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  1. I saw the same thing!!! But I didn't want to say anything. I was on instagram and saw that in one of the recent big picture episodes, it was assumed that jong kook was interested or is potentially seeing someone/ has someone in mind. The PDs of the shows were talking about how they think HaHa oppa is responsible for theem getting pregnant or having babies (obviously as a joke) and then HaHa said "then everyone should touch my nose (to bring them pregnancy goodluck I guess)" but jong kook added "I should avoid touching you then, because that will be big trouble for me" (something along those lines). I read the comments and people were saying why would jong kook say that if he is not seeing anyone etc. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that, yes this episode JK did seem to be trying to avoid contact with SJH. This could really be for many reasons but what I can definitely say is that he did not avoid somin like that (except for maybe when she fell after spinning and ks/sechan/HaHa helped her up lol). I am not saying what ppl might be thinking but I am just stating what I saw on screen. When HaHa won the game for them, you see jong kook's reaction was to turn to ji suk jin who he was leaning on (I can't remember if he was leaning on him, but they were standing very close) and cheered with him, but somin's instinct was to turn to her right were jong kook was standing but at that point he had turned to ji suk jin so she turned back....but then jong kook noticed and still grabbed her arm to cheer. With SJH, she was genuinely excited when they won the last game and tried to grab jong kook's arm but he moved it away. Also when the camera intentionally filmed jongkok and somin sitting together with their backs turned, and kwangsoo came to block them, the camera zoomed in on jihyo's face (she looked a little sad no? Don't know why but it looked like she was teary eyed...but obviously not for the reason we think but my question is why does the camera zoom in on jihyo's face when kookmin interact nowadays. Might be a coincidence but it's just interesting) I am trying to write this from memory so I can't remember the specific details but at least you get the idea
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