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  1. PPC- -U're the Christmas presents, we have wanted to wrap as ONE. -U're the best n' perfect couple-"just the way you are!" -if X-mas n happiness were snowflakes-PPC we wish you a blizzard worth of 'em. PPS- Let the spirit of Christmas warm your home with LOVE, JOY, n' PEACE. Have a beautiful, blessed Christmas! n' have a wonderful, brighter 2020! Let's keep the fight !!! Spread (PPC) . Cheers!!!
  2. Hi, lovely pps, u guys never fail to amaze me, so awesome, grp . Tyvm, for keepin' the site so, so, alive, happy " FALL," ofc loyal to PPC. loved the ig, updates n' gorgeous, photos above. Don't 4get, I'm always, gr8atful to you.... I am reading this site, like doing my yoga, or in between breaks at work...(my best buddies) even while i'm off work or on vacay, ---love2 u guys..... On PSJ, here r my observation, he'll have great year ending, 2019 (any TDF, awards coming up. He's acting is superb!! I know' pls. keep voting FOR "'PARK SEO JOON, all major, awards, etc., or top acting, best of the best...Well at least he's now, going....see, below: #2 "2019 THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE IN THE WORLD." So, this is not, the local voting in K-Drama,right? this is THE WORLD!!!!....Fight, for PSJ! (he's got the "it"!!! Imagine, at 30 (going 31 next mo. Dec. 16) " PSJ- is a "BILLIONAIRE AND THE MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR!!" Oh, my----wow, super combo.(#2 billionaire, single man alive!)....no one is confirming to be his bae, so my squads r screaming' -can they meet u, PSJ, in LA.? ??? they're, so available, j.o., just fangirling over our hottie PSJ!, (at work ages raging, fr. 21 to mid 30's -- ha-ha-(too oldie here guys, 6 yrs., older than PSJ, or 3 yrs. older than pmy ?)...my dear hubby is just raising his brows, sayin' on point!!!...guys, seriously, we can't wait, for his movie , "DREAM," as Soon Hong Dae, whoever is the PD, or casting dir. pls. pls., I hope no leading lady, yet-- can u plsssss, cast AS HIS LEADING LADY "JU JINGYI "LIKE A GODDESS, (very refreshing beauty) In fact, VOTED #1, AS ONE, MOST BEAUTIFUL CHINESE ACTRESS, Multi talented won awards (she can act, sing, and be more promising, IF THERE IS ONE...NO , SWEAT.!!! we LegendOfYunxi,WayOfFavours. We love 'em both," zhangzhehan-ju jungyi." guess what, not bad since PMY-zhangzhehan are together in drama, "TIME CITY or Castle In the time", (the time line they did that 2 yrs ago? ) SHOWING ONLY 2020.....just wishful thinking.... On, short observation, #parkseojoon (IT EDITOR) is promoting other top actor in his latest drama, (wow, he's so, so nice, PSJ TO ALLOW THAT in #parkseojoon instagram, (on his ig space) the 1st drama feature, --at least, not goin' cray in his local neighborhood...just like mostly, daily feature, like today, TOP pics, on #ParkMInYoung ig, it's promoting her other leading men... n' her last drama partner)... "Good luck, to PMY, upcoming events (re-united) with her other leading men, n' other events, drama, n' Busted2 n' other projects! Busy, 2020!! Our psj, is fostering, good will towards other actors. PSJ very humble, funny , affable, at times, w/"pensive look", TREND SETTER (his shorty hair in IC is a trend , nice, cool dude--next door, that's why we adore him to the moon n' back,----, "GOOD AURA." He deserves to be super! Can't wait, for his next 2020 Drama, "IC" Fr. the other side of the continent, wishing u here, Peace n' . Since, PSJ love the movie.. Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook “I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day.” (esp. after his shooting of IC, when the weather is nice...."
