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  1. Thanks @chickfactor for the translation (and @sadiesmith for sharing the original link). It's a good review. I like it, though I beg to differ. Of course, the writer Sun-Hee Kim is obviously coming from a particular perspective and background and sees the drama as subversion of females etc. etc. - "First, it was clearly the objective (of the drama) to show a romantic relationship between an adult man and a young woman." No, I don't think that was the main point (sorry shippers and non-shippers!), it was about unlikely 'last person to have empathy or anything common with you' respecting and liking and helping you becoming a better individual. The gender is there: he IS a man, she IS a young woman. So the way society viewed them together was through stereotypical lens and they defied that time and again, especially DH who persistently took her side because he is a good kind man. I still believe DH considers Ji-An as his non-monk female best friend and is happy he can still see her in restaurants at the end! He even told his brothers that he didn't want to thank her / praise her for how it would appear (especially since - he didn't tell his brothers - the 'little girl' likes him as a man and he starts to like her as something more too!) so he was always clear about how he saw her (and what he wanted from her, he's not a demanding fellow! Like he says in the end: 'Come by sometime and meet your former colleagues'!). But even if you are a shipper and believe that these two will end up in bed together sometime in the future, the fact is that no one would have questioned the relationship if Ji-An had been a guy. Then the dynamic, conversations, and everything would have a totally different meaning - so who is to blame? The writer or the viewers or the society that is used to seeing men and women as sex / love objects? Edit: Okay I have to add one thing: the drama DID use sexual / sensual suggestive innuendos to frame DH and Ji-An scenes together. For e.g. the first time she eats in front of him, she picks a long nugget topped with white sauce and puts it in her mouth while he looks on. The waiting at the restaurant, forever staring at each other or looking for each other, romantic music in the background, all the frantic running, breathing, raised temperatures and was very suggestive of an under-radar amorous connection. Even when she gives him the gift (which was a very platonic, sensible gift for him, but got read as some kind of confession when he wore them later on as Director!) Even in the end scene of the last episode, he is looking at her lips and then face, his eyes circling her face while she talks. So viewers did get mixed signals with what was happening between the two of them! Though I still think he saw her in a concerned, unconditional affection way, especially since she was his backbone when no one else was, and she liked him because he was the first one to be nice to her and who was unreservedly good and non-judgmental - still their personalities were such, lonesome and serious and way too intense, that viewers were right in interpreting their scenes in more than one way! - "Looking down at Ji-an’s feet in short socks that exposed her ankles and wearing worn-out sneakers Dong-Hoon said, “Why do you wear such short socks in winter? Do you think it’s sexy?” He goes to a bar in which he had a drink with her before, looks around and asks the owner, “Did you see that girl who came with me before, by chance? That pretty girl…” The drama’s PD insisted that he wanted to depict human love rather than man-woman love, but he insisted on referencing “sexiness” and “pretty,” thereby not letting the viewer’s expectations for romance die. He is a skilled hunter who killed two rabbits with one stone: get high ratings and silence the critics.,.........On the other hand, Sang-Hoon (older bro) and Ki-Hoon (younger bro) were excited the moment they became aware of Ji-An’s existence. They wondered if a flirtation had begun between a young woman and their brother, Dong-Hoon, and they became happy and envious." Considering that DH is an enigma, we can only judge him through his words and actions: throughout the drama he justified his helping out Ji-An as an employee and someone who had a calming influence on him. In the beginning, he was curious about the apparently poverty-stricken girl who killed a lady bug and did not wear warm clothes, and that's it. He didn't do anything about it. Did he buy her socks or jacket? No. It didn't mean anything in the beginning, till it meant something - talking about things together without judgements. I see the comments made ('pretty', 'sexy', 'colleague has a thing for my younger brother' etc.) differently and an extension of how guys see girls / women in general: his brothers, especially the irrepressible SH, is a loudmouth and guys DO talk like this about all women! Thank God the writer did not show what score SH held Ji-An on a scale of 1 to 10!!! And maybe he would have, if DH had not stopped him from talking (the second time they saw Ji-An). DH may be an honorable married man, but for God's sake, is he allowed to notice women? Apparently, he did not, until Ji-An. So what's the problem? (and he is the ONLY one in the directors guild to think she's pretty!!!) Also, if the writer had just given a kiss in Ep.15, I am sure the ratings for Ep.16 would have hit through the roof or at least beyond 10 points! If people were checking out the drama for romance, boy! were they in for a shock! It has none of the usual tropes (sorry shippers/ non-shippers) and the ones it does have, leave people scratching their heads! (we are still talking about what they meant to each other!!!!) - "the glamorization of violence and crime." I swear, I am so sick and tired of hearing this. Viewers laud the realistic depiction one one hand and then mope about why Ji-An is being beaten up or why punches are shown! That was what her life was like!!!! To show how desperate she was, how bad her situation was, why she swindled or did illegal things, it had to be shown: she was trapped in debt and couldn't get out of it nor could she stop Kwang-il from beating her up! That's what bad guys in real life are like: they show no mercy - and he had double the reason for being nasty on her. She killed his dad! And people (idiotic teenage girls) actually thought Kwang-il was a love interest and sooooooo happy when he turned a corner in the end!!! I did not see any glamor in the beating. It was raw and brutal, not a Quentin Tarantino blood fest! - "The main character who is in his mid-40s and his family have each failed to achieve independence from such existence and continue to surround each other, and band together in a “sticky” bond and straddle the line between warm human love and collectivism." A lot of soompiers also objected to DH putting up with his family's problems and that he should have separated emotionally from them, even saying that YH was right to feel lonely. I disagree. I think people read / saw this family all wrong. SH was a good employee, he got laid off, then he lost all his savings in a bad business. His wife kicked him out over debts. So that's why he has ended up at his mother's house. My mom still cooks whenever me or any of my brothers show up at her place and she worries about us too! That's what moms do! I did not see anything out of the ordinary in the mom's behavior. What wouldn't any son / daughter give to see his / her mom the way DH's mom looked at DH outside JH's bar after his promotion celebration? That's pride and love and more pride. KH has lost track of who he wants to be and is just killing time but he is a hard worker and a thinker. So should DH let them go to hell or help them? Why wouldn't he help his brother when his only daughter is getting married?! Why wouldn't he help his younger brother? All 3 brothers are failures in their own way! And all 3 learn to pick themselves up from their ruts and move on in life as more empowered individuals. Same is the case for the community/ neighborhood: this is what lower middle class and middle economic classes are like - they all know each other's histories, problems and try to solve them. This is what 'inner city / town' culture is like every where in the world. When movies on big cities are made, they always show the disconnect and loneliness that people feel because they are alone and by themselves and don't have a support system around like they did in the village / town/ neighborhood. Where do the naysayers / this reviewer think DH should have gone and worked? Jeju island? Far away from his mother and brothers and school friends? They are a part of him and his identity. He is not a young man. In this stage of his life, he is set in his ways, just like any other 40-plus person. He knows who he is and what he isn't. So why should he dump everyone who matters in his life? Who is he if not a family man (and by family, I mean, the entire bouquet of affiliations)? I think the reviewer, like some soompiers / DB commenters, wanted a Western / American image of a family and that is not what DH was. And I don't see why he had to be any other way. It's his story. Not every man's story, but his story! - "The most serious thing is the glamorization of Ji-An’s phone-tapping. She begins tapping Dong-Hoon’s phone with the purpose of committing a crime, but through it, she feels compassion and love......If someone comes to truly love you and you become precious to them, then is it okay to be phone-tapped? In this world, would anyone ever feel okay to be phone-tapped? Even if I think about this 100, 1000 times, and it is still appalling." I did not see any post where the writer or director are telling Koreans and the world at large to tap people's phones. It's a drama - and a dramatic contrivance - deal with it! It's not the end of the world! Yes, they glamorized it and DH did not mind it (I knew he wouldn't). And the way I interpreted his scene with broken-shoulder Ji-An, he played the 'adult' in the non-relationship relationship and admonished her for trying to help him 'as a young girl' when he should've been helping himself and would from here on. By that point, he knows she didn't mean any harm, didn't divulge any 'secret' and is refusing to go to hospital. He didn't care - because he cared about her more than about himself. That's the 'unselfish' part of their weird relationship! That does not mean you shouldn't care. But DH didn't care. That's about it! - "Third, the biggest, most unpleasant element is that it is centered on one cuckolded man. Dong-Hoon’s wife, Yoon-Hee is having an affair. Her partner happens to be an old foe of her good-hearted husband. Thus, Yoon-Hee’s purpose becomes a "perfect criminal" than no one can sympathize with. None of the character nor any viewer has any reason to sympathize with her." True. I agree, but DH gave her respect till the end (I also thought it significant that Ji-An never met his mom, he referred YH to Ji-An as 'my wife', never said anything negative about her even in front of his brothers, is talking about her pleasantly in the end as 'kid's mom' and has THREE pics at his office desk, which may or may not be an indication of ....... something I don't want to think about!) Does it really matter what the viewers think? And I think the reason why he spent all his spare time with his brothers and then later at JH's bar (once JH was back) is because there was no one at home, and even when there was, YH wasn't interested in what he was interested in, and vice versa. Many people shared DH in their lives. YH wanted him all to herself. He was not a modern man! He was very conservative, very old-fashioned and very low on conversations. He couldn't change her, she couldn't change him. He couldn't just dump everyone else for her, especially when they were all extensions of him. And she got tired of waiting! I actually had more sympathy for CEO JDY than her - YH was a very disloyal woman. I did not like her but I knew DH, being DH, would never leave her. - "This drama speaks of endlessly warm humanity. But it is all based on someone’s assumed unconditional sacrifice and devotion. In the end, it skillfully and sophisticatedly indoctrinates a very old-fashioned patriarchal perspective that is dream of by men. But after absorbing its lingering imagery and the many varied opinions, I discovered an even greater monster. More than I expected, I witnessed many people saying, “This is the type of adult I would like to become.” I loved this para! Wow! And here I thought the drama actually told DH to live 'selfishly' and 'for himself' and 'do something for himself'! I didn't see the drama give any kind of advice on any kind of behavior or attitude or experience. It showed plenty of unenviable people living unenviable lives, with mostly unenviable results! If it did have a point, it was simply that you should be good, do good and good will happen to you too. And also, live your life to the fullest, without compromising on the essentials, especially if something is making you unhappy. If DH had started 'expecting' something from Ji-An, then all the floodgates of hell would have opened up on him exploiting her! He had to look and act pure because the story was about healing each other without expectations of anything in return. And frankly, he did not expect anything from Ji-An other than her presence every now and then, and that she was happy and settled. If anything, the drama makes a case against patriarchy, and that women and young women can take care of themselves better than many middle-aged men and know their minds and are more open with their hearts than men! It also showed a young woman taking charge at every turn, while the 40-plus man was left to pick up the pieces of everything in his life and wonder why he ended up that way! Even YH took a risk - affair with JDY - it failed, but if it had worked, she would have been extremely content with a younger, good-looking, more high-profile lover. DH, his brothers, the entire ajusshi neighborhood, never took a risk in their lives! - "The many strifes in this drama was always left to be solved by an individual. Dong-Hoon, who felt deep compassion for Ji-An goes alone to the feisty loan shark in his 20s, Kwang-Il and fights a life-and-death battle with him. Ji-An is left alone to care for her old, infirm grandmother who is also deaf. Seeing her situation, Dong-Hoon tells her to seek government assistance, and Ji-An begins to be saved by Dong-Hoon." No. Ji-An helped and saved DH more and did more for him than he did for her. That was one of my pet peeves during the show, how this 40-plus man was constantly being rescued by this girl! Technically, DH only took a stand when disclosing the affair and even on that point, YH was the one to first suggest it! He was forever passive! When DH beat up Kwang-il, it made her feel like someone finally understood her, but it didn't end her debt - she ended her debt herself. Likewise, she didn't disclose any of his weaknesses and decided to leave the job, place, neighborhood and be on the run forever, just so that he could be at peace. Even at the end, in the cafe' scene, DH doesn't utter a single word of making a move and simply tells her to 'come by sometime to my office and meet former colleagues of yours' (!!!) It is Ji-An, who makes the move (or what can be construed as a move) and opens up their old way of being together - which may or may not lead to something more. - "When Ji-An’s penniless grandmother dies, Sang-Hoon gives all his hard-earned money he earned by cleaning so that Ji-An can have a grand funeral for her." He was hiding money. He had debts and debt collectors (I think his wife even mentioned a few in the beginning), so he was not saving it for anything responsible - he certainly was not saving it to pay back his debts!!! (probably wanted to buy that red car! or some expensive dark glasses and suits!) - "But we have come to cross a pond that we cannot turn back from. To achieve our current society in which eating and living has not become so difficult, many individuals had to sacrifice so much. Our lives are so that we barely have enough space to save ourselves. Haven't we all experienced so many times in which the most important thing was so protect ourselves? Now that we solved the problem of how to make a living, and now demand protection from society, "My Ahjussi" tells us this. "The old days were good, that is the true way to live," it tells us warmly and beautifully." I think what Sun-Hee Kim is saying is that we have to grow up and move on and get out of our shells and cocoons in life (as in leave the nest and the old neighborhoods) to forge out new identities and just when we as civilization have achieved it, and stood on our own two feet as individuals, the drama is telling us that good old days when we had the protection and comfort of neighbors and family and mothers were best and are ideal ways of living. Well, yes, but it IS DH and Ji-An's life! If they want to live in Hoogye, why shouldn't they?! Why is that a bad thing? They are small-time people wanting the safety of a small town! I think this reviewer thinks community, family, parents are crutches, or weak spots, that one should leave behind if one has to assert one's independence, because they hold you back! This drama shows them as strengths and responsibilities and a good thing. What's so bad about it? DH's junior colleagues leave their company to join him in his start-up (independent and risky business). Is that bad? YH went abroad to her family, to pursue higher studies and probably get a job in U.S. and spend time with her son. Is that bad? Ji-An saw DH again but did not go overboard in her interest like some pitiful desperate girl and still sought him for a meal. Is that bad? The drama was about choices, choices that lead to fulfillment, self-actualization, greater good, hopeful contentment. Not neighborhoods and mothers and patriarchy and visions of great honorable men who stand firm and tall and unmoved when faced with pretty young things! But if someone thinks of the drama that way, that's their choice too!
