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  1. KJK had a different reaction to JSM compared to the others KJK looking at Jsm's smartphone
  2. E559: last ep of Lee Kwang Soo WTH: kjk "kicks" jsm
  3. Running Man E559: last ep of LKS
  4. Another "coincidence" of KJK and JSM ???
  5. Kookmin Moments E558 Helping somin
  6. There are no much more...but... i'll post more gifs later, ...meanwhile...
  7. kjk is very upset because ysc xD I don't know if I'm hear correctly, but I think Ysc says to kjk, "Hyung, i'm sorry"
  8. More little moments of the ep 557: Jsm always look at KJK first
  9. E557: Only very little moments
  10. Uhmmm something weird... hahahha credits: darealme_1 IG
  11. more moments of the ep E556 Last part of the "couple" game... JSM-SK couple HH: kiss her... kiss her... KJK: YAHHHHHHHHHH
  12. Date Part. About Somin 11:05 CAPTION: "So Min is still active in the dating market..." 11:05 JSM: I usually ask about his blood type...and about food, movies, or music that he likes. ***but later... 15:50 JSM: This feels strange. Its feels unfamiliar. ***why she said that? 25:27 SK: Which one do you two prefer? A good singer...or a good dancer? 26:01 JSM: A good singer ---- About Kookie 15:57 KJK: somin is acting cute. I Hate that. 16:10 KJK: Somin is serious. Look at her face. 17:54 KJK: Lo
  13. KJK: So Min, Si Kyung went on about how cute you are. KJK: He's crazy about you. YSC: Yes, he is. Caption: (So Min doesn't know what to do.) ---- but then it makes less sense for Somin to do that.
  14. Kiss sound in the end? is really a kiss?
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