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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】

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If you work hard and people saw your efforts, they will appreciate it. 


He always said he was just being lucky but actually he did work hard to climb up to where he is now. He deserve to receive loves from many people. 


And I hope PPC can always reach out to their dreams regardless what trash people talk about them. And if people really appreciate their talents, their dating life wouldn't effect their career . Really hope that they can always go bold and confidence with their love life. 

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My every moment was you When I loved and also when I was in pain Even at our moment of farewell You were the whole world to me and every moment was you Without you, I don't think I can explain

I must say that I'm at awe with her Chinese. She spoke in Chinese throughout the interview. Her Chinese is really good. In one of the games, she was asked to guess PSJ's lips on a tablet that had 9 pi

I'm sorry but this is driving me insane! Anyone who is on a different ship and is reading this....   July 27: Media Reports the two are in a 3 year relationship, Same day, Agencies respond w

22 minutes ago, quietobserver said:

And if people really appreciate their talents, their dating life wouldn't effect their career .

This!! I think one of the reasons they're not coming out yet coz they're proving their own as capable actor/ actress (proof? all the wonderful chemistry & praises they've got from others) so when they tell the world later,  nobody can badmouth saying they're neglecting their career :P

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Sorry to talk abt this again, but I just got to see the individual interview that @twoparkcouple kindly mentioned before, when Joonie was asked whether there's a scene by his costar, PMY that he really wanna praise

He said tho there were many scenes filmed & it was mentioned in past iv, he thought her idea & acting in the ribbon kiss scene were really good. Then he made a short pause coz when he thought back, there were so many good scenes that he wasn't so sure which one to choose :joy: (c'mon just make up your mind can you kkk). From then, he suddenly changed to the drunken Miso scene :joy:


Joonie shared that he used to drink wine before in order to act drunk naturally, but it was hard to say the lines properly (?). So it wasn't ok for them to really drink but the scene turned out to be super good that you can smell the alcohol just from watching. It was around 3am, not only the actors but all the staffs were exhausted & they shot a long-take (without interruption) & it turned out so real :D He thought her drunk condition was so adorable (너무 사랑스럽게), & as twoparkcouple shared " "When I see Miso (PMY), I couldn't help but smile (miso) even without myself knowing" :heart: He went on "although there were many other scene too, but it seems that there are so many memories that will remain for a long time with this one" :wub:

The next question for him was to choose a scene that he feels most regrettable to be deleted, and we alr knew the ice-cream pick kkk


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4 hours ago, Maie W said:

Hi, luvies! PSJ- (PPC-PPS)


We celebrate PSJ career: 2011-2019. Here, PSJ 101: 

PSJ made (7) Films-yt, (yours truly) PFB (personal fave below):


 2015 TCE,


(2019) -TheDivineFury.

PSJ (13)Television series-PFB) perso. fave below:

(2012)   -DreamH2,PotofGold,(2013)OneWarmWord,(2014) Mama, (2015)KmHm,SWP,

(2016-2017)Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

(2018) What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

PSJ (2)Variety shows

2013-2015-Music Bank

2018-Youn’s Kitchen S1-S2


Won: 24  n’ Nominations: 19

PSJ, on your anniversary we appreciate all ur hard work and dedication. Best wishes for another successful 2019.  

PSJ, keep up all the hard work and reaching for the stars! May you continue to inspire us for many years to come! You are terrifically tireless, exceptionally excellent, abundantly appreciated and magnificent beyond words! PSJ, we love you 3000!

TDF- fighting, in Korea, other competitions, may top locally but remember TDF, IS SHOWING, WORLDWIDE. 

TDF, my dear pps, we need to support, our cool, CAPT, the (handsome) CEO (wwwsk) & (hot, gorgeous HUBBY TO MISO! PPC! :tounge_wink:

Just sharing: I get to watch TDF, 1 in (SK) yes wish I can scream, @ d top of the roof, (like that cute, awesome, :Pcrack me up-dedidated, awesome- fan) but my family n' (loml) is w/ me---dead! (tmi) w/ fam. (emergency visit) :joy:..but my dear :heart:is calling help..pps, ppc here ...:kiss_wink: tom. will be in MNL, yt, 2nd time to watch (14th_Aug), so ppl show some :love:loyalty, fight for PSJ!!!

I personally loved TDF.  He was such a GAK,.. gr8t action king!... I cried, his acting was superb!!! Bravo! Clap!:thumbsup:

Guys, thx 4 being so awesome(:wub:wow,, 1004! The DVD, :blush: hot reviews, sweetness, of PPC . Just PPS u r  true “gems”,--U ROCK!! Sry, 4 long msg,  u keep me goin'---(correct also, my dates above PSJ anniversary)....tysm, i may not post often (just barely)...but ur smarty, genuine,  ea. w/"conspiracy theory", so delightful, well this ppc, in this site, ur also, SUPERSTARS:wub:ily,guys!

