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  1. The best part Duo April is, Somin always comunication with Jongkook, and make him comfortable, no wonder in Hanna Radio, Sukjin choose Somin. That mean Jongkook is never alone again. Before Somin to be a members, Jongkook like no spirit in RM, and guest what, he almost dismissal from RM in 2017. In ep 334, Jongkook date with a woman, guest what, is a mess. From eps 333 to 343 he like no spirit. But in eps 343 they comunication again and he like her. Eps 346 Somin to be a members RM. Oppa is like "tsundere man". But i think Jongkook like her from eps 380. He want help her. Remember when one grup with Jin Young, he Silent, just like no spirit. But with Somin is different. Like in camelia park Jeju island, when he flooged Somin, he never like that with a Woman
  2. I have that feeling, Jongkook oppa love her, my logical is why he read that book ?. Fortune teller about Somin in 2018 is her spouse like father and daughter, Jongkook like her father, he help her about her book. And in eps 490 he say " stop forcing them" . Interesting for me
  3. KJK say " You are my favorite writer...." next "You are my Favorite my wife......" (sorry delulu again
  4. I agree like natural couple, nobody care about Jongkook and Somin
  5. Oppa Jongkook is funny 1. T Shirts 2. Somin Book 3. Maybe He bring Somin to his Parents
  6. I am feeling the same with you. He is promoted kookmin, in eps 489, he say " it nice to have Somin take care of me" I think he promoted her for Jongkook Look 3:26
  7. Trust me, in 5 game with roulette, how many always Kim Jong Kook and Jeon So Min , three times, i can believe that it just Jeon So Min Soul Follow Kim Jong Kook Soul
  8. Yes it is, he is matchmaker kookmin too, like Yoo Jae Seok
  9. In MUD Se Chan say like this " Don't Match me, match Jongkook first"
  10. I watching MUD, there are different when Somin say " Her Career and her relationship. Se chan silent laugh, but not Kim Jong Kook, just like he want help her
  11. Fortune teller say Somin perfect match with Se Chan, but Se chan is same age. And other that, Somin Spouse is Old age. I Remember when Yoo Jae Suk Say, if we keep trying root chanmin, then one day Jong kook and Somin anouncement married
  12. 1.JK doesn’t like to go on date through matchmaking checked. 2.JK like meeting someone he is comfortable with checked. 3.JK doesn’t meet someone he feels emotionally uncomfortable with checked. Let Analysis 1. Who pushed Kim Jong kook with Jeon So Min after their mission, no one, first time he hate her. other members never care about them, that natural 2. after coffe date, Jongkook Always Close, sometime he always teasing her, and many more. He more comfortable with her like example with Jongmin, haha and Byul, why he call Somin 3. Somin more confortable too, like when she call Jongkook is "Kook"
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