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  1. Yup that photoshoot in LA is for the July issue guys~~ usually the hard copies have to be printed even before the end of this month so
  2. So the title for her July MC photoshoot is "PMY's private life", hopefully there'll be some interview along If it's Mi Nyeong's private life they should have brought Park Leon too lol~ PS: from what I know WWWSK DVD is the first for Joon so his fans are prob looking forward that, esp. the commentary part
  3. It's a beautiful FRIday isn't it? many beautiful CF photos of our OTP are coming out & they totally light up our Friday. Seriously I respect shippers from other ship & at the same time, we shouldn't let their viewpoint have a say to ruin our mood Let aside all their IG coincidences for a moment, I feel that even the brands themselves match don't you guys think so too Like if one of them is doing this CF, somehow the other will also have counterpart (either complementary or rival lol~). And as the beautiful pictures are coming out one-by-one, they complete each other rait? Today is just one of those beautiful days so let's enjoy the ride
  4. Even though I'm dying to know what he wrote, but I won't ask due to my respect to him & to fans like you who've worked hard to get there. But this little sharing of you is enough for me already, I'll take this as a motivation to work harder then. Just a little question that I hope you can help. 1) Is the "visiting days" counted on 24-hr basis? Like I joined on Monday evening, does it mean that I have to wait 10 evenings later at least (even when I fulfill the number of posts & comments required)? 2) That application form is it doable for int'l fan? I mean is it like Q&A or is it something like "letter/ formal form" that we have to prepare ourselves? PS: 우등회원님 축하드려여 ❤ PPS: When Kikyo shared their letters with fans about the marriage news, I did some translation to share the joy with my shipmates. That happiness is still fresh up till now, and I'm saving that special moment for his letter (and Mi Nyeongie's too) so I can once again feel it ❤❤❤
  5. Fancafe is pretty much a communicative platform between the celeb & their fans, also between the fans within that community, so it's something "official" I guess. If the info is supposed to be public then everyone gets to know anw (through other public media like online newspaper, ...) As for Joonie's IG, coz he manages by his own will (unlike other actors, for ex: LDW, who "has" an account as a communicative channel with fans but managed by his reps/ manager as I know) so it's more like "personal" thingy rather than official one (ofc SNS is never "personal" as it involves privacy invasion but let's try to omit this negativity :D). With that being said, Joonie has a choice to post whatever he wants even the most random pics without any meaning, or a PR post for his endorsed brands blah blah So no need to sigh about this dear (I have to be honest that the fancafe is a real brain game for people like me who don't speak the language, not to mention that the level-up requires "proper" postings too, like if you don't properly the rules then you won't be promoted. I'm not sure if it's fan-friendly to the Korean fans). Anw everything has a price & we can't complain, but whether you get to join or not, there're still kind comrades here who don't mind cheering you up with daily random chitchat, am I rait
  6. Yes it's pretty much like what you just mentioned. His fancafe requires the real-name verification involving either a Korean phone number or iPin (you can google for more info, but it's quite the same as owning a Korean number). I have neither of them so I use my passport instead (other documents like ID or driving license work too) & follow this instruction (my Chinese is even worse than my Korean so I used google translate, one tip is that step-by-step translation is more accurate than the whole thing at a time). In a nutshell, the following tutorial gives instruction on how to send Daum an email requesting them to verify our real name. From what I know some succeeded but some not using this (in the end it's all up to Daum I guess). They usually give us the result within 24 hours I think, but it depends on the work day also (some have to wait over the weekend if they shoot the request on Friday, I did mine on Monday & got the verification within only 2 hours which was a bless). I know it sounds a little bit too general, but it pays off if you follow the instruction. Once you join, you'll be an Associate member which is my level right now. Once you fulfill the requirements (posts, visits & comments) then you'll be Regular member, and extra to be Honorable one (that's where you can read his letter). Truly hope this helps, and best luck friends https://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404379411028797783&fbclid=IwAR0b8XheVxONXD7zoDzrllauRnekCnqJskeUnjY-2FpCsYMqWwpXSSupxUA
  7. @rubiflorie it requires a certain no. of posts/ comments & even visit days in order to get the automatic promotion Regular member level (then Honorable is something else that requires extra) so I don't think anyone will (be allowed) to share. I finally managed to join that (the process did drive me nuts I have to admit, my sketchy Korean is not enough & googletranslate helped in the way) but my visit day only doesn't meet the requirement to be Regular member just yet (one more week to go at least). So I'll end up in tears & jealousy, everyone plz excuse me today ...
