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[Drama 2019-2020] Woman of 9.9 Billion, 99억의 여자


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12 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

I can’t keep up with the episodes so entertaining  , did you know why psycho husband want his wife back

 I was surprised (or not :D) when he said that he wants to get the money that Seo yeon has because he doesn`t want her to leave, he thinks she will be stuck with him. Delusional.


Now I have to watch the Wednesday episode.








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9.9 Billion Woman OST part 5



The musical actress Lim Tae-kyung's ` will sing 9 Billion Women '' OST part 5.

The protagonist of the fifth song to be released is the musical actress Lim Tae-kyung, who has a soft and warm voice.

Lim Tae-kyung is a unique musical actress who boasts strong singing power with a solid talent and digests any song with a strong appeal with excellent sensitivity.

The OST Part.5 released this time is a reinterpretation of her representative song `` Donde Voy '', which was released worldwide in 1989 by Tish Hinoho.

The lyrical and sad melody adds an exotic sensibility to the hearts of listeners by melting the unique silky and warm tones into the music.

'99 Billion Women 'OST Part.5' Donde Voy 'will be released at 6 pm on the 2nd January.



Korean version



Spanish version





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So Yeon's obsession with the money is baffling to me.....I understsnd she wants a new start away from everyone even her Oppa but this is still weird to watch.....That confrontation scene was nice...both women are bitter in their core....Hee Ju amused herself throwing pity at So Yeon for years fully aware of the fact that she was trapped in a abusive relationship with a monster....So Yeon hit back by sleeping with her husband just to hurt Hee Ju's pride...So Yeon's husband is weirdly obsessed with owning her...So Yeon clearly had a colorful past....Tae Woo is the only light in this....now question is who is Leon?? Hee Ju, Jae Hoon or the psycho husband....its too late for new characters...Jae Hoon would be a surprise considering how meek he looks right now....Tae Woo could fit the bill if his doongsaeng was not murdered so who is it? 

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This is getting crazier. SY lost all the money and now she is back with psycho hubs. I really thought she had everything figured out when she said she had a plan, man!! Now she is desperate to get the money back and has no choice but to go to the only other person who wants it as badly as she, the psycho hubs.


Is HJ going after Leon for revenge? If i remember correctly she was humiliated in school because her father went bankrupt or something. When she was talking to JH about businesses going bust years ago was the work of Leon I kinda figure she wants revenge. 


Okay! Can anyone explain to me why they can't use the money? Is there some kind of tracking device on it or a specific serial number. If it's so dangerous why doesn't that DoHak guy just burn it all?

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6 minutes ago, imgreatgal said:

 Okay! Can anyone explain to me why they can't use the money? Is there some kind of tracking device on it or a specific serial number. If it's so dangerous why doesn't that DoHak guy just burn it all?

The serial number on money....whoever uses it will have to launder it...the serial number can be traced to whoever has the money...loads of pissed off crime bosses waiting for the serial numbers to show up hence to dangerous to be used.

So Yeon is on a suicide mission, not in her right for sure.

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1 hour ago, Nymeria289 said:

The serial number on money....whoever uses it will have to launder it...the serial number can be traced to whoever has the money...loads of pissed off crime bosses waiting for the serial numbers to show up hence to dangerous to be used.

it might be true if huge sum of money is deposited through the financial system. But it will be laborious to trace small sums used elsewhere as for eg. @Ameera Ali said the bike guy used it to buy the bike. This is where greed comes into play. SY will not settle for pittance she needs to launder the money like yesterday and make a quick getaway. 

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More secrets behind the money were revealing on today EP.


HJ was on her revenge road all these while against Leon, i guess Leon ever cheated on her father company money before, and her father was in jail when she was still in high school. SY was not part of her revenge plan initially until she discovered SY had an affair with her husband. In order to protect her family, she has to get rid of SY by helping her to escape to other country, she did not expect SY was obsessed with the huge money, and continue to stay as an obstruction to her conspiracy plan against Leon. The trap of huge sum (US$) set up by HJ did not explain clearly in drama. All money held by Kim now is only to entice Leon to return. It was part of HJ plot.. She is good in manipulating with anyone as long as she knows the hot button of that person...of course that includes her husband. To have same level with HJ, SY needs to get advice of strategies from Ms Jang...to meet her foes. We shall see on next EP...


SY back to husband was because she had to find an accomplice to chase after the money same like her. Her brother, Baek and TW were against her wish. Like what HJ said, she had few chances to run away and start a new life but SY chose to stay because of greed. Their friendship was come to a challenge. 


All characters turned into criminals except TW, but since he wanted to involve in this cat-mouse game, he will soon become one of them. 


