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  1. Great ep8. About the clock, I can't help notice that in JJ's flashback the clock on the hosp wall shows 4:44 and the broken clock at the garbage dump also shows 4:44. Did JJ have that broken clock with her hence the gift from HJ? Did I miss something? It's as if time stood still for her then and i'm sure she made up her mind to go forward from that time. Another frustratoin for HJ, SW confirmed the call to her phone is not from her mom. I was right after all, KYO had someone followed OTS and YN. I think YN will be out of the picture for a while nursing her pain now that she knows she is a fake Wi. I guess the writers realized that we had enough of her antics and OTS probably realized too that there will be nothing for him at the end. I see KYO's meeting with JJ as a desperate attempt to defeat JJ now that she knows her secret. @larus I can't understand why MsWang looked surprised when she found the photo of WJS with DY. She was the one who told JJ before she only serves KYO and YN and that JJ/DY is a child WJS had with another woman. I think MsWang may have overheard JJ'sc convo with kYO abt YN's father because she was outside the room when JJ came out. Another thing that I noticed Butler Hwang doesn't know KYO is a fake. KYO lied to him that YN is a result of a fling she had when she was lonlely and on the run with with WJS I can't wait to know if JH will continue to support JJ now that he has also found the photo and the truth will finally come out.
  2. @katakwasabi not only the hand to hand combat with DG, it just unbearable to watch him right from the time he arrested OSM till that shooting scene towards end of ep8. A team leader and a highly trained NIS agent transporting a most wanted criminal and he just went about it like he was going shopping or something. Apparently he must have been struck by the stupidity bug when the truck of doom rammed his vehicle in ep6 smh
  3. Just managed to watch ep8. Just like to say this, GTW makes a good doctor but he looks hopeless in combat sigh!
  4. I had a good read of everyone's post and am intrigued by all your theories. I rewatch both ep 1 and 2. @bedifferent @nrllee just like to comment/add something to the timeline. You stated Does the Days before means they are all taking place on the same day before KSC's accident? We were not given a date stamped so it's questionable when this took place it could days or weeks. Both SH and JSH were seen on CCTV on the way from Seoul to Sonju. When JTS question SH on why she went after JSH she said it was to give him the divorce papers, but we were not shown in her flashback that she gave him the papers. This took place on the day Of KSC's accident not the day before because the clothes they are wearing are different. When JSH was arguing with KPY (as imagined by the lady at Hui Suk) he was wearing the same outfit when he was at the freeway with SH. I assume he was in a hurry then to meet with KPY. There is another scene that I'm puzzled abt, SH was driving and over the radio is an announcement of KSC's death 'last night' SH was crying and calling someone on the phone and she says 'why isn't he picking up' she must be calling JSH. Spot on, I too am confused with her actions. The scene showing JSH and KSC working together in the hotel room was only in her flashback we do not know if it took place as she imagined it. The scene of her walking in the rain made me think that she could be mentally unstable. My take on the suicide girl. Could she be KSC's daughter with another woman and someone is threatening to expose her? The girl may have decide to take her life to save KSC"s image. That was JSH and KSC's argument when JSH implies KSC was afraid of his reputation collapsing? Was that what SH's mom meant when she said 'your dad's life wasn't as flawless? Haha of course this is just my take on things. Can't wait for ep3
  5. I agree that JSH could be protecting SH when he left with her to Germany. The chairman had wanted to handover the company to JSH but i believe JSH is avoiding it because that would look bad for his father in-law when he becomes the ceo of the new business. My question is why did SH and JSH came back separately. SH has been back in Korea for a year while JSH only returned 4 months ago. I think this is more that just a fight between JQ and the factory workers, a third party could be involve. Someone may have threatened KSC that JSH didn't know about. The JQ chairman knew from the beginning that JSH had gone missing and even tried to deny it when the hand was discovered. So the chairman could be in some deal with a third party that we have yet to know. The characters charts is in korean so I don't know how Young Min and In Dong Koo fits into JQ. There is a photo of Young Min and JSH together it seems that they have been closed since young. I believed Young Min too knew JSH has been missing. The one who sent SH the video is the same person who cut JSH hand and not KPY. Could Mr Hong be the culprit because he was adamant that she run in the bi-election. The chairman looked clam watching that announcement on TV and looks like IDK is back. I thought he was stabbed by KPY but he doesn't look injured.
