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  1. yes, check the last pic. not sure but looks like kjk is teamed up with jsj and jsm with lks. lks was in yellow that day and the girl in blue jeans and yellow shirt looks like jsm. kjk is in red with the shorts.
  2. There are a couple more instagram accounts to follow: This has some really sweet kookmin moments from many episodes. Another one came up recently and is super cute
  3. i love how new posters are coming in and adding their observations and little details but i get worried when we bring in the other ship. you might be doing it without any malice and are genuinely curious, but let's be careful. i am a kjk fan and don't want his instagram to be turned into a party zone for haters from the other shippers and extreme jh fans. already i see so many comments blaming kjk. kjk's fans rarely do the kind of protective defense one sees on jsm's ig. it is easier to leave hate comments there. he also knows english so he will read all that they are posting. please don't add to that by bringing in comparisons like these. this will only bring more trolls here and more hate for kookmin. sjh had a loveline with kjk and was more in favour of it than kjk was, so the camera might be zooming in on her reactions for that reason. when jsm said she had her coffee date with kjk , there was zooming in at that time as well. it's just RM PD trying to add drama. let's ship kookmin but without worrying over how close kjk is with sjh or anybody else. they are friends and colleagues and they are at work, let that be. it is fine to analyse kookmin skinship but please do not compare it with his skinship with someone else. already there is sominjongkookcouple account doing exactly that, bringing in hate for kookmin by triggering spartace fans, making it seem like kjk is avoiding sjh or doesn't like her. that is really sad. they are all colleagues. i am sorry if i am being a party pooper but please think about the big picture when we bring in other people and ships while discussing kookmin. there is plenty to discuss about kookmin skinship and interactions without needing that. if you want to do it and i can understand the curiosity, don't do it in a place where it can be misinterpreted. kookmin's friendship or dynamic, or whatever it is that we love about them, cannot be defined by close skinship alone. . we can see the trust between them growing and the friendship deepening and that is also something we can be happy about. i am enjoying your discussions and new insights, but this is my worry. we need more rm fans to support kookmin if they become something more and that can only happen if we ship peacefully. ours is a small fandom and we are just gaining fans, so all of us have to be more careful than bigger ships. thank you!
  4. i wonder how kjk explained lks suddenly popping in for their coffee date when it happened. did kjk say lks was feeling bored and was begging to join them and jsm, poor girl, believed him? :))) lks breaking the bro code and betraying kjk was hilarious. kjk went into panic mode immediately and tried to shut him up but the damage was done. the pds laugh when a sheepish kjk pulls jsm towards him claiming they are close. trying to appease her? ;))) kjk, you have my sympathy. jsm suddenly messages when going by the date, valentine's day is around the corner, asks him out for coffee and a very panicky kjk tries to call up all his dongsaengs because he can't say 'no' to jsm. still worried, he calls lks to make it look like a RM hangout but he doesn't want to hurt jsm's feelings by confessing he is scared of getting caught alone in public with her. kjk has come a long way from there. it was after that he started commenting publicly on her ig, invited her to his concert and started posting selfies with her. sorry i just can't believe kjk brought men handsomer than him on his coffee date ;))) regarding the comments, i check the live comments on naver. some of them are comments to videos, some are comments to articles and some take me to sbs's running man forum/board. ~ soompi is addictive btw :0 ~ i don't get time to make videos these days because i am always spazzing :)))
  5. on my channel, the koreans who comment all like/love jsm and find her cute. like i said in the channel comment section, the video with the highest views has jsm as the thumbnail - more than 160 k views. there are 2-3 korean kookmin fans who leave comments on my channel regularly. as far as knetz comments are concerned, they enjoy kookmin interactions because they are refreshing. they like kookmin when it is natural. the top comments for the kookmin coffee date episode were how kookmin are more natural compared to the loveline. but if kookmin will turn into a loveline, many might hate it too. when jsm's mom wanting kjk as son-in-law was brought up , the comments which said it is a loveline were less than those which wondered if it will work with the age gap. as of now, most consider them as kookmin siblings than as a couple. just like with some of the international viewers, i guess kookmin puzzle korean viewers too. at least some may be observing their interactions with a bit more seriousness than the regular viewers. yesterday, when i checked the message board after the episode aired, one comment was that kjk is always at jsm's side. i hadn't watched the episode yet so i wondered what was going on. after watching the episode, i realised that poster was right.
  6. perfect!!! you have a special talent for these edits. they capture the truth somehow :))))
  7. i guess the 'favorite dongsaeng' required special coaching on what is there is in the museum. such a sweet oppa! i also want to be a favorite dongsaeng ;))
  8. @MandelBrot i understood it in translate but can you post in english how you became kookmin fan? :))
  9. @Benji D marriage is definitely on jsm's mind. based on the article for this episode and whatever little i understood watching that part, jsm said she would get married instead of having to do embarrassing things in front of male guests. when jsm did her first live video the day before kjk's birthday thanking her fans, she said she will find someone and live longer. i believe there is something going on between them and the more i see kjk, the more i feel he wants to settle down soon. it will all depend on RM. do they want them to wait? if so, how long? also, in this episode all the members were on the same team. later when they broke into two teams, jsm was not on kjk's team. yet kjk uploaded pic with jsm which for me is a deliberate choice. it is not like the weather was suddenly so good as to warrant a picture. that jsm was the only one who commented on the pic shows she knew it was meant for her in some way. lks and ysc didn't comment on the pic though they were there as well.
