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  1. That guy(?) really looked like him no wonder this person was having such delulu.. Plus, that seat kinda fit MY 's vid post (angle n view)
  2. Hope someday our PPC can have a beautiful family like KKC P/s: funny thing, I used to get confused between PMY n eugene (i guess bcause of their same feature..the wide forehead maybe).. So whenever I see this couple, I can't help it.. They keep remind me of PPC hahaha Credit to owner
  3. Seeing them work veryveryvery hard with those new cfs.. I got feeling they want to give all out before wrap up with a big news.. Like our captain said, a year of honeymoon without any work Whenever it is, I'll wait patiently.. P/s: On the other hand, I've been patient enough for the dvd to be released Just release it already
  4. Wow uninvited visitor again.. Well you're welcome to lurk around here but please do respect us.. I'm just afraid you'd go crazily jealous if you keep following this thread because ours are not solely delusional dear.. Maybe I need to make a new list of PPC fun facts for our new visitors like I did before who knows these visitors could join our ship later
  5. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WWWSK My only wish is them to be happy and success in whatever they're doing.. I just realized PPC has been part of my life i've never ship any couple this long because it's not on screen shipping anymore.. It's beyond than that! Whatever the others said, I'll keep supporting PPC.. eventhough some PPS may have moved on and some are joining another ship.. But I'll hang on till the end Thank you guys for being part of this fun thread too! I hope we can always give a positive vibe here.. Love u Guys!
  6. He/she must be another shipperPity her for being in that ship.. I wish she could at least lurk around this forum and have some insightful facts of this beautiful couple
  7. Hi guys long time no 'post' I'm quite busy as I got my first job..yeayy About the iv whether they'll be asked abouy dating possibility.. To be honest, I don't think the reporters are interested to dig up more about the dating possibility because u know whyMaybe they will ask but that's it.. A cliche question for any drama couple. Actually, I have a long time unanswered question (i think only PPC could settle my curiosity) .. Why do PPC accept wwwsk project at the first place? They already knew about the rumour but they're brave enough to accept the project. So, I started making some theories lol.. the fact that they accepted to appear on the screen together give me a clue that they're actually ready to go public. They've been trying so hard to hide the relationship all this while but then suddenly decided to work togetherplus it's a romcom! What's wrong with PPC? and if they really want to hide the relationship till the end, I'm sure we wouldn't see the parkpark teams uploading their time together in their IG.. what could I say IT'S OBVIOUS! But, as for now they just want to hold on bcause both of them have their own separate project. They just don't want to affect them in any way. I'm sure they're now supporting each other.. Remember the Mont blanc I'll wait patiently for their announcement.. Not dating but wedding news for sure Just my 2 cents.. Don't take it seriously k
  8. Our PPC wish us to be happy c'mon guys.. We all love both PMY n PSJ right.. Let's just be happy and never start a war.. This is a happy place.. Seeing u guys like this make me sad
  9. I wonder if PSJ was really kissing her at the end of the vid.. Why would u cut that scene out tvn
  10. Perhaps because PMY also have shared a pic which I believe was taken by PSJ The one which they hang out with their teams and enjoying watermelon juice .. Seems like PPC was sitting facing each other That's why the account owner asking the possibility of the pic was actually taken by PSJ.. Maybe yes maybe not
  11. What a luxury apartment.. No wonder the value is billions.. I guess he just try his best to provide the best for his family (future wife n their kids).. Maybe the current apartment is far better than the 700m away apartment i guess, that's why he movedPlus, it's very near to his future in law Easy for them to drop off the kids to go for a date.. Haha sorry for my delulu.. Kinda boring right now and the only thing I can do is to have some delulu
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