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  1. When they play golf This is for Euro 2021, let play football
  2. So who the other member get prize golden knife and win cooking contest, yup Jongkook and Somin Kim Jongkook = Runningman eps 235 Jeon Somin = Cook and Order eps 4
  3. I think for movie twitter is the best, there you go for a cute moment Cc @kyoko22
  4. I am add to from @kyoko22 Plus eps 356 help a staff Eps 411 with Kwangsoo Jongkook consoled him by patting LKS's back and then Somin too
  5. And same answer too KJK76 :"I took a picture of the mountain..........." JSomin86: " I Took a Picture of the mountain........." Is that me or everyone, Jongkook close with Sukjin. From Moms diary eps 76 until 198 Jongkook never invite Sukjin, but now he close
  6. It coincidence in Summer Kim Jongkook Summer and Jeon Somin Summer Same in the town, it just like...............
  7. Jsomin86 Insta Story KJK76 Insta Story
  8. There much more moment Part 1 and 2 Part 3 and 4 Part 5 and 6 Part 7 and 8 Part 9 and 10 Part 11 and 12
  9. Off course, remember Moms diary eps 176 @Aaa Aaaa nope, i want to hear about propose marriage or what Yoo Jae Seok say, Announcement Marriage
  10. Jee Seokjin Instagram, they like and give a comment
  11. Jsomin86 instastory and KJK76 instastory Eps 350 mirroring
  12. This part is coincidence again 1. Jeon Somin request a Sung Si Kyung " I Love You" and Sung Si Kyung Sing theeen 2. Couple a weeks, Jongkook insta story , he listening Sung Si Kyung Song (Mayersung)
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