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  1. Omooo she's totally gorgeous in that dress!! Like a barbie doll That dress remind me of the one she wore during the kakao iv Lol simba as olaf hahaha well he's as white as olaf tho.. The girls must've high level of imagination.. If simba is olaf then leon is...? i wonder if the girls've met already their most beautiful aunt (u know what i mean) I love the way PSJ talked about his nieces.. He loves them so much that he always thought of buying presents for them wherever he go.. He'll definitely be a good dad and husband
  2. Hahaha ComZia in action againthey might have collaboration someday i guess lol... They seems like the ambassador from the same brand but it's not.. Such a tease the admin must be PPS too!
  3. In my personal opinion, all those hints and coincidences are more than enough for me to confirm their 'special' relationship... Like the reporter said.. there must be a reason why they deny the dating rumour. I think one of the reasons is they really want to protect each other.. Or maybe their agencies asked them to hold on till the 'big' news to be announced.. Or any possible reasons for them to keep the secret.. Think of it again, PSJ moved twice and both apartments are very near to PMY apartment I never think of it as coincidence.. During the Phuket trip, both of them were MIA hahah.. Whether they were actually with the ParkPark team but not in the pic or they spend time together just the two of them.. And always remember, the rumours didn't come from the fans or shippers but from the insiders and it's 3 years rumour lol! The rumours weren't new among the k-entertainment insiders tho.. As i always said, how come these 2 big names were rumoured to be dating because we never know they're actually knew each other.. They're also some 'witnesses' since 2016.. I wonder if these people are actually the insiders or knetz P/s: the strong proof you waiting for might be revealed the day when they announce the wedding let's wait patiently
  4. Our naughty couple So cute both of them imagine kang yumi and cha seo joon met during their high school time they'll make a cute couple
  5. Maybe they should start attend some English classes cuz they seem don't understand the word 'Don't repost'Whoever you're I know you guys're here.. Please respect the owner and never repost if he/she said so To get over my frustration of my jpn dvd, let me throwback the latest hints dropped by our ppc (this is kind of my hobby Please don't mind me) 1. Simba & Leon The babies were having their small birthday party with the same deco, cake and snacks.. It was known that the birthday set was from the same shop, Blueneko! The reporters might ambush Blueneko already if they posted Simba's bday party on their sns.. Luckily, it was only Leon Should we assume this as another coincidence? I'm pretty sure 'someone' was recommending 'someone'.. I'm not suprise if PMY was there during Simba's bday party same goes to PSJ.. Afterall, they're neighbours! 2. PSJ Funmeet PSJ always appeared in PMY's fanmeeting (although just on screen).. So in return her hubby also wanted her to join his fanmeeting lol.. As everyone thought, I do think the ig posts were chosen by the organizer but with his permission.. They must've asked him ahead because i believe his agency must've this kind of terms and conditions.. He looked so shy when her pic appeared on screen And the fact that she's the only girl in his ig right now make my heart flutter (of course not including the group photos and naeun) 3. PPC team Well, no need to say more about their relationship.. You guys are rock! They're more like a family to me..they celebrating each others bday together even after a year wwwsk have ended! What does that mean? never saw they close to other co stars stylist like this.. They even sang the wwwsk ost everytime they went karaoke the songs must be so meaningful to them..and they always share same ig stories haha.. I could imagine this team will be the their wedding planner one day Cr:parkpark_couple_luv
  6. Oh no then you've to use another dvd player? In my case, it didn't eject or mention anything about region code error.. It played but the dvd seems to be broken or crashed.. Maybe i'll try with another pc then.. But mine is 2, then how come it works with the korean dvd? Any it expert here?
  7. Sorry dear what if my current nationsl code is already 2 but still didn't work? Does it mean the dvd itself got problem?
  8. Ohh is there things like that? I never knew these kind of things cuz I'm totally a not-IT-person I'll try that and see if it works.. Thanks dear
  9. Psj stylist - yeonghouse Pmy stylist - jj._.sol Pmy manager - zeensoi Another one psj stylist - kmk0213
  10. They seem never move on from wwwsk just like us! ohh I love this team it would be more complete if ppc could join the party.. But u know papparazis are everywhere.. Thanks ppc teams! You guys made my day Btw, my JPN dvd just arrived today.. I were so excited to watch the whole things tonight but guess what.. The whole dvd are crashed i wonder whether my dvd player was the problem one but when i played the Kor dvd it worked.. So there must be something with the jpn dvd.. Oh gosh will have to wait for another 2 weeks for replacement..so dissapointed.. Pray for my replacement dvd
  11. What time was it the gucci event actually ? She already home and now she's resting on the floor what's up unnie?
  12. Wooww the crowd were superb! It was like he was having a solo concert You guys're awesome! Btw anyone spotted someone from Guam? She might be somewhere around.. Jk Here some tb from PMY iv.. Another 'coincidence' i guess.. Oh no maybe we should start call it destiny They always share similar thought especially in love and marriage.. Love it
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