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  1. @Ck_teens123 The shoulder one . And if you have Instagram, take a look at ssyoung_10
  2. I'm glad from the preview, HSY got eaten up by jealousy. Jealous of CEO Xiang who wanted to try to pursue TN. Jealous of Xiao Mi who accidentally leaned on TN's shoulder. Jealous of Solo because Xiao Ai tried to match both of them. Served him right for giving up on TN so easily and hurting her with his harsh words.
  3. @gladys57 In episode 11, when HSY said she shouldn't dressed in that way again is referring of her wearing skirt. Because before that, he asked her whether she felt cold or not. The background of that scene should be in winter. For her to wear short skirt in winter just to look pretty for HSY... Firstly, it was not practical for that weather. Secondly, other men also can ogle those legs. I think somebody felt possessive here.
  4. Need to distant myself from this drama until Monday. Coincidentally, there is water supply disruption at my housing area. Worrying about water supply is more important than worrying about the upcoming break up. Is this a blessing in disguise?
  5. It is understandable that Mom in drama displeased with HSY. We have to admit that HSY was rude during the matchmaking and such a jerk to TN at the family dinner. Yeah, we can see the real reason why he acted like that ( a protest to his grandfather). But from Mom's POV, she just saw that her daughter got treat not very nice by HSY. Even more, he made TN cried after the breakup. Not that she knew the real reason. All she know, her daughter cried because of HSY. To her, he is at fault. So, Mom's displeased with HSY gives heartache to us the viewers but it is understandable.
  6. So, Lao Ai is that young guard who followed HL right? Who has some sort of crush to HL right? If so, then the writer didn't really follow the history. 1st, Lao Ai is a male pet while in the drama is not. 2nd, he is a guard while in history, Lao Ai is an eunuch. Then, it will be not weird if the ending not follow the history to the T. I mean, yes LBW will be exiled since it is a huge event but not necessarily he committed suicide
  7. To know whether YR's action is acceptable or not, try to imagine it is LBW who did that. If you curse LBW like there is no tomorrow, then you know YR's decision is unjustified. To cause HL to mourn for 5 years and insomnia... That is so selfish. If he truly loves her, he should make peace with her so that she can continue her life happily. He has a son with her. Half of his is in their son. She will remind of him everytime she looks at her son. There is no need to be that extreme.
  8. @lyserose The writer can stick to the history which all characters don't have a good ending. Or technically stick to the history but the main couple still have the happy ending. I mean the writer can create a fake death to LBW and HL and they meet in Louyang. Well, cliche. But the way they promote the drama using the fame of Qianlong-Yinglou couple, LBW-HL earn at least an open ending. If not, the writer will be curse to death by the shippers there. Haha.
  9. @therewillbeddl hahaha. That also possible. Could be the boat scene is just HL's or LBW's dream. What I salute about editing team is they always give misleading previews. So as the trailers. I thought when HL said 'In my life, i will never forgive you', it was said to LBW. Never expect it is for YR. Again and again the preview tricks me.
  10. http://p.weibo.com/show/channerWbH5/1034:4341025255411668 From the last scene(boat scene) i guess we can pretty much conclude that the writer doesn't follow the history. From the synopsis in Baidu, Zhenger get more restless on LBW's power and think his father's death got something to do with LBW. I think this is also the time he know his mother's affair. So he confronts HL and wants to kill LBW but HL begs him. So he exiles LBW to Laoyang and HL follows LBW. Base on some bts photos and the video above, it is pretty consistent with the synopsis
  11. @SailBeneteau well, from my reading (from few sources only) LBW gave Zhaoji Lao Ai to cover up their scandal. But this piece of info is so contradicting from the flow of drama now... The writer purposely show how hard HL fell for LBW, turned to him when she face any obstacle, longed for him even she already got marry to YR and still have some feeling for LBW after 8 years. If in the last 6 episodes she suddenly become a lusty Zhaoji like the one in histrory, that is a total richard simmons kind of plot writing from writer. The writer also emphasis LBW's obsessiveness over HL especially after time skip. If he suddenly gave HL a male pet just to cover his illicit fair, that writer must be crazy and I want to slap him silly. @danielassny i hope this is just my misinterpretation. When HL knew YR's sickness, she kinda blame LBW for didn't let her know. Is it true?
  12. @danielassny ahhh... Hahaha. Then it is me who take the situation wrongly. Do you know why HL and YR argue again after she came back from treating LBW?
  13. @danielassny oh, HL didn't confess when LBW was there. HL and YR argued about something which led to YR's jealousy to LBW (i guess). So, HL admitted that she always remember LBW in her heart. Well, YR vomitted blood because of this argument. He knows HL loves LBW. Still dare to steal her using trick. Now, he must face the real truth. All this time HL never love him. About Lao Ai, I also wonder what the writers prepare for him. The Queen Mother era is about 5 to 6 episodes. Just how his appearence going to affect LBW and HL. The episodes are not that long for him to create something really big.
  14. @danielassny If I'm not mistaken (due to language barrier) I saw a short clip where few young boys brought up to Mrs Huayang's palace and got whip in front of her. One of the boys is Lao Ai. If this is true, looks like Lao Ai is Mrs Huayang's people. And tonight's episodes, Haolan confessed her love for LBW straight to YR's face. So, it is impossoble for Lao Ai to be her secret lover.
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