  2. Just saw this comment on YT at the tvN clip of last scene: R C1 week ago Dong-hoon and his wife are separated and live in different countries. They're as good as divorced. Whether or not they are legally divorced is irrelevant, because their relationship as lovers has 100% ended. They still keep in touch, but only as the parents of their child, nothing more. Dong-hoon even refers to her as "my kid's mom" now instead of "wife". Throughout the drama, the two things that were making him unhappy were his marriage and his job. He finally gained freedom from both and found personal happiness. Dong-hoon is 100% single now. Just because this drama isn't a romance GENRE drama doesn't mean that it doesn't have love. This drama has tons of love, all kinds of love, just not necessarily romance. In the end, Ji-an is still deeply in love with Dong-hoon. In return, Dong-hoon (who is no longer chained by unhappiness) offers his hand to Ji-an which signals the beginning of a new relationship. It also shows that he sees her as an adult. But most importantly it means that Dong-hoon opened up to Ji-an. Ji-an realized it immediately which is why she brightened up and promised to buy him a meal and call him. By holding hands, Dong-hoon and Ji-an reconnected. They reentered each other's lives and none of the barriers that existed before exist anymore. Unless you're a strict literalist who refuses to read between the lines and chooses to ignore all the signs and clues given throughout the drama, you can envision what will happen next between Dong-hoon and Ji-an. Even though I'm still having a hard time reconciling the bread crumbs (for and against) thrown by the writer in the last episode regarding DH's personal life status and his stance and nature of feelings towards Ji-An (I think he thinks of her only as his non-monk female best friend, but would anyone else look at his female non-monk best friend, checking out her face all over, like he does in the last scene??), I'll accept the comment above, just for my peace of mind!
  3. And you did not read my post on page 214!! Read it, tell me what you think! I hope it's a new beginning for DH and Ji-An, despite all the 'hanging in the air' elements regarding DH - and if this drama has told me anything, DH can be brought to the well, but cannot be made to drink! I think DH loves her but not as a woman with whom he wants to be a couple, but as a best friend he is totally in sync with, a compadre', a worldly friend he can hang around, chat and have a drink and a meal with, while his monk friend is up in the mountains, and is glad and grateful Ji-An is back in town and wants to see him again. That's why he held that hand so tightly and didn't want to let it go - because he didn't know she would still want to see him beyond that point and he just wanted to say his thanks again. It also shows he thinks of her as his equal. Did he consider that she may still 'like' him that way - no! He thought it was fixation and admiration by a lonely pretty girl. He met her warmly (as promised and as he meets everyone) and then he went a step ahead and met her very warmly (tight handshake) because he missed her. We are not shown their meal, so I don't know how he'd be at it, but can anyone imagine DH making any sort of move on Ji-An? He may love her but he does think she's too young - as he kept reminding her and everyone else- and he does not think of her as a woman, just as a kindred spirit he connected with. I doubt Ji-An will repeat her love confessions again, but she'll be glad she can still see him every now and then, and he'll be glad to see her casually too, and hang out alone or with all the gangs and neighborhoods all over again, and that's that. At least he did not call her A LITTLE GIRL / KID (!) and knowing DH, that was also a possibility!!!!
  4. I have a query, yes, couldn’t resist being back for a bit: But first let me get this out of the way: PEOPLE, THE TIME SKIP WAS A YEAR - THAT’S IT - IT WAS SHOWN IN A VERY COOL WAY AS 4 SEASONS CHANGE VIA KH-YURA ON-OFF RELATIONSHIP DRAMA. JI-AN AND DH MEET NEXT SPRING, PERIOD. I don’t know why people are calculating how long it takes him to establish a career or her to have a makeover - the time skip was of a year. It’s one of the clearest uncomplicated things in an otherwise happy, eventful but unclear ending! Okay now to my problem, have been thinking: the drama could have been called ‘My Mixed Signals Ajusshi’ because of the way writer / director kept DH’s personal life unresolved / non-committal till the end. I think the writer /director gave in to viewer’s demand to have YH out of the picture physically but placed her in THREE PICTURES metaphorically to retain a realistic balance of DH’s loyalty and YH’s regret and futuristic hope for their unit as a family, while also giving viewers what they really wanted: DH meeting Ji-An again. Because the last scene or the last episode didn’t really solve any ground reality for DH or Ji-An or YH. In that great thespian moment in the apartment, he cries looking at the large picture of a happy family: over demise or failure of a marriage and also, the fact that both son and wife are gone far away form him, and he is all alone, and all that he has been through in past year or months. So he lets it all out (in a brilliantly acted scene). A year later, he is a changed man - he’s doing his own thing, but has THREE photographs of ‘kid’s mom’ with the kid - and none of the kid playing solo or doing something on his own. Initially at his manager desk he had a photo of him with his kid, even though I think he had one with his wife and kid too in one of the earlier episodes; At the director’s desk he actually wiped off dust from the picture of him with the wife and kid (taken in U.S.). So as CEO of his own company, one picture of ‘kid’s mom’ with kid would have sufficed. Why have 3? Not 1, not 2 but 3. And that too in front of colleagues who know about the YH-JY affair! Nothing in this drama is without purpose and everything is shown, not told/ spelt out. So either it was done to show present status of his life (hanging out with the brothers) and her life (hanging out with the son), or clearly he is missing both of them and is now in a good healing place with her - or why would he have THREE pics of both (two taken the same day)? People can always change and they can always come back together, once son’s college (or her own) is done. Who can say they won’t be happy together after some time apart? And we all know, DH isn’t the type to let go (cue the THREE photographs), though he is referring to her as 'kid's mom'. Enter, Ji-An at the cafe’: He is ecstatic, he is proud, he can’t believe his eyes, he has obviously missed her, shakes hands, doesn’t let go, comes across as needy, is very open about his pleasure, gets a meal / dinner approved, looks back to confirm it’s the former-badass Ji-An now all demure and fluffy and well-adjusted, and walks off happily - happy in the knowledge that he could help her achieve comfort as well as the dinner plan that assures him he’ll see her again. All suggesting he is free and looking