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  1. The manly man next week on MUD. For a man who said celebrities don't like to show skin, he's showing a lot of skin lately. Impressing someone?
  2. To me is why KJK who came in No.5 is standing beside JSM who came no.1. It is so natural for them to always stand together during opening for the last few session, even before JSM's 2 months break.
  3. The other woman in KJK life that he wish Happy Birthday in Insta.
  4. Looking into each other's eyes
  5. KJK wanted to do something cute? When he chose Kanoshi to dress up for live RM. Who in RM always does something cute?
  6. KJK latest IG story, did Google Translate, not sure if it is correct, 2 Starbucks iced coffee.... and he state pretending not to be alone? Hmm.....
  7. I find the part where she holds on to his arm is very telling, the smile and look she gave....and not forgetting JK's smile also. Really looks like a loving couple hanging on to each other.
  8. I was reminded of JSM Confession song. Reminded me of the difference between when JSM sing duet with Soran and JSM sing duet with KJK. The skinship and closeness is so so different.
  9. Heart Attack when saw KJK latest IG post, initially thought it is JSM, but it's his niece. H
  10. @Aistė Yellow she did mention in her post it was old days, meaning this was taken sometime back. Yeah, first thing you will notice is the ring on her fingers , ha ha. Maybe she wants someone to think about ring? We can only wish for her best. Even though she looks cute with short hair, I felt she prefers long hair. She cut her hair because of acting role, after that she kept it long again.
  11. Saw JK IG story, was waiting for SM to post and she did not disappoint by posting 2 hours later.
  12. @andaer kim very good observation. KJK did not even consider the 2 female guests at all. Can understand he wants to join his junior but why Sang Woo and JSM? Is it because he's now already "taken"? Like LKS who is no more flirtatious with female guests after dating LSB.
  13. Next week episode would be interesting.... My heart wish the somebody else is KJK but the mind says it is in the past, so may be someone else......
  14. If I am not wrong, if any other male members or guests does that to her, usually SM will be her flirtatious self and ask why they are holding her hand like that. And if it is SC, there would have been a commotion - but it's like everything is so natural for KJK and JSM to be so close.
  15. Saw JSM IG and naturally linked to KJK as the phone on the table is black in colour. Checked KJK phone used in MUD ep188.... can only guess and hope, yeah
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