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50-50 point no.2 not for others.

sometime somin posted her photo with male friend especially before she join rm, she posted her photo with sechan too. If kjk or members like her photo with sechan they are real? Somin x sechan loveline real too? For me others point only for show.

its not like im kookmin diehard fan because i gave up a long time ago for other reason but still following kookmin for their chemistry and their sweet moment (friend or lover)

if kookmin are real lover 1000% very happy  


1 hour ago, Rare said:


I think KJK already gave up and they are just friends now. I felt that he truly had feelings for somin but he wasn't just somin's type. KJK is really transparent and easy to read whereas Somin knows how to play the game.

Somin already made it clear that he is "Just Oppa" to her when;


1.Somin always mention his ideal type of guy with kjk. And its the opposite of kjk.


2.Somin posted a photo of her and oh dong min and Kjk liked the post.


3. Somin chose Kwangsoo over Kjk which made kjk disappointed.


4.Somin physically pushed away Kjk when he tried to join her team in one episode.


5.Somin chose Haha as the most good looking over KJK as to not give KJK ideas or hope.


6.Somin shook her head "NO" when she answered Haha when he asked her if she likes kjk during dance practice.


7.Somin treats all her oppas the same. She is affectionate to all of them. 


8. I think all the RM Members knows that somin doesn't like KJK romantically because they don't tease them everytime KJK tried to insert or include himself in the Love Line of Chanmin. They don't want to give him false hope too because they know that he isn't somin's type.


9. I think Somin's turn off by his rudeness and temper. Whenever somin get pissed off of KJK she cursed at him and calls him mean and rude.


10. Somin is always active in teasing KJK with SJH,Kang Hana or jin young. She wouldn't do that if she have feelings for kjk.


I love kookmin to end up together but im just being realistic here.


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Edit: better quality...      

Once again  . . . sub spoilers.   I won't be able to do this every weekend, but I just had to share (so enjoy the Kookmin moments).  Besides,  these sub spoilers are never as good as watching the epis

That awkward moment when you got caught staring at your "crush" and now you have to pretend like you're looking at someone else.   

1 hour ago, JoJo8676 said:

Reality wise, since we don't have a direct admission from both sides, we can say that they are just friends.


Here's my two cents on this topic though::lol:


As a woman, when you are with the person you like, you will not actually describe him exactly as your ideal type. Instead, you will identify the opposite. This is based on experience. Because, if JSM describe JK as her ideal type in public, for her that can be considered as a form of confession.:D


Liking SM photo with ODM. Probably JK knew that there is nothing going on between the two hence, it is okay for him to have seen Somin and Dong min together. I believed, JK mentioned that in the latest episode that it's okay for his gf to have drinks with her friends as long as she called him afterwards. Haha (correct me if I'm wrong here). Also, JK have photos with his female friends as well.


Choosing others aside from JK. I remember in one episode, JK blurted out that even if Somin would want to choose him, she will not do it for some reason. This happened several times. But JK still managed to be teamed up with her (maybe he really wanted to get to know her). There are instances before where Somin distanced herself maybe because, she also wanted to avoid her feelings to be developed. JK also doesn't like Somin at first and he also distanced himself from her. But things took turn, JK grew fond of her when he get to know Somin even more.


On the note where JSM answered "NO" to Haha's question whether she like JK. Of course, she wouldn't admit it even if she like him. She will be embarrassed if she admitted right away that he likes him. Imagine doing the dance (which is too much skin-ship for her) with the person you like, it will be 100% uncomfortable for her. Hence, she just denied it to avoid being awkward and avoid any further issues as well.


I also think, maybe a few not all, knew about their real status. There were a lot of instances where YJS and JSJ for example have matched them and giving highlights to kookmin. Even teasing them.


In recent episodes of RM, we can see how close these two are. They always stick together even having conversations in the parking lot or even during set. Anyway, whatever their relationship is either friends or lovers, I will still be happy for them. For now, I'll just enjoy their interactions. :wub:


Sorry for this lengthy post. Have a good day! :D


Disclaimer: No pun intended in this post. Just sharing my point of view. :D No hate just love. Peace out! :kiss_wink:



Also, when haha asked somin if she likes kjk, he has a really serious face. There's 2 possible reasons. It's either it's a face of displeasure or face of real curiosity. Kjk and Haha are very close friends so Haha knows a lot about KJK. I really think that KJK has feelings for somin that he is trying so hard to avoid. Haha, on the other hand, knows about it that's why he barely reacts when kookmin is being teased. Maybe because he doesn't want to add fuel into the fire as he knows that KJK is resisting his feelings for JSM. 

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Catching up on the shows. Just watched 6 sense and in the 3rd restaurant, Jessi mentioned JSM and the guest, Young Kwang looks very good together and JSM as the love frog was happy. In fact the rest of the girls also agree with Jessi.



But our YJS, immediately put a stop to the idea all together. Yes, he always tease JSM but he was like so serious in stopping any idea of her looking good with the guest. Hmmmm, I wonder why...


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Ok anyone who’s seen my comments before knows I’ve never really 100% thought that Kookmin are currently dating. Just mainly hoping one day they do but some of the reasons being used to say they can’t be more than friends is a bit of a reach imo. But I’ll just talk about some since a lot of you have already covered the main ones.

