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  1. Short but great memories, farewell has never been easy, and they even felt like sending him off to the army. Such a sweet goodbye, seems that he's earned more more "professional fans" within the industry "Buen Camino"
  2. TGIF time to dress up & party~~~ don't forget your other half if you need a recommendation, here's from ComZia with
  3. What a treat for those who have been patiently waiting, here's the gift you're so well deserved Edit: Resharing a little bit of this part's translation by our @twoparkcouple back in pg 1011. I love all his nose kisses for her as it delivers a sense of intimacy & cherishing and this koala pose is just
  4. Nice catch dear, thanks a lot for the correction So it was him who complaining to the staff? lol~ then
  5. Talkin' about caressing hands remindin' me of the BTS for their confession/ first kiss scene. They looked lacking a lot of sleep to me onscreen (couldn't hide the dark circles) but the BTS turned out wayyyyy more fun than I expected So they were doing some focus filming on his hand gesture & discussing how he should do it when they hugged & exchanged the first kiss. Director Park (and some staffs I think) suggested him move his hand up a little bit to her back, but Mi Nyeongie was clearly firmed about this. MY: up here (his hand on her back position) is just for the teens, down here (*refering to her waist) is for the 20s Joonie: But women normally don't like this (*he was talking to the director then, which means he agreed with her that women don't like men to place their hands high on her back) MY: not good/ I dont like it Since she insisted his hand on her waist & he also shared her viewpoint, that's how they finalized their decision & what we've got to see onscreen. During the BTS for the wall kiss (I believe we ready got the translation here before), the staff (?) also suggested something they both thought to be old-school ("back in the 90s" if I got it right) & hence decided to execute the whole scene in their own way (or in another word, from the stance of young cp these days ) Another part from this first kiss BTS when he hugged her: Staff: (he) held too tight (editing thanks to @twoparkcouple - it was him who complained to the staff, not her ) Joonie: excuse me? Who're you? Director: but (we're doing) the feeling of cherishing here (coz it's there very first kiss after almost a decade longing for ) MY (turning back to Joonie): (we have to do it) romantically (she probably meant they'd better slow it down ) So right here, he was groping (?)/ tapping his fingers on her waist in a very tickling way that says "ok I'll go super~ gently & slowly~ if you want the cherishing sense". Plz excuse my wordy interpretation, but I swear that part was super duper caressing, touchy & ticklish PS: everyone (them & me) had a good laugh for this scene, and I swear again, the "no-space" here is no joke guyz like this and beyond~
  6. @canangel7019 People already called out for this when the event happened back then. But it was not his name that they reporters called. They were like fanboying her to which she replied with a super bright smile kkk I think it's not only at that DPC event, the reporters have done that many times to get her attention for photographing, and from what I know they didn't call his name as everyone mistook BTW this caption - "Beauty & the cowardly guyz" remind me of the bts for the scene when Miso first joined the company & encountered YJ as the "President's son" back in 9 yrs earlier. It was the very first filming they had, he was talkin' to the Director and when she entered the set to said "Hi" to everyone, he put his hand on her back kinda in a way to introduce her (or showing her off ) - and again it was their very first filming if you know what I mean, it's was like our OTP vs. the other actors/ actresses who were unknown to each other They had some chitchat, just them among everyone when MY was showing pride for coming 1st in the dartboard game (was it from Busted lol~) then got joked by him if she won by playing with herself alone
  7. To those who have been waiting for the subtitles, here's to the real city man from Cheongdam-dong who's been so hot in the market these days (His appearance starts around 50:00, but if possible enjoy the whole show ) http://kisstvshow.to/Show/Three-Meals-a-Day-Mountain-Village/Episode-9?id=19126 Bonus: secret to this charm? Rosemary so rosemary for the steak, and then rosemary essence for the skin
  8. So Shanghai with KSH for DPC event this coming 21st. Then next month will be Vietnam with JCW for AAA2019, and Singapore with KJW for StarHub night. Look how beezy & popular Leon's Mommy will be Poor Simba's Daddy who will be stuck only in Cheongdam or his Itaewon Class
  9. "Ship them where" - this cracked me up so hard you guyz are also a OTP, coz he does respond & ask when you talk to him Btw I love this style, lady in command
  10. "소/ so" means cow in Korean, refering to the hardworking traits, for ex: SO Mi Nyeong, sugo-haes-SO (our Hardworking cow), or this one
  11. She is who she is back from years ago, and he is who he is till now He said he'd love to enjoy the weekend at home to himself, just like any other people out there~ She said she's the type who would resort to making pasta herself at home bcoz if she orders the pasta from outside when she wanna eat it, it'll be cooled off & not as good as eating immediately on spot~ Well I'll leave the rest to you guyz then, you may guess what an ideal date is to them now #TheOneAndOnly #DestinedMatchMadeInHeaven
  12. I guess it was like that familiar scene when Moms pack kimbab for the kids' skul lunchbox, so he added to that & nagged "omma we're late (for skul), we only have 5mins left" YJA's response is gold: "Then you just go (without me or the kimbab) And he added: "Omma, I was so short-minded (for rushing you)"
  13. I'd say all the complete translation/ explanation goes to our @twoparkcouple ^^ I wish my Korean could be better so I can fully deliver what I'm blessed to see to you guyz, but thanks a lot for your warm words dear, I agree with you we come here for nothing more than pure happiness & positive vibe ^^ Here's our ramyeon bulldozer kkk. In another scene when So Dam was trying to kindle the fire, he stood up right behind her so he could cover the sun & shadow for her, a real man of great manner @twoparkcouple Last time he played WWWSK's OST, and now this. Maybe PD Na is also a believer of the so-called connection of destiny
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