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  1. I went through the BTS of Korean version and cant find this. Even the small portion of this scene that TVN showed can't be found. I only found a short BTS clip in the Making 1. Does anyone know where the longer version of this BTS is in korean version? I thought it was so cute because in the TVN short clip towards the end, it looked like PMY nudged PSJ and then they got caught by the BTS camera so I wanted to find the longer version.
  2. I havent watched everything yet but some of the following makes me think they are super into each other (twoparkcouple has mentioned these in detail for us as well) 1. BTS wall kiss - waist and below of PSJ and PMY are glued together while they kiss. Also they were kissing and director said "cut!!" And it looked like PSJ was disappointed. He then placed his forearms against the wall, with PMY in between his arms. 2. BTS Bedscene - PSJ zipping up pants in front of PMY, stretching his body while on top of PMY. Another take, they were kissing on bed with shirtless PSJ and director said "cut!!" And PSJ rolled off of PMY and looked disappointed (what did he say anyway?). Too comfortable! 3. BTS of the scene where Miso was drunk after drinking wine and VC Lee carried her to bed - PMY couldnt stop laughing and hitting PSJ on his chest. Also PSJ had his left arm next to PMYs waist, and he asked her to scoot over to make room for him. Again, too comfortable! Other shippers - please add in more scenes !
  3. Thanks for this! I'm always looking forward to your translations (and others as well) so that I can go back to the dvd and look for it. In the episode 14 back-hug, you meant PSJ rubbed his lips on PMYs cheeks right? I kept rewinding and checking it the other day to see if his lips kissed her neck and it was too hard to tell. But I definitely recall his lips rubbing all over her cheek! It looked like he really wanted to kiss her cheek (unless he did end up doing so!). Btw have you seen any more deleted scenes from the dvd? I'm starting at the beginning too, to check for any deleted scenes.
  4. Ohhh so that's what the conversation was! Thanks for the translation! But you forgot to mention the juicy kiss after she pinched his cheeks!
  5. Woohoo! 1000 pages!!!! Btw, how come no one is mentioning the deleted kiss scene? Well, it's part of the drunken Miso scene. After they stopped at the convenience store to get ice cream, Miso kept taking a bite and dozing off, waking up, and saying something to VC Lee (what did she keep saying to him repeatedly?). After dozing off and waking up for the 3rd time, she accidentally got ice cream on her nose, and I believe she told VC lee he was cute?? And pinched his cheeks like crazy, and gave him a big, juicy, loving kiss. She gave him a big smile afterward. She then fell asleep on his shoulder, and he scooted his chair closer to her... and took a bite of her ice cream. No wonder VC Lee loves drunken Miso! So... was that kiss unplanned on PMY's part? I recall someone mentioning that it was late and that they were shooting the scene with minimal sleep and ad-libbing (?) a few parts of the drunken scene(s).
  6. Also something he did that was him being way too comfortable/impolite was in the BTS of bed scene. PMY was lying down on bed, and PSJ was on top of her (around leg area) and stretching his back/body using right arm on right hip to stretch with his body (crotch??) going towards PMY. What was that about I wonder? I dont think I would stretch myself and being that close to my colleagues "private area" if I wasnt super comfortable with them. Actually I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that unless it was with my significant other.
  7. I got excited because I got a signature with a heart, but I knew it wasnt PMYs. I got Ji Ahs autograph (sorry dont know her name), which has a heart too. Btw she looks great in the commentary video with the silver hair!
  8. Yea I remember reading that someone mentioned the bts of closet scene was hotter than bed scene but cant find anything new!
  9. Wow PSJ kissing all the sensitive spots. I'm sure the script only mentioned neck kiss, right? Hot breath/kiss on the ear can be a little ticklish too.
  10. Does anyone know or have the list of extended scenes in the director's cut dvds? I skimmed through most of it and I didnt see any other extended kiss scenes that I thought might be there.
  11. @twoparkcouple Are there any other kissing extended scenes that you know of? I havent gotten to any extended scenes besides the drunken KMS and bed scene hehehe. Btw the bed scene seriously looks so real. Too bad we couldnt see KMS expression when LYJ was kissing her neck (and collarbone?)... all you can see is his head completely engulfing that area, and KMS right hand reaching up and slightly touching his naked back in reaction. What also looks real is in the BTS of the wall kiss, and their lower body is glued together with no space while kissing, KMS touching his abs, etc. I know they're trying to make it look real but man, theres a way to make it look real without being that stuck together. The way they are so comfortable there makes me believe in PPC! I might just go and search the dvds since I have a day off today.
  12. It looks like those who missed the chance to buy wwwsk dvd can purchase it again on August 5 after 2pm. The translation from the cafe states that some (or 1) of the discs will not be included. You can purchase on yes24 website. http://m.cafe.daum.net/secretaryKimDVD/jZYG/59
  13. I'm not sure exactly what the inside joke between PMY and PSJ is, but it kinda looks like shes blowing a dart at his neck (to tranquilize him). Theres a BTS of the scene where PSJ says he's the "master of forehead kisses" and PMY couldn't stop laughing. PSJ did the similar gesture as if he shot a dart on PMYs neck and she stopped laughing and tried to lay still. I only saw that BTS once so please correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Did they supply you with a tracking number? That's the only sure way to find your shipping status. My tracking number didnt work for a couple days because it was so new, but now it works and ready to be shipped internationally to me!
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