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  1. Reading all the comments on KookMin and KJK and Jessi, as KookMin shipper, the new LL being promoted is certainly not positive news. However, I believe the LL is being promoted since if we look at the various interviews/shows KJK had in recent weeks, he has always declared himself single. I don't think that is an issue as you know he insist on his dating life to be private and will certainly not declared himself not available publicly without divulging his dating secret. Even LKS was still doing his Romeo role in RM while dating LSB before he went public with LSB. So, whatever is b
  2. Watching MUD, are you guys thinking what I am thinking when the last lady card was revealed for KJK? Scholarly, intelligent.... I am thinking of someone who likes to read and writes poem.... And mysterious - although all women are mysterious, it also said hard to read her thoughts.... Keeping fingers crossed for good news in Feb 2021?
  3. Not sure if my observations is correct, but when KJK and Do Kwon was in the final match of the strength test, JSM was like concern for someone in there. She wasn't such during the other matches. The concern face When KJK and DK are both falling down, she stepped back with a concern face - unlike others who has surprised face. And when she saw KJK win, she has a happy face
  4. Yeah .... one reason is the someone who winks at passing train and garbage truck for luck.... who consult fortune teller yearly...... who strongly believes in superstition.
  5. Just watched MUD. Waiting for next week episode.... Min Suk reading tarot cards for KJK and.... Will we have great news soon????
  6. I don't know..... for a person who is very passionate about soccer and pride himself a good player, how can he miss the goal? His reason was he pull back because worry it's a water ball. Maybe to protect his injured ankle, but just got the vibe... maybe he don't want to win so badly?
  7. In the recent MUD episode, when Sang-min try to set up Jessi with KJK, Jessi mentioned JK sees her as his little sister and he agrees. KJK always said it - he will not date family. So far, I have not heard him publicly says JSM is his little sister or family. Even when YJS teased him on marriage with JSM, he only laugh. Until he publicly acknowledge JSM as his little sister or family, we still have HOPES.......
  8. Do you guys realised JSM has improved in her foot volleyball? I looked back and first time she played was during her and YSC anniversary programme, ep 398. During that time, she was very clumsy and don't know how to judge the ball etc. But in this ep, she's so confident in the game. She got coaching from the strict coach?
  9. Catching up on the shows. Just watched 6 sense and in the 3rd restaurant, Jessi mentioned JSM and the guest, Young Kwang looks very good together and JSM as the love frog was happy. In fact the rest of the girls also agree with Jessi. But our YJS, immediately put a stop to the idea all together. Yes, he always tease JSM but he was like so serious in stopping any idea of her looking good with the guest. Hmmmm, I wonder why...
  10. Who's hand touching KJK in next week episode? I think likely is JSM, she was standing beside KJK in one of the scene..... We'll know next week
  11. Personally, watching KJK especially during the classroom session, he may looks like he's tired but to me it's more like a worried look. Maybe I'm looking at things too deeply with KookMin shades on. Compared that to when JSM was in front.
  12. Yeah, I really like this part, replay again and again. Other than the silence, can see the awkward face on Ha Ha, LKS and YJS while SJH has a knowing smile. And the way both of them look at each other.... Also when the other members do their sweet and sexy voice, they just look ahead and don't turn to look at JSM. But KJK turns to JSM after saying it each time.... with such sweet eyes and smile
  13. Just finished watching on Kisstv with Eng sub. JSM in her element, great that she can be her real self there. JSM speaking English, "Jessi Go Go, Hurry Up, Go" is so cute.
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