  10. @Benji D you have gone far far ahead than the rest of us :)) if that day comes, our first job will be to get hold of that white dog in Gongju. it needs to stay alive till then to be the ring-bearer ;)) i haven't seriously thought about this part at all. as a rule, i am against talented female celebrities putting an end to their career just because they got married. i see it as an incredible waste of talent. i also don't see having a family and having a career as mutually exclusive things. since i am getting to know jsm, don't know much about her views on this. she does talk about marriage a lot on RM, as something which she has been waiting for her entire life. so that definitely is a milestone in her life which may not be true for other female entertainers. i also feel that if kjk gets married, he will start a family soon because of his age. so if he is getting married to a female celebrity, starting a family may take priority over other things for some time. in that way, marriage may mean for both of them something that requires prioritizing family over their careers at least for some time. all the things you see may be then getting ready for a phase which requires a bigger commitment in that sense, not necessarily the end of a career. i don't think we can compare jsm with yjs's wife or so ji sub's girlfriend. jsm is an actress-entertainer much more popular than yjs's wife was or so ji sub's girl friend is. haha's wife is a singer who continues to have her career even after marriage. last year, haha took care of their baby because he wanted byul to have a comeback. i also don't think we should judge the public reaction based on a few instagram haters. from whatever i have read and personally experienced on my channel, koreans love jsm. they love kookmin interactions. what they hate are lovelines that go nowhere. so if kookmin is going to be another loveline, they will hate it for sure. but if kookmin get married, the reaction will be different. it is real and i am pretty sure netizens will not tolerate haters who bully them just for getting married. even the agencies will intervene. kjk is a patient man but i don't think he will stand and watch if the woman he loves is getting harassed for that. i also don't think he is a coward to make his wife to go into retirement just because of a few bullies. if there is one thing i know about these two, it is that they don't care who hate them as long as they are true to themselves. as far as i know, jsm has nowhere mentioned music show mc-ing as something she has always wanted to do. i just see it as another great opportunity for her this year which just confirms that she is getting bigger as an entertainer. i also don't see her bagging the role as something that requires extra help. jsm is someone interested in music. she attends music concerts regularly and is considered to be a rising entertainer, not to forget the winner of an sbs top excellence award this year. Her drama too created a buzz and many knetz loved her character. it is no surprise that she was chosen for the job. even when sbs made a promotional ad for their shows, she and ysc's bro, yang se hyung were chosen to star in it. so i think this is just a phase in her career where she is getting picked for bigger platforms, not as the end of anything.
  11. thank you for your posts. i translated and read it. agree with your assessment of kookmin. kjk looks comfortable with jsm and initiates the interactions. even when he is teased romantically with her as in jsm's mom wants you to be her son-in-law, he enjoys it. even when he is told jsm's mom thinks the age gap may be an issue, he doesn't say 'yes'. he instead says he is happy he left an impression on jsm's mom 'for now'. if kjk wants to, he can stay away from jsm so as not to encourage those teasing comments. yjs already asked him once if jsm is his girl friend when he took part in the rock, paper, scissors for her. he left a comment on jsm's post which made hwan jin pd tease them together. but kjk, unlike how he usually is, isn't bothered with the teasing :))
  12. Love your discussion. I am a bit busy, but can't help join in the fun. this reminded me of the episode with the first ever role-playing kjk had with jsm where kjk mentioned how he would reply to a crush if she asks him whether he is sleeping. i don't know whether something has been lost in the english translation, but "everything except thinking about you" gave me similar vibes. If his GF wanted to hear "I am thinking of you", he is being a tease and foiling those expectations by saying "everything except thinking of you". Isn't he doing the same here acting like he is about to say "i like...you" (i noticed the suspenseful ellipsis after the i like) and then saying "I like...skipping". He may be punning on the word skipping she used to mean spring is too short, but what is the need for that "I like"? or else what jsm wrote means something more than what we are seeing to which he is responding. hwan jin pd definitely realized he is flirting with jsm, hence he asked them to hold hands and skip.
  13. based on this https://www.italki.com/question/407664?hl=ko, seems like he means to say 'i put on airs for once' or 'i acted pompous for once'
  14. @VinTae everyone has their reasons. some fans may be feeling protective over their biases, some fans may not want kookmin to happen because they ship him/her with someone else. i had an experience like that with a neutral sounding commenter on my channel recently. once you follow their activity and understand their bias, you see through them. so don't take these things to heart :)) with many fans of older members including kjk fans, there is a neat division between old members and new members. i don't see it that way may be because RM has been one of my favorite shows, but not the only show. kjk has done other shows and made other friends too. finally, what matters is not how long you have known someone, what matters is how soon you connect. in the case of jsm, because of her personality, feel she has connected with the members including kjk in a way most new members couldn't have. i feel the force of her magnetic personality and that is why kjk and jsm becoming so close this soon makes sense to me :))
  15. i have shipped kjk with female celebs who may not be the fan-favorites and have followed his other popular ships. at the moment, feel kjk and jsm have something which can help fill up what the other lacks. the personality differences can be a bonus but it can also be an issue if not handled well. so my policy is i will ship as long as that feeling stays in me. when that feeling 'these two people can have something beautiful if they get together' goes away, i will move on. whatever has to happen between kookmin has to be organic. i know some jsm fans have wanted her to guest or feature in the show in some way for some time but it can happen only when people see them as close in public. now that is happening. kjk called jsm his favorite dongsaeng, she attended his concert with her parents, her mom met him and wondered if he could be the 'one'. there is a story to tell and that is what variety shows look for. perhaps it will happen in the future :))
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