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  1. Ok, I'm dumping this drama, it has tested my patience with a weak script, illogical storylines, irritating characters and arcs (except for Yo Han) and seems like a starring launch pad vehicle for the GOT singer-turned-actor, considering how much focus is on his role, and he is not worth investing 3 hours of my weekend on. Bad robotic acting by all, except for Ji Sung. Ep.s 7-8 were meh. I'll check out what Ji Sung stars in next year. See you all on some other thread!
  2. I was re-watching Ep. 6 and something stuck out: For that extremely seamless glitch-free live TV performance by Yo Han and the whistleblower, the TV producer (cue director) must have been given the material in advance or told in advance what to put on air on the large screens when Yo Han and the whistleblower are talking - because the screen behind Yo Han shows the following - in exactly this row: cue: chemical CEO confession cue: whistleblower's dismissal letter cue: public vote cue: dream house project video cue: all the board members, their names and titles (
  3. At the beginning of the series, I thought Yo Han would either die or end up in prison. But being in prison would overturn all his convictions - in fact even judgements of his pre-TV trials will be reviewed and convictions overturned and fresh trials would have to start in all of those cases (including the chemical CEO's), and who knows how many guilty people will be set free, so I think his ending will be like that of batman in The Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises - i.e. he may bring down the bad guys and his cult following by showing himself to be not so righteous, doing the right thing in w
  4. Yeah, actually that's what I meant too, Yo Han and Elijah are one entity, a separate household, and Yo Han has created a certain environment for himself and her, and Elijah is HIS family, he will decide who she meets, these 2 entitled strangers cannot just come up, swoop Elijah off to a cafe without him or his knowledge (and he would've never allowed Go An to take her anywhere), but it was wrong of Elijah too to go there without informing Yo Han. Yo Han is family, complicated / dysfunctional, whatever, but trusting a Go An (who looks like her dad, cooks and comforts her, and she is obviously o
  5. Liked Ep. 6: Totally agree with everyone's views on it here. - Let the blood bath begin! Cool move, and it will help create division amongst the tight-knit group of those 5 elites, creating doubts in the mind of the public. It can also lead to Yo Han losing his credibility by showing some planted / faulty evidence given to him by Jin Joo or someone else. So an exciting gamble and point of no return. -@lebeaucouple'Seeds' have been put in Jin Joo's mind, she is starting to be agitated with being second lead / not in boys club / recognized, even though she works harder
  6. Thoughts on Ep. 5 and Ep. 6 promo: - Is the show trying to tell viewers that while a huge donation is being given to Stanford University to name a damn hall in Elijah's name and she is a brilliant student of computer engineering who got there on scholarship, BUT CAN'T GET HER LEGS/KNEES FIXED THROUGH SURGERY IN TEN WHOLE YEARS? Who believes that? I don't. It's fiction, but fiction should make sense too or are we supposed to keep our brains in freezer and just enjoy the visuals?! - Elijah 'worked' with Yo Han to find an appropriate prison, but keeps on accus
  7. The show has a LOT of explaining to do, right now things are half-baked. Let's see if it makes some sense tomorrow.
  8. Yo Han was reading 'Eichmann in Jerusalem', which covers the trial in Israel against a Nazi mastermind who gave the idea of 'the final solution' of jewish people / minorities (i.e. eradicating them by killing them) and acted on it. The judges wore black priestly robes in that one. One can say that the trial wasn't fair (trial was in Hebrew, accused was German, German translation of the trial was weak; it was also held in Israel, prejudiced premises), but it made a lesson / point. So either Yo Han is doing a 'final solution' of the elites by eradicating them, or I'm guessing the '
  9. Ep.3 & 4: Like I said, he's after the whole gang of elites (vested interest group), it's revenge, but will he end up as president or in jail or dead in the end is up in the air. I'm on Team Ji Sung / Yo Han, whether he's a sociopathic humanist or a common avenger. It doesn't matter. The actor is too good, the role is too meaty, and he's the star holding it all together. OST/BGM is great and spot-on. Who set the church on fire? How did Yo Han become a diva judge in 10 short years riding the wave with the same people who didn't get the money for the found
  10. Ep. 2 wasn't what I wanted: I wanted another flashy trial, instead we got more of the trap Yo-han is setting up for the 'Team'. It is obvious that he wants to bring down all of the elites (nexus of vested interest groups) shown in scene one of Ep. 1, including the current president of the country who set up the entire TV trial system in the first place. Maybe Yo-han wants to set an example for hard justice and simultaneously remove all obstacles in his way to become president himself? A populist dictator benevolent to the citizens? Or someone who saves 'Gotham' and is never seen again.
  11. Ep. 1: I thought was perfectly shot, setting the mood for the entire series. I haven't read the webtoon but know the basic story and end, and seeing the first episode, some thoughts: FL obviously is an unsure / insecure (low self-esteem?) young woman who has potential to be great in her work but gives in to dominant men who are 'stars', emotionally unavailable, evasive, and take advantage of her, and she ends up losing herself in their work and life, trying to fit herself in their world. She was first involved with her married art teacher in an academy who exploited her
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