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  1. @triplem I completely forgot! thank you for editing! Been awhile since returning to the forums!
  2. Omy someone feels my thinking! Hahaha yeah he’s an Idol in the story and real life!
  3. Waaah the kiss I am not so use to such again for a veteran actor! hhahaa But I will give it another chance. He’s past projects were always cold.
  4. Jin Goo and Unnie Jung An so cute! Yoon and Eun Soo so lovely couple! Second lead syndrome! The reason I watched this is because of Professor Lee (Yoo Yeon Seok’s professor in Sejong University) and second because of Jin Goo! I love Professor Lee that at his age at 84 he still acts so young! Hahaha I suddenly miss GOF with Oppa Lee Seon Jin! Okay drama wise! I am hooked! The story trail is so good and the acting of everyone - you giggle, you laugh out loud and cry too! Hehehe.
  5. Haha okay it’s been weeks since I log in to soompi and the thing I could say — the drama should be called Finding Se Ju! hahahaha. Too much intense in this drama and too twisted but at least Mr Cha got to experienced the pain of being in JW situation. Intense scene of Marco and Se Ju and I will be so much in fear if I am Se Ju. Anyway, one more week! Note: Kiss scene my PSH looks not so ackward doing the KS with HB and I am so damn happy; finally. Work is work with HB.
  6. My heart broke when Secretary Seo died and Ji Woo knows it immediately when he saw him. I cried buckets seeing that shocked eyes of Hyun Bin. (In my 14 years of stanning this Hyun Bin he never fails to amazed me even they said that his works always a flop no one could take him down. I love him since Ireland, watch his first movie Millionaire’s First Love where I cried buckets too! His Kim Sam Soon — I bought the original DVD from Korea it broke my pocket literally — so expensive during those time but worth it as I could still play the DVD and HD. Worlds Within, Hyde, Jekyll & Me said it were flop for me no. He gave his all. His Secret Garden haha! I love it - he can be loud, crazy, comedic and childish but still look handsome. But my personal best will always be Snow Queen! I watched that drama literally more than 20x without skipping or fast forward. All his post millitary works — Fatal Encounter, Confidential Assignment and Swindler —had to subscribed to mobile TV platform because of these movies. Hahaha. Anyway, I need to stop this is not the personal forum of Hyun Bin.) JW was so happy seeing an ally has appeared but to his shocked its zombie City Hunter. My heart sunk more when I saw the open eyes of dead Secretary Seo who seems to be fighting hard before he died. After seeing these things the image of Se Ju knocking in his new house in Seoul came running back. He’s fear shows all. I commend Chanyeol for this little portrayal. Another scene was when CEO Son Ho received the last will of Ji Woo! It’s like I am watching Train to Busan - Gong Yoo’s fear was so heart breaking. Seung Joon was with Hyun Bin in Hyde, Jekyll and Me drama as his executive assistant and close comrade. Hahah I’m happy seeing these two again. They banter cutely in that drama. But I’ll missed Secretary Seo. If this story is real and he died like that how can you say this news to the family. But there’s one tickling scene Yang Joo the head of programming team cannot hold his brain to ask “are you married?” “you are much beautiful in person.” to Emma! Hahaha spot on facing such a beauty from AR to reality! Hahahha! Anyway, the story is going nowhere for me as this is too dragging. Too much story telling — how they will tell this to the public since they are also trying to do IPO on this as discussed during the Barcelona trip. The market will not accept this kind to investment, too risky! If this will push through even reinsurance cannot help. Only crazy investor will invest - commercial or securities wouldn’t even dare to invest. But I am hooked - I want to know how this will end and anyway - everyone’s portrayal are spot on. I don’t know what can kind of internalization they did to shown these pure, raw emotions either it is pain, being cute, bantering, etc. The actors showed their best. The graphics hands-up they are in its best editing and my, the musical score soothing and proper! Can’t wait for next weekend! Happiest New Year everyone! Toast to 2019!
