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  1. The more ppc update like this, the more i wanted to buy the dvd. Im so jelous here. Its hard to order. Thank you for your updates tho. Updates like this makes me smile. Your post always made my day. @twoparkcouple i also followed you on instagram.
  2. Thank you. but, i dont know how to order on yes24. So many questions, infos or requirements that are needed to fillup. Sorry for my english. I dont speak in english well.
  3. How i wish i could watch this too. Just a lurker and a reader of this forum. A solid PMY and has a PPC heart. Hello. 안녕
  4. Im just a lurker here since 2018. I am a solid minyoung fan. I shipped her with lmh at jcw before. She has also chemistry with kjw. But psj is the best and perfect match for minyoungie. I really like and want them to be real. I keep myself updated in this forum. Hope i can be included in your group.. I have proof that i love them. I made a portrait of minyoung and psj. How can i upload it here? I dont have acct yet.
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