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  1. For me what I have noticed is that if SBS tries to ship two single people together the more they are likely to be a business couple. JK and HJY were the same to me. He may have entertained the idea of the two of them possibly being together but it always felt one sided to me. Not to say more than that because I'm just a viewer but I noticed JK cut off the HJY ship after the last sbs award when she gave a superficial reason why she liked him (cannot remember what it was but it was not a sincere reason in my opinion) Jaesuk said it himself on RM: JK and HJY should not date and JK a
  2. I slightly disagree when you said for them to stop being shipped they need to win. Slightly because I think it's more down to the production team and members. I believe the KS SM ship was highlighted in the first SBS award ceremony RM attended after getting new members. Their ship won the award (even though they were not being forced like chanmin was). Then somehow at the second award ceremony they were still being talked about. The MCs teased the KS SM ship about it and they were made to seem real (hence KS's dating announcement the following week or so). Basically onc
  3. To me it was inevitable. I think part of the reason is to maybe protect Somin from the haters? We all know RM is notorious for the JK JH ship even when there is nothing going on between them. I think Somin and sechan are playing their part well though lol
  4. I understand where you are coming from. From my knowledge it's only been a few times he's 'protected' her from receiving punishments. I'm a fan of Somin first before RM and have seen her get the punishment so many times. The only difference now is that KJK chooses not to afflict pain on her if he's involved in her punishment or warns her about getting the punishment (but she never listens lol). And from this episode he made it clear his intention s and loyalty which I'm sure Somin will remember in future episodes. Maybe it's time for Somin to catch a break from penalties? We are al
  5. As for RM haters picking on Somin I feel it's time for something to be done about that. Maybe it's the fan in me but it seems to be getting to Somin and she's a bright and cheerful girl who overthinks a lot (like she acknowledged herself). I know this is a kookmin forum so I will link it to kookmin in a second. RM were low on ratings for sometime and were about to risk the loss of two main members for the sake of helping the ratings. Somin and SC are a blessing (idc what the haters think). So I feel protecting Somin will be the right thing to do as a permanent member. All this ang
  6. I have been a silent reader here just because I love Somin's interactions with the OG members and one that caught my interest is with JK himself. It is a different type of interaction and they work well together. I also agree that RM has become a little...uninteresting in the last few episodes. I don't even watch it through. I mainly skip through it or not watch at all. Could be because of my previous statement (my interest in seeing Somin interact with the OGs) but I've noticed Somin has been pushed to YSC as some sort of safety net. Since they came on the show together I realise
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