.4ever, v. proud of this ship, no matter what...UNITED_PPS. solid, PPC,  LET’S MAKE IT 3000!!!:heart:.



"Real love stories never have endings. "– R. Bach


Why this psj award so many but I am checking in psj wikipedia not this much ? 

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1 hour ago, twoparkcouple said:

back to dvd again. although there are still many things i want to talk about, let me talk about these first.. 


1. at ep.14 back hug in the collection of no bgm multi angle hug scenes, psj rubs his cheek against pmy's cheek.:heart::wub:


2. in group commentary 01:29:54, when they doing commentary for the ep.10 scene where Miso saying to her sisters "he protected me when i was scared. and he always so considerate of me.", psj said "umm~you did?(음 그랬어?)"


i love the way he said..so sweet.:bawling: the reaction he did to her is usually used when an adult soothes a baby. haha:lol:


3. in couple interview 30:02, ppc making small hearts with their fingers and moving the hearts together is so cute. :love: and i love their smile, after that.


4. making3 07:30, after pmy made a ng, she touched psj's abs.hihi.:D

yep..as someone said before, it seems like her habit.B)


5. in wedding bts, it's sweet that psj is holding a bouquet for pmy at rehearsal.:heart:

Anyone here liked @twoparkcouple post even before reading? I did lol

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3 hours ago, twoparkcouple said:

back to dvd again. although there are still many things i want to talk about, let me talk about these first.. 


1. at ep.14 back hug in the collection of no bgm multi angle hug scenes, psj rubs his cheek against pmy's cheek.:heart::wub:



Thanks for this! I'm always looking forward to your translations (and others as well) so that I can go back to the dvd and look for it. 


In the episode 14 back-hug, you meant PSJ rubbed his lips on PMYs cheeks right? I kept rewinding and checking it the other day to see if his lips kissed her neck and it was too hard to tell. But I definitely recall his lips rubbing all over her cheek! It looked like he really wanted to kiss her cheek (unless he did end up doing so!).


Btw have you seen any more deleted scenes from the dvd? I'm starting at the beginning too, to check for any deleted scenes. 

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11 hours ago, twoparkcouple said:

1. at ep.14 back hug in the collection(무다포)

2. in group commentary 01:29:54

3. in couple interview 30:02

4. making3 07:30

5. in wedding bts

As always, thanks a lot for the details :heart:

1. Oh so that was what 무다포, I guessed "포" was from "hug" I couldn't figure out what "무다" means kkk. And I thought it was just me with the sound problem coz some parts were completely silent/ muted but turned out it was a mass thing :P


2. "umm~you did?(음 그랬어?)" --> I love all this randomness when they commented like this, the way they learned more abt each other & the characters' perspectives. So sweet really :wub:


3. Cutest thing ever, love in their eyes & in the air. She started it first & him following so smoothly :heart:


4. One of the BTS I was curious abt, you know how Miso became a "necktie machine" haha. Mi Nyeongie was confident with the Director that she could do well, is it b'coz she knows he will always be super patient for her practice :wub:


5. Wedding BTS: omg this is among the cutest/ cosiest & realest ones :wub::wub::wub: so sorry it might sound like a lie coz I keep saying that, but seriously it's not just them two in these but I love the way they freely having some happy chitchat with each other while his staffs helped her stylist to fix her wedding dress too, the way them two merrily babbling sth when their staffs added some touch-up for their makeup, or the way all their staffs gathering together to inspect the filming footage outside the wedding hall. Everything just screams "happy one big family" to me :heart:


PS: as I always said, much as I wanna share all, there're just so many things to look for & sometimes Idk how to put all this happiness into words. Big applause to @twoparkcouple once again for such beautiful translation :blush:



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Hi everyone!


Sorry for butting in, I'm simply so in love with Park Seo Joon recently and I ship ParkPark too!! :)

I'm really curious as I'm currently watching Youn's Kitchen 2.


During EP 4 and EP 5, I see the caps said Leon 레옹 twice about Park Seo Joon





I tried to search up for Leon in korean and it shows nothing, means it's an english word. I'm really curious if they decide to use this Leon caps because of 'Park Leon' :)))


I'm sorry if this has been discussed before though but I'm really hopeful because of this LOL

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And also, sorry for the sudden questions :bawling:

I read it here that the Pre-Ordered version of What's Wrong With Secretary KIM Director's Cut DVD has 13 DVD.

I'm currently trying to buy it but the non-preordered one only has 12 DVD here

Is there someone here who has one and considering to sell it? :( Or perhaps, knowing someone who wants to?

I'm really late to the drama party because I've just started to watch the drama last month.

Last time I bought a Director cut was Pinocchio, and this is the 2nd time I really wanted to buy the DVD.


I wish I could turn back time boohoo :(

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