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  1. I missed the maknae trio on my screen so I’m happy I got it. The loveline segment felt very jokey so it was watchable, it solidify my belief that the seniors members should avoid pushing the loveline, it works better when Somin and Sechanie plan it by themselves. The last soccer game didn’t look fun to play hahaha if I’m honest... but it was fun to watch! Except for the times Kookie slipped and hit the floor hard hate to see him fall on his back, it also sucks he hurt his ankle, hope it’s good now. EDIT: Noticed something.. when Somin shows Sechan her expired ramen (lol) Sechan says, “it expired on May 4th” so this was recorded like last week or right after May 4th. I thought it was filmed on April but I was wrong. This is our last Sunday without kookmin!! I’m so happy I can see them in action again. I’m also super happy for Kookies new adventure as a coach on The Voice: Korea! I hope I can find it with subtitles. Hopefully Somin will take pity on my need for her acting and will announce a new role soon.
  2. Some K-fans on Twitter are saying KJK’s photo is from a running man shoot today??? They filmed last week though... but the K fans seem convinced based on KJK‘s shirt. Apparently the slogan, -Change is a team sport- is an Adidas slogan and since Adidas seems to low key sponsor RM (based on shoes and clothes) it seems like an RM shoot. anyway, hope KJK is taking it easy on his ankle if they are shooting today.
  3. I’m currently on episode 482 of my “Kookmin Journey Re-Watch” and omg I completely forgot about the very suspicions shoulder bump Jae Suk gives Somin after JK talks about Ryan Reynold being his age and married. I don’t know why it caught me so off guard lmao we talked about it here but when I watched it a few minutes ago it surprised me so much it made my heart jump LMAO is such a wtf unexplainable moment and it’s even more suspicious when Somin then bumps KS to kinda cover it up? I don’t know lmao it’s so weird Now that I’m almost done with this rewatch and we still have quite a few days to go before our kookmin is back on our screens i’m thinking if doing a kookmin YouTube video rewatch like I’m that much of a need for my kookmin moments
  4. On the new Naver clip for the next episode preview you can see the bouquet clearly and it’s not the same as the Instagram one. lol here’s the clip Naver
  5. Not sure if they’re the same but I paused the new clip at just the right time and the bouquet that Sechanie brings has orange flowers, it looks like an assortment of flowers. And good catch on the date things. Too bad we don’t know when she dyed her hair exactly, it would be a good timeline maker. I think the photos with blonde Somin aren’t that old though, just because according to JSJ she was pretty weak when they filmed the 500 episode and that was filmed on April 13. Maybe those photos with Wookmin happened a week after? i missed Sominies face
  6. I paused it like three times and they look yellow but to me they’re rose looking if that makes sense lol like the flowers have more petals but i don’t know hahahaha also the bouquet looks way more elaborate than the one on somins insta. Edit: watched the video on full zoom on my iPad and honestly I’m on team it’s not the same flowers. It looks like is a yellow rose and other pink flowers. Curious to see what y’all see hahaha also, what’s up with Kwangsoo calling Somin noona? Lmaooo on the video he says, noona anyeong
  7. You’ll be happy to know that Korean Somin fans on Twitter and in other places have compiled proof of bullying and defamation towards Somin. They’re are currently in the process of making everything into PDF forms. Then they plan on sending everything to King Kong. And you’ll be happy to know many of the new Korean fans that decided to fight the hate and turn into a Somin fan was after everything that happened with Wookmin. So the only things haters got was more fans for Somin.
  8. Somin saying she feels guilty throwing away a withered flower really shows how sentimental she is. It could also indicate someone close/important to her is giving them to her or at least that’s my interpretation, why else would she feel sad or guilty about throwing them away? I personally buy myself flowers all the time but I don’t get feelings for those flowers, when other people give me flowers I somehow cherish them more. Not sure who is the mystery flower giver but I do hope is our kookie I know the flower is far away in the picture... but can anyone identify it? We need a botanist that is also a Kookmin shipper LMAO
  9. Since I don’t see Sominie on the preview for the next episode (Kookies birthday special ) I’m gonna bet that she will return on May 24 I will patiently wait for my Kookmin to be together again.
