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  1. Ahhhh it's over~~! I'm very satisfied with the finale. Spoilery comments below: . . . The trick Hyun Jae pulled on Dong Sik mirrored his trick to Su Young when she made her assumption about his condition. It was not appropriate during the serious & violent scene, but I was laughing out loud when he did it. It was fantastic. Most of the time, the 'good guy' in a drama makes threats against the bad guys as part of their revenge mission, but they never actually follow through. So it was riveting and believable to see Hyun Jae act on his words. It was a brutal scene. However, it wasn't out of character. It cracked me up that Su Young acted like Team Leader Hwang in one moment and then right after she acted like Hyun Jae when she was climbing up the wall. The will to fight against the wickedness that Su Young spoke about applied to Ha Young as well as Hyun Jae. She survived and will strive to live a good life. I was honestly relieved that she resigned. I'm glad the writer did not make her character die as if her death was some sort of payment for Man Su's death. I can't believe they ended the show with one of my favorite scenes. It was a notable moment where Hyun Jae acknowledged Su Young. It made me chuckle to see Tae Sung's frizzy hair all smooth and slick ~1 year later. It was great to see the BTS clips in the end too. The cast looked like they had a lot of fun. ^^
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