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  1. I've once mentioned this before! Lastly someone realized it too haha..the two can be siblings in a drama.. And u know MY's bday was 4 Mar while Eugene's 3 Mar and SJ's bday was 16 Dec while Ki Tae Young was 9 Dec (cute coincidence) i'm pretty sure MY's future daugthers will be as pretty as Eugene's
  2. Hi dear @Park Mi-So Welcome aboard! Feel free to share anything about ppc n keep the positive vibe
  3. Hahaha tq dear @Sparksfly.. Though the vid was the old one it's good to have a little tb of this little cute creature i could imagine the two Simba n Leon playing together at MY's new studio I hope she'll make a tour of her new studio for her vlog cuz i'm so curious of how it looks like especially the rooftop.. Can't wait for MYlog!
  4. Queen of late post haha Leon looks exactly like Olaf here with his 'teeth' With all back to back Leon's posts, i miss Simba already hmmm
  5. Happy 2nd Anniversary WWWSK!! Wow it has been 2 years already guys, how time flies.. Tbh, wwwsk's the only drama i'm still watching even after xxx times of watching it lol, never get bored.. Wwwsk will always be my fav romcom n i'll always remember the beautiful moments of MS & YJ, even after 10 yrs.. No, even after 20 yrs.. Actually even the day I die.. Perharps even after i die remember this line?? Hahaha.. Tq to you guys too for being in this 2 yrs journey and hope for more yrs to come
  6. Love their sillhoute wwwsk_cnfans u guys're so sweet.. Hope he'll update these beautiful gifts on his IG
  7. Love u comzia perfect posts! Like seriously guys, i'm positive enough comzia share the same admin lol
  8. When i just read soompi just now, i was like~ hahaha... So many newbies todaywelcome here guys! Look, i'm quite a newbie myself here in soompi but i do get the rules ... Keep the positive vibes & you're welcome to share anything about ppc as long as it doesn't start any 'war'.. Trust me people here are very nice & never once they had intention to bully or whatsoever.. The newbies just have to understand & backread the forum to get more insight of our ppc.. You'll enjoy the reading journey, believe me.. Or else u guys just go to pps IG acc if u guys hate reading hahaha
  9. PPC-PJJ-ABHLet's guess their usual hang out spot was it MY's cafe house? or maybe at the rooftop? Perhaps SJ's house?
  10. I choose the later I keep rewatch the press con especially this part They looked exactly like a married couple
  11. Will she appear in MYlog??? Hope to see her playing with Leon OMG VP Lee!! So handsome Are u coming with ur wife, Miso?
  12. This is why i said if the same day updates means anything, they would have grandchilds alreadyNot counting the comzia, klug, bibigo, iamwell etc SJ looks so cute my same reaction when i saw Leon in her recent post.. Like daddy like son
  13. Yup agree!! LA trip too! Unlike when he went for trips with wooga, those trips with MY must be very private
  14. in mint choco we trust in LA we trust in Nike we trust in Olaf we trust in Simba n Leon we trust in 'the weather is fine' we trust haha
  15. How i miss u guys here! I'm away for almost a month for my test lol... Thank you for keep things update here How long we have to wait for MYlog unnie release it already pleasee.. Missing her chatterbox already n leon too... Hope they'll release it very soon.. Waiting for record park's special day too! I'm curious about this one.. Wonder what does it mean by 'special day'he won't announce any 'big news' right haha.. obviously not let's just wait for it While waiting for their vlog, I just wanna have some sweet tb of PPC moments with their teams as the teams were recently gathered again to celebrate birthday one of them Look at them.. They seems like a team instead of two diff teams Thanks to our lovebirds they got close in no time.. The event was sponsored by our captain PSJ and copy pasta by our princess during HPL Hmmm i'm so curious with the person behind the camera, taking his pic.. Is it someone who loves the mint choco flavour? It was two persons table and MY wasn't with the girls because the stylist would tag her whenever she was around.. Do u think what i'm thinking? This was during the shooting for ep 10 where Miso went for family vacation with her sis.. The teams were having lunch(?) together while watching ppc's first kiss (ep 8) They were teasing the couple for their first on screen kiss lol... Good job guys! Our captain is such a gentleman because he always pay for the meals haha... This was during the after party and both teams (JUST THEM) enjoyed having a few after parties till the next morning well they deserve to have fun after all the hardworks! Nothing just wanna tb cute pic of mr boss with little YJ n MS.. The tag tho Right after the event, the teams went for a dinner together along with the bosses (awesome n namoo, correct me if i'm wrong).. The event must be so special that the father of awesome n namoo had to join them along way from Korea to Shanghai (but i'm not sure if PPC joined the dinner, couldn't recall) The two teams were enjoying their reward trip literally like a family vacation the teams went for island hoping but PPC was nowhere to be found.. They were MIA the only time they were spotted with the teams was during last day when they had lunch n delicious watermelon juice And MY herself posted her last day pic with her teams on her IG while SJ was still in ninja mode Oh yeah another time she was spotted with the teams.. I think the left one was the one they hang out at the villa during the night (correct me again if i'm wrong) and the right one i guess the boys n the girls were doing their activities separately.. See, her stylist always tag her whenever she was around (i believe eunmin knows a lot of PPC's secret) Have u seen them very close to other co star like this?? If some other shippers keep claiming their ships are real, then how can u explain this? Honestly, PPC denying all the rumours were somehow useless because the evidences are everywhere hahaha.. Waiting for another evidences, hints to be added in our list.. Keep calm and enjoy our ship
  16. Mr coach is the most handsome man here hahahah... will he maintain his chestnut hairstyle? Waiting for the other casts besides IU n LHW
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