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  1. Lol I think its cause before I went to bed I watched WWWSK again and I stopped at ep 13(bed scene) and once again I thought to myself “this is too insanely good to not be a real thing between them two” hahaha u should try
  2. I had a dream last night PSJ took it public that he’s officially dating PMY. Then I woke up thanks to my alarm. Thanks a lot alarm!
  3. lol I think the only time PSJ was able to control himself was during the sofa screen.He actually maintained his professionalism Other than that he be like "Pmy's neck?? what's that? I'm gonna grab it as tight as I can" Ep 13 PSJ be like "Pmy's body? That's where my hands are going for. Explore every inch that I can" hahaha anyone not over 18 should leave this page for a bit cuz we all getting pervy here
  4. I think it was better to say HPL love actions are very casual of two people liking each other during honey moon stage but I have to agree the building foundation was rather weak. Wanted the relationship to be a little bit more in depth.
  5. Remember this?? TvN literally chopped off half the screen at 0:58 just so we wouldn't be able to see PSJ's arm around PMY's waist. They're hiding so much from us but whateevaaa TvN, it'll just fuel our suspicions even more
  6. PMY in HPL bts is simply just our silly PMY. Playful, silly, friendly, bubbly. PMY in WWWSK bts seems like a shy girl, a nervous girl, a feminine girl. A girl acting all coy cuz the boy in front of her is someone she likes. *Ladies u all know how we are. We are truly all tigers but in front of someone we like we're like little kittens LOLOL
  7. Me watching HPL bts: hahah they looked like they're having so much fun. So comfortable! Me watching WWWSK bts: omo omo these 2 are totally flirting. OMG.
  8. To think that PSJ has always been eyeing PMY since the beginning of his career is amazing. I can't believe what its like to finally conquer the woman of your dream, isn't that too insane??? Idk how he did it and who helped him but its amazing how in life you go through a full circle like that and get what's meant for you after all.
  9. Will the term NOW be considered as an honest and accurate response if the event already existed? lol joking joking. Please dont take it so srs.
  10. definitely #1 for me. I came into WWWSK without any prior knowledge about coincidences yet the whole time I was watching, I thought to myself "this couple is a bit too good at acting isn't" LOL then dating broke out with media outlets and the rest was history for me.
  11. Is it just me or PSJ vibe is changing along with PMY. Like when they were in WWWSK their vibe matched, and even now they're apart and onto different projects, their vibe still match.
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