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  1. I DONT care about the ending at all as it's only a drama. Just hope Ha Seok Jin gets a better role for his next drama. Well, his acting here is spot on anyway. Enough to garner his Jin character as the most hated character and the most heated debates among viewers of all the recent dramas. Im Soo Hyang can cry as well as her debut drama, Tales of Giseang. Haven't seen Jisoo in any of his drama at all. But can only say that he looks like Son Heung Min, my favourite Korean footballer.
  2. I'm only GUESSING as many of Jisoo's fans (please, I'm NOT INSISTING that HSJ is the main lead) insisted HSJ's only the 2nd lead and Jisoo will get the girl. As he's a racedriver, probably he may get into a fatal accident. Whatever, I hope it'll be an acceptable ENDING TO ME! I'll watch till the end even if HSJ gets a bad ending. So far I'm loving his "non-stereo typed role" here unlike his other dramas. Many kdrama watchers criticised his stereo typed roles. As I've mentioned much earlier, I hope fans here are civilised enough NOT TO FIGHT over the actors. I'm a grandmum of 2 and wil
  3. Yes, I'm like you. I'm here ONLY for Ha Suk Jin! And I'm also glad that he's taken a completely different role as his previous ones. Although he's well known for his previous arrogant roles, this Jin character gets me hooked right from the start. There's some ruthless streak in him to top off his charismatic masculinity! Not to forget his smexy well built body! Like you, I dont care if his character got killed off in the end as long as it's got a memorable end to it. Excited for the next episode and more to see how the drama will unfold Jin's complicated personality and Ye Ji's
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