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  1. Yup. Please exercise without your shirt on @zashi23 & @suie , how many languages do you speak? English, Korean, Spanish...?
  2. PSJ AND PMY JUST so happened to have this great title! In this case though, we know who is copying who for once! So looking forward to PMY’s YouTube channel. Perhaps PSJ can pick up some tips from her...
  3. WWWSK was the very first Korean drama i ever watched, and i was enraptured- hook, line and sinker! I fell in love with PMY and PSJ as a couple A wonderful 2nd Anniversary to our sweethearts PPC It’s also wonderful that i stumbled into this forum, where kindness, understanding, clear sense prevail. Even when we have our flights of fantasy aka delulu moments, full of humour, yet always with the greatest respect and best wishes for Park MinJoon!
  4. I wonder what PSJ is trying to say with his FIRE? The BTS song supporting V. Or Burning with Love for you PMY? Hotness personified?
  5. PMY’s gorgeous post with a cherry. PSJ’s handsome post with a beer. Any significance besides them being so in sync and so darn cute ?
  6. Agree with you. Silly of them to blame PSJ for other shippers behaviour. It’s their loss really. If a thousand, out of more than 13 million, unfollow him, it’s not even a drop in the ocean of his supporters. PSJ was absolutely proper at all times. He still was funny and made people laugh. But not at all the familiarity he had with PMY and the touchy-feely moments caught on camera Still shipping them and who knows what June 10th may bring
  7. Everything is delayed because of COVID-19 and social distancing. No worries. They’ll get married when their time is right.
  8. She is sooooo ethereally beautiful. Such a gentleman Touching and holding on after the kiss scenes. Just to give a measure of reassurance. Even though they are professionals, there is still a level of intimacy with each kiss, that must be delicately & sensitively cared for.
  9. Did you notice how PSJ’s eyes started getting a bit shifty and then they both thanked each other shyly? Ooohhh...
  10. ABH probably has a private account for close personal friends and the other halves of close personal friends ; )
  11. Thanks @quietobserver ! I so love the fact that PSJ tightened his grip on PMY! And that cheeky smile on his face. @GhostChilli Wow! That’s one very talented baker.
  12. Just to gather from the posts the evidence why we ship PPC PAGE: 276 Phuket Reward vacation Aug 2018 474 Cosmo Beauty Award Shanghai China Nov 2018 884 PMY on phot shoot in LA Jun 2019. PSJ spotted there at same time. 1196 Multiple coincidences! Please correct and add to the list. Which page is AAA 2017 on?
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