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  1. Didn’t know you knew Somin personally! You seem to know for sure JK only talks to her because she’s depressed? At first, I thought you were just trolling but now you’re crossing a line. Very gross of you to try to diagnose someone you watch for a few minutes. And honestly why do you care so much if we ship them? “I’ve tried to support Kookmin” ????? Nobody asked for your support, neither did we ask for your permission (nor do we need it) to ship. So go ahead and enjoy your ship, it seems they’re loveline is starting again. Which also means Chanmin is officially free! Excited to
  2. It seems you’re lost! There’s another thread for u to hang out in and it ain’t here. It’s obviously ok to not like a ship but to be here and be annoying is another type of weird behavior. Anyway, you have fun on your thread, leave us alone to ship happily.
  3. Why would she ask him to hug her though? It’s a weird way to stop him from taking her name tag... interesting development. I wanna go to South Korea and get a job as an editor for RM just to see all the suspiciously deleted Kookmin scenes. Is this considered informal Korean? Or no? I’ll miss you, MandelBrot! Hopefully, somebody can take over in the gif making while your busy. I’ve tried it, and let’s just say it didn’t go so well hahaha
  4. I think it is our Jeon Somin! In the translation it’s states; Actors, ——— Jeon Somin, Singer Kim Jong Kook, Comedian (comedians name) etc... I don’t know of any other actresses named Jeon Somin sooooo However, I do believe our kookmin will have separate videos. But anyway, it’s another kookmin project I guess!
  5. Rewatched and I still think these two parts are about the Chanmin LL. The team owner was Sechan + Somin and Sechan got the penalty together. It seems a little strange If they teased about that ex though, considering is the ex that cheated on her, this even low key traumatized Somin. Which I mean is understandable, cheating is a very traumatic event. But I mean, it could be possible, who knows what they’re joking about there. Have a good day, everyone!
  6. Speaking about Somin x Sechan, this is the second time they lose on the couple awards. When I was watching the show, I’m 98% percent sure Sechan talked about Somin winning that same award with Kwangsoo. And for a split second, I thought to myself, “hmmm, maybe that’s why Chanmin can’t win the award.” Then I remember it’s SBS we’re talking about SBS doesn’t care what people say about the members, so it’s obvious that’s not what stopping them. So I continued thinking about it, and I honestly I don’t have a clue on why Chanmin didn’t win the award hahaha SBS even did a huge Chanmin com
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