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10 hours ago, CamelliaLady said:


- this one is not one of the examples, but i thought it’s worth mentioning and have been wanting to mention it here for sometime. In the kookmin clan episode for the pairings whose secrets have a chance of getting exposed, i.e. sjh-ysc, lks-jsj, and kookmin, they show clips of each of their car rides together earlier that day except for kookmin’s. Until i rewatched this ep I didn’t remember they shared a ride alone for the first time? I thought that was sweet and it’s a bit unfortunate no clip of theirs was shown, otherwise we’d have gotten to see some kookmin interaction. 

This reminds me another intriguing kookmin related thing about this episode.   I think one of the shippers had mentioned this in a yt comment that they suspect the last drawing of chits to win levels might have been rigged to favour jsm because her secret that got exposed was ‘serious’ and it clearly made her uncomfortable and teary eyed. The reason that poster backed up their suspicion with was members body language and remarks like yjs emphasizing on the way he shuffled the pile of chits and kjk after finding out none of the other teams had the winning chit saying things to console jsm like see we ended up getting it because we were good to each other etc. On my rewatching i noticed another odd thing about the drawing that maybe pointing to it being rigged to make jsm to make her forget about the revelation of her secret. That is if they played it fair, the chits distributed should have been opened all at once to find out the winner because its a game of chance, no one would know who the winning one beforehand. But surprisingly while the rest of the teams opened theirs together to find out none of them won levels, kookmin waited until others and then opened their to find jsm has won 2 levels. Interesting!



This episode is one of kookmin's best ... and yes, the chits part is rigged.



look at LKS
suspicious... hahaha



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12 hours ago, CamelliaLady said:

 I have also noticed this pattern of behaviour from kjk a lot. When i became aware of it sometime back i thought it only started happening when they started to get closer to each other.

Same! When I watched the episodes in real time (in 2017), his aloofness makes me think, 'Ah, JK didn't like her'. I take his action literally as that. There were times that I think maybe he hates her a little bit.


But when I think he didn't like her, there were some actions of his just didn't add up to what I think. Why he awed over Somin's momentos (ginko leaf, childhood diary, christmas card). Why he suddenly hug her after giving her tofu. Why he became so friendly at the Camellia Hill in Jeju. Why he also hyped up when Somin failed to pair up with Lee Sang Yeob in ep e393.


When I started to root for them in 2019, I rewatched the early episodes. Man, just how wrong I was. His curiousity on her started from the very beginning. It is just me who misinterprated his actions. 


Here is some of my screencaps collection from early episodes.



Ep 364: He secretly glanced at her several times. Well she looked innocently sexy and beautiful in that golf player attire.



Ep 377: Another occation where he secretly looking her. 



Ep 387: Could it be he wanted to give the tofu to her from the very beginning? Because when everyone was waiting for his decision, his focus was on her.



Ep 392: While everyone was still in shocked after watching Suddering Package montage, he turned his head to look at her reaction.



Ep 396: When everyone tried to rip everyone's name tag, he stood at the side and watched her wrestled with Dahee and Kwang Soo.


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There is a high possibility that there will be no RM today. Turn out to be, the news that I attached before is an uncomfirm schedule. If the baseball game ends early, so RM will air, which is very unlikely. The game start at 2pm while RM at 4pm. Normal baseball game takes about 3 hours.


Edit: The baseball game was postponed to tomorrow due to raining. Seems like we can have RM as usual today. Hahaha.

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JK and Somin were in different group and went to different location. So their interactions were limited. But if you know what to look at, you definitely able to find the sweet things between them.


1) Their interactions as posted by Mandelbrot.


2) JK noticed Somin wore blusher. Men are not so free to notice or remember little things about women unless they make effort to notice. If a man willingly to put an effort, that means the woman is special.


3) He recognized Somin's friend from Be Melodramatic drama, the same drama that he said Somin likes during Dong Joon's ep. Seems like maybe he also watch that drama. 


4) Somin gave an excited reaction when she managed to be in the same group as SC. JK who usually smile when she acts cute had a serious face. His eyes followed her and he commented something about Somin (sadly I can't understand). There were other 3 guests who managed to form team with members but he only bothered about Somin. Lol, he didn't even bother about the member who's going to in his group.


5) He joined Haha to dig on Somin's university life secrets from her friend and so excited about it.


