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  1. @quietobserver Wow PSJ and PMY, PPC, 1st place as TvN Best Lovers celebrating the 10th year anniversary TvN in Asia. Guessing they also best lovers in real life too hehe. Cheers again to the Best Lovers, PPC! Thanks @quietobserver for sharing! Well-deserved win!!! So happy for our PPC Actually, it’s because they were not acting, but revealing their true love for each other. Rather an unfair advantage over the other couples
  2. @quietobserver oooohhhh myyyyy!!! You are right! Her hand!!!!! Soooo sizzling hot!!!!! Just love our girl PMY!!!!! She has the moves, she has the groove!!! And PSJ’s response? He pulled her lower back into an even tighter squeeze pardon all the exclamation marks! Just so Super excited
  3. The wall kiss is sooo I love that he stepped forward to close the GAP, can’t even fit air in between them. I love that he kissed her nose... I love that when the director said cut, he didn’t immediately step away, but lingered a bit, caressing her shoulder.. They love each other!!! Let me dwell in delulu land, though I believe it’s NOT delusional
  4. @mimi8592 thanks so much! I’m so grateful to all you generous souls here who share, translate, explain... God bless you!
  5. @quietobserver thanks for posting the wedding caressing hands video. Loved it so much! It’s way beyond acting. It’s true feelings for each other. Praying that we hear wonderful news in the near future
  6. That’s why i know they are real !!! Which teams of Stylists are going to meet up more than a year after the k-drama is finished ...unless their team leaders are in VERY CLOSE CONTACT!
  7. I agree the lyrics are meaningful. Especially the pre-chorus: I'm trying to realizeIt's alright to not be fineOn your own PSJ, you will be fine when you are with your significant other! Neighbour come over!!!
  8. The Filipino Fans were awesome!!! They gave PSJ such a warm welcome, so enthusiastic and energetic! He must have felt really felt your love for him. He’ll be back!
  9. It’s very sad that some people feel the need to intentionally hurt PMY. PMY has the right to protect herself.
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