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  1. Just like this, he remember 2 month too Almost forgot, i remember if Misun find her husband in variety show, they are family in Good to laugh SBS, who know
  2. Hahaha like Jongkook and Kwangsoo couple . There are more , about @kyoko22say about Jee Seok Jin, you can see relation about MUD 198,199, then Eps RM 422, the strange for me is all about they talk together in parking area before casting, and Sukjin see their conversation, and Jongkook tell about talk together with somin, that weird, he never like that in any Variety Show
  3. Me too Yes it is, I dont know what eps Kim Jong Kook just like this with a other woman. For me that weird
  4. That the human being is not only intellect . It's also muscle
  5. Kim Jong Kook and Jeon So Min for Kim Hyun Sik 30th Anniversary Commemoration Remake Album Or in twitter Interesting that Kim JongKook and jeonsomin are the first couple to help promote Kim Hyun-sik Album 30th remake I mean some official agency recognised them a couple (aka realcouple)
  6. Just like Husband and wife, his sligbag, only Somin take his slig bag
  7. Kim jong kook draw in moms diary 223 and Jeon So Min Draw in LT Empty Room eps 7
  8. I wonder if Somin talk back about Jongkook ex girlfriend, Chaerina
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