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  1. Everything so accurate. I'm not korean but i actually took korean classes and it is 1000% correct that honorific is a BIG BIG must when it comes to k culture when addressing someone older, status, etc. Banmal is rarely ok in korean culture, unless super close, even friends sometimes u have to see if banmal is ok. You can also see at 8:10 SYJ corrected KSH and he immediately panicked and agreed with her, this would never be ok during public events between a sunbae and hoobae LOL at least from this clip we knows who wears the pants in the relationship
  2. omg so spot on with that analysis lol Totally right about the 2yrs waiting thing. Now I'm REALLY REALLY curious how did it all started. My guess is after cf, they've been friends and somehow someway it led to unsaid mutual interest, but probably nothing serious yet. However, when he entered army, he was 29 and she was 27, that's a decent age to get serious so he probably courage up and told her how he feels and asked if she would wait for him, she said yes obviously lol. When he was in the army, she visited him or they constantly kept in contact, hence, fast forward, they're now in
  3. I think that is why when they asked if she has made any sacrifices, she looked over to him. I think the whole point here was that she made the sacrifice for him. Maybe because him leaving could cause attention, so it was better he stayed put and she just quietly come visit him instead. thats just my 2 cents about it lol
  4. Oooh I think I get what you’re saying now. He sacrificed his days cause someone was coming to visit him lol
  5. Wait can one of you explain what's going on. I'm confused what do you mean she sacrificed for him...and how is it relatable to his leave days
  6. This is something that is super special about this ship. Not only hyunji are private, even their long time fans lips are sealed from both side. They will never say anything to us because they want to keep their artist protected.
  7. Love seeing everyone's opinions about how Hyunji happened. It's just so unexpected and until today I still can't believe it. I hope one day they'll reveal how it all started. Like some of you speculated, it must be an attraction at first sight kind of thing cause I can't wrap my head around how one CF leads to today. You have to have some type of attraction that's why there's continuous interest in wanting to court. Seems like Yeji was just someone he was always attracted to, and it was just a matter of time before he built up some courage to make it happen lol To be ho
  8. I will never stop asking how Hyunji became a presumably couple that they are today... no way can one cf leads to such a close relationship. Obviously there was some courting of course, but the questions are HOW and WHEN..... Would love to hear ur guys theories
  9. haha that was what I was secretly thinking too lol There's a speculation that there are actually 2 cartier rings. There's another one with same frame but in the middle there's a heart, some said the one with the heart is customized. Cartier does a lot of customization too so I wouldn't be surprised
  10. pretty much everything worn on PBIO was sponsored lol yes, including KSH's clothes, the car, everything. Viewers don't need a disclaimer that its being advertised cause in showbiz, people already know brands offer to dress the actors/actresses in their brand so it can be marketed to the viewers. Nothing new so not much to discuss as to why she wore certain brands on screen. Simply put, Cartier probably was probably one of the endorsers to have their brand show on the drama, that's why in certain episodes we saw her wore the ring and their bracelet. As to your question why PBIO would give
  11. if you look at SYJ off screen, just FYI for those of u that don't know she doesn't wear flashy, most of the time she only wears a watch, rarely jewelry. ESPECIALLY Cartier! it is a brand known to be gift to someone you love (mostly for lovers tbh). So I believe someone dearly to her heart gifted her that ring and yes the middle finger has a meaning lol Some of you might question well what if its just to promote the brand Cartier, knowing SYJ history with brands and how k-industry works now, I think the ring is a gift rather than promoting the brand because SYJ anything off screen r
  12. Same. I started watching simply cause it was trending on Twitter and I was like wow her character is so attractive.The whole time I watched, I simply thought "these 2 have really good chemistry and look very good together, they would make a cute couple". I did not had prior knowledge of their 2014 cf, didn't know they're under the same agency and the whole timeline about how they became under one agency. I literally thought IONTBO was the first time these 2 paired up together. It was literally like 2 weeks after I finished the drama, I became a bit suspicious of why the lack of bts
  13. Rain and Kim Tae Hee is one of those lucky couples got the chance to date publicly and not much bashing. I hope Hyunji follows their foot steps so they can have a peaceful blissful life, but KSH has a lot of fangirls so I pray he'll protect Yeji at all costs.
  14. It will forever stay a mystery at how Hyunji became so close. I seriously would crown them as King and Queen of ninjas. I know they met through 2014 cf, but you guys between 2014 and 2019 is a 5yrs difference. How were they able to slip under all radars like that. There's absolutely no trace of how they became so long and then fast forward to 2020, they're practically flirting left and right with each other.
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