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  1. Watching 6 sense Ep5, 2 incidents that happened is like a reminder to JSM. JSM danced very well with Jun Ho, in sync, even everyone applauded her. So happy for her that the crowd appreciates her dancing skills. So, not sure is it just my imaginations went wild seeing these or there is some underlying messages by YJS.
  2. I have to agree with @Tiger_loves_Froggie, this is called variety show wit. She has the wit like YJS to turn things around, and is certainly good at variety shows. Why do you think YJS suddenly has the urge to pee and gone for short while only? I suspect it is his way of creating diversion which he is always very good at especially with KookMin diversion.
  3. Watching Crazy Recipe Adventure, when the guest Hyojung sang her song and KJK suggest to make it a challenge song, his response to Sung Si Kyung when SSK suggested he sang while flexing his muscle...... Hmmm..... He still remember JSM's statement.....
  4. In MUD Ep 241, my delulu mind thinks he's checking his handphone for the recipe from someone who knows how to cook and gave him the recipe.... our love frog who loves to cook
  5. And he quoting JSM book title, but with a Don't.... His mind must have been full of her @Tiger_loves_FroggieIn fact CTH imitated 2 of JSM dances from that RM episode.
  6. Remember LKS premier - Inseparable Bros where KJK went with JSM and his friends? As usual, they talk to each other.....
  7. Thanks @MandelBrot. Hmmmm, 2 weeks in a row, the camera captured KJK check his phone immediately after JSM finished texting on her phone. Coincidence or ......
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