabinet for Housing became the Designated Survivor. In Korean version they made him Scientist from KAIST. Well, I believe they chose the school well to represent a scientist from KAIST (but I am so bias because my older sibling graduated there as foreigner scientist-engineer. hahhahaha). Also, for Korean setting what hooked me more to the drama were the wise crack of music so deadly spot on! hahahahaha! The humor of video editor — I’m so done! hahhahaah!
  13. Okay I watched and enjoyed the wisecrack and bantering of the American setting version but I am in awe how they brought that same vibe of humor to Korean version and I have to give loud to the script writers and actors DSK! The Korean government and American government have different settings but if you both know the government style there’s some truth on the political matters. Also, I must say the issue of SOKOR-NOKOR is highly sensitive two thumbs to the research team for being very careful — “Legally and Pollitically” hahahahaha!
  14. This is a thriller drama Coldcase style but I find it witty when sunbaenim Han Suk Kyu deliver his lines. Its all passion same with Kim Hyun Joo - their chemistry is perfect!
  15. Yahoo Han Suk Kyu sunbaenim missing you! Watching this right now
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