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  1. Wait I think I know which post you mean hahaha that long and tired post someone made when KJK made that birthday post for Somin. “He’s doing it to help Somin get more fans” and I’m like... girl, I mean c’mon lmaooooo how in any way, shape or form does a birthday post on his personal account help with recognition... like damn can’t a sweet gentleman like KJK make a post for a female friend without them popping veins. The most annoying downplay of kookmin by antis to me was the, “KJK doesn’t want to show Somins book on RM, PD Chul min asked him to do that” that got debunked real quick though by our very own Kookie, the man has that book on his couch lmaooo and it very visible on MUD several times. The more they try to downplay and deny their genuine bond the more weird they look. They say they don’t believe in it and we’re delulu in every way yet they keep up with it and try to deny, deny, deny!!
  2. At first I thought they were just someone innocently sharing their edits now I think it’s odd. I also hate that they spam, I mean it’s fine to share a few pictures but they completely clog both of their tagged photos. It makes me laugh that kookmin shippers can’t ship in peace without other people trying to mess with us, most of us just mind our business. If you believe kookmin aren’t close that’s fine but why go the extra length to be annoying lmao. It just screams insecurity on whoever bothers us. Anyway, even with Somins tagged photos being a mess, I still saw that someone took a photo with Somin while she hiked a mountain! I’m very happy she has another healthy habit, getting some sun while hiking sounds like a great way to de-stress.
  3. Finally finished watching with subs. Even though we didn’t get a bunch of moments I’m still oddly satisfied lol. With kookmin, every lil crumb fuels me a little bit so I’m good. on the other hand, I really enjoyed this episode. PD bo pil just needs to get his editing into a better place, if he manages that, I think the future episodes will be good since I like his ideas. anyway, I will continue to ship my Kookmin happily
  4. They viciously attacked the King Kong by Starship Facebook page, I mean they made so many comments with the stupid hashtags and other stuff that makes no sense. Keep in mind, these people claim to hate her yet look for anything about Somin to make those comments. They ask the agency to tell Somin to leave running man or change her attitude and I’m like, WHAT ATTITUDE ARE YOU ALL INSANE! Like lmaooo these people really make me feel like I’m watching another version of running man.
  5. Ignore them, is funny when they spam comments trying to start fights but nope, they have to reply to themselves lol. Just report for spam and comment a bunch of emojis to bury the bad comments. It really shows how deranged they actually are, that video on insta has nothing to do with RM yet they’re there being annoying lmaoooo they’re obsessed with Somin.
  6. Link to King Kong by Starship Youtube Above is the link to Sominie’s behind the scene to her photo shoot!!! I’m so happy KKBS is giving us so much Somin content. Now, all I need is a confirmed acting project for her. I also bought her book even though I don’t understand like 99.99% of Korean lol but it will be nice to just have it.
  7. When I was watching the show live it caught me so off guard lol, he didn’t have to do the pinching but he did and I’m very happy It also surprised me that they let them be a team even if it was for a short while. I need the subtitles so I can see what the bus talk was about, Somin turned her back a few times to talk to Kookie.
  8. I can see the like! Maybe it’s just Instagram being annoying. It sends me that there’s multiple people saying she liked it in less than 2 minutes
  9. At this point I’ll take anything honestly I just need Somin actress content, I’ve rewatched all her available with subtitles projects. I kinda want her to do a movie or like a really long project. To me, it’s always been clear that variety Somin is not full Somin, she’s variety embellished Somin, she gives it her all in front of the cameras, making sure to do her job which is to entertain. I think her book really shows her more than all the years she’s been doing running man. I hope she writes another book, this was a great project for her.
