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  1. I'm glad that the kookmin shipper accounts that I follow are very respectful that way. They mostly keep a disclaimer not to tag Kookmin's official IDs and not to beg them to date. About the incident with Tiny, I read about another instance in which a spartace shipper acknowledged that he stopped his Insta live when she joined it.
  2. @kukumarq1 Oops, got the name of the show wrong! Thanks for the correction.
  3. I think Sechan and Somin were able to quickly become friends when they met for the 'living together in empty room' shoot (thats what I heard ) and they joined RM at the same time. That must have helped them bond. They are also the same age, allowing them to get along better. Sechan and Somin are both outgoing too. I dont know if they were friends before 2017 as I've not seen their episode. But you're right @PhoenixEmeralda, it did feel like lks and jsm are closer; kwangmin hung out with wookmin, he helped her put up blinds in her new house etc. But at that point, RM brought about/highlighted Kwangmin variety chemistry a lot (i dont think it was a loveline) and never paid much attention to chanmin friendship.
  4. Wookmin must have liked the post since it is related to Somin, and he must be good friends with Sechan and LKS. Wookmin and KJK Thinking about the possible dynamics of these two gym fanatics make me laugh. KJK said he 'bonded' with Wookmin over the protein shake wookmin gave him in the episode in which he guested. KJK also knows that wookmin might feel pressured in his presence. From what I've seen, it takes time to gel with KJK. But I guess the whole Jeon family are fans of KJK , seeing that every member attended his concert last year. LOL
  5. I was watching Kookmin couple dance rehearsal episode. They were teased so much, just look at their faces. All must have chanted 'JK and Sopee' about 10-15 times. Side note, since LKS is going to miss few days of RM (huge setback), I really want the loveline to take a backseat so that Somin can really step up her performance. Everyone will have to bring their A game. LKS is too funny, will miss him.
  6. I believe all these shows have atleast a base script on how to make it funny and entertaining. But I'm rooting for Kookmin's fondness for each other which is sometimes shown openly on the show and sometimes not. Their acts are generally off the show. Even when on show, its the fans' eagle eyes that spot the interaction they have in the background. I think Kookmin can happen as long as Haha does not force it onscreen (which according to KJK is like a jinxing curse LOL).
  7. ChanMin have always maintained that they are close friends and just that. Maybe the constant teasing is making them awkward, but awkwardness is what we see on-screen. Somin still put up pics with him on her insta. Don't know if the teasing has made them awkward offscreen too. Didn't Sechan make it VERY CLEAR in some new year/year end interview that he does not see her in a romantic way or something similar to that. He has always taken good care of Somin. I was watching their old episodes and it is so clear that he looks out for her. There was no teasing then. He is not doing anything different for them to tease ChanMin now. So, its all just for the show. And after the LL, Sechan has so many videos and articles. People have started talking about him and he has good screentime. Sadly, he couldn't shine much among the other 7 before the LL.
  8. Read some comments on YT for the ChanMin video. 99% of the comments are asking the RM team to stop pushing the LL and let the natural chemistry shine between all members, especially ChanMin who are clearly BFFs. Just to put it out there. I miss the crazy SoMin. I loved that character of hers. I remember YJS saying in an episode that he wants to go on top of a mountain and scream 'Jeon So Min is crazzyyy'.
  9. Where can I find the subbed episode of MUD? It is not yet uploaded on Dramanice. Just finished watching RM episode, I actually laughed a lot. YJS is a RIOT. Love him. It's making me miss YooMin, they are soooo good together. As Haha once said, JSM brings out the best in YJS and they are an amazing duo. Can we please have HaMin and YooMin soon, instead of just Chanmin. Also, loved when Haha said he and Somin have a connection. He called her Writer Jeon too. LOVE! I like that they are sort of childish besties.
  10. Yet to watch the new MUD segment, but I do get this small feeling that KJK is seeing/interested in someone. May or may not be Somin (fingers crossed for Kookmin), but I wish all happiness for him. Not related, but I can't get over him saying 'okay!' multiple times in that cute tone when somin called him 'koooook'.
  11. I saw few clips on Insta. His nephew apparently said he still has scope for improving his singing. For a dude who wanted to marry soon and couldnt wait to have a child (he said this in 2018 and/or 2019 I think), he seems pretty relaxed about the whole marriage thing, both in MUD and Running Man.
  12. Anyone saw KJK's MUD segment last night ?
  13. Hey guys, been reading up on the posts here. I did see some comments against KJK and how he is insulting Gary's wife by making that statement about TROS. Ridiculous. His statement was savage to Ji hyo, but on point and damn hilarious. What was he to say when a former member of a famous loveline made such a statement. I havs just seen the first 15-20 mins of the subbed episode. If the PD had given KJK the book, he would have returned it after the opening, not keep it with him during the game. And from what I read, he preferred to read her book more than look into his PHONE. OMG. Kookieeee. And all these Kook with her book moments are actually not focused on him, I think he just happens to be in the frame and the editors left it the way it is. By the way, I saw some posts by Somin's fans. They are kind of fed up with the LL too as they think somin has made it very clear in yesterday's episode that Chanmin is not gonna happen. Just like us, they want RM to stop associating everything she does to Sechan.
  14. This line had me laughing on the floor. I'm loving that we have a kookmin standout moments in recent episodes. KJK watching JSM daydreaming looking at the snow and getting squashed by the automatic doors. JSM with a KJK shirt. KJK acting cute for her and kind of forcing LKS to do the same, KJK reading out her poem. Even then, no one teases them.
  15. @kookminclan RunningMan Thanks for the link! Such a nice video. I would have never seen it had you not shared it.
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