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  1. @jadore1 thanks for your translation! Gu Yan Zhen has become one of my favourite drama male leads and is currently my number 1 as he is very interesting indeed! His character is so well written. From a playboy, man child character who developed into a filial, ultra patriotic and matured person. I'm not talking about his loving nature as he has it all along from the way he treats XX but also from how he treats his own step sister. I can only imagine how he'll treat XX once they're married! One thing for sure is he'll be henpecked by her!
  2. I cant believe that QMT could easily enter the army camp like her own home! As corruption is so prevalent, I assume she'd bribed the strict guard (who seemed strict with everyone especially the AMA soldiers) outside the camp! Lolol!
  3. In ep 20, GYZ's "fiance" was engaged from young to a family friend's son before. So it's quite common among the Chinese then (from whatever background) to have their children engaged from young. Talking about the sassy females in our gem of a drama, we mustn't forget YU JIE, Sg Guo's wife, who has been AWESOME right from the beginning.
  4. I dont think they have an episode depicting their engagement at all. (In Kdramas they normally have an official engagement party.) We the viewers are to assume that they're engaged as their families are very close and they are childhood friends. During those days (in the early 1900) it is taken for granted that they're engaged with parental blessings.
  5. How on earth did our GYZ get away with his "special" sexy haircut (we're not complaining though) when others had to spot the conventional short hairdo. I supposed he must have bribed the officer-in-charge just like what XX did with her 1st medical checkup (explained by someone here) as corruption was so rampant then. Xu Kai with his big expressive eyes, cheeky wink, sexy hair cut and the way he swaggers in his super long coat is killing me!
  6. Now I can understand why we dont get to see any kisses at all in our gem of a drama after watching ep 16 where GYZ was having lunch XX & her parents. When XX was rude to GYZ, her dad cajoled her for her behaviour and apologised to him and mentioned it was his and wife's fault for spoiling her. I was surprised when GYZ replied that he didnt mind as she was still YOUNG! IMHO, actually GYZ has always been very protective (unknown to her on many occasions) caring (getting hot water for her to wash clothes & later bringing them home to wash them) and tender with XX. Just watch the drunken scene where he wiped her face and neck so gentlely. And the scene at the bridge where he stroke her head and cuddled her so tenderly. YES! GYZ loves her to bits but knowing that she's so PURE & INNOCENT while staying together with her, he is gentlemanly and patient enough to wait to be intimate with her. We can just imagine how he'd act when they're engaged and married. If he were to date XMT, we'd see many kisses. Kudos to the director to hilight this. The final scene during the celebration after successfully escaping from the exploding building, had me in stitches! GYZ was patting XX's helmet so playfully like he'd do that to his own sister!
  7. Who would have thought that our uncouth and spoilt brat GYZ could be such A SMOOTH TALKER in front of XX's parents? His rhetorical skills not only impressed XX's dad but me as well! We could see the immediate IMPACT he had on her parents with his praises of her parents and they'd already approve of him as their son-in-law. In fact XX was taken aback by his sudden change from an uncouth guy to a polite gentleman. I'm NOT SURPRISED at all that GYZ really read those articles written by XX's dad and he's as well educated as SJS! So it's a MATCH made in heaven for our GYZ & XX!
  8. Thanks for sharing this. I took it for granted about this bribery because CORRUPTION was very rampant during that turbulent time and is depicted obviously in this drama. This drama really highlighted how the Chinese especially the poor suffered during the Republican time. GYZ from a rich and powerful family was living a carefree lifestyle and was apathetic towards politics until he enrolled into AMA when he learnt about the sufferings of the common Chinese people. Which is why I LOVE his character development a lot!
  9. Rewatching the whole series with English subs as my Chinese isn't good enough to understand 100% as the Chinese by mainland China is too difficult. And I'm loving this gem of a drama more than ever! At ep 9 (he already knew about her disguise) GYZ revealed to XX that he purposely slacked in his trainings so that she wont feel bad. She was 2nd last to him in ranking. Awww! How sweet of him to get some hot water for her to wash clothes as the water was cold. Best of all, he shooed her off and washed them himself. Our rich spoilt guy then decided to pack the dripping wet clothes home for washing by his maids of course. Our XX was astrounded by his sudden softening approach to her.
  10. @sakisuki Bravo! Your "A lasting Impression of This Drama" is very impressive indeed! It'll be a good recommendation for those who're undecided on whether to watch it or have dropped it. I've read a poster commenting that she couldn't stand GYZ's excessive bullying. GYZ was depicted as a rebellious spoilt brat with powerful family background. So it wasn't surprising at all to see him and his bullying antics at the beginning episodes. BUT his character transformation after falling for XX and his camaraderie with his military buddies is A REAL JOY to watch! Who'd expect to see a spoilt brat like GYZ washing XX's clothes? (I giggled so hard when he packed the wet clothes into a luggage bag home.)Who'd expect him to become close with a country bumpkin like HS? (If not for the army where everyone is equal regardless of family background) Who'd expect him to rescue JJ when told to escape on the truck? Who'd expect him to become so patriotic after seeing his buddies die and suffer? Previously he was only enjoying his life and was apathetic. So to me AMA has really fully developed GYZ's character to the max! And BEST of all, GYZ has found THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE in XX!
  11. " Dont be unhappy! Dont be afraid! I'm here!" said GYZ softly in his sexy voice to XX while gentlely rubbing her head. Then he tenderly cuddled and comforted the sobbing XX. What a manly and perfect husband GYZ will be! I died and revived myself to rewatch this scene at the end of ep 47 countless times. Still rewatching! It is THE BEST REUNION between lovers and it doesn't need any kissing at all. It is a military drama and is in keeping with XX's young and innocent character. She was extremely scared and worried while missing GYZ on the bridge and GYZ just had this telepathic understanding about her fear! This couple just doesnt need much words or any kissing to showcase their love for each other. Xu Lai & Bai Lu have brilliantly acted that scene to perfection as we can really feel their love for each other. @USAFarmgirl thanks for your very eloquent description earlier about them.
  12. Finally! We do get some lovey dovey scenes between GYZ & XX in ep 44 and I love them to bits! More so then skinship! Our lovebirds kept holding hands during dinner time in front of everyone especially in front of SJS! I was giggling with glee! I've learnt to accept the lack of kissing between them as the super cute moments between them have more than compensated me. Moreover the PD may think it is in keeping with XX's modest and chaste character and the drama has not touted romance as the main theme.
  13. It is so HEARTBREAKING indeed! Why must LWZ sacrifice himself just when his character has developed and become adorable and cute? (He and GYZ are perfect example of how spoilt and bratty rich guys can be tamed by the ARMY.) Love how he's bonded so well with the gang and the way XX teased him about his affection for the florist. He felt guilty for causing HS's death but he shouldn't have taken revenge on his own. Moreover he's redeemed himself by not leaving town with his parents (I cried when I see him kneel to them) and informing GYZ what he knew about XX's scapegoat case. Like HS's case, I know the writer is trying to make the drama more realistic but I'm praying hard not to see a few more of our favourite characters getting killed in the last few episodes.
  14. What an anti-climax! We had some sweet moments between XX & GYZ on ep 41/42 and then last night XX's military bestie HS got killed! I seldom cry while watching dramas but the way XX cried while hugging the photo of herself and HS really tugged my old heart. I was glad in a way that she wasn't there to see him die.
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