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  1. Like others pointed out, jsm was not showing any interest in hwan chi yeol's team. chi yeol even mentioned that he had won with jsm and might have expected her to pick him again. his syllables were also pretty easy to answer, yet jsm was not moving from her place. jsj can be seen prompting her, but she didn't move. even when the first female guest recited her syllables, jsm was not answering. like kjk said, she is good with words yet was not answering. i felt she was pretending not to know them. i thought she wanted to stand beside kjk for a while longer. it is only when they assemble for the line ups that kookmin get to stand near each other, so perhaps that was a reason. kjk looked so thrilled when jsm won. he looks happiest when she wins against him/his team. the twinkle in his eyes is precious. whenever he gets a chance to praise her, he keeps praising her - like how trendy her lyrics were. similarly when yjs said her "pick me" line was funny, he joined in saying "it was perfect". it reminded me of last episode when yjs said "So Min is charming" and kjk out of nowhere had to add that she is the type you find more the more attractive as you see her. also, when jsm was reciting her poem, kjk looked so rapt in attention. i think he enjoys listening to her voice. whenever she says something, he is all ears. there were kookmin fans wondering on ig whether kjk would have been so enthralled with jsm's lyrics when they were not close. may be not to this extent, but one of the first times i noticed how fascinated kjk was with jsm was when she brought her childhood diaries and started talking about them. he even told jsj to shut up so that he could listen to her. it was the same with the christmas letter where he looked fascinated. i also felt kjk put a lot more effort into his poem this time than he would have before. earlier, he would have just wanted it to have a twist, but now i think he cares about how the words sound too.i also found it funny how kjk's poem for ysc was so sweet like what jsm would write while jsm's poem for jsj was the kind of poem kjk would write. it is like their personalities switch at times. i was also reminded of how kjk's dad was seen reading a book of poetry on their Canada trip. @MonaLisa97 Thank you for your support. i am in the process of making my video. i really enjoy reading your insightful posts from an april born's POV. keep them coming.
  2. i don't think jsm will post pics from private gatherings where she is meeting her bf on her instagram. may.two and lpm_autumn, the owner of kimbrosis cafe seem to be really close friends of jsm. she and he have been friends for around 10 years. they usually hang out together at the Grand Mint festival which is coming up this october, so one more reason to catch up. i don't know if it is a pattern but i have noticed with jsm that she often meets up with her friends when kjk is busy or on vacation. the day jsm posted a picture at kim bro sis cafe, kjk was having a concert. now kjk is on his concert vacation, and jsm is coincidentally or not meeting up with her friends. i am glad she is in a good mood and having fun with her friends while he is having fun with his friends. i think it is a healthy thing to keep renewing your old friendships even if you get together with someone. something else i observed; it could be a coincidence. last time kjk went to Canada with his dad and wasn't coming online for a few days. jsm then posted an emo post with clouds on 11 july and haha teased her asking her to write a poem. the very next day kjk started posting his ig stories and he kept reporting his activities for the entire trip. that was so unlike the kjk of old who would practically go missing from his IG once he reached LA. we had to get news of him from his friends' ig. i think that is what @Laijana meant. this time, from the time his flight landed, he has been giving regular ig story and post updates and jsm too has been really active from then on. i was reminded of what jsm said while defending yjs in the "along with the gods" episode. yjs would keep calling his wife to tell her he had reached wherever he went and jsm found that very romantic. i don't know if it is because of the fan curiosity about jsm's possible bf or if it is jsm teasing her fans and keeping them guessing who "that man" is. she posts her pics without revealing who is with her and after a day, the person with her reveals himself/herself.
  3. This was the segment where they talk about jsm's drinking habits and how she picks fights when drunk. the way kjk moves his eyes and nods his head, looks like he has experienced the laser beams
  4. thank you. i have to check this out.
