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  1. honestly, i am totally deluluing with their "lovestagram" these days what else to call it?
  2. i saw wook min's ig post. so min must be so worried about him. it is more sad to know no passerby helped him when he was in so much pain. i hope it is nothing serious and he gets well soon. the jeon siblings deserve all the love in the world. anyway, his noona will be there for him just like he was there for her.
  3. i go with my gut feeling as a shipper when it comes to kookmin progress. i get the feeling jsm's sickness has somehow deepened their bond. they had a 'some' since last year and could have gone quite close to dating. it was more bubbly and exuberant, like fresh love but also get the feeling they hit some roadblocks last year. ever since jsm's sickness, i feel there is a difference in kookmin interactions. it is more obvious in the case of kjk but it is there with jsm as well. kjk does take more care of jsm and she lets him take care of her. these are two important things. kjk can take care of jsm since she is his hoobae who has just come out of a month-long illness. however, no one talks about them as kookmin siblings anymore which is totally weird. even in this episode, when kjk was helping jsm with the blind, somebody could have said 'it is kookmin siblings after long'. nobody did that. i would say everyone looked awkward and the only person who tried to say something was yjs who said they look like members from a sports uni. kjk smiled at that but there was nothing more to his reaction. jsm was also silent when she is usually the chirpy one when it comes to doing a task. even with their second interaction, there was again that awkwardness where the members didn't know what to say. even kjk and jsm were weird. jsm went on like 'i completely trust jong kook oppa'. she said it a couple of times and their interaction was too sweet for variety. lee sang yeob mentioned 'you guys are too nice' and yjs prompted, 'just wait and see what jsm does'. lks had to make the excuse that they are like this when they are by themselves. so the whole betrayal act seemed like something they had to do because otherwise it would be too boring to watch them being sweet to each other. being sweet is good screentime if you are the loveline or if you are sweet siblings. kookmin are neither. however, after the mock kookmin fight, you can see that jsm looks dull. even when the other members exult over scoring over their sunbaes, she doesn't do that. they have been like that in the recent episodes - mostly together, more skinship, more whispered conversations. even when jsm moves back, she moves back to where kjk is standing. in the bus too, she keeps looking back at him and when they break after they reach the next location, she pats his biceps in what looks like an intimate gesture or a comforting one. when jsm stands a bit in front during the limbo game, kjk taps her so that she will move to where he is standing. in the past 3 episodes, i feel there has been something more that has added to their being closer than usual, but that is not directly related to kookmin, so won't talk about that. i also feel jsm lets kjk take more care of her when earlier she wouldn't depend on him in public. i think that is also something positive because taking care of a person is the way kjk shows his affection. jsm is someone who tries to put a happy face whatever happens. she tries to act like nothing is bothering her even if she is sick or upset. if she needed some help in the past, she always went to the maknaes. these days though, she is leaning more on kjk and i think he likes that. from whatever he has said before, he likes taking care of his girl. there is more of a harmony between both and i pray it takes us somewhere. in a way, jsm falling sick would have given the two of them a phase where they had to interact more outside the show and its demands. jsm also needed her friends to cheer her up and support her and kjk also realised what it was to shoot without jsm. one huge turning point in kjk's life was when his mom fell sick. he understood then that his mom was not going to be around forever and that he had to cherish her while she was still with him. before that, he used to think he would work hard for a day when he could enjoy his life with her. after that, he started prioritizing his mom's present happiness. so perhaps when someone close to you fall sick, you start thinking about your relationship in a deeper way? still a long way to go, but happy to see their emotional bond deepening. i also look at jsm liking kjk's video as something interesting. we know jsm is a spontaneous person and naughty at times. she went into peek at kjk in the sauna when he was naked, but that was 2 years back. she is much more cautious on RM and on instagram. she hasn't ever posted a pic with him, except for his picture on the 401 tonkatsu she posted along with that of haha. she also hasn't liked his pics and videos in a while though we know she does see his stories. i don't think she would have 'liked' what was a pretty hot shirtless video if she was in a cautious phase. she has also started recording her daily life through her insta stories and sometimes they seem too coincidentally connected. just pray that everything goes steady.
  4. i would say individual fans are protective of both. individual fans won't go either way unless there is confirmation. jsm fans are doubly protective these days because of the haters. shipping comments that go against the loveline won't get encouragement because fans fear it could lead to hate. however, i get the feeling they might be keeping an eye on kookmin interactions. on rm jsm dc inside, there were a lot of gifs from ep. 508 - kjk protecting jsm from haha's balloon splash and holding her during the first game which are basically things shippers focus on. they are definitely noting their closeness and those gifs get a lot of comments, but at this point they are like "kjk is being protective/well-mannered" etc. kjk solo fans are also noting their closeness and posting gifs, but just saying stuff like that they are too cute or that it is amusing how close they have become compared to how awkward they used to be. that is all we will get from official boards and accounts for now.
