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  1. APAN was scheduled several month ago but the winner is not decided yet right? do you really know for sure if they are avoid each other. that is your opinion who thinking they are avoid each other, you don't really know about them in reality right? what if they are really busy. It's not like Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon is the one who miss the APAN Award. You said you are SSC shipper too, i also their shipper. I'm not follow PPC because i like SSC before, i even mention that PPC might be look like SSC but they are different person and circumtance. PPC will have their own story. I don't know if you're maybe dissapointed because PPC can't make their time like SSC before, but like you said it's their decision. But it's not like they are avoiding each other. You just make other people get influence by you because of the think of "PSJ AND PMY DO NOT WANT TO BE SEEN TOGETHER IN PUBLIC". You don't even seeing them in another event yet? it is just one event, if there are another event and they are not attending together again , that is the time you can said what you said about avoiding each other in public. If you are their shipper you can find another reason to understand. @park2park I'm agree with you @fangurl28 Yeah you're right
  2. You're right we can express our opinion, but if someone here are spread bad opinion or negative opinion about PPC maybe someone will take negatively the opinion and spread more about that outside this forum and they make it as excuse to insulting Park Min Young or Park Seo Joon. Most people will said " Oh what she's said in this forum is right" , while most of what we share here is just personal thought not based on evidence or anything right. @polydadmiacI'm not said you are wrong, i think you should give positive thought about them instead of express negative opinion. You had your own right to point it out. but someone here or outside will take negatively about your opinion and spread outside this forum. Let's support them with positive thought. I'm sure they are not avoiding each other.
  3. I think your are over thinking about that, Even though Phuket is private and they can hide but the reality they are arrange their schedule to attending the reward is really strange. So many people speculation they are will not attending the reward together or at least one of them will skip that but in reality they are both attending the reward. They are know that their real fans will happy they are attending some event together, So why are they should not attending the APAN award just because they avoid to be pictured together. I'm sure Park Min Young really overseas that time, and Park Seo Joon filming. So many fans had high expectation so when their expectation is not like what they want so they are become disappointed. I'm really sure Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young really busy that time, There are no evidence Park Min Young will attending the APAN Award since there are no schedule on Namoo website , Namoo will post Park Min Young schedule on their website if Park Min Young really can attending the event, but there are no schedule that time even 2 weeks before and so many fans still speculation about that ,and there are no evidence Park Seo Joon will attending as well. I'm pretty sure Park Min Young or Park Seo Joon know pretty well the effect not attending the award. And i know they are not the person like that. So i'm really sure they are busy that time. Let's just ship them in positive way, they are unexpected couple. The more you are expected something the more you got nothing, but the more your support them in positif way the more you get surprise thing like SSC couple before, no one thought SSC will announced will get married soon. The dating rumor just become rumor and everyone just support them individually and suddenly Song Jong Ki just announced the wedding confirmation and after that Dispact release their dating photo etc. Everyone just thinking they will confirm they are dating each other but unexpected confirmation from Song Jong Ki will get married with Song Hye Kyo. So stop comparing PPC with SSC, even though they are had similarities but they are different person and they will had different love story.
  4. You are right, those fans are really cross the line as a fans. The real fans should be support whatever the actor or actress do and decisicion. And if Park Seo Joon being super extra private this time it's his decision, i agree with @jingjaja I'm sure he's in love now and he's serious about create a stable to have a family in the future that is why he just want to protect his life , i'm sure he's really dating Park Min Young so he's being extra careful. But it's not means Park Min Young influenced Park Seo Joon, I think that is just Park Seo Joon decision to protect his private life since he's in serious mode. The one who mention about damage control is @polydadmiac i don't think Park Min Young show Apan Award trophy on her FM is because of that. She just want show her fans that she's really happy and really aprreciated fans hard working because fans vote her. and then the theme from her FM is like her room right.So she just want to show the fans's that award really means for her. Why she should do that "Damage Control",she doesnt care about fans comment and yet she's going to Phuket Trip while all the rumor and bad comment still around her, why she's should care about bad comment because she's not attending Apan Award. That is why she's posting her photo and make hashtag "myfansarethebest" that is means she's really thankfull and give any appreciated to her fans because our understanding. just go away fake fans.