@Ameera Ali There was a funny scene towards the end of EP, HJ was holding hand with her husband Jae-Hoon walking along the corridor, he turned shock when he saw SY in the office? (again his body always shown panic) I thought you should make him into a gif.....:w00t:


Story is getting complex and money keep doing merry-go-round trip...back to Kim's hand - to burn or not to burn money since there are illegal?  very ironic .:lol:


A big thump-up to the two main leads acting, there were many occasions that both could hug each other, but they were just staring at each other with lots of inner play and struggling...when are they going to have a deep kiss ....:D



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Just a thing I noticed.. I like that the scenes used in the preview aren't delayed to the last minute during the actual episode. But there were a lot of dramatic staring moments. xP


The action/suspense was less this week. People's true personas were revealed instead. Everyone has learned that Hee Ju knew everything and she's actually involved in the main issue with Leon. I agree with @lebeaucouple that the money trap wasn't explained well.


It's crazy that Seo Yeon teamed up with her husband right now. I wish she and Tae Woo were working together.

The show teased us with all those lingering touches and slo-mo hand scenes! Lol 


Baek Seung Jae is Seo Yeon's brother! That's a good little twist. I thought they had a close connection like ex-lovers, but this is better. A different kind of relationship and emotional conflict. He's shady, but I like that he's still trying to look out for his sis.

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what I understand today :smirk:
1- drama change from woman with 9.99 billion to the secret behind money that understandable  :joy: - when the woman is back to be a penniless :sweat_smile:






2- the friend isn’t clever as she seem yesterday leon is into the money trap , figures out who sell him , probably learn her father was responsible (80 % gut feeling  )  . they said one of his men sell him . 

3 - @imgreatgal only 100.000 million is unused money from 9.99 billion did the writer forget the cheating husband used money too to buy back his father in-laws :sweat: 

4 - @lebeaucouple forget in health & sicknesses, in rich & in poor , what bring back marriage couple is their sins the friend famous line to her handicap husband  :joy: # we are all sinners now baby let’s hold hand :yum:






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On 12/6/2019 at 1:35 PM, Latte_Anyday said:


I was just as perplexed as to the hesitation Seo Yeon had in callin' an ambulance for the poor guy but he didn't have a fighting chance either way to be very honest. 

 And yay for Kang Woo & Yeo Jeong havin' a Haeundae Lovers reunion! They were so cute in that drama. 


@Latte_Anyday like you I find Kang Woo & Yeo Jeong cute in Haeundae Lovers!

I love that drama (1 of my top 10) so much I even went to its actual filming sites in 2013 when I was in Busan.:wub:


I'm loving their chemistry again in this drama which I find rivetting, intriguing and suspenseful. It has a movie like vibe and the acting of the cast stellar. No wonder its rating is high.:lol:


Congrats to Yeo Jeong for winning the Excellence in Acting Award at the year end KBS Drama award. The actor acting as her pyscho hubby also garnered an award for Best supporting role.:blush:

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Ep. 19-20: Okay, I'm just going to vent; I find SY extremely irritating in this episode. She could've easily got a divorce and moped floors for a living if she wanted to be out of hell and asked her own brother for some chump change money to blow or build something on. Granted she is not educated, is middle-aged, and has no family connections or repute but if 'getting out' was all she wanted, she'd have done it a long time ago. She wants the good life (like she told HJ too in the exhibition, that she envied her lifestyle) that easy no-work money brings, hence this absurd fixation with black money that has a million gangsters going for it too! Fine, so she got guts once she did something outrageous (like steal money) but hanging around a psycho husband and blood thirsty criminals shows she's gone bananas. She was offered air ticket and money twice, and both times she's refused just to clutch 'my money' (FFS!) And the attitude she shows HJ in the end is so K-drama vamp-style! 


Right now I have zero sympathy for her and if she wasn't a woman, I would have punched her myself.


I am also tired of her saying 'sorry' and 'thank you' to and shrug off poor puppy-eyed TW. Fine, so timing is not right, life and death, money vs. revenge, etc. but he's the only one on your side without asking for anything - at least drink the damn coffee! I hope she finds out that that money that her husband took (100K) from the biker can help put Leon in jail and help TW for real this time (though I think she'll use that to her advantage too.) 


She does not deserve the money nor TW, and I hope he gets his job back after putting Leon in jail / some hole in the ground and moves on (though he won't, he's too much into SY!) I don't want them on a boat together, I'm that much angry! And I hope TW doesn't die over her either. In fact, it looks like Baek Sung will die (sacrifice to save her or something) and things will be equal between TW and SY (both lose brothers to Leon.)


Loved when HJ punched that gangster near her car.

Loved the shade LJH threw on TW over 'protect vulnerable woman, I did the same.'

Loved the way SY saved TW (and ODY) in Ep. 17-18, she has some guts.


Hated everything else.


Thank God Leon is being unveiled next week. Maybe he can put some sense into SY and get that smirk off her husband! 



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14 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

the money is big responsibility  :joy: the man just for guarding the money turn from this


I am sorry I don`t have a Rolling on the Floor Laughing emoji for your comment. You made my day.

At least he did not turn grey over night too.


