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  1. Maybe hug because she can try and rip off his name tag ? Very unlikely she would succeed lol.
  2. It was so weird to see them address each other formally. Jong kook sshi and Somin sshi.
  3. They look gorgeous, but shy. Especially Somin
  4. I liked the episode. Yes, the whole victim mentality thing was unnecessary, but no fault of the guest since the members wanted her to say something by constantly mentioning it. But for me, the fun parts of the episode overshadowed it. Sechan Somin Subin was a killer combo, Subin even trended. The other members and guests did a great job too. The members could have avoided bringing up somin with Ji Eun as it was clearly making her uncomfortable. But the topic did give her plenty of screentime, so it served a purpose. Overall, I enjoyed the episode. Better t
  5. I love love love the photos JSM just posted on Insta. So f***ing cute. I love her.
  6. @kyoko22 I don't want her to close her account, that is just giving in to the haters. Her account is her space where she shares her creativity, taste in music, food, literature and so on. Disabling the comments section would be a good idea though.
  7. She did the arm cross during their dance rehearsal as well. When all the members teased them about the couple moves, and she turned around to the PD and camera men and did the arms cross. The MC must have mentioned KJK and YSC because they are the single men on Running man, which she shoots every week.
  8. Either KJK was not too excited for the filming or he was very tired...JSM continuously tried to get him involved. A lot. She called out to him minimum 3 times during the entire episode. And that's after all the edits.
  9. Hello everyone ! Haven't finished watching the episode, but what I feel is that they teased her so much because they know she can take anything and would not be offended. And their treatment of her hasn't changed over the past 3 years; they never fawned over her beauty and always appeared bewildered by her craziness, and often encouraged it. The major change is how close she has become to Haha and KJK.
  10. I just noticed that their captions are about being happy.
  11. Kjk's sexy voice melted me. I am baffled as to how she did not choose his ! I have been listening to it on repeat, lol. Also, did he say that he drinks/hangs with her often ? Or did I understand that part wrong?
  12. Sixth Sense is really good. I am impressed. Chulmin likes suspense and to keep the audience guessing till the end...maybe that's why a lot of his RM episodes have spies involved. Also, I saw a post that KJK is preparing for a new album ?! Did he announce it somewhere ?? Squueeeeeeeee !!!!
  13. OMG, such jobless people. Doing things just to get others to dislike the kookmin fandom. Sincerely hope it's not an actual fan. There are some limits to shipping which I wish everyone follows.
  14. @kookminclan RunningManHey, will check out the episode now. I remember him referring to her as so min sshi looonnnggg time back. Maybe when she guested. It has been sominnie and sominaah for years now, correct ? Don't know the last time he mentioned her 'formally'.
  15. Did we hear somin tell jk to share the prize if he won ? She voluntarily gave up one ripping of her tag LOL. I think she said that to JK. Jsj and haha were also there at that moment.
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