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  1. Praying for all in South Korea, that Typhoon Maysak may pass you by, or not be ferocious. Stay safe from COVID and Maysak On a happier note, and begging your indulgence, BTS are #1 on the Billboard TOP 100 for Dynamite!!!
  2. PSJ keeps saying that they are a good match And to PMY, PSJ is the tallest person on the set . . . While to her left sits the even taller Lee Tae Hwan.
  3. I have a completely delulu reason why our beloved PMJ is on a hiatus. Many of you already have this on your mind I’m sure . . . She’s planning and getting ready for their big day. It takes a lot of preparation!
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so excited and happy! It feels like it’s our own PPC Forum baby! From your wedding to your honeymoon to your pregnancy - thank you for sharing with us. So Joyful. Keep well rested, take your calcium and vitamins, avoid stress. I’m sure your hubby is over the moon too Everyone, its 144,575,895 views!!! Incredible
  5. @Matilda_Anne please don’t leave Unless you are having a baby’s!!! Your posts are fun to read
  6. Kept checking to see if our forum was back online! Yay! Help needed here! The panel for reading our posts seem to have shrunk to 1/3 it’s size compared to before all the aesthetic changes. How do I view Our posts in full screen?
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