I just finished the episodes 19 & 20 and I was confused because I don`t know how I feel about this drama anymore. But I read some comments and I see that I am not the only one who is confused. I will be watching to see how everything is going to finish.


Too many characters who appears from nowhere, Seo Yeon`s brother is a hit man for Leon now?  I even rooted for Phycho to get the money in this episopde. :o  One moment Hee Joo wanted to punch her good for nothing husband, the later she was holding hands with him.  Seo Yeon lost the money but she went to ganster`s place alone just when the police was about to arrive there.  Jae Hoon ordered the dead of that poor woman without any sign of remorse  but now he is moved by Tae Woo`s words? Hee-Joo is involved in shady business herself but she wants to take down Leon for what? Because he was a bigger jerk? And I don`t know how that money trap works.

I am a little dissapointed how things are evolving but I hope the writer knows how to sort things out.

Right now I am like Tae Woo. I will use exactly his words to express how I feel.










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7 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:


the friend isn’t clever as she seem yesterday leon is into the money trap , figures out who sell him , probably learn her father was responsible (80 % gut feeling)  . they said one of his men sell him . 

@Ameera Ali

Which website did you watch this drama? I have a different translation site from yours. LOL. or you inserted your own conversation line on it....kekeke :w00t: :lol:


Yes, about the leak up whereabout Leon position 3 years ago, who is the culprit ? HJ, or Kim or Seo or Baek. So far we know Kim, Baek and Park are all worked under Leon which received order from him directly to clean money. I love the onion-peeling story telling approach that keep audience in suspense. I am fine with the complexity of the story as long as the writer has created dilemmas that escalating tension and unpredictable storyline. 


Perhaps in the end, all are emptied handed because the money may turn into ashes by burning them...no one is a winner as one should be responsible for their consequences..:)


@lumibear - I hope we can see more revealing side for next ep on how HJ planted the trap to entice Leon to return to pay for his sin. I personally prefer Leon to show up on last EP to create the climax...or a twist, something like the previous OCN drama "The lies within" end with a surprise plot.


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10 hours ago, lebeaucouple said:

The trap of huge sum (US$) set up by HJ did not explain clearly in drama. All money held by Kim now is only to entice Leon to return.

lol i played that scene where BSJ and HJ were explaining about the secret behind the money over and over to understand it. 3 yrs ago Leon made 300mil investment fraud that pissed off the investors and one of them must be HJ's dad. Leon turned 10mil into cash and had KDH managed the funds. Someone  tipped the police of Leon's where about (that was the scene where we saw TW went into a building and later his partner was killed) Leon left the country. He later found out that it was HJ who tipped the police and set that 100k trap. My understanding is that from the 10mil 100k can be used to trace back to his crimes.  I cannot think other then it being the serial number that only the one who set the trap knows. I believe when they found out about the trap Leon must have instructed KDH to move the money. The driver in the car with TY was Leon's man. Leon needs to make sure that the money is completely gone so that it will be safe for him to return. I'm sure that HJ is still after Leon that is why she is giving back the money to KDH so Leon will be assured that the money is safe with KDH.


What i don't get is what is all the fuss with moving the money around to hide it just dig a hole pour petrol and burn it. gosh! 

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@imgreatgal thanks for clarifying the point:wub:


1. Where was the 100k trap began by HJ? Was it hide inside the building set up by HJ ? The building where TW and Leon met?


2. Who is the one holding 100k now? The police or kim (thug)? I am also confused on this part...:D


3. Was 100k out from this 10 billion stolen money by SY? or from previous 300mil investment fraud? Drama did not explain clearly. I am also confused on all these...:unsure:

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Happy New Year everyone! 


Aww~you did? Lucky you:D @gladys57 the power of the Hallyu Wave I tell ya LoL. I however, have decided to drop this drama.-_- I just don't really like the direction it's taken. I already mentioned this btw in an earlier post that I'd give it another try but nope ha-ha.:P 

     So g'luck to ya in completing it LoL. And er the actor who plays Seo Yeon's psycho hubby kept mentioning how he wished the actress who plays his tortured wife - Cho Yeo Jeong's luck to rub off on him. As she's been in the acclaimed Parasite. So I guess he's sick of bein' typecasted into these abusive, villain type roles too.



Believe me, I get your frustration as well LoL!:lol:

     If I were her, I would've faked my death.. placed the cash into some offshore account. Then slowly rebuild my life & live anonymously. But as this is a K-Drama they just had to drag it for what it's worth.:rolleyes: And I don't get Seo Yeon's actions at all. She wants to make a clean slate but seem to be doin' the opposite LoL. 

     The money she claimed earlier to buy her freedom has been sort of given away or thrown carelessly, I mean why bother goin' through all that trouble to steal it then LoL!? So yea that's it for me. Take care y'all, here's to hoping for better dramas in 2020. Or the very least please..please make dramas that're consistently good to the end no?? There's too much (dramas) that start off great & just die in the middle with a rushed ending.  


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