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  1. I wasn't in the mood to the watch the finale on Thursday, but I got through it anyway. It certainly didn't improve it. I felt really meh about it. I guess I wasn't the only one. It wasn't the worse finale, but it wasn't great. Didn't leave a strong impact. Tae Woo was too good of a person. I couldn't muster any feelings when he was aiming the gun at Leon. I knew he wouldn't shoot. It would have been more satisfying if he had punched him a few times before being pulled away. And for being the main male lead, he didn't do much. In Pyo's scenes were just ridiculous. I didn't care to see him to come back and try to redeem himself.
  2. The penultimate episode did not have much progress (common before a finale....). Time for mourning. Long stares, dramatic music during the staredowns. Ughhhh. Jae Hun's last scene took up a lot of time. The writer/PD just had make it super, super tragic and his conversation with Hee Ju was too drawn-out. I had to cry. It was all too sad.
  3. Omg no preview for next week! Just finished EP 27-28: The cliffhanger was intense. I thought Jae Hun was going to get attacked right then and there. Leon was more scary when he was unknown due to the mysterious factor and when the drama had the early violent/bloody scenes. He's still somewhat intimidating, just his friendly/smiley mask is normalizing his look. Idk. ^^; It's mystifying, but hilarious that In Pyo saved his own butt again. I thought he was going to be a goner until he revealed his backup plan. I continue to feel for Hee Ju. I really like her talks with Tae Woo. This week's episodes were better with the writing and character depth. There was a cohesiveness and a good build-up as characters learned that Leon was still alive and then to Jae Hun learning who Leon is. ---------- @lebeaucouple Thanks for sharing your view! I tried to quote your post and insert it here, but I failed. Hee Ju's and Jae Hun's relationship was on focus this week. I like that you mentioned how he was showing his weaknesses contrasting with her showing her strengths. Jae Hun was so frustrating in the first half, but I did feel a little bad for him after seeing him with his daughter and him wanting some time away from Hee Ju. So many things she had said to him sounded like she was speaking to a child. Yes, he was acting like one too. I can feel his sincerity though. He was trying hard to solve the problem for his wife, giving up his pride when he has nothing else to give. Certainly different from his character in the beginning. I realized that these two truly love each other. However, they have to fix their problems with communication and trust in order to save their relationship.
  4. Random thoughts after watching EP 25-26: They zoomed in too much during Seo Yeon's and Tae Woo's angsty scene. The emotional acting was good though, from when he simply revealed his feelings and showed her his ticket. ;A; In Pyo is scary and disgusting and not a face I want to see all the time, but man, I liked that he redirected his actions towards Leon now. They're both cunning and sneaky so it was interesting to see them try to outwit each other. Hee Ju!! She impressed me with her strong will and suspicions about Daniel Kim. Even with the corruption scandal, she didn't want to take his money. Rolled my eyes at Jae Hun. He was annoying as heck when he didn't trust his wife and didn't listen to her by seeking Daniel's investment behind her back. Hee Ju + Tae Woo working together wasn't something I thought I needed, but I do! /excited/
  5. Have to admit, the way they shot that scene was classic. LOLOLOL I actually thought about how he kept the knife after you had questioned it a page or two ago. I thought he could have gripped onto his sleeve cuffs to prevent the knife from falling out so it was parallel to his forearm the whole time. Guys beat him up, punch in the stomach; just hold on to his sleeves. Don't let go.
  6. I'm sure In Pyo is still alive too. I bet he will dig himself out with the little knife from his hotel room. The thugs probably didn't search him and he was still wearing the same clothes/robe. xD The actor who plays Leon reminds me of Lee Sang Yeob. Like an older version. Kinda? xD;
  7. Just a thing I noticed.. I like that the scenes used in the preview aren't delayed to the last minute during the actual episode. But there were a lot of dramatic staring moments. xP The action/suspense was less this week. People's true personas were revealed instead. Everyone has learned that Hee Ju knew everything and she's actually involved in the main issue with Leon. I agree with @lebeaucouple that the money trap wasn't explained well. It's crazy that Seo Yeon teamed up with her husband right now. I wish she and Tae Woo were working together. The show teased us with all those lingering touches and slo-mo hand scenes! Lol Baek Seung Jae is Seo Yeon's brother! That's a good little twist. I thought they had a close connection like ex-lovers, but this is better. A different kind of relationship and emotional conflict. He's shady, but I like that he's still trying to look out for his sis.
  8. At first, I thought Seo Yeon had an affair with Jae Hoon as an escape from her husband's abuse. To seek pleasure, comfort, or maybe as a distraction. In the latest episode, she revealed that she had been jealous of Hee Joo so that made me reconsider things. Perhaps she was that jealous to the point she wanted get her hands on something of Hee Joo's. She never looked like she was in love with Jae Hoon. Or even liked him much. More like she tolerated him.