  3. pmy ig, posted 2 hrs. ago, mpov: is quite telling...esp. wearing the white tee? psj, loves that white t-shirt outfit.... responding with a (rachelmypark w/ a kiss sign, muah x,) and the Love pet...(LEON) ahem..after 24 hrs., of our PSJ KING declaring yes to.... " DESTINY" n' PMY's approval, SWAK (sealed w/a kiss). PMY, v subtle ig wearing her GUCCI (G-symbol stands for "GUCCI" w/ Lion earrings) the event is GUCCI ofc, (cute for leon, or our King, his "nickname").. MY, purplish pink, ombre pink, blush pink, gown so gorgeous. ONE OF their fave color in WWWSK....,guys PPC is .
  4. Awww, speechless!!!!! the event was worth the wait, guys----PSJ Super .so blessed watchin' 'em--(here, ytube, ig, etc....) true psj hyped up d' crowd, was insane!!!!! Tysm, all here n' every one populating all their igs, PSJ FUN MEET, MANILA! Totally, gr8 event, a HUGE SUCCESS. V proud of you PSJ, FANS! PPC! (loved rachel mc adams were both the actress in the movies he loved, (+he has his own Rachel) , notebook w/ Ryan Gosling, yay, that's DESTINY, TOO! Oh, "he chose the triple parks by himself"...cough2!" someone, is validating PPC is real? (gotcha moment)--- witnessed by MNL, awesome fans! ofc, (ha-ha) thx2 for updating @bn-sj2013, 300K+ viewed an hr or so..after --so gracious, PSJ lovin' his new found Philippines FRIENDS/FANS......
  5. hi.. in spite of all ur update here, finally...our king PSJ FUN meet....is today Sept. 29 in Manila... .....!!!! Thx guys....we're jealous but enjoying' all the shows,...e.g., FR. KOREA TO MANILA, screen shots, (all sides: front, back, shots, we're good PSJ)-- trendy (cute) airport outfits, recaps of his visit, aura of HOTTIE "SEO JOON., press con promos, etc....thx. BTW, paging,-----, who ever is the handler of @bn_sj2013, ig? MIA, PLZ, pleaseeeee UPDATE??? TYVM ..we can't get enough of PSJ. (lol, co-workers fangirlin' to the core., as if i am not:!) ........ on my way, hm, txtin' my loml---, even hubby said, which honey(s)??? ha-ha he knew, PSJ pun PPC, more events coming soon, muah xoxo.
  6. Again, that's (my point of view) guess, freedom to share here. Just sharing...didn't mean to confuse you.
  7. Yay, PSJ gorgeous, natural (like a bare face, "promo" commercial) ---he's so handsome, manly, hot...the killer abs, his aura (oh, thx guys, here... PSJ U MADE our day... more fired, up!! Btw, guys just, mpov (my point of view). Sometimes, reality we can't help it..i.e., analyze what's out there: In case u raise ur brows, higher or lower, it's up to u, ( u can ck it out too?) We are peaceful here but also," entitled too with realistic expectations," with ppc. I am not trolling 'em, just connecting the dots, that lead 2 PPC! but i'll try to get over it n (vent) here, again, this is just the other side of the equation or could be nothing burger Last time here, I mentioned: on the IT editor of #parkseojoon hashtag on ig: obviously focuses mainly, psj, or ppc , other k-pop n' events, very minimal on his other previous co-stars and very telling a ppc IT ed! While other hand #parkminyoung hashtag ig (being a ppc, guys, visit n' ck it out?) mmm' , thinking...really... is the IT editor focusing more to PMY, -EX (es) as if the theme, "to all the men she loved before," n' now or ofc, the new drama 2020, n' wanna be bf, relevant, etc.... am just a ppc, fan here? curious, sharing...asking?? PMY," City Hunter co-star, although, in the last 3 TO 4 months, he's obviously got upgraded from none bumped to, 1st or 2nd TOP PHOTOS in there, but his photos are very few, compared with PMY "healer co star, JCW" mostly excessive pics, days ago, (not today it toned down, 50-60 photos of JCW...I felt it's healer ig? ----kk, just sharing my reaction...like woah)! "like paid ig, site, or rep., Truly, I'm just asking, there's more than meets the eye.... Why are they promoting the 5 yrs., reunion? bc they're reuniting in AAA? or announcing an old drama 2014 to or healer2? Take note (the seating arrangement are quite near ea. other. Hmm, are they' ready to announce something? PMY---- I guess, better that way, making it prominent to fans than into guessing game, push pull!!! Being a ppc, I observed, PSJ presence in the #parkminyoung ig, lately, just passing thru, promoting here n' there events, --------ok, lemme see...sigh! guess, just very prominent, was the b-day of Park LEON. And a ppc (shipper), down loaded n' shared....