  8. It seems that Joonie has left some message for fans in the fancafe, but only the Honorable members can see it (it's quite a journey starting from the signup to the level-up process) & many fans have been urging to read what he wrote. Can I be honest with my jealousy The ones who got to read his letter said it brought them to tears, oh my heart
  9. We don't have to worry about them dear. Their skills for ninja traveling can guarantee them high-quality overseas dates for sure. But they also admit to being homebody so homemade dinner is also a good option too. We know someone likes pasta and the other one can make pasta, or else, kimchi pizza or whatever health food they endorse lol~
  10. Her BFF & they were in I'm Sam together, she had a role in Midnight Runners too (too bad I can't recall)
  11. The photoshoot for MC already ended (tho it's technically still on based on Namoo's schedule, I guess they count the travel time too). It seems that everyone can enjoy quality time by their own will now (MY's stylist updates her IG saying that she's not gonna get up, eating alone & lying (by the swimming pool) alone enjoying the wind blow). Also, as for the pic MY posted with the "LALA" cap yesterday, it's "not totally delulu guys lol~ Her stylist uploaded some pic about the Light House/ Hermosa Beach & said something like "I could prob be the only one who hasn't watched Lalaland yet" as I understand. So my guess is there had been some conversation abt Lalaland btw them haha PHS's military enlistment is on Jun. 10 I think, so Joon & his gang will prob have a send-off get-together with him (and Realpeakboy's belated bday celebration also, it was last month but somehow overlapped with Choi Woo Shik's PR for Parasite so not sure if they had a chance to meet back then). I know it's a little bit tight but who knows, J&Y can make it if they want right ❤️ My other bet will be the celebration for WWWSK's 1st anniversary. Given the team's friendship, they will def have some fun together (not to mention that MY couldn't attend KKY's wedding - she seems super comfortable joking around with him so I think there'll be some dining together to make up for that also) PS: not sure if everyone already saw the article about SJ & Choi Woo Shik's cameo in each other's movie. Turned out it's not out of their friendship & was based solely on their recognized acting talent. Director Bong of Parasite has been living abroad so he didn't know SJ was so popular & casted SJ from watching his vids & acting only. Same with CWS's cameo in The Divine Fury (Director Jason & WS are also acquaintance). So everyone has their own career & connection, but somehow they're all connected (& well-acknowledged as they deserve). So I guess what's yours will eventually be yours rait ❤️
  12. Just a little bit update coz it's related to MY. So ABH said in the interview that he watched her works already, and even the previous one (I think he meant WWWSK) came out really well. As an audience he thinks she's great, but it turned out that when he got to meet her in person, it totally exceeds his expectation (lol~ we all know). ABH addresses her as "noona" but from their very first meeting, MY told him to speak in "banmal" (informal/ casual) with her since they're friends in the drama (he actually talked in banmal when they interact on IG as Deok Mi & EG). He was worried about this & that before, but since she made the first step like that, he thought the chemistry with MY went well. Plus, MY also gave him advice based on women's viewpoint as what to do to make it cool. ABH's amazed at her ability, both in terms of acting & her physical endurance, and that it's not that they call her "romcom queen" for nothing. Also MY told him: "In 3 months, you really have to fall heads over heels for me" (this is professionally emotional, and I think it did help to make them opening up freely to each other) and sometimes ABH felt real jealousy as EG when Deok Mi & Ryan being together, so he even thought "why so many kisses" lol~ What a great sunbae <3 <3 <3 And just like Joon said in that Esquire interview, the protagonist actor's role is not just solely acting, but should be the "host" at the filming set, building the "atmosphere" there is of the utmost important (srly if we talk about this, WWWSK has the best team ever - something that both J&Y, the supporting actors & even the staffs had to all admit) PS: After the photoshoot for Marie Claire, MY treated the team again with good food (based on one of the caption from the pic you guys share :D). She brings "miso" to everyone guys <3
  13. I'm looking for brighter & refreshing Mi Nyeong-ie for Marie Claire, hopefully she's taking some quality time there well. Considering the team for this photo shoot, it'll be summery & colorful my hope <3 And they're all acquaintances too, Mr. Kim is also a friend with SJ.
  14. OMG thanksssss a lottttt for this! I’ve been daydreaming about the review book when you told us about the gift ❤️ I believe it's precious to both of them & for us the fans also. K-fans are so generous to share this, and I'm super duper happy as I like munching J&Y's interview as well as what fans are thinking of them (thanks God I'm the stubborn one who doesn't sway easily & will stick till the end no matter what kkk) As you share it with us I assume it's ok if we download the file & treasure it as a beautiful piece of memory we share with our ultimate couple & with each other ❤️ My sketchy Korean probably won't be enough to get me through all this, but I'll try to absorb it as much as I can ~~~ our good days ❤️❤️ Thanks again, you specifically & the ones preparing this wonderful & meaningful gift (wish I could find a way to tell them kkk). It's safe with us plz no worries ❤️❤️
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