  5. we are not the only ones. there is a k-netizen who also thinks kookmin are dating. this was under previous episode's naver video about jsm's boyfriends. 'in my personal opinion, kjk and jsm are dating since last year. the RM members also seem to know. yang se chan and jeon so min are being linked together just for broadcast purposes'.
  6. sime i checked mine. she is still liking it. jsm usually doesn't unlike things she likes. she is pretty consistent. it is funny how after one month and even with another update about kjk being happy and grateful the same day, she chose to like this one. guess this is what brought her happiness :)) priorities! hope kjk posts more gym updates. who knows we might even get a comment from jsm .
  7. she did? that makes it all the more suspicious.
  8. Not necessarily because unless you are publicly dating, you are treated as single on any show. we don't know whether jsm was dating at that point of time. besides, the other girls on the list too may have had boyfriends. kang hanna too must have had a BF at that time if she talked of breaking up last year. i feel the context is important. this was the time when RM had set up a loveline for kjk with sjh with the marriage forecast and teasing them about sitting next to each other at the awards dinner. kjk probably wanted to put an end to such speculations. i feel the other girls mentioned here are not important as only hjy and sjh are important and who kjk will choose as his ideal type among the two. as for jsm's exclusion, she also had just won a couple award with lks and after the tofu episode with the fake proposal, there were kwangmin fans rooting for them too. that could be why kjk or his friends didn't think it was advisable to mention jsm in the list.
  9. i was trying to recollect when jsm started following kjk though i could recollect when kjk followed her back. confirmed from kookmin weibo that So Min started following kjk on 16 dec 2018 and when i checked, it was the day before the level up race where kookmin clan was formed. it is the episode at the resort where kjk informs jsm that it is a good place for couples to visit and that it gets very pretty when the lamps are lit. jsm vows to visit the resort again when she has a BF. towards the end of the race, jsm asks kjk whether he will join her clan and like a romantic couple in a drama, they run away together in the snow. kjk also clicks a picture of jsm in the backdrop of the lamplit snowscape. it is the first pic jsm posts taken by kjk. kjk started following her back on 22 jan 2019, the day after the RPG race when jsm's saporo poem was mentioned which was about finding it hard to reach someone. around valentine's day that year, the lonely jsm asked out kjk for coffee and he left his first comment on her snow heart post. in a month's time, he had become a regular commenter on her romantic posts. she was also there at his first comeback concert in about 9 years where her mom reportedly started seeing him as a SIL candidate. so i don't know how people can just see them as siblings and miss out on all the romantic vibes they give off. of course, they could go into oppa-dongsaeng territory if the feelings don't mature, but right now, feel there is something there.
  10. when they were discussing kjk's insta story on jsj's youtube channel, jsm said "i too saw that" which means she does look at kjk's insta stories. it's funny how jsm has also started insta storying now. so he is chilling with coffee and she is making pottery. thanks for letting us know. are thursdays jsm's pottery days? it's been three weeks now since she has been posting those pics. i hope once she recovers fully, we get news of a new project. i would love to see her play a character like that played by after school nana in the new drama from My Embarrassing Days team, Memorials. i saw the teasers and couldn't help thinking that jsm would also have been a good fit for that character. i would love to see her work together with that team again because the female characters are well-sketched and quirky. the new KK profile pics of jsm present a sharper image of jsm, so perhaps in her dramas, she might move away from her quirky image and choose more mature roles. i would love to see her do that as well.
  11. no, but in the 2018 story, the witness mentioned she had pulled her cap down so it was not possible to recognize her face. that means she does take some caution when it comes to talking with her BF. but of course, we don't know. it could be that she was not in the mood. or it could be that the guy wearing the mask already has a GF and didn't want to be caught in a rumour. then again, all these stories wouldn't have been aired if they were about people the cast was meeting at the moment because kjk says there are no stories here that cannot be aired. they might make some of them uncomfortable as it relates to past relationships, but not things that would have dispatch snooping after them. finally, we should try to support the people we ship. jsm has gone through one of the hardest phases in her life with an illness that took her out of work for one month while she was the target of vicious trolling. it is a situation that could make anybody think about themselves and the people around them. some people may choose to overcome the hate by being the better person which may not be possible all the time because you are human. so, it is better to think of jsm and kjk as people with a lot of things going on in their lives. in my perception, jsm is someone who is unconventional and that could lead her into situations where there is misunderstanding, but ultimately, she is an honest person. very few female celebrities dare to date publicly risking their career. jsm did that when it took her a long struggle to build her career in the first place. so this is someone who is honest in her relationships and if she has someone in her life whom she thinks is right for her, she will tell us. until then, we have to trust and respect her.
