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  1. Seo Jang Hoon recomended Jongkook for Somin in A.U A fortuneteller
  2. Kim Soya, i am remember jongkook oppa say to find good woman for sechan in moms diary eps 199
  3. Kim Jong Kook and Jeon So Min Insta Story
  4. It began from eps 449 about 10 years gap, it just like puzzle for me Then this, why he want introduce Sechan with other woman ? In eps 500, He say should take care her in the television, and some member ask " why are you being like this? Then First my Question is it like seriously talk together because this 1. About " it might affect her choice" for what, i dont know 2. Then Sukjin say I Know, and she's...... 3. Then this It misterious for me about Kookmin
  5. I agree with you, Jongkook body languange is answer.
  6. Dont worry, beside most of kookmin fans say Jongkook and Somin is best friend with have any potential to be his bride, relax, to be or not to be i will ship them. That why some of kookmin fansbase never posted any edited they marriage, or pray they are real couple. Just relax. Remember to be or not to be, there are many beautiful girl waiting for him to waiting his confession of love and there are many goodguy for somin too . If Kim Jong Kook choose Somin to be his Wife, that a bonus. And if isn't, they are best friend.
  7. Hahahaha Somin style, in Moms Diary eps 201, Jongkook oppa go to Jin Young house with sleeves shirts, Remember in RM eps 360 when Wookmin tell the story about Somin
  8. After bright sky, forest, and right know is food Cooking And Kim Jong Kook Food
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