  5. Yeah your right. Don't give any bad speculation about apan award.Just give positive thinking about that,they are said they are busy with their schedule that time,why are we give any speculation about that especially specualition about they are avoid the apan award because of the rumor. @twoparkcouple i don't think Park Min Young didn't attend the award because of korean fans. Why Park Min Young should get controlled by her fans. It's her life right? why are the past rumor will affect her anyway. Just positive thinking, they are both didn't attend the award because they are spending time together . It's my personal thought, Why are they should avoid each other, they are too late to avoid each other now. Why are they attend the phuket reward if they are want stop the rumor, it's not even special event for both of them right. So, why are they should avoid the important event. It's because their agency told them not to attend that. Because they are now Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon really dating each other and the agency just want to hide that. I'm sure Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young is not that person who will do that. I think their agency take control by that. If it's not because their agency or something, why are Park Seo Joon didnt attend as well.
  6. I think alot of fans who said they are leaving PPC shipper because they are over thinking. You know why everybody leave this ship because they are always comparing this ship with SSC ship and they are had high expectation about PPC being like SSC. When everybody already know SSC love story and alot of PPC shipper is dreaming if PPC story can be like SSC story who will ending in marriage. And then once again they are always be comparing how SSC so kind to their shipper fans and etc. But as you know PPC story are maybe look like SSC story,but they are different person and circumstance. As you know their personalities SSC are already mature couple while PPC are just start to be mature. If they are really a couple,maybe they are not ready yet to going public especially from Park Min Young since she's private person before. I'm SSC shipper from the first episode aired in 2016 and back then i'm not either Song Jong Ki or Song Hye Gyo fans before the drama but i feels there are something between them from the beggining that is why i'm starting shipping them,and i'm doing the same thing now with PPC,i'm not park seo joon or park min young fans before and i'm not watching their drama before. Alot of people are not their fans really feel their chemistry SSC or PPC. As a PPC shipper who are SSC shipper too, SSC make their love story and I'm sure PPC will have their own story too , So just be like PPC shipper who not comparing or expectation their story with SSC story because PPC will have their own love story. The more you are comparing the more you will always get dissapointed if PPC story is little bit different from SSC. Just ship them and wish the best for them to be together in another project and if PPC is really dating or married in real life is that bonus for shipper just like SSC back then. Right? Just one positive though from me, they are really busy the past month since WWWSK ending PMY will have her FM soon and PSJ is shooting movie. So they are don't attend APAN award that time. If we don't expect anything,maybe someday there are big surprise from them. Since they are is unexpected or coincidence couple So every couple had their own story.
  7. I don't think they are avoiding each other. If they want avoiding each other , just do it from the start. It's already on fire, but they are already put fuel to the fire from the beginning. Their answer in their WWWSK interview and then phuket trip. When everybody guessing they will not attend their phuket trip but everybody just surprise because both of them is attend and no one knows about what happen in there. We all already know Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon is the person who always open about their post, but neither Park Seo Joon or Park Min Young doesnt share any post of their phuket trip at least Park Min Young in the last day. And one think I don't think that time Park Min Young already comfirm will attend that APAN award because if Park Min Young will attend that award Namoo Entertainment always put the schedule in their website. But last week her schedule just were free,i think going overseas is her free time. If it's from her schedule, Namoo is always update their schedule. Just thinking they are going overseas together that time.
  8. No this is not coincidence, they are plan this. How can someone have so many coincidence. I've been so busy lately but after open this tread and reading this why am i happy?
  9. Yeah, look at Park Seo Joon few times slightly trying to look at Park Min Young and sitting toward Park Min Young. There were times when their sitting positiom get close each other.
  10. Yeah that is the first time they appeared on camera together. They're seems awkward,they don't even look at each other often like when presscon and Viki Interview or their Kakao Talk interview but am i the only one who think they're just acting like that. Like you said there were times when they forgot and naturaly leaned toward each other. It seems Park Min Young who carefully but when she's forget she's just hit Park Seo Joon like what she's doing when bts kiss scene. It's cute, poor park seo joon got hit with 2 woman.
  11. Yeah i watched it and it really look obvious since they're inviting 3 couple for commentaring (Hong Bo Ra and Secretary Yang, Secretary Ji Ah his partner . If i'm not mistaken in TIMFL PD just invited Lee Min Ki and Jung Seo Min only.. something seems fishy..
  12. I don't know when this interview was aired but when he said about his ideal type in this interview is almost look like talking about Park Min Young, I just remember his recently interview about WWWSK drama when reporter just asking Park Seo Joon about Park Min Young and he's just said the same as like his ideal type. and Park Min Young just said the same thing too about Park Seo Joon. Their answer seems like point out to one person. What a coincidence. And i was like come on Park Seo Joon If you haven't been dating her just dating her as soon as possible, you don't have to confirm soon and If you've been dating her 3 years or just already dating her, you just need to keep your relationship until marriage confirmation
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