  12. now to shipper thoughts. it seemed to me that kjk wasn't curious about the winter man at all. yjs was asking loudly who the man was but kjk kept repeating 'there is a temperature difference'. i think temperature difference just means jsm is quite different from everyone else. she doesn't think like the others. most female celebs would hide their face when they go to meet another man alone in private because they are scared of rumors but perhaps the thought that she could be misconstrued doesn't even arise in jsm's head. i think that is what he meant. in the picture someone posted above, you can see yjs pointing to kjk. after that. either it could be that the man is kjk (which i wish was true) or he is prompting kjk to ask jsm who the man is. the camera cuts to ysc's face who again prompts 'who is the man?' and when we get back, kjk asks jsm who it is and jsm says it is just a friend. it could be that kjk is already used to jsm's ways and isn't curious who the man is because he knows it is just one of her many friends and hence, has to be reminded to play the curious colleague. otherwise, i don't get why kjk isn't curious at all who the man is and yjs has to stand up and point to him and then there has to be a sudden transition to ysc's face. what happened there during that cut to ysc? once they come back, there is what seems to me a scripted exchange between kjk and jsm. shipper fantasy is for kjk to be the man, but i can't imagine the cautious kjk meeting jsm alone in a cafe without making her wear a mask. somebody has to be cautious for everybody's sake still, remember that time kjk and jsm were spotted in an elevator together while going for lks's premiere? there was a fan-taken pic with kjk but not jsm. actually, more than the 2020 sighting, which i thought made everyone laugh, it were the 2018 and the 2013 sightings which made jsm much more emotional/tensed. it was only when jsj said that the overheard phone conversation was a childish fight that she even raised her head from the table. so it seems like she feared there was going to be something more revealing there. there was also one they edited out. haha mentions one in 2014 and that could be the one we got to hear in the preview - some fan found jsm being lovey dovey with someone in front of a waiting room. when haha mentions 2013, jsm says they have already talked about her three boyfriends, how many more are they going to talk about? i get the feeling that she might have done some embarrassing things. i remember her confessing in her life bar interview that in her 20s, she once rubbed soju or beer on her hair and pretended to be drunk and made her best friend call up the man she liked to inform him she was too passed out. it was basically a ruse to get that man to take her home. so, i get the feeling she knew these were not going to be regular stories. i also wonder if it could be embarrassing to have those stories out in front of someone you like. jsm's policy used to be that it is better not to know your ex's love stories because you can't get them out of your head. so it could be that she hasn't told all her stories to kjk, if he is the man? if you notice the whole section with jsm's stories, kjk and jsm are the most tensed. jsm is so tensed that she turns towards haha who has to then remind her to look in front. kjk also takes a while to recollect himself and then says, 'let's hear them.' kjk might guess jsm has more stories than she tells him, so he might also be worried what stories they are going to be. what comes to my mind is park jung min guesting on rm and revealing that jsm had once called him up to join her when she was drunk. the story was that she pretended she was shooting rm. jsm denied it and said ysc and lks forced her, but that could have been jsm saving her face. kjk was right next to her, so wondered if some of the excuses were for his sake. generally though, it could also be a phase where jsm understands that people can perceive her in ways she may not think of. when it came to giving green signal to ysc as well, the same question came up. ysc asked jsm why she used to ask him to introduce her to someone just like him (which for most is showing an interest in the person) and jsm then said she says it to all the oppas. in this case as well, the men with jsm may be just her male friends, but since she is a celeb, people mght think it is her bf. looks to me that jsm had been under the impression that though she is a celeb, very few recognise her, but this must be the time she realised she is a celebrity now and that people do notice what she says and does. all the stress she displayed when they were reading out her stories could also be worries about how people may misjudge her. being a better person is something she has wanted to be ever since she fell sick. when ysc and lks visit her, she says her illness has changed her and that she now wants to be more considerate to people older than her. kjk also asks her about that in the episode she returns. so the instagram post could be about that. it may not have to do with her relationships. from the moment she came back, i get the feeling that the jsm who returned is not the jsm who left. she seems to be much more emotional and reflective these days. another thing i noticed is that jsm is very close to haha now. earlier, it used to be yjs whom she called her relationship coach. these days though, one can see she is much more closer to haha. haha listens to all her girl talk and she has started treating him like a father figure. i don't know if you all felt that, but to me, haha was the member who seemed like not himself in the jsm less episodes. one of the biggest differences i see after jsm came back is that her relationship with haha has deepened. last year, she had met byul and byul had given her marriage advice, but from the way she talked about it, perhaps she didn't take it much seriously. even last year end, haha said he had talked to jsm for 10 hours about her relationships. she complained that haha and byul messed up