6) He enjoyed so much when Somin bickered with her friend. Even hope there is another plane to depart so that he can watch Somin-Chingu duo bicker again.

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Kjk oppa subtly defending somin’s stance when her friend was talking about the date incidents during college days is quite cute to me! Whilst he did not come too strong on refuting her thoughts, he sort of went around saying, maybe somin felt a certain way or it could have appeared so and so to somin. That was cute!!! 

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2 hours ago, Losdol said:

Kjk oppa subtly defending somin’s stance when her friend was talking about the date incidents during college days is quite cute to me! Whilst he did not come too strong on refuting her thoughts, he sort of went around saying, maybe somin felt a certain way or it could have appeared so and so to somin. That was cute!!! 


Honestly I found it to be quite shady that Ji Eun talked behind So Min's back like that while remaining a mouse in front of her. So Min tried to be as nice as possible in the situation initially, making sure not to blame Ji Eun for anything but Ji Eun had no issue dragging So Min and calling her out for victim mentality. Sucks that So Min gets dragged into another unpleasant situation week after week lately. Super unprofessional of Ji Eun considering that she came to So Min's show and So Min is her sunbae. 

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Here are this week's episode sub screen shot.  I will say that I had mixed feelings about the episode (not about kookmin) but they way JSM was treated.  





 As always, KJK was the first to notice or had good things to say about JSM. 


JS must have talked with JSM (haha how else would he know)



The guests arrive. 

The way that JSM is looking at KJK, and the way that she is reminding him of the show.  Have you ever played who is that with your significant other.  Your on the couch and they are like where do I know them from . . . and you chime in with the name of the actor and show.  Okay, so that might just be me, but I was so getting couple conversation vibes from this exchange. 



KJK was the one that said this below. 



I like how this looks like she is trying to explain to KJK.  TBH, she does talk a lot directly to him in episodes particularly when it is about past dating experiences. 

And they all do talk about it . . . 



Not going lie, the guys of RM were a bunch of gossips.  It makes me dislike the idea that women are bunch of gossips when I know plenty of men that are nosy. Lmao


Once again, only KJK can know the most about JSM haha.



Surprise . . . not a surprise at all, but the all female guests pick SJH and JSM to be their last choice for team members. 


I just want to point out the image above. JSM is looking at KJK when she says this and once again KJK seems nervous.  KJK could just be smoothing out is hair, but when he is around JSM his hand's seem to always find the back of the neck or fixing his hair.  


The fact is that JSM did not come between them and actually encouraged YSC this episode to pursue her.



Once again YSC is trying to make it clear he does not want JSM (no LL).  Also, in this episode YJS has to electrocute YSC to get him to say that he would date JSM.   Torture is one way to get someone to go out with you, but I don't think that is how LL are suppose to work (I could be wrong). lol  Next, week they are suppose to playing a newlywed couple which I expect to be hilarious. 



Ju Bin wanted to be partnered with YSC and has been a fan of his for awhile.  So, in the car on the way to restaurant JSM tried to bring up how sweet YSC is to their guest. They were talking about what kind of fish they were.  Someone mentioned that Ju Bin looked like Nemo (cute clown fish).  YSC said, that it really suited her.  JSM mentions that YSC said this about her.  JSM really wants YSC to be happy and so does KJK


At the restaurant this happens . . .



JSM wants YSC to sit next to the guest and encourages him to sit in the middle.



This is what happens in the other van.



KJK trying to clarify what JSM actually said because he did not want her misunderstood.

Okay, what KJK really says is "Aces".  Also, the way that he says it, like he is so proud that JSM is picked for being the best one.  This was sooooo cute!!! 



Haha says the thing about JSM below (at least based on who was talking at the time I think it was him but again I don't know much Korean). 


The talk about JSM playing the victim made me upset.  JSM has put up with haters since she started this show, and anytime they think she is complaining the haters say she likes to play the victim.  So, she can't publicly get angry or complain because she has to be the bigger/better person. The strength that she has not to yell at them every day amazes me.  When ever haters are called out on their behavior then they play the victim.


