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  1. @MandelBrot She wanted to sit there because there was secret mission to take photo with LKS. LKS sat at the front. JK's seat was one of the most strategic one. Look at how he tried to move her. He aimed for her hand (watch his eyes) Not her arm. Edit: I was right. Somin already had lots of chance to be in the picture with LKS. Hence, JK didn't indulge her. Whoever sat next to JK won't matter. It is not about he didn't want her to sit next to him, it is matter of they playfully fight for that strategic spot.
  2. Topic: Scenes That Maybe Not as Innocent as It Seen Seems these two days are quite happening for us, so I want to share this to add the fun more. These are the scenes that if you look closely, something ambiguous occurred actually. EP 544: Runningman Investment Conference. It is the scene when JSJ loss totally after investing on J Shipbuilding company. Somin consoled him by patting JSJ's back. EP 553: Semester '91 is Back. It is the scene during photo mission and YJS messed up. EP 558: Three Meals Jaesuk It is the scene
  3. JK enjoyed green onion pancake made by Chef Jeon. Preparing for the first bite. A big first bite. Somin really showcased her cooking talent here.
  4. It is hard enough that they purposely distancing themselves in front of camera. Thank you MandelBrot for this. When I streamed yesterday, I couldn't see where was Somin. Another proof that they intentionally distancing themselves in front of camera. Except for JSJ who slept in the room, all 7 members can be seen in this frame. Yet the other 5 gave kookmin space and left them alone. It is even harder when YJS separated them apart the few times JK showed his favour to Somin.
  5. @MandelBrot Hahaha. Indeed. When he saw SC's ambiguous position, he went "Ya, i sekki ya!" He kept saying 'Hajima... Hajima!" to the Chanmin. Either to SC or to Somin who got her heart fluttered . And yup, SC apologized.
  6. It is definitely for Somin's round because YJS brought the attention to what LYJ wrote "an ordinary grasshopper YJS who lives in a rice paddy". Meaning, PD already drew YJS's name from the box. Even if we want to consider that maybe JSJ still wanted to talk about JH's round, the 'has 8' didn't make any sense to any situation provided by both team. Married team proposed JK as a mama boy while single team proposed a JK who eat cockroach protein everyday.
  7. Have you guys notice this question by JSJ? He asked somebody to his right "Let's say Jong Kook has eight..." and his question stopped because the attention shifted to YJS and LYJ. If you watch the episode, because of the editing, some of you will think this JSJ's question just don't make sense. Actually, JSJ's question is related to this. It was a situation for Somin to choose between YJS who has nipples near his belly button or Gong Myoung who has 8 nipples. The real sequence of event is the Married Team revealed the scenarios between YJS and Gong Myeong happened
  8. @RunningGirl7686 I don't really like to use jealousy to measure affection. To be jealous is normal but to use jealousy to determine our partner's love... That is just not healthy for relationship. Even so, I wonder why you didn't notice his sour face the whole time Somin did the skit with SSK in the last mission? YSC and LKW looked at SSK when they chose him to be Somin's partner. But JK agreed on that decision with that serious face, without even looking at SSK. I wonder who is the target of that look. This is how he was the whole Somin-SSK skit. He pay
  9. It is normal for her to be shy in this situation but to even leaned on him on his back??? This lady had been avoiding him diligently in front of camera. In ep Back To 90s, when they arrived at billiard shop, JK walked directly towards her. When she noticed him, she moved away to other to YSC and LKS. I think for once she forgot about camera and just being her normal self when she interact with JK. While maybe she forgot about the camera, editing team can always remove that scene. The team had been so cheapskate about kookmin suddenly treat us with this scene. Thank yo
  10. Gosh, I thought I was imagining things. The coincidence is just too much. The hashtag on JK's IG #신곡들이면서출근 means #listeningtonewsongwhilegoingtowork. 출근 = go to work. As far as I remember, JK never literally said he is going to work in his IG story or post before (i mean in his hashtag or caption). Correct me if I'm wrong. And guess what, who was reporting going to work few hours before that? This lady.
  11. @MandelBrot If I'm not mistaken, when Somin put read paint on her nose, JK was watching and smiling. Not sure if I saw it right or wrong.
  12. Topic: The moments JK crossed the borderline of Oppa-Dongsaeng relationship These are the moments that shown their relationship is more than oppa-dongsaeng relationship. 1) The moments when he made a fuss over something about Somin while other oppas didn't bother with it. 2) The moments when he said something quite suggestive, if the other married oppas said the same thing to Somin, your reaction will be "Euww! What is wrong with this oppa?" EP 500 - "I should take care of Somin." Naturally all the members will take care of Somin. But none of them es
  13. @Tiger_loves_Froggie I think he imitated Somin who used his phone as a mirror here. We can hear her voice responding to him. Since it wasn't shown to whom he talked to in this frame, so the translator use 'he' as the personal pronouns here. This is nothing. Just to share that her action didn't go unnotice by him. Hihi.
  14. Her promise the the Director really caught my attention. At the very least, it shows that she has somebody special now. When she made the promise, none of the other members raise a question if she has a BF or not. In fact, the staff also laugh. They only started to complained when Somin dragged YSC into the promise. Meaning, her getting married didn't caught them of guard. The way they reacted, I interprete as they wonder will she really join a variety show after she gets married. Also, the one she made promise to is not her close friend. That person is the Director, the superior o
  15. JK attended a wedding today. Though I hope they were together from their IG story, it is quite unlikely.
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