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  1. YSC laughing... ??? what happened...? PD:
  2. KJK & JSM are especially happy in this episode... :O
  3. better capture. kjk with 2 smartphones
  4. somin's bag??? somin's phone????
  5. YSC - JSM loveline.... ¬¬ PD: 3 weeks ago (JSM's instagram)
  6. I have seen the same. I think the letter from SJH is a gift for kjk's wedding
  7. Song Ji Hyo poem to Kim Jong Kook "Autumn is known for its good weather." "The sky is high, and the man of autumn, Jong Kook," "is raising his standards. And his muscles are getting fatter." "He just needs to meet the one who will warm his cold winter..." "and starts a new life while fluttering the wedding veil..." "When the autumn comes back again," "I wish that you would spend the rest of your life..." "in warmth with a muscular child that resembles you." Kjk cant stop drinking water. all members are serious, but yjs starts the spartace loveline
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