(it was posted here, too!) "PARK SIMBA-PARKLEON" b-day (paralleled) coincidences, very cute, OBVIOUSLY, taken down or there less that few hrs? (sorry, I worked 12 hrs shift, noticed after few hrs only..I wonder why was it removed? too much coincidences??? So, minute (small) but still just valid, to sigh n' wonder. fine, just PPC, tmi. Just lemme have a history 101 class, to my memory, PSJ, rooted for PMY to do the WWWSK, i.e., ROMCOM, n' the rest is doing, great.. pmy had her 1st FAN MEETING, more drama(s) coming to PMY'S WAY, she's w/5.1 ig followers ...I'm so glad, PSJ always fair, instrumental and helpful to his fellow actress esp., PMY! Our King, PSJ is super nice, super handsome, super sweet, super funny, super faithful (to his fans, to simba n' obviously, to ppl that loves him!) PSJ super strong, he can deal with it. The least, we can do is to remain supportive. All of us here, we want what's BEST FOR PSJ.!!!!PMY! TO PPC, we want them to be happy 2gether, like true ppc, we respect their choices in life (again, don't judge me), just playing, realistic....peace, y'all!
  8. Welcome, to new PPS here, in this famous ppc forum. Last ig update of PSJ 11 days ago, Sept. 9 and PMY ig, same thing w/ MY,....was 8 days ago last Sept. 12. So, quite???? pls. update PPC, ur ig?: PSJ have so much events going on. He's like the king of CF(s), pls, vote, PSJ ...,for real, he deserve it!), ---(WEEKLY K-DRAMA ACTORS) HE'S NO. 1, KING, PSJ w/ 2019 CURRENT MOVIE, FUN MEET IN MANILA, tons of CF (s) e.g., domino, bibigo, ziozia, cellreturn,, mont blanc, tir tir, LGcaread, Dr. Jart, KB kookmincard, BENCH (w/sold out tickets) n' etc.) --ok, I'm sharing our fun time, lunch break guys. I was binging, ---- so, we decided to go to loc. store in Ca., US: we saw PSJ, in bibigo "cuteness, overload, hottie face, aww.....:) actually, more of my co-workers, just can't help, psst......e.g., giggles, swoon, to this 2HOT2HANDLE, PSJ (tmi) lol. And then co-worker (no. 7) showed PSJ latest, BENCH cf, in a BLUE T-shirt, to die for...., that boyish, handsome, Sexy DUDE! that's it, we lost it....., dead BTW, we checked this ig: hashtag parksejoon (need to type it here, literally) mostly, PSJ , w/ PMY always there. I dunno who's the IT editor (again literally, typed it here....hashtag PARK SEO JOON, PSJ, is a very loyal man and you can see it, CONSISTENTLY, PARK MIN YOUNG, IS (no.1 or always) FEATURE there, a PRIORITY ON THAT SITE!!!!.Thx, dude WE LOVE U. on serious note, PMY have lots of events, too Just continue to support, 'em both, PPC. All I can say, PSJ, never been a (KISS N' TELL TYPE) just PRIVATE in his CONVERSATION w/ MY. Very, discreet, (like O07, sexy, secretive) loyal, respectful, NOT TRYING TO BE RELEVANT or dominant, working hard, w/ sense of humor tho' n' a gentleman. BONUS! A good "neighbor," n' ofc, PSJ, "love thy neighbor," huh!!!" This FORUM & U guys: PPC, is LIFE!!!!! ty, bunches! muah! my co-workers feel this site is the w/PPC n' PPS. Again, let's vote for PPC to win all awards n see 'em 2gether(pls., pls., pls esp. cosmo event 2019?) n' more major, awards, events, etc. Paging, prods., pls. wwwsk2?(Where it begun, we are solid, psj then became, ppc!) more 2020 movies, dramas(ppc). Stay POSITIVE, love is patient n' TRUE CAN WAIT!