So now, we have a guest saying JSM likes to play the victim, some agreeing, and everyone else including KJK laughing.  Considering the next filming day was when all H*ll broke lose online by haters on JSM in regards to a BP member being kicked (yes, she was a victim of cyber bullying/trolls and no she was not playing one).  I don't want to be accused of being sensitive, but this whole conversation is really bad timing and really bad taste.  I know that it is funny to viewers that don't know how much hate she gets.  However, the PD and the cast know what she goes through.  I let it go with the other episode because I knew a lot of it was staged.  However, this time I did not appreciate the talking about her behind her back.   I am not mad at the guest because she was encouraged to talk and has never been on a variety show before.  I am just disappointed in the other cast members.  KJK was the only one really coming to her defense. 



The only things that made me laugh/feel better about what happened this episode was when she was allowed to vent as a plane went over head, and that her team won the game!! 



Sidenote: Haha did mention in this episode that no one ever calls out LKS for the low blows he gives and why do the winners always hurt the most (referring to KJK who has a bad back this episode and LKS was kicking and punching). I know that a lot of those kicks and punches were gentle or staged but some do land (Haha was really punched by LKS).  I just want to point out the double standard that many here and IG have pointed out.  When everyone else gets physical rarely are they called out but JSM gets war declared on her by haters.  They are so . . .:Furious: Okay, I feel better rant over 










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@Catch-22 I agree with everything you said, thank you for the detailed insight.



Honestly JSM has been going through A LOT lately on RM. She's gotten cyberbullied since she joined RM but ever since this shift in production, it's gotten worse. The LL has caused SC to constantly have to distance himself from her even though he's one of her best friends (rumor has it that he's dating someone and the gf doesn't like the LL jokes), her punishment of having to perform w/ BP (she did AMAZING and yet everyone was booing her off and stans blaming her for taking up screen time), the sisters episode where she was constantly put down and devalued, anytime she fawns over a male guest when all the guys also do that to female guests, etc. 


I know the guys mean well and adore her but sometimes there's a fine line between heckling someone for fun and it impacting them after a while. They know she has a self-proclaimed drinking problem, suffers from on and off depression and is struggling with the balance between being an actress and a variety entertainer. I wish people would just go easy on her.


I think the reason that she truly shined in Six Sense was because it was YJS who adores her and all three female hosts loved and supported her. There was proper girl power in that show which So Min wishes she had on RM and doesn't. I'm not slamming JH, love her too, but I've never seen her embrace SM which SM always backhugs her. Jessi, who SM barely knows and has only recently been friends with was so touchy feely and a proper friend to her on the show. The girl-girl support would have been real impactful and yet all I see is week after week of her being left alone and isolated on RM (of course not including JK, her ultimate fan).



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2 hours ago, Cassandra E. Bett said:

Sucks that So Min gets dragged into another unpleasant situation week after week lately. 

!!! It really does seem to be a reoccurring theme lately. Yeah she’s always been the butt of jokes and she takes it well but lately certain things haven’t been sitting right with me. And what happened in this episode is one of them. Especially when you could see Somin’s smile slowly disappearing from her face after being told what was said about her. I’d probably not think any of this was a big deal if it weren’t for the amount of hatred Somin has been receiving lately. 

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7 hours ago, Cassandra E. Bett said:


  Hide contents


I think the reason that she truly shined in Six Sense was because it was YJS who adores her and all three female hosts loved and supported her. There was proper girl power in that show which So Min wishes she had on RM and doesn't. I'm not slamming JH, love her too, but I've never seen her embrace SM which SM always backhugs her. Jessi, who SM barely knows and has only recently been friends with was so touchy feely and a proper friend to her on the show. The girl-girl support would have been real impactful and yet all I see is week after week of her being left alone and isolated on RM (of course not including JK, her ultimate fan).


 Now after understand what's going on in that car ride, it does give a bitter feeling. After watching Six Sense, how I wish Somin at least has a female member like Jessi to support her in RM. 


But that the fact JK's team chose Ji Eun's group to be punish makes me feel maybe that is some sort of revenge he did for Somin. Well, this maybe just me who try to potray him as a hero but honestly, I was quite shocked when So Yi Hyun chose to exchange with Jihyo's (the bomb was on SYH). JK's group didn't have any good card. So, changing with Jihyo is not a stratergy to win. And Jieun's team didn't do them any dirty.