  10. You guys! Somin’s new boss (Instagram: kingkongboss77) posted new pictures of Somin, go to his insta to see them hehehehe. But I wanna tell everyone something I witnessed! As you know, Somin antis harass her in anyway possible, including going to her new bosses insta! So basically this hater commented “Somin out” you know.... the usual pathetic nonsense, I’m not one to comment on insta posts since my account is personal so I just got annoyed and left it. A few minutes after I checked again and the mean comments were gone! It’s either the hater deleted them which I doubt since I know these people have no shame at all + they commented the same thing a bunch off times so I believe they wanted those comments to stay... so I’m 99% inclined to believe the agency boss blocked them!!!!! if my assumption is true I’m literally so happy my heart is bursting with joy. Her old boss literally did nothing about the hate comments on their insta posts, and now we finally have somebody protecting her. I’m so happy she has King Kong now
  11. I watched with subs and honestly Somin’s stories weren’t that bad, that’s why the Korean Somin fans had no problem with that scene. I though It was a bad story and that’s why she got so flustered but honestly I just think she doesn’t like to talk about previous relationships if she doesn’t initiate the story or is prepared to talk about previous boyfriends. HaHa did a great job of helping her make it funny and lightning it up when he started yelling the years and asking,” Did you admit it or not!” Lmao it was great. I’m currently really enjoying Hamin and Byul x Somin interactions on Instagram. Personally, I find the unexpected and unnecessary touches KJK gives Somin very heart fluttering, way more heart fluttering than needed touches like when they’re playing or doing a mission. These touches are very protective which I find extremely sweet and they make my heart flutter . Like the comforting squeeze above......... what was the reason, Kookie?
  12. Still waiting for subs so I can comment on that but watching it without subs it, it was very obvious my Sominie got upset, good thing she’s really good at keeping her tears back when needed. I checked Naver a few minutes ago, Somin’s story video is the most viewed but that’s not why I’m mentioning it, am I tripping or am I right and SBS did delete a video? I just feel like we had another video but I don’t remember whose hahahaha maybe I should just drink more coffee.
  13. Somin just posted a story on her Instagram, it’s a picture of my all time favorite Korean snack, I usually eat 3 or 4 after dinner but it’s 9 am in Korea so if she can eat it for breakfast so can I! I’ve been following her for almost a year and it’s the first time I’ve seen an Instagram story posted by her. I want more ig stories, Sominie! I hope she posts often like Kookie.
  14. I think is not the first time she has a liked a hate post, I don’t know what she liked or when, but I do vaguely remember someone saying this. I do admire her perseverance though, her staying on Instagram even thought is the biggest source for vile hate says a lot about her, I know she really enjoys Instagram so it’s obvious she won’t stop using it and the antis won’t stop being awful so nothing else we could do except be another reliable source of love and support. I like that she’s sharing her ceramic creations, it seems like the perfect hobby for her, something relaxing, creative and time consuming, hope she continues sharing it. I didn’t it add it in my other post but if anybody wonders what is the most recent anti post she liked, is an unflattering picture of her, like one of those you have to pause to get. Doesn’t that sound full of cringe and extra pathetic?? Like who takes the time out of their day to watch a video of someone they don’t like and pausing to get an unflattering picture... it’s so embarrassing for the haters life and soul.
  15. Since we all can agree on Somin not being 100% herself on that day, it’s very probable they just let her be. She also didn’t do any Chamin, when we know the loveline is still being used, it may be she needs to be in a good mood in order to make Chanmin entertaining. They also let Kookmin be in a team with just one guest when that doesn’t happen that easily. I rewatched the episode and Somin almost went pretty un-teased the whole episode, they probably knew she was having a hard time. I hope she feels okay now, I noticed a few hours ago that she liked an anti photo of her, hope is her new way of trolling them or something.
  16. Somin x King Kong agency Above is the link to Sominies new profile with her agency We’ve waited so long for an agency to actually take care of her and we’re finally at the finish line I hope actress Somin joins a project soon and I can’t wait to watch it.
  17. I also thought she looked a lil pale but because the photo has a filter it makes it harder to see if is that or just the filter making things slightly pink/white. On the skinny thing, since we now she’s working out so it may be that, the clothes are kinda baggy so it’s hard to make a guess but I do see her arms a bit smaller, I hope the weight loss is planned and not a symptom of stress. Maybe she is preparing to take a new acting job? Since Wookmini loves shake shack she’s probably hanging out with him! Which is think is great, Wookmin seems to really cherish his noona so I now he looks out for her and it’s a probably a great listener, we have photos of them drinking at 11 pm hahaha so he must be very trustworthy company. The antis criticized him for making the hate comments public but those antis probably don’t have a good relationship with their siblings, the Jeon siblings look extremely close I very grateful my Sominie has him as a brother. and yes!! I love all Byul + Somin interactions.