forward to their meet-up later. Though it could also mean he is happy his selfless loyal cheerleader is back in town - looking prettier than ever - the one who still wants to see him after their time apart! When Ji-An looks back at him, wistful and sombre, she still has feelings for him. So what has changed? After all he WAS having meals with her even when he was married - now they have better, livelier stories to share. The meal does not mean anything in itself, other than more of the same. For a formerly passive introverted person, this is as good as it gets. He does not know nor care to make moves and it is safe to say, he does not want to make moves on Ji-An, happy to watch her from sidelines, having feel-good dinners. To me, it seems like, for DH, Ji-An is the female version of his monk best friend - because the only other time he smiled this brightly was when he saw his friend (at the mountain, at the bar). My perennial problem with the golden DH has been, how can a man be this evasive and not make it clear either ways or not be with someone when he looks at her the way he does or as relaxed as he is around her! The only explanation I can come up with (and no, it’s not that he was married, or unavailable), is that he always thought of Ji-An as a little girl that he fell for - a friendly loyal girl who understood him - but has a hard time reconciling those feelings at his age and stage in life and acknowledging them or thinking they should lead to something more. He loved her enough to be there for her for everything, but not enough to be with her - apart from the meal thing. That’s friendzoning 101. She’s his female monk friend, and he’s hers (even though she entertained and shared non-monkish thoughts about him to everyone, including him, which he has explained away as her gratitude and loyalty to the first person who made her feel like a human being)! Ji-An on the other hand, in that last line ‘did you find comfort’ (which could also mean ‘did you live up to your name’) says ‘yes’ - I think it meant that she is happy DH met her warmly (as promised) and is reciprocating an interest in her openly (something new). That gave her comfort. But he was just expressing an interest in retaining their (meal-time) connection together! I did not see anything else (should I take out the hankies for her?) Or the dialogues could mean that she can move on now in life, having crossed the big emotional barrier of what if, what will happen when I see him again? After all, she IS crossing the road - junction. And now she knows, and can move on, leaving DH behind. The writer/ director broke stereotypes with this drama - but did it by showing these people would go to any lengths for each other but could get nothing more from each other, because it’s beyond common man-woman super-human love, and DH is not that kind of guy, Ji-An knows it, others do too. They are back to square one, the only square they’ll ever be at! Don’t get me wrong. I loved the hopeful ending. It’s better than any other alternative that could have happened - and the atmosphere was so blindingly bright, it was infectious! How could one not be happy for them - or be optimistic about them together. The smile on his face and smirk on hers gives hope for something more. But what does it really signify: that they met each other warmly and will meet each other again, some time in the future. He still has his own life, she is now independent too. Did DH look happy at all the possibilities for their future together or just a meal together, or happy that the cafe’ meeting went well?! I don’t know what to think. I think with them, a meal is as good as it will ever get. And I blame the writer / director for having their cake and eating it too: they did not want DH to divorce, wanted to show that a wife can repent and appreciate the husband, the husband can be understanding of the wife’s foibles and miss her from the great beyond (the THREE pics), and both can get together after some years apart, and in the meantime, he can look forward to meals with a love-struck young woman justifying it as an emotional out-of-this-world connection! Same old DH. Of such stuff heartbreaks are made! It’s a shame that the writer / director did not have courage to show that two people who shine so intensely together like these two, deserve to at least try to be together like normal couples. Or did they? Can someone just tell me, it’s no big deal, it’s okay and I should be count my blessings that they can still see each other?
  5. I actually was looking forward to a full-blown kiss - so a handshake and a look back and a voiceover and a smile depressed me to no end! I loved the ending but it took me 2 days to replay it without crying! Till of course I got back to my senses and appreciated the gorgeously subtle, blissful and reaffirming resolution of one chapter of their lives (the one covered in the series) and the simultaneous wonder of all future possibilities (both personal and professional). And knocking my head over what the actual purpose of the story was: the writer/ director and cast were successful in making us believe that two unlikely people can become each other's refuge and savior and change each other to live better, taking charge of their fates, because they deserve better. A little bit of attention, kindness, empathy and selflessness went a long way in this one! In that last scene, DH and Ji-An's contentment as individuals was contagious and the screen was lit with so much brightness, in contrast to their previous dark moods and claustrophobic pathways, office / subway/ neighborhood. It was magical and real and sublime. They have come such a long way! As for what lies ahead, one lives in hope, doesn't one? After all, they certainly do! (DH's reaction certainly gives hope). If nothing else, they'll have that dinner, maybe more than once, just to stay in touch. Out of all the endings and open endings that could have happened, this one was well-thought out and one for the ages. Truly one of the greatest stories ever told! Thanks to all soompiers here who, with me, passionately discussed every twist and turn and silence and action! It was crazy, melancholic, hair-pulling, fun. May all of us be happy too! Bye!
  6. I have a question: So DH has a separate business (just like YH wanted); he has a new personality too (just like YH wanted him to be, alive and all - ‘look at how other men your age live’); And DH is not shown in JH's bar after one year time leap (so maybe he doesn't go there that frequently?); And her pictures with their son are there on his office desk. So whose to say that YH and DH will not get back together after she returns and sees this new and changed and improved DH? Trust me, I'm not thrilled over the idea. But just checking what everyone here thinks. He was happy and proud to see Ji-An, thrilled with the meal invitation and relieved that she was back in town BUT he has done everything that his wife said she wanted to change about him! (and that crying-in-apartment scene was about marriage breakdown and overall catharsis at being left alone). So what's the future?