  7. Hi guys! Just want to say Happiest New Year and I am thankful for you all for being part of my 2018 virtually! 2018 was a tough year for me and the forum kept me from being insane due to work! Haha I am a slave to my work instead of me being the master of my work. Haha but through you all, who are also k-drama avid fans like me contributed greatly. So I really want to appreciate all. I watched many dramas but Hundred Days My Prince was a special one to me addition to One % of Something the lastest edition because I had the hardest time to let go of WonShim Couple hahha. I had to do a marathon of Bleach and Kenshin to get over. Hahaha. Anyway, my special thanks to the forum about HDMP. HDMP have a lot of flaws editing wise but the actors kept us glued till the end. Anyway, long story short - I just want to Thank you all! Toast to 2019.
  8. Hi guys! Just want to say Happiest New Year and I am thankful for you all for being part of my 2018 virtually! You kept me from being insane due to work! Haha I am a slave to my work instead of me being the master of my work. Haha but through you who are also k-drama avid fans like me. Life of Mars (Korea) will be one of my memorable drama and perks of reading, exchanging thoughts and opinion in a forum regarding the drama made my days joyful for 2018 so I want to appreciate you all! Thank you for the challenges of 2018 and Toast to 2019. Thanks again! Happiest New Year everyone!
  9. I like actors of W but I didn’t finish. I got off immediately — not confuse but frustrated. First time I did that so I hope I can finish MOA. But I promise to finish MOA whatever happens.
  10. Okay I am so hooked and not leaving any moment as each scenes are very important. Haha just to say so before anything else — JW has soft spot for sisters of his apple/interest lady Soo Kyung sister first wife and Min Joo sister of Hee Joo! hahaha. I love their bantering and interaction! Like its his little sisters. Haha Anyway, woah my intuition was correct that JW needs to level and survive to find the programmer which is inside the game too; to enable to find Se Ju too. So no wonder last week’s episode showed that Se Ju has a gun and as he’s in top position. Since Marco is dead we know the Master is some else. I would guess the father/Professor Chan knew something about this. He’s really suspicious. I stand corrected that Mr Investigator / A is Marco. I like the idea of writernim that Sec Jung Hoon experiencing what Ji Woo is experiencing at least he knows that JW is sane. But you could feel his trauma and fear when Dr Cha attacks him and he could feel the pain. Main Programmer Hyun Chul he knows how to be loyal! I thank him from being loyal and hope he will continue to be loyal. I hope Sun Ho will remain loyal and listen to JW as friend. The program is good, but addicting and terrifying. No wonder Se Ju is so afraid but he knows the program went to wrong hands because of Marco Han. Actually I think Marco is a programmer who got first addictive to the game. He knows that SJ is a minor so he is claiming rights as he does not know the code too. But knowing this writer - writernim can twist a lot of things but I respect how good the story board of the first 8 episodes. High five! The drama is amazingly high tech and good. I hope this drama will finish well and the good story board / scene sequence will continue and finish with a bang just like how it started. ***** PS Too many Lexus in this drama — frol CEO to secretary to HJ. Hhaha Commercial. hahahah The Chemistry of HB and PSY is so amazing even without skinship and I could feel how is he trying to contain his feelings but he did so anyway. He said he missed her. The memories of Alhambra was good as he meet a woman named Emma. But it was wrong timing!
