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  1. Apparently, dong jun and somin's leading man in a drama, together with their other two co-stars will guest on running man and the episode will be released on March. Will we see a jealous kjk? hmmmm.
  2. This episode's kookmin moments don't actually give couple vibes, but more on close friends vibes. I find it really cute and funny when kjk covered jsm's mouth HAHAHA. It just shows how close they are. I mean to who else kjk does things like that? Only to Somin. This is the reason why I don't want to assume that they are dating. Without strong evidence, I won't go to that assumption so I won't get hurt. Less expectation, less pain. Anyway, they are still cute together, though and will make a good couple. Hoping to see more cute kookmin interactions in the next episodes. uWu.
  3. Somin looks so cute during the opening. And I legit smiled widely when I saw kjk, haha, and jsm walking inside together. Jsm looks so happy during the opening. I wonder why, hmm. Also, I literally screamed when kjk complimented jsm. It's no surprise but we haven't heard kjk saying "you look great today" to jsm during the past few episodes. It made me think if he already said that to her before the shoot that's why jsm looks so happy and still decided to say it again in front of the cameras. About jsm wanting to laugh during the second game, I don't think that it's bec
  4. Hello everyone! I made a kookmin video. I hope you'll watch it on youtube! Enjoy!! https://youtu.be/a5KCpf5PDGo
  6. Ooohhhh I'm loving all of your observations. I just really hope that whatever they have right now, will last. I really hope that they are together and will find their happiness from each other. I also get this feeling that kjk is somehow ready to settle down but couldn't because of his career. He has changed a lot. If they are really dating or in love, I hope that it'll work and people will not hate on them just because of their personal choices, once known to the public. But even if they are just friends, I will still hope for their long lasting friendship and of cou
  7. I don't know but KJK looks very happy these days. I mean, he's glowing. About this episode's kookmin moments, I soooo love their relationship. They tease each other a lot
  8. That coffee truck picture made a great start for this year for us, kookmin fans.I'm so happyyyyyyy!
  9. SO MANY KOOKMIN MOMENTS IN THIS EPISODE!! I couldn't upload the photos but there are times where they mirror each other's actions. During their yuturi game, KJK keeps on complimenting Somin even though she landed on the bomb spot at her first try. But when the guest landed their piece on the bomb, he was annoyed or acted annoyed. Also, have you notice? Kjk is becoming unlucky in games nowadays while Somin wins games without cheating. They adapted each other's luck. ㅋㅋㅋ
  10. The part where haha asked kjk why does he love his team with a teasing face. And the members are also smiling (esp seokjin) like he is also teasing him. I don't think that it's just me being delulu 'cause it's really unnecessary to ask that. Also why would kjk love his team so much? Is it because he can control YJS? No. He can also control YSC. In fact, it would be much easier for him if it's YSC. Is it because of Ryujin? Maybe. But they are so close already. Is it because of Somin? Maybe. We are not sure of this. But do y'all
  11. This episode was not what I expected. I thought that it's gonna be scary asf. But in general, it's still nice. The twists are great even though I already thought that sukjin will be the other protein monster. I didn't expect that they will choose kjk because it seems obvious. lol anw, I thought that we're not gonna have kookmin moments this episode because there are a lot of spartace moments. But I really like the poem scene and also the ending. "How could you look into my eyes..." caught me off-guard. I also thought that kjk was actually confused to who is in the pict
  12. AHHHHKKKK! We got sns interaction from kookmin. Somin's post: (I used google translate and I needed to fix it to make sense lol) 'I asked like this while walking on the way back. "Will there be a greater happiness than this?"..."Yeah, It might be." The amount of happiness was much heavier on my side to the extent that I bet on the possibility of it. The last one is good to be near from my house. As it is the way to go back alone and learn to cry.' Kjk's song is about heartbreak. So when I finally understood somin's poem, she really is a good writer as she
  13. this episode is funny. Dongmin and Taehyun was hilarious! On the other hand, Somin didn't become as sly as she was before. She didn't even betray Mijoo and they won the second place. Also, the cowards team are funny during the escape room. They freaked out over nothing About kookmin interactions, I laughed when somin thought that her partner will be jongkook. Lmao. There are only several kookmin moments but I'm contented. Also, I'm excited about the next episode!!!!!! I love horror/suspense/thriller episodes of running man and I've watched them all. I can
  14. and he looks so proud when somin didn't receive penalty like he's proud of what he did and very satisfied of the outcome.
  15. Somin seems to be lowkey in this episode. I don't know if she's tired or sick. Nevertheless, there are kookmin moments that really made my heart flutter. 1. During the 'dangerous outside the blanket' game, it is only somin's turn when he suddenly stood up and came near her. Then what did he say? "you'll catch a cold." Not really the direct line but that's the context of what jk said. 2. Somin escaped and I don't know how. We all know that she doesn't have enough money. But what bothered me more is what jk said that he will not let her receive penalty. I mean, how?? Th
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