3 hours ago, Rare said:

Somin posted a photo of her and oh dong min and Kjk liked the post.

I don’t really see the issue with this. Whether or not Kookmin are dating why would it be weird for him to like a pic of Somin with someone she clearly considers a friend? 

3 hours ago, Rare said:

Somin chose Haha as the most good looking over KJK as to not give KJK ideas or hope.

She picks Haha because she thinks Haha is the best looking. She’s been saying this since before Kookmin got as close as they are. It hasn’t got anything to do with her trying to not give him hope.


3 hours ago, Rare said:

Somin treats all her oppas the same. She is affectionate to all of them. 

I disagree with this not because of shipping but because she has different dynamics with all the members. She is affectionate and loves them all but she does not treat or interact with them all the same.


3 hours ago, Rare said:

Somin is always active in teasing KJK with SJH,Kang Hana or jin young. She wouldn't do that if she have feelings for kjk.

I don’t think I can remember her being active but either way I think it’s important to remember that RM is a variety show. I know that’s obvious but what they say and how they react to lovelines doesn’t really mean much.

Kwangsoo has been in relationships while on RM and still played the “love giraffe”. The  cast kept pushing him to different women until he went public with his current relationship. Haha was flirting with pretty much every guest until he announced he was getting married. Monday couple was shipped by the cast regularly and they both definitely were not single the entire time they were on the show together. Somin has played her love frog character one way or another for the last 3 years and you can’t possibly believe she hasn’t been in at least one relationship since she’s joined RM. 

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Somin and her superstition beliefs lol~




JSM to YSC : Someone is thinking about you. That's what a loose belt means.




YJS to JSM : Why do loose belts mean someone is thinking about you?

KJK to JSM : Is it true? 

JSM to KJK : Yes.




KJK to JSM : A pimple on the forehead means someone likes you.

JSM to KJK : That's due to hormones. (LMAO) 

KJK to JSM : That's what I heard.


*yesterday's episode





so in this clip you can hear (earphone on) Somin said "Omo! hehe" while looking at her loose shoelace. And then saying "Who's thinking about me?" while looking at Jongkook. :shaq: 







Jongkook little smile tho~  :please:
Anways, my two cents about KookMin current situation is to "just let it be". If it's meant to be, it will happen. For all we know they're probably dating someone else right now. If, god forbid one of them decided to be in a relationship with anyone out there and go public with it, respect their decision and find the courage to let this ship go~ Don't put the blame on them because it's not their fault, its just how emotions works sometimes. But until then let's just enjoy their chemistry and this crazy roller coaster ride with our beloved KookMin.

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surprisingly, fans also like kookmin but as siblings because they ship spartace more. Tbh, I like them more as romantic couple than siblings relationship. But whether siblings or couple, I'll be happy either way. Though my heart will be VERY happy if they do become a couple. Just want their happiness

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Just a Reminder.

We Got an 'intruder' try to paint themselves into same color as us here. A Chameleon. 

Just Becareful.

Don't get bait by them.

Shipper with desperation like them will do anthing to bait us. Lets them be dont tag them so they can leave silently so we can continued our shipping.

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Do you guys realised JSM has improved in her foot volleyball? I looked back and first time she played was during her and YSC anniversary programme, ep 398. During that time, she was very clumsy and don't know how to judge the ball etc. But in this ep, she's so confident in the game. She got coaching from the strict coach? :smirk:

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This is not related to running man but I'm sad that the next episode of the sixth sense will be the last. I thought that the show will be running continuously . I wanna see more of somin and jessie interactions. 

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In the recent MUD episode, when Sang-min try to set up Jessi with KJK, Jessi mentioned JK sees her as his little sister and he agrees.



KJK always said it - he will not date family. So far, I have not heard him publicly says JSM is his little sister or family. Even when YJS teased him on marriage with JSM, he only laugh. Until he publicly acknowledge JSM as his little sister or family, we still have HOPES....... :approves:

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Question: What is the best method of winning arguments with a girlfriend?

Number 3) Being romantic is the best. Kiss her so she stops speaking.




JK: Number 3 is my style.


This reminds in in that MUD ep when he went to HJY's house. His way to sooth his angry GF. By kissing her :wub:.

As for Somin, she suddenly smile when she read the answer No 3. And dreamy smile at that. Hahaha. After all, the No 3 solution is very cheesy. Photo above gives you idea what will she see if she turn her head to the left.



Somin: Me Number 3

And looking to her left while smiling. Both of them like the same thing :joy:.



Though they were not in the same group, they still discussed with each other. Actually, we can see this kind of scene very frequent. They somehow find some way to communicate with each other. Either talking across the room or enough just by looking at each other. 


Not sure whether you guys notice or not but he is so attuned to her name and her voice. When somebody said her name or he heard her voice, he will instantly become alert.



This is a scene from ep 393 (too lazy to find example from latest eps). He was drinking water. But he instantly turned his head when YJS said Somin's name. And he still do this until now. When somebody talking about Somin, he seems like can't help himself from joining the conversation. Same goes to when he heard her voice. 




Note: RM air as usual this Sunday. Thank goodness.

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