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  1. Sechan: Hey, Jong Kook Hyung doesn't like it when people act cute. Me: For Somin's case, as if!
  2. Series of appreciation photos for fans for 2020 Ep 509 and 513 Ep 511 Ep 536 (Technically this ep was filmed in 2020). JK's and Somin's feet almost aligned. Meaning, his body was really close or already touch hers. Conclusion: It is not coincidence they stood together in every photos. They choose to stand together.
  3. Though JK unable to invest (help) on Somin, I think he did give her some caramels.
  4. . Somehow it feels like it is a group and a couple photo accidentally caught in the same frame. Kookmin seems separated from other members
  5. @Catch-22 I love Jessi because of her friendship with Somin. I don't know why MUD push Jessi to JK so hard but from JK's side, he already said clearly during tarot card reading, it is not Jessi when Tak Jae Hoon pressured him. So obvious during that segment, JK was thinking about somebody. And lets not forget, there is 'her' that he always think when he goes to beautiful place (MUD 198). And this is also before Jessi. And like usual, this sorta LL is pushed by everyone but him. Jessi said she has crush on him. Then Tak Jae Hoon and Lee Sang Min pressured him, Mobidic PD gave questi
  6. @Vimsmoke SanjiI recognize the hangul alphabets. So, I can read the words. My understanding just at basic level. Recognize several words, understand basic conversations. Rather than thinking about us, I believe it is more he think about kookmin as his and Somin nickname. Not that I'm implying anything. But from the 2nd photo I post above, I believe JK and Somin had met and discussed about the books clue before JK went to search for YJS. Because JK's book already in Somin's hand. Since he maybe just met Somin, it is possible he got confuse between Mingook and Gookmin.
  7. I found an interesting coincidence. Timestamp 52:05. It was JK who said that dialogue on this photo. He said 'The title of one of the books I had had Gookmin (국민 - Resident) in it. And it was Min (민) underlined in yellow.' Timestamp 52:27. While JK was talking with YJS, Somin tried to solve the riddle with YSC and LDY. Note that Room 205 was JK's room. His book was already in her hand. Me think they had a discussion about this before JK went to find YJS. Okay. This is the interesting part. For JK's book (205), the title of that book actually D
  8. JK: Ha... This Jeon Jakka's writing.. I acknowledge (Injeong)... Translation by google translate.
  9. During the opening, when they talked about CTH's marriage know-how, @Catch-22gave the still photo from JK's perspective. So, I will provide from Somin's side. The reaction of all married men. But JSJ's true reaction was in Haha's frame. JSJ looked to his right at this time (Somin stood there). But in JSJ's frame, he smiled and looked straight ahead. Reaction in JSJ's frame is fake. This is a true frame because of Haha's reaction. JSJ looked at her after CTH said about JK's marriage (look closely at JSJ's head in Haha's frame). And how wide her smile was. If i
  10. I was expecting to watch kookmin, CTH and Mijoo lunch segment but it got editted out . I even scolded yellow team (while I live streamed) since they talked too much because I was afraid there was not enough time for kookmin's team. Turn out to be, Bopil didn't show their part even for one second. Hahahaha. Now I'm curious what kind of topics they talked about. I doubt they got cut because their segment was boring since CTH, Somin and Mijoo were there.
  11. Not gonna happen. 1. Somin didn't make a habit to ask for his help or rely on him. You always see Somin goes everywhere, so it is hard for him to always protect her. Which also easy for her to be a target by her oppas and in the end she will receive the penalty. 2. Looking from this episode, even he goes extra mile to help her, most probably PD will not include the process. Just like it is a big mistery how he gave her money to escape the prison in this ep. So for most viewers they will just ignore what he said since there is no evidence. We noticed only because we are kookmin fans a
  12. While we are at this, he already showed his protective side (regarding her punishment) since early this year.
  13. @Catch-22 Have been refreshing this page several times, to see if you write your analysis . The part that SC need to describe the person he pick is really interesting. SC said the person has lots of charm and Somin readily admitted it is was her. What I want to highlight is not her admission but JK's agreeing to that statement. Some might see that he tried to hype up the chanmin LL. But that is not what I see. He openly admit that Somin has lots of charm. It means, Somin's characters or things that Somin did are pleasant to his eyes and he sees them as charming. Indirectly, he also complimente
  14. This point! The mature me try to restrain myself from arguing with the commenters about this. And it's hard . With Somin, JK naturally let her be in control (most of the time) and he just enjoying himself. Example, ep 488 when JK, Somin and SC were in a group. Somin naturally became bossy among the three and he let her. Not because he suddenly became weak or helpless over the control. From what I see, it is a way for him to indulge her. Because he can be stern to her when he have to. And the most important is not whether she can control him or not. But his willingness to let go th
  15. Noh Sa Yeon is the Tuna Noona. She just appeared in RM in ep 499. We could say, all members have a comfortable interaction with her.
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