things for her when they were talking about the ysc thing in the bus. but in her comeback episode, jsm said she will give the map to the person who called her the most and offered it to haha. i get the feeling that while sometimes haha may overdo things, perhaps he also helps her out when it comes to relationships or advice. last episode, haha mentioned/teased jsm that she isn't the greatest person when she is in a relationship, so guess he knows stuff and may be a straight-shooter. yjs, jsj and kjk spoil her. she needs someone to tell her things exactly as they are. :)) anyway, it was good to see haha prompt kjk to choose jsm's team last episode, something he hasn't done in a while. in this episode, when both kjk and jsm got a bit flustered, haha helped them out, kjk with the LA daughter joke and jsm when she got all emotional. it looks the same with byul. byul also seems to think of jsm like her little sis. i don't know who the 2018 man is, but it seems to me her cross co-star knew she was trying to get some man's attention because in that life bar interview, he asks her, "so how is it going with the man you are trying hard for?" i bet many of her male co-stars also know something of what is going on in her personal life. whenever jsm goes all emo on her insta, there are so many friends who turn up and cheer her on. they may know she might not listen to everything they say or might be getting stressed over silly things, but who wouldn't want to cheer on this little ram as she stumbles through life's hurdles gathering all the glory in her little being? that is the way i think of her in my head . like kjk said, she would keep growing on you. jsj, for instance, used to scold her a lot, but was one of the people who missed her the most when she was in hiatus. so the cafe meetings could be her friends offering her advice or since she is a self-proclaimed love guru, it might be her offering them advice.
  13. first of all, it is we shippers who think kjk and jsm may have something going on. they are in no way answerable to our fantasies. it is their choice who they meet and who they don't. even if that guy in the cafe is jsm's boyfriend and it is not kjk, why should we lose our opinion of her? it is she who decides whom to love, not us because it is her life. i believe in this case, it could have been just a friend because jsm didn't use a mask. from the 2018 story, get the feeling she hides her face when she is having a private conversation with her bf. we don't know what all pressures celebs go through, whose support they may need at what point of time. jsm has a big circle of male friends and that is completely fine. some of them have been her friends for years. all her co-stars still keep in touch with her after years. she had publicly wished kim ji suk a happy birthday, plays video games with lee sang yeob and hangs out with ha seok jin and all her My Embarrassing Days cast. sending a food truck to one of her besties may be her way to show her appreciation of that person. if jsm can be so open about her friendships with other guys, it is more suspicious why she cannot do the same with kjk.it is not like he has cared whether he gets hate for it. so i feel there is something more there.
  14. i too agree with not jumping into any conclusions when it comes to kookmin. after watching this episode subbed, i understood there are many things we don't know of. kjk was shipped with many female celebs and there was a lot of skinship as proof but it seems like he was dating a korean american in LA. lks made a mock-proposal to jsm in 2018 and she also expressed a lot of interest in male guests, but it looks like she was also dating someone else. all the same, i do think kookmin have had an ambiguous status. it definitely has not been just brother-sister. i won't be the 100% shipper i used to be and do admit that some of their sns exchanges could also have been kjk trying to support her against her antis. however, many of those exchanges had a romantic angle to them. i can't forget hwan jin pd teasing them asking them to hold hands and skip. if it was just siblings, why would it matter to kjk what jsm's mother thought of him? he could have just said marriage was an impossibility because of the age gap. he has been supportive of jsm in a way he hasn't been of others. i also can't imagine kjk taking this much interest in a female colleague's love poetry, wanting to know what her lines mean. kjk has become physically protective of jsm only recently. earlier, he hardly took care of her like this. perhaps it was a realization he had while she was sick or perhaps it is him being overprotective because he is worried about her though she seems perfectly fine with getting drenched. anyway, it is just a recent phenomenon. But that physical closeness kjk shows to jsm is compensated with loveline moments for both kjk and jsm which shouldn't be needed if they were just siblings. also, the angle of the shot where the water fell on haha was just too weird. however, because they have been colleagues, it may not be easy to pursue feelings even if there is an attraction. it is more practical to have a relationship with a non-celeb than a celeb because it becomes easier to meet up without inviting attention and you get more time to spend with each other. so, the 'some' can remain a 'some'. i feel it happens quite a lot in celeb relationships. even gary once said that he had a chance to date sjh in 2013 but it didn't work out. that is something that can happen for kookmin as well. there might be feelings which do not get pursued. but i cannot unsee all that i have seen and think they are just oppa-dongsaeng.
  15. i don't know what happened during the time jsm fell sick but the kookmin closeness after she has come back is something else. in the previous video, you can see jsm takes a long breath, stressed over the sandbag coming over and after that, kjk does this. it is like a comforting squeeze. i have seen him doing that with puppies before.
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