  10. I thought so too but the feet look small though, LKS has big feet . I don’t know who is who in that picture though. We will know if she made it to this recording if she shows up on the preview for the episode to be aired on the 10th, I think they filmed that yesterday.
  11. Girl group Oh My Girl, who made a comeback with the new album "Nonstop," will appear on SBS' "Running Man." According to My Daily's report on the 28th, OH MY GIRL will hold a recording of "Running Man" with singers Bolbbalgan4, Jessie, Lee Jin-hyuk and BewhY. OH MY GIRL, who made a comeback on the 27th with the title song "Nonstop" "Slightly Excited," is enjoying its best heyday since its debut, sweeping the top spot on the music charts. In other words, he has made non-stop appearances on entertainment shows, including "Running Man," and has taken a trend-like move. Bolbbalgan4 is drawing keen attention as it is the appearance of "Running Man" after the recent reshuffle of Ahn Ji-young's one-man system, and the reappearance of Jesse, who has already shown outspoken talk in his last appearance, raises expectations. Lee Jin-hyuk, who has recently drawn attention for his acting career in addition to his singing career, and BewhY's entry into "Running Man," a hip-hop singer with unique colors, are also expected to draw laughter. It will be broadcast on May 17. Link to article (Webpage is very AD heavy, it may freeze your computer like it did mine LOL) ———————————————————————————————————————————————— Translation provided by Papago I searched Naver and this article showed up. It was posted today but I’m not sure if it’s reliable. Nonetheless, it looks like they’ll have a lot of guests at one time (full 7 member girl group + four extra guests), do you guys think they’re planning something special? If I’m not mistaken, Jessie Oh is a friend of KJK and Tiny so that’s cool! I just hope Somin made it to the recording, HaHa said she was better a few days ago in a insta live (according to a HaHa, YJS and Somin Instagram fan page) so fingers crossed for her!
  12. They’re really In their feelings over how much input Somin had on this ep They celebrated the whole week because they thought they were only getting the Somin standee and that’s it... but it didn’t go how they planned. Anyway, @Rida Live it also makes me laugh how YJS or somebody else has to cut off Kookie when ever he starts speaking about Somin! Like, what’s the reason for that? They’re coworkers and friends, why can’t they show closeness? I keep repeating the KJK and standee scene. you guys lmaooo I just find it too cute. Also, I’ve read some of the K-netz comments about this episode, it seems they’re annoyed with all the guests episodes, it seems they miss only the cast. Maybe if they did one episode a month with only the cast, that will make people happy.
  13. To those who watch on Viki, they gave us the subs early so go watch it! This episode was so good lmao it had good guests and it was well made. The twist at the end is also a 10/10. They call Somin at the end. To be honest, I found JK and Somin’s standee very heart fluttering lmaooo especially because it came out of nowhere. I love how we somehow still manage to get Kookmin moments without Somin being physically there. It seems Somin won’t make an appearance on ep 501, the unconfirmed article said her return may will be on early may, technically May 10th is still early May so maybe she’ll be ready for 502. Anyway, can’t wait for my all-time favorite duo kookmin to be together again on screen
  14. Ah! Thank you. Every translator I used gave me the word hacked so it scared me, it’s almost his b-day and I was sad thinking somebody was messing with him. It’s lame that someone took time out of they’re day to make fake accounts, especially if they’re using it for shady stuff or anything out of line. Hope my boy has a great b-day
  15. Anybody know what happened with KJK? Somebody said they tried to hack his insta but the Papago translation on his just barely posted story says this, “I don't even have a Facebook Who's the star? I accept your application. We'll see if it's been hacked. Be careful” I’m confused. What is it with people attacking people’s instas. Big lame energy Update: He deleted the story?? idk maybe it was a mistake, and he thought his account followed somebody but he was wrong??
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