  9. maybe, this will boost more views on PSJ channel: Wow, our King PSJ fandom , imagine the fans even said in twitter, they were camping outside BENCH, just to get in line .the power of our PSJ!. Huge crowds turned out! Just to secure (I think, for couple of days, but VIP tickets are sold out or as of 4 HOURS, ALL TICKETS SOLD OUT, WAS CHAOS, FANS ARE UPSET, HOW POOR BENCH NOT ORG (VENUE TOO SMALL FOR OUR PSJ)...., wow!!!! they were so pricey tickets, tsk, tsk., tsk, wish I'm there, can't wait, for photos tho..(SEPT. 29). for sure our dear SIMBA will not upstage, PSJ! PSJ fun meet in Manila: Cr to the owner: https://www.instagram.com/p/B2i2T5cpEcN/
  10. More events for our King, PSJ: Park Seo Joon X Ju Bo-young appointed as Special Examiner of Asif this year!] Did you forget ??? In Asif, there is a `` Short Face Image '' given to the best actors. The Special Judges who will select the award winners for this year's short film are actor Park Seo-joon, and Ju Joo-young, who won awards for his fascinating performance through last year's.⠀ Who will be the winners of the year? Park Seo Joon, Fun Meet in Manila: (ha, I'm fr. CA, but 2 support PSJ!) PLUS: I hope he will win major award(s) for TDF (DIVINE FURY). I think w/ all the WEEKLY RANKING K-DRAMA ACTORS, going on? At least, he is the only one, among the rest, with a MOVIE 2019 (TDF) that was shown GLOBAL, not just in Korea? (NVM, U can correct me, no prob. if I am wrong?!) Good luck to PPC! Note btw, PPS, thx 4 ur help, the last post
  11. More events for our King, PSJ: Not so good in IG nor Korean, just tried to translate just short version... (Park Seo Joon, Ju Bo-young appointed as Special Examiner of Asif this year!) Not sure, the date but did you forget ? In Asif, there is a Short Face Image, given to the best actors. The Special Judges who will select the award winners for this year's short film are actor Park Seo-joon, and Ju Joo-young, who won awards for his fascinating performance through last year's. Who will be the winners of the year? Park Seo Joon, Sept. 29, 2019. Fun Meet in Manila: (ha, I'm fr. CA, but 2 support our handsome, King n' HOTTIE, PSJ!) PLUS: I hope he will win major award(s) for TDF (DIVINE FURY). I think w/ all the WEEKLY RANKING K-DRAMA ACTORS, going on? At least, he is the only one, among the least, with a MOVIE 2019 (TDF) that was shown GLOBAL, not just in Korea? (NVM, U can correct me, no prob. if I am wrong?!) Good luck to drama(s) PPC! Note btw, PPS, thx 4 ur help, the last post
  12. Is it ok, to leave ur post? (it's showing too)just running so late for work...(pst), in Ca., (need to go...), to what you posted. It was there, dear. Appreciate it...Tyvm.
  13. ok, not sure tho? just nvm what was posted...... sticks and stones may break my bones (but words will never hurt us). Again, we are quiet, here,.... We PPC. We're minding our business, besides silence is golden, just ignore...truth will prevail.
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