  9. Something about that new cyber cop.... I don't know if we should trust him just yet. Kinda seemed like he wasn't taking Seo Yul seriously at times. EP 7 was a good intro/setup to the next case while also revealing a bit more about the bad guys/minions. It was a better odd-numbered episode than EP 5 lol. It was a little strange that the first emergency call called turned out to be 'false' and that the writer took time to include it. I wonder if they're gonna come back around to that case. Oh, and I'm glad they mentioned Tina and gave us a follow-up on her case. (I would have preferred her being introduced earlier before her case/episode happened, but oh well.) Detective Gu quietly breaking down by himself and dealing with the whole matter was heartbreaking and gave emotional weight to the story (EP 6). EP 7 ratings: 3.862%!
  10. I remembered his scene a little, but I forgot his name. I was wondering if he was gonna show up this season unless he was killed off. Was he Cricket? Yeah, it was actually annoying to me. Like I get it. He is healed now. But I never thought it was foreshadowing until you brought it up. O: Sucks if he becomes a target again. I wonder if the team members are going to be targeted or the enemy's main focus will be just Kang Woo. They were still excessive with his finger shots tho. -__- --------------------------------------- EP 4 was pretty good with the current case and wrapping it up well. Poor Hyun Soo. I teared up for him at the end when he saw Byul's lifeless body and especially when they showed how he bought the detectives time by hiding away the passport. Smart, quick thinking. The actor did a great job too. For a split second, I thought Je Soo was murdered when they showed his attempted suicide. But the moment I saw his neck was clear of any marks, I knew something was off so I was prepared for his escape. Sorta glad to see his demise is not going to be easy. The fight to take him down (either by the new enemy or Kang Woo?) should leave a bigger impact than the others. But I want to see a new face of the next, big villain eventually.
  11. I haven't watched EP 2 yet. Gonna wait for subs. xD But yay, some comments from netizens below: [Voice Season 3] Episode 1: Original Source (X Sports News via Naver): 'Voice 3' Lee Hana reunites with Lee Jin Wook, who's become a murder suspect Nationwide ratings for episode 1 that aired on May 11: 3.174% (cr. Nielsen Korea) 1. [+981, -8] The most chilling 'There you are.....' ㄷㄷㄷ so freaking chilling ↪ [+145, -1] That was also scary but when he photoshopped his family portraits, the faces were messed up and weren't the weird expressions hella scary? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah that was more scary for me ↪ [+119, -0] It was also chilling that he spoke Korean, that means he was listening to the conversation up until now ㄷㄷ 2. [+582, -8] Forreal it's really fun. I'm a person who really doesn't watch dramas but I kept up with Voice season 1 and 2. I don't have interest in dramas itself so I lived without knowing another season came out and I watched the premiere because it was trending on live search rankings but.. seriously.. it lives up to your expectations seriously.. Ah seriously all I can say is that it's fun ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's hella scary but it's hella fun ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It feels like the scale became bigger than season 1 and 2..? ↪ [+45, -1] Season 1 was daebak... The best psychopath of all time Mo Tae Gu ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ 3. [+426, -3] It's totally daebak from episode 1 - "There you are?" 4. [+416, -5] I can't go to Japan because I'm scared *cry, cry* ㅠ 5. [+282, -3] I thought I was going to faint while watching ------------------------------------------------------- Original Source (X Sports News via Naver): 'Voice 3' Lee Jin Wook treats Lee Hana coldly after seeing her for the first time after 10 months 1. [+284, -2] I seriously screamed out loud at the end ㅠㅠ "There you are....?" 2. [+163, -1] Team Leader Do Kwang Woo, exactly what happened ㅠㅠㅠ also today's episode was so scary but it was like a movie and ugh my heart, goosebumps 3. [+105, -2] Wow it's so freaking scary ㅜㅜㅜ my heart almost exploded 4. [+88, -2] Wow f***. It's so freaking fun starting from the first episode 5. [+47, -1] Scary ㅠ As expected, Voice is so freaking fun ♡♡♡♡ Source
  12. Hi yall! I've been lurking a while because I was annoyed w/ the Soompi login system, but now it seems different/better. -shrugs- Anyways, I was excited for Voice 3 and the premiere did not disappoint! It was great. SO SUSPENSEFUL! Specific *spoilery* comments: Kang Woo with his mean, gruff persona, ugh. I hope he loosens up and willingly works with the team again soon. I was a bit frustrated with his rudeness. The team got him out of trouble for the most part and yet he was still hostile towards them. He was rude and mean last season so I hope his personality improves sooner than later. EP 1 Ratings: 3.174%! Good start!
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