  6. We are only at ep1 and there are 2 deaths and one hand. Loving Jo Tae Sik already lol. Lee Joon Hyuk appeared briefly is it a cameo appearance? I don't see his name in the list of casting so he may be a dead man in the drama. @bebebisous33 as always thumbs up for your analysis. ok so basically it has to do with the mega solar project that JQ (the chaebol in-law of KSC) is investing in and led by the government (KSC). KSC is not keen on on family run conglomerates so he may have been against them. Yes, i don't think that SH killed KSC it was only JTS imagination. Looking forward to ep2
  7. When Shin Nan Suk flushed the document and photo down the toilet I didn't believe that was the end of it and rightfully so Pil Seung call with the good news lol this is the 21st century most of the big companies now store their documents in microfilms to save on storage space. Looks like more reveal for the chairwoman in next week's episodes.
  8. nothing exciting about last night's episode except the action scene came at end with DG jumping about at the rooftop, Min Jae Sik is not Shadow but seen stuffing his face on two occasions and HR pathetic still sigh!
  9. I can't understand this part either. Wouldn't JH have explained to his partner even before the wedding with JJ. I know the wedding is just for show and I believe it has not been registered. I believe JJ may have liked JH romantically before finding out his secret. I can understand that JH is the only person who showed an interest in her back then. I hope there is more to their relationship then what we've been shown so far. As for SW, I believe JJ only sees him as her younger brother. I remember a scene in one of the earlier episodes before the wedding where JJ told SW she is not coming back that night, so he doesn't need to pick her up. JJ knew that SW looked disappointed but she tells him that he has always been a big help to her and she still needs him for her plan to work. So I gather that she doesn't want any romantic feelings between them because that will put a damper on their plans.
  10. It was revealed that OTS is SuBin's bio dad. I'm sure Prosecutor Cha knows this too. I was confident even before the revealed that JJ went to the TV show well prepared lol. @elan1 HJ is naive she has a lot to learn and the slap was part of her learning process. I can't say that she didn't deserve it. I agree with JJ when she said 'when you lose a game of go you can always play another game but in real life there will be no second chances'. @fieza1871 HJ just said thank you to JJ for saving her. I think it hurt JJ more for slapping HJ. We can understand this by that flashback when JJ was beaten by the bathhouse owner. It kinda of pissed me off when HJ went to the rescue the housekeeper. It was just like how she acted with the doctor in earlier episode. The JogWang VP would not be able to hurt the housekeeper since JJ has already revealed it to the public. He and mayor Do are only using the thug to get rid of HJ.
  11. ha ha ditto. After 5 episodes i really wanted to believe that GHR is infact a double agent and she has been putting on an act to confuse people around her but now i'm almost convince she is something of an airhead.
  12. I re-watched ep3 and just like to make a few corrections if i may. About the toothbrush, actually our JJ was ahead of OTS and YN. JJ fielded another monk to pose as Monk Un San. If you remember a driver took the fake monk away and gave him a white envelope, as anyone who's familiar with Kdramas will know what that white envelope means. We saw later in the episode that JJ met with the real monk UnSan they spoke for a while and she gave him some candies. It looks to me that he has been living there in seclusion for sometime. In a scene before that, KYO was giving her orders to JJ to find the monk UnSan. From what i gather from the dialogue it seems KYO wanted to rid of the old man. She said something like 'he has live long enough and won't be too sad about crossing the bar' smh I assume its JJ who has been keeping Monk Unsan in hiding.