Different with YJS's team. They got the bomb from YJS's team. Usually, YJS's team will be chosen as a payback. After all, Haha lost to YJS in a humiliated way and LKS played dirty while wrestled with JK. And there were two male members which makes it is more ideal for YJS's team to be chosen. Also it is funnier if YJS and LKS get punish due to their reaction.


But JK's team went for Ji Eun's which is weird because JK usually can't bear for females to be punish (there were Ji Eun and Ji Hyo in that group). I think we can agree JK has some sort of authority to influence his members to chose which group to be punish right? If my theory is true, most probably Jieun was not his target since there was JSJ who egged Jieun to talk and said sting remarks (i.e Somin leading people on group blind date) about Somin. Haha was saved since he was in the same group as JK.


After all JK already did this when he influenced Park Mi Sun to throw water to KS instead of Somin in ep 495.


Note: It is interesting to notice that Be Melodramatic is a drama that Somin likes in ep 513 but also becomes JK's favourite in ep 527. 

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I’ll be honest and admit lately I haven’t been watching the running man episodes completely. I skipped a lot since personally don’t like the new style of episodes or idk maybe I’m just burned out since I’ve watched RM every Sunday for a year. I mostly just skip around for scenes that look interesting and to catch some kookmin hahaha. So I don’t have a lot to say these days but I do bring you a link for the KBS joy my name interview, now subtitled to English. 

Kbs joy Somin


This is the same interview where the host recommended KJK to Somin lol from the 7:50 and forward you can see the conversation.

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I liked the episode. Yes, the whole victim mentality thing was unnecessary, but no fault of the guest since the members wanted her to say something by constantly mentioning it. 


But for me, the fun parts of the episode overshadowed it. Sechan Somin Subin was a killer combo, Subin even trended. The other members and guests did a great job too.


The members could have avoided bringing up somin with Ji Eun as it was clearly making her uncomfortable. But the topic did give her plenty of screentime, so it served a purpose. 


Overall, I enjoyed the episode. Better than 526. Not much Kookmin except the beginning, but that's fine. Hope KJK's back gets better !! 

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I thought I was the only one who will be sensitive about what happened to jsm in this episode. I don't really like how that guest told those things about somin and used the word "victim mentality" 'cause I am pretty sure that somin's haters will use that scene as an opportunity to hate on somin. I can also feel that somin is uncomfortable when the members said what that guest told them in the van. I was also a bit upset when the members keep on trying to bring it up considering that somin has gone through a lot last episodes. Yes, it gave her screentime and I usually don't worry with those type of things because I know that somin will be able to take it well. But this is a more personal matter and I am really worried what somin's haters can do about it. 


Overall, I'm still glad that somin, sechan, and sunbin's team won. Also, somin did really well in the jenga game. 

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It is not very clear in this photo but JK was smiling watching Somin celebrated her winning.



But PD purposely put this solemn face of him as if this is his actual reaction. So misleading. Even KS smiled while watching them.


Haha's reaction interesting though. While Somin's team celebrating, Haha said 'Ish, mouya' with annoyed smile and looked at JK. His face instantly became serious when he saw JK was smiling. 



I'm bored. So I decide to compile this to cheer us all.


Drama Be Melodramatic


Ep 513: He said Be Melodramatic is a drama that Somin likes. Notice that is Somin who likes it. Not him.



Ep 527: He recognized Somin's friend from Be Melodramatic drama. Now, he said he loves that drama. Meaning he also watched what Somin likes and also liking what Somin likes. I love Somin's gaze. This is what I mean when I said the way Somin looks at him.


Somin wore make up


Ep 496: Somin told him she wore make up on that day and he became her spokeperson by telling this info to everyone.



Ep 517: YJS teased Somin wore make up because of SC but JK debunked this by saying she already been like that since yesterday (ep 516 where SC was absent). He noticed Somin also wore make up yesterday (ep 516)



Ep 527: JK mentioned the blusher that she wore. That is very attentive of him to notice this little detail about her.


Other little detail he remember


Ep 524: He remembered the story that Somin told about how she took care of her ex bf who injured his finger. Same as the waffle shop near her house. He makes effort to listen, remember and notice little things about her.


Collection: 'When everyone s focus, we are in our own world'


Ep 514: Ahh... I forgot about this moment. Rare occasion when Somin is the one who's being sweet.



Ep 526



Ep 527


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