  7. @mushroomsoupie I LOVED your post, absolutely loved it. The last scene was such a beautifully shot and enacted thing. It depressed me and made me happy at the same time. HOWEVER, I'll have to disagree - even though trust me, I really really hope and wish you are right. BUT listen, remember, when DH told Ji-An (in that 'what did you do with my slippers' conversation) that he is the type of person who would meet anyone warmly once he had gotten to know them and their family and even if he met her 10 or 20 years later, he would greet her warmly and be happy to know she is doing well. And what Ji-An said (in the goodbye phone call) lamenting whether they would be happy to see each other and that she didn't care whether she was reborn (which was basically one of her endless confessions, hoping he'd reciprocate and long for her too, which he didn't or didn't reciprocate). So this scene shows what they'd do and did when they really did meet after some time apart. He was happy, she was shy. They are both flourishing as individuals and as professionals. Both don't know what else to say. And soon enough it is time to say bye - at which point Mr. Passive says 'let's shake hands, just once' - indicating he thinks this is the last time they'll meet so they may as well part on a formal goodbye. He holds it a bit too tightly though. And says 'thanks' (for all that she did for him). So technically, unless and until Ji-An asked him out for meal (dinner) he would have just left - remember, he had only invited her to the office. (seriously, I don't know how this guy got married the first time!) The grateful DH, the nostalgic DH, looks down at their hands again. He is grateful that they can meet again, like they used to before. That's all there is to it. He did his part, she did hers. The voice over says 'did you find comfort' (live up to your name) and she responds 'yes'. He''s happy she's doing well. And she's happy that the accidental meet-up went well. Mission Accomplished. Heck, even the lead playing the role of DH (LSG) did not think it was anything more than two unlikely people meeting and healing each other [he was PHENOMENAL in this role btw]: Lee Sun-Kyun (Park Dong-Hoon) in TvN last BTS of show: I hope that from now on, the many Lee Ji-An’s and Park Dong-Hoon’s in the world can communicate, comfort each other, and cheer each other on, I hope our society becomes more like that. Thank you. And lollypip @ dramambeans lollypip wrote lovely paras over Ep.15: I can’t even describe it, but there’s something very pure and genuine about Dong-hoon’s aura when he’s with Ji-an. It’s like he’s not truly himself unless he’s with her, like she’s the only one he can be himself with because he instinctively knows that she won’t betray him. Around everyone else, even his brothers, Dong-hoon always has his guard up — and they know it. It’s the thing Ki-hoon was complaining about when he said that Dong-hoon never shows his emotions. But with Ji-an, Dong-hoon is nothing but emotions, and I hope that what he takes away from their friendship is that he can relax around people and that he’ll be okay. ..........I melted when he told Ji-an that he’s not angry with her because he knows her too well. And again when Ji-an revealed that by listening to the sounds Dong-hoon makes, she felt as though she learned what a human being is. I believe that these are the reasons they’re in each other’s lives, because they each had something to teach the other. Because Dong-hoon holds himself so apart, he never knew how it felt to truly, deeply know a person. And because Ji-an has been pushed to the sidelines by society, she never learned what human beings are really like. I said before that this is not a romance story, but it’s most certainly a love story between Dong-hoon and Ji-an. It’s just not a love story in which the people involved are meant to share a life — it’s the kind of love story where their love is so pure and real that they genuinely just want each other to live happy lives, whatever that means. It doesn’t mean that they “fall in love” and get married and have a family, that’s much too simple for these two. They just want to make the other’s life better however they can. For Ji-an that means seeing Dong-hoon in the job he deserves, with the life partner he deserves. And for Dong-hoon, it means helping Ji-an move beyond her past and being seen and loved by others for who she is now, not what she did once before. And what @fauna said above: I think the main point of this show is not will they or won’t they get together. It is pointing out that everyone can heal each other if they go out of their way to be kind to each other and understand each other. They can form a connection no matter what their age, gender, occupation, and social standing are. Not even your past matters. What’s done is done. I don’t believe their relationship is father/daughter, teacher/student, or mentor/mentee. They both were suffering and depressed, and they both saved each other. They are equals, and they both had a lot to learn from each other. I also liked how they were both so considerate of and careful about each other’s feelings......Neither of them wants to take advantage of the other. I am so happy that they will continue to be in each other’s lives. They are so good for each other. I think their love for each other will continue to grow. But others who want to keep their relationship platonic can imagine it that way too. Cue the last scene of the drama.......the colors are full of hope and life and energy, they are both unburdened and free, and happy that the other is doing well and they'll have a dinner somewhere soon. That's about it. I am done reading more into their interactions! The sky may be the limit with these two, but not my patience! (P.S. For me, it's one of the all-time great dramas - in ANY language!)
  8. @dotonly the last words were 'i'll call you' and 'alright, go now'. Is that it? What is on DH's image and on Ji-An's? oh, is it the voice over? are you comfortable now? (i.e. living up to your name?) and she says yes.
  9. For anyone still confused about DH's marital status, someone posted on on.dramiance and kissasian in korean and English. Am sharing one of the posts here: Sam • 6 hours ago There's a translation problem that's going to leave a lot of people in confusion. At around the 1 hour 25 minute mark, the translation is going to say "wife". However, that is not what the character says. He says "my kid's mom". There is no ambiguity whatsoever. He says "my kid's mom", NOT what he normally says to mean "wife". Also, the subtitles say "having my wife around versus not". He does NOT say that. All he says is "my kid and my kid's mom" then the sentence gets cut off. The subtitles also say "she wants to stay until college", "she's learning English", etc but that should be about the SON. Sam potatoville • an hour ago Yeah, it's common to use that to refer to a wife in Asian cultures. However, that is the only time in the entire drama where the character calls her by "my kid's mom" (ae-umma). Every other time it was chib-saram (she's even saved on his phone as chib-saram). It's a very subtle but extremely significant detail that a lot of people on Korean forums have pointed out. Keep in mind, there are many many ways to say wife in Korean. There's a-nae (아내), chib-saram (집사람), bu-in (부인), manura (마누라), waipu (와이프), cheo (처), and "my kid's mom" (애엄마). However, out of all of those, the only single one that is appropriate to refer to an ex-wife is "my kid's mom". None of the other ones are appropriate for an ex-wife. Only "my kid's mom" is. Does it mean 100% that he is divorced? No. However, it's a very important detail that implies something significant.
  10. Can someone please translate the TvN image of cafe' DH and Ji-An just shared by @mylovelystar ? What are the words written on their image? @justamom help! https://twitter.com/CJnDrama (shared on it 35 minutes ago) https://twitter.com/CJnDrama/status/997406121257123840/photo/1
  11. @MsMinnieFran someone has already clarified that the translation is wrong: he doesn't say 'wife' he says 'child's / son's mom' repeatedly, and since in the cafe' he is talking to an old friend retelling what his son and his mom are doing in the States. She is after all part of his family (remember, DH does not dump anyone from his life once he gets them in) but the wife has decided to move away and focus on her career and her future with their son and family abroad. Which frankly, is part of the reason DH is happy and carefree. Hear that laugh! He's not making any sacrifices. Much has been made of what he was crying about in the classic all-alone-in-the-apartment scene: I believe it was catharsis on all that had happened and on the breakdown of his marriage, this was the first time he let go and knew he was alone and had to live by himself, of course he would have felt something about the void and the failure and the future! Hence the crying. Ha ha! It's an open ending, effectively closing one chapter of their life. The next chapter is up to them and left to the viewers' imagination. We only have to subtract what we know about them after 16 episodes and what we don't know about them. The entire drama is full of sequences where it looked like 'this' is the last time he'll see her, 'this is it', but in the very next scene, they'd meet somewhere and he would not take his eyes off her. So she'll call him. He'll show up. They'll always have dinner and be happy. And now they have more positive things to talk about too. That's all that matters. Considering how far Mr. Graceful Tortoise has come, in being open and free and happy and equal towards Ji-An, every bread crumb is a relief. Savor it! He is not burdened, not sacrificing anything. not in a bad place. He is in control of his future and so is she. That is what the drama was about. The future together is their's if DH and Ji-An want it to be so, whatever that means. If nothing else, they'll always have dinners! V @ Bah+Doo (live recappers) summed it like "I hope they have that wonderful dinner together that she can purchase for him and their lives together continue outside of public view. From how happy DH was at the end, it seems like it will be that way. Lovely. Touche', so true. (But there is nothing philanthropic about how he kept looking at her in the last 2 episodes: e.g. bar gathering, funeral bus...but I get what you're saying and you're right). "
  12. I know I am nitpicking the cherries over here, but why did DH give a repressed-sad-longing look right after the handshake when she left with her friends, before he turned to look at her? What's he sad about in an otherwise happy exchange?
