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  1. I'm a female shipper but I have a huge woman crush on PMY. I like PSJ too but I'm more of a PMY fan. I did not like HPL. I really really wanted to. I watched the whole drama to support PMY. The story was boring and picked up at ~episode 4, but it got boring again after SDM stopped fangirling over the singer (4got his name). I seriously thought they were filling in gaps to get all the way through to episode 16. I felt bad for my PMY looking tired, and having to throw in kissing scenes that have no significance. I dont think PSJ being in HPL would have saved it. Even though KJW is a good actor, and not meant to be a romcom actor (in my opinion), the biggest fail was the storyline. What made it watchable were the actors and actresses who tried their hardest. I will not rewatch HPL like I have been rewatching WWWSK ever since I finished watching it. I will always wish the best for PMY even if I dont like the drama she is in. Goodbye LaBit shipper!
  2. I went to their website and it says DVD has been released! Does that mean it's going to be shipped now? http://m.cafe.daum.net/secretaryKimDVD/jZYR/24? I dont know how to send the pictures but there are some items that I think are included in the DVD and was hoping someone can help translate what the products are? I've been rewatching WWWSK over 20 times and sometimes only skipping to the ppc scenes hehe. Cant wait for the DVD and BTS of our fave couple!!
  3. Does anyone know where in LA PMY will be for the photoshoot? Not trying to be a stalker or anything but... would be great to "bump" into her hehehe.
  4. Hi everyone, how do you know that the wwwsk DVD is coming out June or July? It stills says release date is 10/31/19 on the yes24 website.
  5. This is where I got it. Wont be released until 10/31/19 though. https://global.yes24.com/Goods/62651842#
  6. Whoa u gals have hawk eyes! I watched this scene a million times and never noticed his chest was showing or that their bottom half was glued together. Btw, their shirts are so thin that they can feel the heat off of each other dont u think? PMY probably didnt notice her hand was wandering towards his bare chest! Aaah cant wait for the DVD bts. Ended up buying it even without eng subs.
  7. Did you notice on the 1st gif, PSJ's kiss was so deep and forceful that our PMY's precious head got pushed to the wall behind her? Thanks so much for this buffet! For me it would've been breakfast buffet haha
  8. Thanks! I'll definitely read this. How did u find it? Also I believe PMY and PSJ are a couple because of their chemistry, kiss scenes, and BTS interactions. They seem very comfortable around each other. The kiss scenes are way too believable. The closet kiss scene? Yea.. they really liked kissing in that one.
  9. Hello all, I've been lurking on this thread since September and the more I read about your thoughts, the more I am deluded that PMY and PSJ are a couple! I knew something was going on between the two on screen so thats when I stumbled on this thread where so many others thought the same thing! Thanks for posting about the 3rd pre-order on the DVD. Does anyone know if there will be English subtitles? I tried to search the forum for answers but I dont know where that info is. I really want to purchase it but I want to understand whats being said too. Thanks in advance!
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