  11. Okay these two episodes were dragging you to your seats because I could understand how any person feels that you were just playing then somewhere in your mind you got your revenge from a person who gave you the most pain when he became envious of what you earned and gained. Although this person who gained something have no right to neglect his/love ones — you became a suspected murderer. That’s mind boggling. Going back to the technology which is the focus — this Memoirs of Alhambra is like a game movie I have watched where the leads were suck into a hole of board game and the only way to win is find the programmer that was also inside the game. Dr. Cha might be dead but he now leads the life inside the program. He was into the game and the best player. Se Ju is also suck in the program. JW is new to the game but can able to be in AR and drama reality but his loosing his sanity. The encounter of Emma is new to him. He’s being greedy too. To these two episode we build up the encounter of two scarred souls to save a scarred soul (Se Ju) from a greedy soul (Dr Cha). Professor Cha something is not okay with him. Mentor/Manager *** -Musical score; music effects astounding -Videocut imperfect but forgivable (remembering HDMP’s bad video transitions) - Seung Joon - I forgot he was also Hyun Bin’s side kick during Hyde Jekyll where he was also crazy. His acting is spot on too. Secretatry Jung Hoon - this guy is not so handsome but to put up with Hyun Bin’s classic bantering that he has the looks the height to charm any woman hahaha. First wife and second wife — good actresses to be pathetic Min Joo little sister — I love her straight foward conversation with JW! Hyun Bin must put to her intelligent stance! Chemistry of Hyun Bin and PSY okay I am in they are so beautiful. Again, never a fan of PSY and I found a perfect match for her in bring the best of her. Hyun Bin - I am crazy of his acting I missed all his drama and movies. He is really my bias. He have the looks and the skills!
  12. To all PSY fans I never completed any drama of PSY — I can start but I can never finish any of her drama except the film Annoying Brother where I like her there - mature and not too cute! Her acting was so spot on in every scene. How I felt about her acting in Annoying Brother gave me same vibes here in MOA but she will be in lot of trouble concentrating with Hyunnie! hahaaha! In her past drama I just can’t take her acting especially Heir. I humbly apologize to her fans. But in Annoying Brother and this MOA — so love her acting! I hope it will continue the way I wanted. Hyunnie my bias can make anyone be mesmerized in acting with him. May it be battle of who is the handsome and better looking; or I will get what I want, or just acting our with him in talking with him in phone. Or when he is trying to push you away - like not to get married. hahahha. He is such as baby giant too! Can’t it be weekend already? I can’t distinguish the AR and DR already — I think Se Joo and Dr Cha are somewhere alive and Se Joo still running away. Daebaek drama series. It’s okay it will exceed rating to my other bias Drama Mr Sunshine and HDMP. hehehe! @katakwasabi for sure Se Joo did a high level protection but he trust his sister also to access basic things but he never know that JW will come and JW is a programmer or IT specialist; so he really knows.
  13. @bedifferent thanks. Your explanation is more detailed. I really thought there’s contacts in both eyes. Because when he played the last game both eyes have two light circles. Yes the writer is the same as “W” — I am thinking writing MOA he is trying to master his AR and DR story telling but when I watched it I could feel the Life on MARS Korea feeling — until the end there’s feeling cliffhanger . Even the lovestory was told inexplicitly. But very satisfying! Hyunnie is so good in acting this out and his model like stance, CEO of IT company really suits him well. Even his team behind him is so good. I would like to guess in advance Marco Han is the private detective that JW always talk online. But his character tells JW trust this person so much. Also, the story of anger came favoritism to failed marriage, deception and pirating the main product.
  14. One of the rarest type of drama that I am watching. Am I into another Life on Mars (Korea) or Signal which I cannot predict the next episode? Omy I am excited, this is exciting....hhhaa. The AR and Drama Reality (DR) I am bewildered and amazed how the story board brought us, is going and bring us; the musical scores used were all spot on to the emotions of the characters. This is a very rare concept and its like I am watching a movie. The glitch — the system can kill. Where’s is Se ju? Hahaha Omi Omi! This is not just a gem story! This is Gold! I am now expectant of a good ending and how they will distinguish AR and DR. @12blbl JW is always in contacts. His left eye was/is how he sees his system in Korea if I am not mistaken. The right eye contacts is for his game but apparently someone is now hacking so his left eye contacts sees it. He is an AR developer and J One’s product is an AR game in contacts. This is how I understand.
  15. @DOCDOC okay hehehe! It’s like a movie, like I am watching Inception or Total Recall are the ones that came into my mind. I think “Snoopy” or HS will use it somewhere the reason the minor Se Joo does not want to sell it. The glitch probably it can hack to any system and the investments of JW will go down. I am 3rd time in case I miss something.
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