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  1. Rewatched and I still think these two parts are about the Chanmin LL. The team owner was Sechan + Somin and Sechan got the penalty together. It seems a little strange If they teased about that ex though, considering is the ex that cheated on her, this even low key traumatized Somin. Which I mean is understandable, cheating is a very traumatic event. But I mean, it could be possible, who knows what they’re joking about there. Have a good day, everyone!
  2. Speaking about Somin x Sechan, this is the second time they lose on the couple awards. When I was watching the show, I’m 98% percent sure Sechan talked about Somin winning that same award with Kwangsoo. And for a split second, I thought to myself, “hmmm, maybe that’s why Chanmin can’t win the award.” Then I remember it’s SBS we’re talking about SBS doesn’t care what people say about the members, so it’s obvious that’s not what stopping them. So I continued thinking about it, and I honestly I don’t have a clue on why Chanmin didn’t win the award hahaha SBS even did a huge Chanmin com
  3. Kookmin just had a social media interaction. After so long I can’t read what Somin wrote about KJK’s song, I think is a poem. But I can read 전작가 which I this is “writer Jeon” on KJK’s reply I think Go stream KJK’s new song, everyone! It’s really beautiful, his technique is impeccable and his voice is truly a gifted one. Go stream pleaseeee
  4. I’ll be honest and admit lately I haven’t been watching the running man episodes completely. I skipped a lot since personally don’t like the new style of episodes or idk maybe I’m just burned out since I’ve watched RM every Sunday for a year. I mostly just skip around for scenes that look interesting and to catch some kookmin hahaha. So I don’t have a lot to say these days but I do bring you a link for the KBS joy my name interview, now subtitled to English. Kbs joy Somin This is the same interview where the host recommended KJK to Somin lol from the 7:50 and forward you
  5. Umm hi! Long time no see... I've been quite busy with work so I've backed away from writing here hehe still very much on this ship though. Anyway, the recent topic pulls me from my lurking. I think teasing Somin about everything she does is part of her character? They always do it and it honestly can be quite comedic. I think it felt weird this time around since it was used often and it differs from the treatment SJH was getting. But to me, it is very obvious it's for gags and that Sominie is loved by her oppas and unnie so I still enjoyed the episode just wished it was toned down
  6. Lately is been hard for me to sit down and write here since I’ve been so busy with my work but I just wanted to ask a quick question! Does anybody now if we’re getting a part 3 of all the MUD cast together? The most recent segment felt incomplete, like they edited out a lil too much hahaha which is too bad since I do enjoy them all together. Also, before we saw KJK’s old segment with the cute lil kid, he was calling that friend I think, so does that mean we’re getting Kookie and kids 2.0? Even though I’m busy, I still think about my Kookmin! I recently had a dream in which I
  7. Awww kookmin being cute and playful, love the arm part, that lil bit fed me and I’m content till next week Still waiting on my MUD subs, I need my Kookie content with all the MUD cast. This episode, everyone did great game wise and had good energy + chemistry but this episode still missed in a few parts even with the amazing basket game and the funny water. Bo Pil’s editing was better this ep though, so I’ll give my boy that. All I want is for the show to do good the ratings for the newest episode have not been posted yet but I hope they’re higher. I’m very excited fo
  8. This love frog felt different, if we watch any old video of Somin on her love frog mode we all can see she doesn’t shy from full display flirting, she’s not shy of that at all. Yet, this time around all she could do I respond to him a couple times and the other times she would leave and act shy which is not usually how Somin’s love frog character works. I don’t know if that is just her mellowing her RM character or if she is in a relationship and didn’t want to full on flirt. And speaking of show lovelines, it seems they may bring back the HJY and KJK loveline? It’s gonna be interest
  9. Test... test... can anybody her meeeee. Lol the forum appears to be working again! I missed you guys the past few days. Hopefully it continues to work since we have the new running man episode. I’m happy to see both sides of Kookmin giving us their sky photos lol and yes the guy she posted a picture with is a castmate from the “my embarrassing days” drama, she seems to actually be quite close with all the cast mates from that drama. Anyway, happy to be back.
  10. Oh thank the lord I wasn’t the only one that thought this was weird lol My style of shipping is very laid back and letting everything flow so I try not to overthink things but this really stood out to me. I’ve been in “team Kookie is dating someone” ever since the, “I think about her” so there’s no moving me hahaha I also loved Somin’s response to the “ideal type” question, is very poetic Sominie. I miss the insta updates! I know they were filming this Monday and Tuesday so that’s why we’re not getting them since they’re both busy, but I want them, I’m going to
  11. Finally had some time to watch the newest episode and I agree with everyone else here, it was very nice to see Sominie take the initiative to stay close to KJK I hope to see more of that. I also really enjoyed this episode since it has a lot of banter and betrayal which are my fav RM happenings. I’m also very happy that we got a kookmin comment on insta! I really missed the in your face interactions. Though I do enjoy seeing the photos and stories (sky pics lol) they post and then making my own theories about them. It seems we’re getting full on Somin love frog again afte
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