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  1. Ah, today is another nice weather day in SK. Perfect day to admire the bright sky
  2. There is some misunderstanding here. It is JK who said "I like Jihyo's style" while Somin "You have nice leg". She referred to KS who would wear mesh stockings that she brought after that. @CamelliaLady I tried to listen several times and I only caught half of what he said. He said "소민이랑 제 술 많이 마시는... ( Somini lang jae sul manhi masineun...). The translation for the part that I caught is 'Somin and I drink a lot'. So basically that subtitle is correct. Edit: It's cute when both of them post an IG update with same vibe(together with RM members) about the same time (7 minutes different with JK update first)
  3. Somin posed for her make over Sechan(?): Gwiyowo~ (cute) JK: Ye nomu yeppo~ keureoji (She is so pretty~ Right?) *while looking at her from bottom to top
  4. Somin's book still there beside his couch
  5. When is the last time he release an album? The last time that I remember he release a new song is the Turbo Again. And that is as Turbo, not as KJK. No wonder I feel like he is super busy lately. Aside from his schedule, recording songs take lots of time. Lol. There is not even IG story of his leg day or his exercise day or eating delicious food. Watched a short clip of him teasing SC by chanting Somin's name. That oppa... His face was so serious and didn't even smile when Somin did aegyo to SC in ep 506 (he always smile when Somin did aegyo or being cute). He immediately rebut when YJS said Somin wore make up for SC (ep517) by saying she already wore it yesterday (ep516). Watching that clip, I was like, why are you being so hard on yourself oppa?
  6. https://www.soompi.com/article/1424008wpp/kim-jong-kook-shares-his-discomfort-with-how-people-talk-about-his-exercising-on-my-ugly-duckling Not sure if this is the part that he mentioned about Somin since I don't watch yesterday's MUD. But there is part he said he doesn't exercise because of women.
  7. Main point about rooting for two people: it is about what they want. Somin to Sechan: She said she and Sechan are not going to get married. Ultimate friendzone ever (ep 490). Basically their LL already dead. Somin to Sangyeob: She said he is a family and impossible for them to date. She said she is not Sangyeob's type (ep 443) So, they can dance together like there's no tomorrow. They also can wear everything same from top to bottom. But if Somin doesn't reciprocate the feeling, nothing gonna happen.
  8. @JoJo8676 Thank you. At least now I know it is not a pigment of imagination from my delusional mind. I want to forget it but it kept bugging me. Now i finally can let it rest. Hahaha.
  9. @JoJo8676 Hahaha. You also see it? At first I want to let it go. Then I noticed, there was a gap between Somin's left hand and her body (gap between her black sleeve and beige dress). During intro session of that episode, when she stood with that formal hand gesture, there is no gap (meaning that gap is not caused due to a habit of her). Something had prevent her arm from to properly close to her body. What else could it be other than that suspicious 'thing' at her waist. Then that promotional video came out. That editor surely had lots of free time to edit them out over nothing
  10. @YellowDress I think that's Jihyo. Her sleeves kinda baggy while JK's sleeves were tighter. Because at the last minutes, it was JH who stayed with JSJ and Eun Bin. Maybe that is why, whe PD announced the punishment, JH seemed shock and looked at Somin's direction.
  11. @vxxncx Lol. He is also the one who really concerned after the PD announced the outed members will get punishment. Listen to how loud his voice was and just how focus he was to her.
  12. ODM - Somin denial statement really caught me off guard since it is really came out of no where. To know whether it is a big news in SK or not, it is when Soompi or Allkpop publish the EN version news. For Somin-ODM rumors, nada, nil. And Somin is a hot topic since her hiatus statement. It is impossible if there is a rumors about her dating, this thing hasn't blown out by press. I had asked this before, did this rumor explode in DC Gallery because none of her international fan IG accts highlight this up. Maybe the rumor only just started to budding up but both side denied it immediately. From ODM's comment from his interview, it is for Somin's sake. Which makes me wonder. She also has dating rumor with KS, with SC but as far as I remember, she never take this swift action, only simple denial on RM. She usually just proves the rumors wrong, just like how she still hang out with KS and SC as normal friend. But for ODM's case, she immediately released the denial statement. So, I agree with you. Maybe she denied this because she has something to protect and doesn't want to cause misunderstanding.
