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  1. my fav in this shoot and first making film for IC is out also ^^ "Rather than when I first debuted, I have more passion and love for acting now, in my 30s. In the past, I wasn’t very forgiving of myself, and I was hurt by a lot of different things. But now, I’ve become much stronger. I like my present day self” https://www.soompi.com/article/1380960wpp/park-min-young-talks-about-her-character-in-upcoming-drama-ill-go-to-you-when-the-weather-is-nice
  2. she was silent yesterday & all the spotlight went to IC press conference & her man. And then festive Friday isn't it, another one coming for our beautiful some warm-up while we're waiting for our Saeroy tonight kkk PS: IC's female protagonist, Dami, will also be featuring in the same High Cut issue with her so this way or that, we'll always end up seeing their names together in the same place eventually
  3. We're not the only ones who still can't let go lol~ They're both movin' strong onto the next projects, but our OTP of legendary VP & his precious secretary is srly havin' a very long~~~ way to go with each other