  13. Watched it raw. One of the greatest dramas ever!!! I'll miss each and every character. It was great and refreshing to see DH get to a happy place. And for Ji-An to evolve. What a stark difference from episode 1. I was so happy to see them happy and reborn. The way in which DH and Ji-An showed growth throughout was remarkable. He literally is a new person by the end. And she has found her footing. They are unrecognizable from their past life! Korean dramas usually have open endings and this was no different. I was expecting the cafe' scene to end like this and it was perfect (shippers will see it the way they want to, and non-shippers the way they want to), but still it made me happy and depressed all at the same time - uncertain and hopeful - just like every other scene in the drama, which reeked of realistic melancholy and euphoria. It looked like a beginning and a goodbye at the same time! I think the extra twisting of knife (he looking back at her, and she doesn't know he did; then she did, and he doesn't know) was a bit of an overkill (would it have killed the director to just make their timing right for once? A year later, she is back in Seoul and doesn't call. He has kept track of her progress via the chairman. She hears his voice but doesn't approach. He smiles brightly when he sees her. He clearly wants more while she is non-insistent. He does the handshake and says thanks. She says she'll call. He probably thinks she's moved on from her crush phase, he is sad to see her go but okay with it! Moving on in life happily. Now Ji-An is the mystery because previously she had the forward personality and now she's all coy / shy - burnt too many times and probably still thinks he was never interested! Well, he can always wait for the phone call and a dinner! IF that happens. Still up in the air after 16 episodes! I understand that it was to show that she now has a life, a separate and independent fulfilling life, and is not a hanger-on. And he is free. But I don't understand why they couldn't spell it out and be together in 'this' lifetime. You cannot live your life thinking there will be another! I did not understand the voiceover: DH says 'are you comfortable' and she replies 'yes'. What does that mean or was it reference to some other previous scene / dialogue? Because technically shouldn't this question be asked to DH instead of Ji-An? It always seemed like he brushed her feelings off and was the uncomfortable one. It looked like, if DH is thinking that, then he's satisfied with how her life is and that he was able to help her get there and that's that, he doesn't want anything more, he's satisfied that she's at a happy place. The handshake seems like a goodbye too. But then again, DH would not have reached out his hand to Ji-An, if he was still married and he didn't want more, he definitely would never have looked back at her either, and that crying scene in the apartment was his way of letting out the past, all that had happened - but even the divorce is left hanging in the air - and that's okay, I guess? Whatever). But still, the last scene was a perfect end. It goes with the theme, that love or hooking up with a guy or girl or waiting for a knight in shining armor is not the solution to problems - one has to face the world bravely, happily, and renew one's self alone, and you can't get anywhere in life or be with people, when you're all broken. They were meant to meet and shine and renew each other. Each was a catalyst for the other for next phases in their lives and if now it leads to something more, at least it will not seem like they are taking advantage of each other. Happy to see them living their best lives apart. Though they could've made beautiful music together too. (Can the director / writer do another press conference and explain it all?) (P.S. I need a vacation! This was one exhausting, emotional, pleasing, uplifting roller coaster! Awesome in every department. Absolutely Great Drama).
  14. WOW, I love this beautiful terrible thing called 'My Ahjussi'. Did not log on to soompi for an entire day because I did not want to taint the process of enjoying / lamenting the second-last episode. It seems like a bomb (of utter disappointment) has exploded here! I liked the episode, though as usual it made me sad and happy in equal parts. Loved it when DH acknowledges Ji-An's part in front of his friends: 'She made me director'. That was a very very cool moment. Wish that scene could have been longer with more conversation or at least more quiet time for the two leads. It would have been fun to see them finally relaxing, drinking or talking in the middle of a crowd. Loved the three conversations DH had with his cellphone! Loved everything that happened from the cinema till DH brought Ji-An to JH's house / bar. Loved the casual intensity of both DH and Ji-An's monologues: 'Thank you, Thank you, for being by my side' and 'Ahjussi, your sound, I liked everything you said and did. Footsteps.' (Of course, he HAD to infuriatingly call her a 'little girl' again......and he calls her a child? in preview?!) The end of wiretapping felt like the death of a person - the silence after the 'uninstall' was deafening. I did not like it (though of course it was necessary and about time!), nor the fact that Ji-An and DH did not have a single walk together in the episode. Something very fundamental seemed missing, just because I'd gotten used to the damn walks! Hopefully, the focus of episode 16 will NOT be on police investigation or CEO nominee - because that is NOT the post-healing part! - Instead, I hope the episode shows more bar scenes between DH and Ji-An, more walk scenes, more conversations, and that more time is spent on showing these two together than anyone else. We deserve them a bit longer, even if the writer / director have decided they don't deserve to be in each other's. In fact, we deserved an entire episode full of just DH + Ji-An scenes. Lovely, lonesome, bittersweet, amazing drama. For the record, I liked everything and everyone in it. As for series ending, this drama has already ended in 3 different ways in 3 previous episodes - all of them, including the Ep.15 ending, could have been THE END. The only ending they haven't done yet, is the one they probably won't give! (Watched preview: I guess Ji-An will get her hugging request completed this time around. Is it in DH to go in for a kiss yet? I don't like him walking alone but maybe that's also a point - having the courage to walk alone).
  15. OR MAYBE, this scene is just a perfect film scene as envisioned in the beginning (remember the first episode? where the 3 brothers spoke of a good film and SH in characteristic SH-style made himself the story and DH says that it would never work 'because there is no woman') and this is poor DH's version of how things could be if they had only met at another time and another place as different people? Edit: I think they'll meet, say their hellos and how are yous, and then leave in separate directions.