  5. based on rm's and variety show history, if there is a loveline on the show, it is most probably an indication that the feelings aren't serious enough. lovelines require exaggeration and acting for the sake of it. if you have serious feelings that need careful handling, neither you nor the members would make it as part of a loveline. so just take lovelines on shows for what they are meant to be. jsm's policy after her public breakup has been that she will make her relationship public only when she is sure of marriage. she also said that when she is in love, only her close friends know. so i really don't think jsm would enter into a loveline with ysc where she is naming the man she is interested in, if her feelings are deep enough as the song confesses. all we know from the song is that there is a guy out there she likes, we don't know who he is because she hasn't told us. that is what you do when you want to protect the developing relationship. in ysc's case too, i don't think he is foolish enough to let a real life relationship be risked for the show. He also had gfs while doing RM. he had one when he went to NZ with haha where he video-called someone, then there is the air hostess lks mentioned who raised his temperature more than the questions about jsm and though he says he doesn't have one right now, all those pointed questions about his nickname for his gf in one of the quizzes were just too coincidental. whenever questions about his gf come up, he goes tongue-tied which all show that he wants his private life to be protected. i also go by the vibes i get. there are chances that jsm and ysc could develop serious feelings in the future where a close friendship could turn into love but then the song would be different and their personal vibe will be different. the man in the song seems more kjk than ysc. i read this yesterday from a chinese kookmin shipper - even kjk's 'one man' has the line "There’s a man. Who can’t even say I love you" which goes along with jsm's song. ysc and jsm have a close and comfortable friendship but the kind of tension you expect when there is physical attraction is missing for me. jsm can joke she wants the yang brothers to fight over her because she knows it is all for fun. the mock-flirting she does with ysc, she does with the male guests and even with se chan's brother. though kwangmin was not a loveline, even there jsm could ask lks, 'do you like me?' with kjk though, she can never ask that question and even when haha asks her 'do you like him', the otherwise eloquent jsm doesn't have the words to confirm or deny them. then there is all that weird tension where jsm acts completely unlike her playgirl self. i also don't think kjk, of all people, would be needed to intervene in this case because ysc-jsm have the closeness to handle it themselves. they knew each other even before joining the show, even before knowing the other members, so they must have common friends and also hang out together. i also don't see much help from kjk with their loveline. all the ysc-jsm moments happen when kjk is absent from the scene which is a weird coincidence. when he is present in a scene where he is with just the two of them, he in fact does the opposite. when ysc interrupted kjk-jsm when they were having steak, both of their expressions were like 'why are you here? can't you read the scene?' jsm should have looked shy and happy to see ysc when she least expected it but her expression was like 'why did you have to be here?' kjk, if he knew jsm was writing a song asking ysc to confess, should have left them to themselves or even made them sit together. instead, he threatened to punch ysc so that he would end up unconscious outside and even in the picture they took with the restaurant manager has put himself between ysc-jsm and has his arm around her. kjk, if he was so perceptive, would also not have gone ahead with the couple dance with jsm. it was an intimate dance and jsm was even ready to dance with ysc so as not to burden kjk. if so, he should have read the scene and scolded ysc for not acting like a man. but kjk maintained the dance wouldn't work out with others - either lks or ysc. i think the reason jsm and ysc kind of seek out each other at the end of fanmeets is because they are the new members of the show. they aren't used to doing fanmeets. every fanmeet is for them the precious moment of being accepted as RM members by the fans. here though, the surprise was that kookmin, instead of celebrating with members with same memories, chose to celebrate with each other. i also don't think yjs meant it literally when he said jsm must be the happiest person there. she didn't look happy when she realised there were going to be no male guests and the members would act as if they didn't want to be partnered with the female members. she also didn't show any particular inclination towards ysc in the selection round. as long as members had to fight for her, she was happy. even the loveline moment with ysc where she confessed he is her dream man was an imitation of sunny's words to kjk. for jsm who must be happiest to just stand with ysc, didn't it seem like she was still too caught up in kjk-sunny conversation? so when yjs says jsm must be the happiest today, perhaps he was trolling her? yjs is the one who set the loveline up before the fanmeet, but this episode, he didn't mention ysc at all when talking about jsm's ideal type. yjs said she will set her up on a blind date like he usually does and when kjk said, "her charm is the kind which grows on you", his question was addressed to kjk - "did you not realize her charm in the beginning"? jsm's word was 'fools' perhaps meaning that that yjs (and kjk) set her up with fools, not that her man is a fool. as to the song being in banmal, isn't that what suits a straight-talking song where jsm goes all out 'ya kim jong kook .. confess or disappear'. she does address him as kim jong kook when she is mad and he is not around, so for a song like this, i wouldn't be surprised if she uses that tone. in ysc-jsm's first anniversary episode, jsm wanted the members to use banmal for one hour. she must have meant talking to the older members in banmal so i get the feeling her secret wish is to speak informally to some of them which includes kjk. finally, a song is a song even if it is written for someone. it is meant to entertain an audience and make them identify with the situation described. the lyrics have been credited to both jsm and young bae, so he must have also given inputs on how to present the song.