  18. I watched with subs but I had to rewind several times to read what was said since I was preoccupied with Kookmin, I was just watching them hahahaha. The holding of her hand is super heart fluttering considering there was no need for him to do that, plus their faces were super close to each other it was insane. The bus scene above, is soooooo heart fluttering THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HER WHILE SMILING AAAAAAAAAAHHHH. This episode was just what I needed lol. It seems there were no touching restrictions for Kookmin + no love frog with handsome guest + no Chanmin.... interesting The movie she watched is great. She should come to New York! it’s way better than watching the city on film. And since I indulge in the occasional delulu thought.. I can imagine KJK showing Somin around New York, since I know Kookie has been in the city.
  19. @puipui0604 Is he grabbing her hand in the second pic or does it just look like that???
  20. The push shooketh me! Like now nobody can deny their closeness, there’s no way in hell Somin could’ve done that in the old days, she’s way ballsier these days.. the ínstense staring from KJK to Somin after what she did I desperately need the subtitles.
  21. 8 out of 10 Somin song recommendations are sad songs, it used to make me go ???? but now I just know she’s really a big fan of those types of songs. I thought she only listened to indie music but only the award show where my profile picture is from, she mentioned she really liked levanter by Stray Kidz so I guess she’s into any song that sounds good and it’s sad . Different strokes for different folks I guess, I personally can’t stand sad music . If you think about it though, her listening to sad songs while being surrounded by nature is very Somin lol like it just fits her poet persona. Big Edit lol: So because I’m bored I decided to look at the phone more closely and it’s either an iPhone 6 or a new iPod touch, I’m leaning more to an iPod touch since I know Somin owns an iPhone 7, no point in keeping an older iPhone to use for music when the iPod touch exists. Since wookmin owns a Samsung phone (source: selfies lol) then we know it’s very probable is not his. So to me this is a black covered iPod touch or an iPhone 6 that Somin owns...... I hope my work office opens up soon, my bored self is out here googling photos of iPhones/iPod touch.
  22. I’m bored with nothing to do so I did a random choice rewatch and it landed on RM episode 404. I’m not very observant so I didn’t catch it in my other rewatches but KJK subtly looks at Somin a bunch of times when they’re seating at the table where they eat the lemons . This type of subtle glance makes my heart flutter hahahaha so that’s why even though I love them on the same team, I’m also all about them being in separate teams in the same room to see how many ninja glances I can catch.
  23. Well right now as I am typing this, there’s a current discussion on RM Korean fans twitters, it seems they’re not happy with the live news? It surprised but all the rm RM fans with different biases are very worried all the members will be exposed and will read malicious comments but honestly I don’t think Bo Pil will do that. I don’t think the members will read anything, they may answer questions but the staff will probably choose those questions. I don’t know will see, I still putting my trust on Bo Pil. This either could be really fun or a complete disaster, they still have a few weeks to plan it so I’m just gonna chill for now.
  24. That literally did nothing considering they got jumped on their second post dedicated to Somin LMAOOOO. Somin fans on Instagram have turned a new page and have decided to stop letting people drag Somin without any consequences and I’m like YAAAAASSSS go for it, as long as is not on Somin’s personal insta, cause’ if you reply to bad comments they go to the top, so is best to just report and post like 5 emoji comments to bury the bad comments so Somin doesn’t see them, same for KJK’s insta, don’t engage with the haters under his posts. That same account decided to dedicate a third post to what Somin said?? Like the obsession is real at this point, if I was a sa shipper I would unfollow so quick like wtf is this Anywaaaaaay, I’m here to share the first episode of The Voice: Korea subtitled to English! here’s the reddit post: Reddit . I love seeing coach Kookie hahaha both on shootdori and TV:K. And after seeing Somin have girl talk in RM jail, I want Somin to host a talk show lol I wanted to be about love and only women guests, I want love advice from my eonnies!
  25. This is the most annoying part for me, I hate the snake dissing, if you’re gonna talk s#it at least say it with your chest, hate that coward bullcrap. It’s interesting that they deleted the comments on the screenshot, it must’ve hit a nerve. I don’t know why they like imagining LKS and Somin hating on each other, when they’re the King Kong siblings . I also don’t understand why they can’t see two women together on the same show, when it’s clear they care for each other. I hope Bo Pil plans on giving us more mongdol, even though I know Somin’s antis will say it’s all fake.