  16. @mylovelystar https://twitter.com/arsdfgeut/status/995601428847648769 Thanks for this BTS pic of the last day of shoot for DH+Ji-An. I wonder if this is the final goodbye? (She has open long hair. He's not wearing a tie. It's not night. It's a known open-window cafe', not some hidden outlet. It even has a two-way path across water to show separate ways if that's the way they will go! Is that a good sign or bad?) They should shoot in such a way so that no footage or image gets out! Dammit! Anxiety meds!
  17. I liked the DB recap. I love how everyone gangs up over there! It's like world war 3! Liked these colorful, insightful, (morbid / uplifting) comments: 4 gadis May 12, 2018 at 6:54 PM He started questioning how many seemingly coincidental meeting they had were actually something she created. It's painful and humiliating to know that she listened to his each and every private thoughts and feelings. That she knew his deepest secret and most vulnerable moments. But then, unwittingly, he also remember how she didn't wield those particular knowledge about him as a weapon against him, instead she used it, again and again, to comfort him and give him strength. He saw how a girl whom he knew well will do anything to make money for her family refused to take advantage of him and instead protect him from people who wanted to harm him. I think he understood for the very first time just how deep and immense Ji-an's feelings for him are. I'm not sure whether he felt grateful that someone with that amount of love will always be on his side, or stunned and a bit horrified that he can inspire such love and loyalty from someone who only knew him for 3-4 months. And that changes everything. When he, in his acknowledgment of her spying, asked Ji-an to call him, I believe he is finally ready to face his feelings for her head-on. 10 ChinguMode May 12, 2018 at 7:28 PM If this show ends with an unhappy middle-aged man tossing in his complicated middle-aged wife for an adoring child, it will utterly destroy the show for me on a fundamental level. It would be the worst thing since Goblin had a "happy ending" with a middle-aged man and a child being perpetually reincarnated into a school uniform. (note: by 'child', meant she is underdeveloped socially and emotionally) JA is very intelligent, loyal and responsible. In that way, she's very mature. But emotionally? Not even vaguely. She's had almost no love and nobody to teach her how to operate in the normal world. DH is the first person to really take care of her unconditionally and so she worships him. This is the love of a child. missjb, May 12, 2018 at 8:40 PM I don't think they will end up together. Trust me, the whole Korea will go berserk LOL. IF this is 16+ episode drama, I might believe they will go there. There will be enough issue already to overcome if they go to that route, from public acceptance of their relationship, their life style, his family acceptance with Ji An as his partner (remember, she is not normal), etc.. I think they will make it open ending regarding this issue. 19 Rukia May 12, 2018 at 9:27 PM I think that both Dong-hoon and Ji-an are finally finding out just how much the other cares about them. This is the crunch. I like that their relationship doesn't fit in a neat little box. It is too real and deep for that. I also like that it is so much more than any label we could put on it. They both just consistently want what is best for each other. Dong-hoon is a perceptive, careful person. Of course he verifies things as much as possible before acting. He is also inherently good. He will ALWAYS do the right thing. Sometimes he hesitates, but he will do what is best for those who he considers his people in the end. Ji-an is a member of his extended family and someone who has earned his trust. She has shown herself to be more than an ally. He is probably just realizing the depth of his feelings for her as he realizes how deep her feelings for him are. This guy does not like to go too far into emotional territory, I think. It is probably difficult for him to navigate, because he needs to express his feelings and that has not been his habit or something in his personality. There is something to be said about not limiting things by putting words on them here... risa May 12, 2018 at 9:04 PM I teared up during the scenes when DH was being congratulated for becoming a director. Even though he was fretting about JA's disappearance, and even though the promotion doesn't magically solve most of his problems, it still was a joy to behold him finally getting the recognition he's deserved and being celebrated so warmly. Even his co-workers were over the moon about it. And it's just so wonderful to see DH smile because it happens so rarely! MapleSilver May 12, 2018 at 10:51 PM I think the fallout will be mild. It seems to me that he has already decided to forgive her in his heart. He recalled moments of her giving him strength through eavesdropping on him, and saw that she used that knowledge to build him up. He understands her completely, and the way he called her name (dropping the formal ssi) did not look like someone who was angry. And I disagree that if he could forgive JA then he could also forgive his wife. Well, maybe he could, but he can't forget still. Loved what you said about Yoon Hee ad what she did to his community when she betrayed him like that. And to think that she wanted to deprive him of that loving community, after someone within that very same community already taking away the memory of his most precious childhood friend. LollyPip May 12, 2018 "And I think that this may be the reason Ji-an and Dong-hoon are in each other’s lives — to learn the lesson that they can’t stop shutting everything in and shutting the world out, but that they need to actively engage in their lives, even if it’s painful and difficult." "I know that My Ajusshi was never billed as a romance, and I have never felt that Ji-an and Dong-hoon’s relationship was one of normal romantic love. But I believe that they do love each other, very very much — it’s just a kind of love that defies labels......It feels more as though they’re soul mates who just aren’t meant to be together in this life, but that who still recognized each other and were drawn together for a short time." "This episode definitely made me feel as though the clock is ticking on Dong-hoon and Ji-an’s time together, and that somehow they can feel it. In fact, both of this week’s episodes felt tinged with a sense of looming dread, as if something terrible is going to happen before this is all over."
  18. DH has been pretty vocal about how he feels - he likes her, is protective about her, has her best interest in his heart and mind and would do anything to make her happy - without crossing any line - that's why he gets angry whenever anyone suggests a hint of impropriety about his relationship with Ji-An. Whenever someone questions him, he defends his actions as those of a good manager, person, adult. Is he feeling guilty for harboring what he may consider 'inappropriate' feelings for an unfortunate, smart, gutsy, pretty girl? Does he think it's romantic love for a woman? His words and actions don't show that. He is grateful for her presence, help, and ability to rock his boat. Of course, he has led her on too without rejecting her outright, probably scared to let the support system go, taking her feelings as a mere crush (though he is getting an idea how serious her admiration is, when she keeps telling EVERYBODY that she really really likes him and would do anything for him and now is in a mess trying to save him yet again!). However, he does the right thing, for the right reasons, at the right time. He has his priorities in order: family, friends, job, co-workers, and then Ji-An. The 'elephant in the room' is 'is that all there is to it?' I think that's all there is to it. Others of course see something more. I hope there's more, it seems like there's more, but I'm not hedging any bets over it. The only reason DH seems Mr. Mysterious is because people don't want to see what he is showing: complete, selfless, regard and respect for another human being who touched his soul and made him feel alive and well and made him feel beautiful all over again so that he could assert himself and live a full life without fear or regret or indignity. He would be okay if he knew she was okay, wherever she is and remains in contact with him. There has been no indication that he wants anything more. He's not greedy that way!