  6. yes and when Tiny posted that, i thought of the kind of girl kjk was talking about all last year as his ideal type - a girl with bright personality . as for those pics, my belief is yours is not too far from the truth.
  7. haha yes. kookmin is a really great kdrama. i love your profile pic from one of my favourite kookmin episodes. can you make gifs from old episodes since you are so good at it?
  8. i felt all members were pretty tired and low on energy after the fanmeet and that showed. the jokes were not half as funny and they had really exhausting missions. i wish the pds had given them something lighter so they could all enjoy. i noticed that when jsm decided to accompany jsj to help him, kjk was slightly disappointed. he said "is somin going too?" afterwards, kjk went on a rampage saying he was dissatisfied. :))
  9. i wish! as of now, i think it is the third - ”Please understand how I feel and just stand by me” the mv was released on aug 2, so this is much before the korean fanmeet. when i look back on episodes after the first couple dance practice, one reason why the pds might have been so careful with the editing may be because kookmin skinship definitely increased on the show where it was kind of becoming obvious they were really close. looking back, it surprises me that the show let us on the kookmin couple dance only when the fanmeet episodes were airing. they were trying to set up other lovelines for kjk and jsm, so part of me can understand. however, it could have been hyped up more and used to create a loveline which they didn't do. kookmin relationship seems to be much more real for those kinds of artificial set-ups.
  10. love her expression. she looks so motherly and tender-eyed.
  11. wonder how many jsm pics kjk has on his phone i bet that if he is really asked about this pic, he will say he meant to take a pic of the fox but jsm got in the way.
  12. i think with kookmin, we need to take things calmly. it's too early for anything to be said, but based on whatever i have seen, some things seem clearer than the rest. jsm's song, while it might reflect real life experiences, was written to be performed for an event and would have been generic and general enough for the audience to identify with. i don't think she or even yjs would allow her to write things in there that can give indications of her real life status. yet, i think there is something deeply personal and true in that song which we also find in the poems she posts, which are very different from the flippant way in which they treat her love life on RM. i think yjs was worried about that song since it can, like he kept saying, make the guy uncomfortable. it is definitely pressurizing if the guy is not ready. i feel the rm guys all know jsm's guy - in the waffle episode when jsm was asked about the nickname she would like for her boyfriend and she said "gas station of love" . kjk said "a song might be written with that title" and looked pleased, jsj immediately made up a song about it and haha too joined in. i also feel that whatever ambiguous relationship kookmin have, it has gone past the "do we have feelings for each other" phase. i feel they both have feelings and the confession jsm is talking about could be more about him making the big confession. kjk had previously said that he doesn't believe in saying "i love you" casually to his girlfriends since if they break up later, those words would be meaningless. from whatever kjk has said on his shows, i think the idea of getting married pressurizes him and he likes to take things slowly and steadily. so a confession for him would be a big deal. that could be one of the reasons yjs looked worried about the song since he knows it could potentially freak kjk out. coincidentally, i could see some of that when kjk was listening to the song. that is what makes me feel he could be the guy. kjk looked really nervous and tensed in a way he needn't have been. kjk is too experienced to be that nervous about his song and jsm's song was getting really positive feedback from the audience. yet, i think the song also worked some magic by the way kjk reacted to jsm afterwards. after observing kookmin interactions on the show and earlier fanmeets, i had thought this fanmeet would be very emotional for kjk and had prepared myself to see him celebrate with the old members first. love is love, but since this was about rm and he has the most memories with the others, i thought it would be the most natural outcome. the best i had hoped for was a little side hug to jsm which jsm would reciprocate briefly. that was all i had hoped for, but what i saw left me speechless.it must have been emotional for all the members. it is their first korean fanmeeting in 9 years and that dance routine demanded months of hard work and effortless team work. jsj said in his radio show that he felt really emotional after the dance. it must have been doubly so for kjk since he was fired from the show. the original members go so far back, so it makes sense for him to celebrate with them first. yet, the first person he looked to celebrate with was jsm and that too in a really intimate hug that we have never seen on