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  1. i have been rewatching the last two episodes and feel a bit worried about the situation. as long as rm doesn't address the hate so min receives for no fault of hers and shoves it under the carpet, this will continue. i do worry about how this is affecting her. whatever you say, it is not humanly possible to be impervious to all that hate on a regular basis. it affected her brother enough to make a post about it. so what about so min? i believe she is holding up because she has good people by her side but sometimes even that is not enough. when i watched the hollywood stars episode,
  2. if there is a marriage, i feel there will be signs even before that. that is what i meant by the breakthrough. it is now all chanmin on rm and kjk has stopped interacting with jsm on sns. last time, kjk, haha and se chan sent a coffee truck for jsm's drama but this time, there hasn't been any such overt gestures for her movie. there might be indirect support which is why jsm attending jang hoon's show is interesting though it could very well be kingkong. anyway, from whatever i have seen of jsm, don't think she is the kind to wait indefinitely. that is why i give it one year. i a
  3. i am not sure if kjk helped her and her 'my name' costar get that interview. so min is part of a good agency now and had participated in 'knowing brothers' even before this. that said, last year so min attended a mall opening in Anyang which kjk also attended some days later and that seemed like kjk's recommendation to me. however, this could be her agency's effort as well. anyway, we don't know how much jang hoon knows. from the questions, got the feeling he believes kjk is single and since he insisted more on kjk than ysc, seems like he believes there is a stronger possibility in
  4. you can watch this https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1QZ4y1G7G7?from=search&seid=1866937954947069884 from 7:51 waiting for the subs, but this is what i understood. jsm's answer to both ysc and kjk is that if it doesn't happen in 3 months, it is not possible. when kjk gets mentioned, her costar also looks a bit curious and not completely convinced when jsm crosses her hands. then jsm insists he is just oppa. after that, in response to seo jang hoon who talks about the 3 months, she responds to how when people get to know her closely, they think she is better as a friend. after that
  5. I didn't watch the fortune telling episode with jsm and her 'my name' costar but based on the articles, seo jang hoon did ask so min about se chan and jong kook. jang hoon told jsm that she seems like the kind who is ready for marriage. but he told her that should be careful with men and that people with huge expectations about romance like her can end up in the wrong relationship. she might think this is the man in my destiny and end up choosing wrong. jsm then said that she is unable to meet the right man and though she is able to throw the bait, she is not able to catch it. ja
  6. when i read your comment at first, i thought there was no way that could be the case. my guess was that kookmin may have had discussions because they do hang out a lot. since jsm loves talking about her love stories to others, there isn't anything surprising in kjk knowing them. that is true ... but something did smell fishy to me on a re-watch. perhaps it is my delu just like with you, but it is a strong delu nevertheless. jsm specifically asked for the colour of the scarf and when it was revealed as black, everyone said it was an unusual colour. now in cases like this, the liste
  7. i watched only the opening subbed but i feel the episode was set up more for sjh than jsm. The premise was that the guys used to see sjh more as a woman once upon a time, but that down the years, they see her as one of the boys. so min has only been on the show for 3 years and they still treat her as the maknae. i also don't think jsm's appeal was her beauty in the first place or her being able to make their hearts flutter the moment she met them. kjk himself has said that she grew on him over time - 'the more you see, the more you like' and it must be the same for some of the cast. lks and
  8. @MandelBrot can you please zoom in on the handholding? suk jin's face at the back i will interpret it as 'they are not the loveline ... pd, what to do?' interesting that when sjh and others objected, yjs brought up yeh to tease kjk: 'are you done with yeh?' lol well, kookmin are not even the loveline, but when they have a flirty interaction, everybody is like 'too much chemistry'! it was also nice to see it was jsm who suggested that kjk should sing the BGM though it was lks who initially offered to do it. i hope somebody translates the english lyrics for jsm. it is a great song f
  9. were the cast having a break when haha shot this? if so, jsm came near kjk's car and later opened the door and at 2:29-2:30 seemed like trying to make eye-contact. he seems to have noticed and also at 2:37 when she shuts the door and leaves. it reminds one of that incident with a woman's eyeliner in kjk's car. kjk's cheese to jsm today: 'aren't you uncomfortable sitting in your chair because of your wings?' the theme of the episode was to fawn over the ladies, so taking all of it with a pinch of salt. still, even with both having different lovelines, i thought there were eno
  10. from: kookminapril twitter something to look forward to tomorrow. we will see kjk acting sweet to both women though i think we will have only a bit of kookmin considering chanmin is the loveline. yet, why idoes everyone have the usual "what's going on?" faces when kjk is being a wee bit sweet and gentlemanly to so min. so minie looks so touched!
  11. i think she has already chosen since the flowers se chan showed in the preview are on the table. even if she has a choice, i think she might choose between se chan, haha and yjs. i will be very surprised if she chooses kjk. judging again by the opening preview, it is chanmin on one side and spartace on another. so they are likely to stick to those combinations. however, sjh could choose haha as well. anyway, it is all about making it a good day for the ladies, so the guys would all be trying their best. i am not hoping for a lot of kookmin, but something must be there. they will al
  12. it reminded me of how so min reacted to the hand hold after the hula team finished off their dance. everyone else is smiling. generally, her expression gets a bit frozen at times like this and she has a fake laugh. she started laughing properly after haha said ji hyo had married once. if you watch so min in places where kjk has had lovelines, you will notice similar expressions. her smile is somewhat frozen which is why i believe she could have feelings though she generally acts cool about them. i was also surprised by her reaction to the imaginary scenario of
  13. a very interesting episode indeed. whenever it came to questions about jsm, kjk seemed to know a lot. one was about her break up style . he seemed to be telling yjs as much as jsm. they sure must be having a lot of deep conversations for him to know her that well. the second time was when jsm was asked about what she would like to hear from her boyfriend tonight - say something sexy in a sweet voice or say something sweet in a sexy voice and he was the first one to say "i think i know". of course, the way kjk looks at her when he roleplays is intense, but i was also impressed by the silence
  14. some kookmin tidbits from the last episode. sorry about the quality
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