  19. I hope Ep. 16 is longer than usual - like the first episode was (1 hr 27min.) unless they plan on having a special episode. Just make the last episode longer than usual. There's a bit of a conundrum for the writer / director isn't there? How to end it? What to do? Show that men and women can experience support and acceptance from one another without jumping all over each other or the opposite. Show that men and women can learn from each other and their mistakes and become better people or the opposite. Show that two people with nothing in common on the surface can get together and be happy or the opposite. Show that fractured relationships can be mended or the opposite. Show that love solves all problems or the opposite. Show that selfishness is a good thing or the selflessness. Show that a person can write a new chapter at 44 or re-arrange the old one. Maintain the artistic integrity of ambiguous relationship or give it a name. The only thing that gives me hope for a feel-good ending is that these two, i.e. DH and Ji-An, both think they are unlovable creatures and they mean the world to each other. He's a guy, she's a girl. When looked like that, it's a no-brainer. As these comments on kissasian site for Ep. 14 suggest: Sara • 19 hours ago : For Park Dong Ho I can say that he also loves Lee Ji An, maybe as a lover, maybe as a friend or just as a human being. But losing her, she who really understands him, would be a big loss, therefore I hope he stands up and makes things right so they be together again. It would be such a shame if they lost contact so please the writers don't let them lose contact..!! UnaSpenser • 12 hours ago They each show how readily one will face one's greatest fears if there is just one person in your life that you feel sees you and accepts you as you are. As long as DH gets to work with Ji-An in the same office or see her regularly (whether he's divorced or not), shippers can continue to hold their fort and non-shippers can see it as they want to. That would also mean the safe route as opposed to the brave unapologetic one. Another conundrum! Let's see what happens. I think we are all brave enough - like DH and Ji-An - to withstand anything! Dammit!
  20. Yes. He's a very good actor (especially in Ep.14 where he literally goes through all kinds of tense and weird, lonesome and befuddled, happy and pain). Actually I was very surprised with the Goblin win, I thought Ji Sung would win for Defendant (I don't think he was even nominated!). Also, this year, they gave it to lead male actor from Secret Forest. And I thought he was okay, but Bae Donna (lead actress) was really exceptional in that series (she was not nominated) - and anyways could anyone have won over Kim Nam Joo? So, though LSK should get more than a few awards, it depends on how the rest of the year pans out and I'm guessing the girl (singer IU) will get more recognition because she's the novelty.
  21. @mushroomsoupie Thanks! The movie fits into the theme. And this is the background music from the film that is playing when DH comes back, sits and picks up the phone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G-trTZAZyM
  22. Having cooled off a bit, watched Ep.14. It brings out the tear ducts I didn't know I had! I re-watched Ep. 13 and though it is patchy, the emphasis on brothers finding out and letting it out with DH, and in Ep. 14 to focus on DH's dignified ascent to directorship and how the entire office, family and neighborhood is happy for his success, was great, somber and beautiful. Exactly what this man (and viewers) deserved after such a long battle. And the poor man even managed to smile! (the actor LSK playing the role is very very good). - I'm not going to question Mr. Perfect (aka DH) because after 14 episodes it's safe to say that he is just a good guy who just wants to do the right thing, the correct way and it includes helping out Ji-An, who helped him in a difficult period, have a better life. That's all there is to it. And that's fine. (I mean, the girl just called you and laid her heart on the road beneath you ONCE AGAIN, and you end up telling her to call when her grandmother dies! Smooth, real smooth! Goodluck with the breathing exercises! And checking electric poles at night!). That phone call was one the best scenes I've ever seen. I think he's beginning to realize something 'internally', some battle he's losing, though my hopes are not up. Everyone around him knows something is up - except Mr. Wonderful! - DH would like nothing more than to continue working with Ji-An in the same office, and shippers can see that as a happy ending validating their theory and non-shippers can see that as their happy ending! - Like I've said a hundred times, DH will never leave YH - it's just not in his nature to dump people. YH isn't going anywhere and that's okay. Unless she leaves herself after atoning (fingers crossed, and if there IS a GOD!). I think I'll die of shock if DH initiates anything in this drama! - It was funny to hear Director DH pick up the phone and say 'this is safety inspection team here', it was cool to see him settling in a better position. Way to go man! You earned it (with more than a little help!) And it was also funny when he explained away going to Ji-An's place as 'a building has a crack in it'. - Why did DH slap JY when he is telling the truth?!!! He is right about both of them! DH and Ji-An ARE having an emotional affair. (or was it the 'sleazy' part that got him punching?) - The drama has set up a death: It seems to me like Ji-An will either kill herself or just die of some injuries (yeah, yeah, ptooey, ptooey, ptooey). Unless by some miracle, the very irritating JH is the one to commit suicide in the last episode making DH aware that life REALLY IS TOO SHORT to cry over 'what might / could have been' and goes against the very big tide - and decides to have another walk! I don't expect anything better or worse. - Maybe Kwang-il will kill DH (and that too, just when DH realizes that if he's willing to be humiliated publicly just so that Ji-An can have a better life, then Jesus, it must be some crazy-assed love! That will serve the clueless hard-nut-to-crack hero well!) (ptooey, ptooey, ptooey). I don't expect Kwang-il to turn a new leaf (like others here) - he is all about inflicting pain on Ji-An. - I think JH and the monk are supposed to be cautionary tales: JH is a metaphor for unhealthy obsessive mood-killing love / behavior. And monk is a metaphor for pursuit of selfish desires with complete disregard of significant others (he did not even think about his old parents). DH and Ji-An are not like that. Both are loyal, hardworking, responsible, selfless people. And I think the message is that as long as you stay true to the best in you, being there for others, you will be happy (or die happy). - All in all, this is not a drama, it's an experience. I don't expect it to NOT make me cry. This is what dreadfully delightful, happy pain is all about. [P.S. Why is it okay to beat up JY so much? I don't think JY's all that bad! Why doesn't he just resign?! Maybe Kwang-il can do everyone a favor and kill him so that nothing comes out after all! Even though JY isn't so bad, but all is fair in pursuit of a perfect happy ending!! Anyways, whatever! Time for MY breathing exercises!]
  23. If this is the last shot between the two i.e. Ji-An and JH (instagram has 2 pics with JH in different shirts, in 'curly hair'), then what does it mean? That JH kills herself? Or that Ji-An is not seen at the bar or around the bar gang again in the series? Or she came back and they had a sit-in at the bar? Edit: [watched Ep. 15 preview: okay, Ji-An is the one who is dying (??!!) - unless the writer actually intends DH to die after donating something to her so that she survives! This drama plays with emotions and screws them up BIG TIME! Dammit!.......On the bright side, Ji-An has had a blow dry! P.S. DH finally became director in the graceful way he deserved all along with everyone rooting for him.]
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