  13. oh so that was it, i was puzzled at why CDG didn't eat the drugged food. I can't believe that GHR was so laxed, i mean if she is an NIS agent she should at least be more cautious even if there were in the safe house and knowing that there is a mole in the NIS. Somehow her actions has me confused beginning with Michael's suicide and in one scene at the embassy in Morocco where she retrieved a recording from a hidden camera. She use her code name Elsa lol
  14. Thanks @bebebisous33 i must admit i'm awed by your detail observation of the events in episode 1 plus several other details that we may have overlooked. Reading your analysis made me look a the bigger picture when the mass is focusing on Jessica as the villain. Someone here mentioned that the plane crash took place in 2012 so the events so far has been a flash back and the scene in the desert is the present day?
  15. Well not one bomb but 2 bombs drop on Sabina lol First, the chairwoman insisted on an annulment for JK and Sabina's marriage but Sabina's pregnancy could hold things back. Now the evil mom is using the baby to plan her return at I & K and she is going after the shares that EJS left to EDJ. Second, the chairwoman found out that SNS caused the accident that killed Dr Cha haha great episodes 46-48. I believe Sabina is breaking down her and her weakness is JK. Looks like in coming episodes JK gets more reveal on SNS's crime.
  16. agree, and the way his walks looks like someone who is heavily built.
  17. I find it strange too that she set that boundary of serving only KYO and her children and not JJ and and JH because to her both are illegitimate. Could it be that she thinks JJ is not Wi Jang Soo's daughter? Because i also find it strange that KYO had a dna comparison between JJ and her mom's step sister instead of the Woosan's monk.
  18. It doesn't look like KYO is satisfied with the result of the dna test so off she goes to see the shaman again but JJ got to the shaman first lol. I like it that so far in this drama JJ is a step ahead of KYO. Yes, but she drew a line between her past and present employer not wanting to take part in JJ's revenge. I wonder if Butler Hwang was also employed by old man Wi. May be not since he literally disposed JJ and her brother at the garbage dump leaving them to die of cold and starvation. That must be a plus point for him to move in to KYO's bedroom lol. I almost laughed at YN's expression at the meeting on the factory fire. KYO must soon realize that YN just doesn't have the brains for it. What YN can do is to play dirty. From the preview it seems she is about to expose JH's secret. ok i'm borrowing @elan1 phrase 'is it me or is it just seem like someone was following YN and OTS to the apartment, ok waiting for some saucy pixs. That should counter JH's pixs.
  19. @ktcjdrama i believe JJ and JH have a special relationship. JH is the only person in the Wi family who cares for JJ when they were growing up and they became close especially after she found out his secret. It seems JH and JJ have some sort of deal to bring down KYO. Now i'm curious why JH is going against his mom. I didn't quiet expect the revelation at the end of ep3, that was quick. Let it start JJ gainst KYO full swing lol
  20. imo there is not a need for any romance in this drama. I find very good dramas out there with zilch romance like Confession, Stranger, Watcher, Doctor Prisoner. Leave the romance to the makjang dramas lol
  21. The charts says 'biological father'. Most logical explanation would be KTW's mom had him out of wedlock and given him her surname or he was adopted and raised by the hospital chief and the university professor. I wonder if KTW knows EP is his father.
  22. At this point i can't quiet put my finger on HR's character. At one point she come across as a nitwit especially at the beginning of ep1. That Ho Shik guy was telling her about the consul who's been arrested for taking bribes from a local drug gang and she tells him she isn't surprise because the consul's eyes often look drowsy huh?? In another scene she looks all serious talking on the phone with someone telling him/her she just returned from Lisbon and something about that suicide in Portugal. We were made to believe that she had something to do with it. I believe she may be a double agent and the NIS is just a cover. She acts foolish so as not to be taken seriously and in turn no one would suspect her. This takes me to that first scene in the middle of the desert from ep1.
  23. Sabina and her mom will keep on telling lies after lies to save themselves. I can't believe that EDJ almost fall for Sabina's lies, she should have wisen up after last week's episode smh. I really feel sorry for JK, after seeing him with Sarang and Mid Eum i can see that he is good man and doesn't deserved to be involve with Sabina. Ok now the chairwoman has found out that Sabina is Mid Eum's mom...clap clap clap. From next week's preview seems like another bomb will drop on Sabina.
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