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  1. Ep 494: Her Number 1 fan was disappointed with Jeon Jakka because she misspelled the word 'sand' twice . But what I want to highlight here is not his disappointment but that 'you had me fooled all these years' part. I try to recall back the old episodes and I think ep 375 is the first time Somin revealed her talent in writing and JK complimented her for being cute several times. It is just nice and sweet to know that though they were not close around this time, he already fascinates by her writing talent.
  2. I don't think so. What I'm implying is he refused to watch her got punish. Most of the time, he enjoys Somin and KS bickering.
  3. Everyone watching Somin and LKS but not him. I guess, he didn't want to watch her got punish. Before that he scold LKS because for giving wrong answer. After the punishment, he asked what happened. Somin at the front, holding two bracelets Eh? She got teleport?
  4. Try to change the channel. I also use my phone and SBS-Stream-3 works for me.
  6. @Rida Live I guess, Somin's believe in superstitious is rubbing off on him
  7. Trivia: The song Somin suggest last night on her IG (25, 21- Jaurim) is one of the song for battle round from The Voice yesterday's episode . It is a nice song actually.
  8. I still able to not to think too much about all their recent IG stories but not today . There is too much coinscidence to be ignored. Somin just upped sky photo few hours ago. And now he uploaded a photo of himself with the sky background. I can't help myself from being delulu for this.
  9. Me: Stop being too delulu and make a big deal out of everything they post on IG!!! THEM Note to myself: Be strong heart.
  10. @AB_fan Agree with you. YJS is the best candidate because their combo will be funny. @LV.Bae I laugh after watching his IG story. That #shilpe is so funny Makes me wonder, is he that bored?
  11. @Rahayu Muktiayu If he is the one who will choose (which unlikely) I doubt he will choose her. If he is sensitive to her, he will know Somin hate punishment the most. Lately, she said it several time, she didn't want to get punish. Like in episode 497, she said she had to sell the name tags to opponent team because Sukjin as the team leader didn't trust her. So, she didn't have any other way but to betray so she doesn't get punish.
  12. Eye contact is more intimate than words will ever be. Him talking about her eyes "And during opening segment, our eyes met, I saw your eyes shaking. You are the father aren't you? Look me in the eye..." (464) "Look at her eyes! Look at her eyes!" (472) "I knew it when I saw her eyes. She wouldn't listen to me anyway." (489) "I saw the old look in her eyes. Gosh. She's scary." (507) "Look at her eyes! Come on. Choose the right one for me." (509)
  13. @flubby It is after JSJ changed to his second costume (normal citizen from Goryeo). He met JSJ here and laughed so hard.
  14. Him watching her fighting with KS and HH outside. This is nothing but I love this kind of thing about him and her caught on camera . It is like a treasure hunt for me to look for these little things.
  15. Is there any reason for him to pinch her ears? And he swallowed his saliva