the show. their dance move was difficult and i am sure jsm must have gone out of her way to lessen the strain on his back during practice, but almost everybody worked hard on that dance. going by what yjs and kjk said, the members had promised beforehand not to do emotional stuff and kjk is someone who holds back the most. this may be me projecting, but i think there were emotions there he didn't want to hide and those were reserved for a person he has known only for the last 2-3 years. as far as we saw, he didn't hug anybody else and joined the group huddle after jsm joined it. lks had to pull him inside the huddle next to jsm and there too, after yjs touched her head, she put her face close to kjk's shoulder in a really intimate move. during the song and talk later, kjk was content to stand next to jsm and talk to her though there were many things going around him. it was also not like jsm was really emotional and needed support. that was a really unguarded moment when i felt i saw something of the real them. there were no pds to tell them what to do and i don't think they cared during that moment about what the older members would say. so that is a big plus for me. yes, he must have freaked out, but he enjoyed that feeling as well. kjk had limited his interactions on sns till the last fanmeet episode was over. there were days when he wouldn't even like posts by his friends. it was the day after the fanmeet that i saw him liking some posts after a while. two days later, he posted his first photo after 2-3 weeks and that too in which he was mainly talking about jsm and tagged her. she was also bold enough to comment on his post and since then looks bolder about it. kjk has also invited her for his year-end concert in public. i don't go by what i see on rm to judge kookmin interactions since all the best things have always happened off the show. after the fanmeet, kjk and jsm hung out with yjs, lks and jsj judging by what yjs said. kookmin also went to the lks movie together a few days before the episode was shot. jsm's brother tagged jsm on his calobye post. so plenty of things are happening off the show. i think the rm members like yjs who knows them personally and haha who is finding similarities between his daughter and jsm know how to give good advice. if things have to work out in a relationship, they have to go through a process. let things proceed naturally and steadily for now. PS: i am really happy about the support jsm is getting from haha, kjk and her friends on instagram. i believe haha realized after what happened that he needs to be careful with his words on insta in a situation when jsm is getting so much hate. haha has been really positive. byul posted a really beautiful post about jsm and kjk has also been actively talking to jsm on his insta though he likes to troll her. jsm's agency has also stepped up, verified her account and we are getting a lot of positive response to her on korean news sites. i have to say though that jsm being the beautiful soul she is, has really great friends (in and outside RM) who call her beautiful and show the world their support.
  13. yes, that is what makes it interesting. also don't forget. this was filmed just after the first concert episode. jsm's confession song hadn't been broadcasted when they filmed this. I feel episodes filmed after this week may have discussion about kookmin sns interaction because the article released today mentioned it. Wonder if they will discuss the couple dance and jsm's song.
  14. . haven't seen the full episode, but from the clip, when jsm walks in and is about to stand at the end near ysc, kjk signals to her to stand next to him. jsj then teases/picks on jsm about something and kjk teases jsj immediately. this is the scene from the articles. i am not sure about it, but this is what i get from the translate. it is not much. members were picking peanuts and making jokes. jsm said peanuts are cute or her ideal type and yjs asked her to wait and he will set her up on a blind date. i think yjs said jsm is attractive and kjk then said jsm's style is the more you see her, the more she appears attractive. yjs asked kjk if that meant he didn't realise her charm in the beginning. kjk said he thought jsm was just a weird kid. lks joked that kjk used to go back whenever he would meet jsm on the street in the beginning.
  15. I don't think anything big will be said either way. from what I understood, yjs when he said jsm is waiting for a blind date got the response from kjk that jsm's style is the more you see, the more she appears attractive. jsm felt pleased on hearing that but kjk added that when they first met, he had found her weird. then the article talks about kookmin siblings having awkward early interactions and how they draw attention with their sns interactions. keep your expectations low I think it is a slight acknowledgement that kjk finds jsm as an attractive woman but at this point, I don't they will go beyond that. this episode was shot after the first fanmeet episode was aired when jsm's confession song was yet to come out so perhaps the talk will be more general?
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