  13. This part really caught my attention because it is JSJ who talked about LA but when she said she has never been there, she didn't look at JSJ's direction. And it is not a general statement for everyone since she specifically said 'oppa'. It is not YJS, Haha and LKS she addressed it off since three of them not on the right angle of how her head tilted. Yup. Kwang Soo turned his head away way too fast as if he saw something he shouldn't have . I mean, what's the big deal with two colleagues sitting together for him to react in such a weird way.
  14. @Sominangel Though Somin is a playful person, I don't believe she will joke around about her potential spouse. She played her part as SC's love line but when things started to get serious or over her boundaries, she immediately denied and clarified it. So, when she said ODM is her friend, I believe she really means it. What ODM did/does doesn't matter because it is about what Somin wants. If let say someday she suddenly said JK is just a family, I will stop rooting for them because after all, again, it is about what she wants or JK wants. JK doesn't like and comment? Based on articles about him recently, he seems very busy. And I'm around Somin's age. Liking or commenting on my social media is not that important anymore. Social media is nice but it is not everything. We are in era where we can facetimes, calls, texts. If they liked or commented on each other's post, that's nice because we can see it. If not, it doesn't matter because if they want to keep in touch, they always can do it in private.
  15. @kookminclan RunningMan Ep 512. KS was innocently looking at them when Somin took the face mask from the table. When Somin stepped closer to JK to sit beside him, KS immediately turned his head away and smiled like that. I mean, what's the big deal when colleagues sat together right. But KS's reaction and smile made this scene looks suspicious. About JK wants to introduce good girl to SC, we have this scenario in ep when Dong Jun came, during the bus riding. Everyone was promoting SC as a great guy, a good catch. Based on their usual pattern, Somin will joined the conversation saying she too wants to have a BF or the members will tease DJ to her. But no, nobody promotes her as if she already off the hook. And in this episode, the members, especially JSJ and Haha looked so opposed when DJ flirted with her. I also notice about the suspicious editing. The best suspicious one is when both of them totally got edited out from the SBS Youtube promotional video . JK was there because his right hand can be seen on Haha's shoulder but amazingly, JK and Somin got cut out from the video . I was like, WHY???
  16. It was Sukjin who talked about LA and Las Vegas here. But her eyes were looking at his direction when she expressed her desire. And she wasn't looking at JH since she started her sentence with 'Oppa'. Her Oppas were looking at her with adoring smile while waiting for her action. JK even stopped adjusting his tshirt collar .
  17. Hahahaha. So many excuses to justify that ranking is false. I mean, it is just a survey, what is there to be triggered about. Btw, latest MUD episode already subbed.
  18. This must be it. My mind keep shifting from thinking it is just a shadow and it is his hand. . Now I can remove this thought from my mind. Thank you.
  19. @kookminclan RunningMan It is ridiculous to think it is his hand but I just can't unseen it. Haish... And both of them get totally editted out really not helping.
  20. @kookminclan RunningMan https://www.instagram.com/p/CDv92awFGyn/?igshid=1q4zvpwv18kd5 In this SBS YT channel promotion, both of them totally edited out. I think, this is the same moment when they took the photo as present for fans for 10th Anniversary.
  21. About most popular among foreign fans, intentional or not, JK didn't recognize Somin's glamour photo. Though impossible he didn't recognize her since there were only two ladies photo and they just talked about JH's. Haha.
  22. Maybe that is why ODM deleted the photo of him and Somin on his IG. But where did this rumor spread? DC Inside? I don't see any her international fan accs speculate about this. Even more, most of those accs know ODM is her costar.
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