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  1. I assume this (first) poster is showing us the people of the Flower Crew, which is why SJH isn’t part of it. I hate how the description is so vague lmao but I’m rooting for Ma Hoon, as much as I love SJH
  2. I was hyped when it was announced that MSC and DL were gonna be in a drama together and I’m so so so glad that it’s actually good lmao. And bless the Viki subbers because *cries in Love and Destiny* The characters are so lovable (as someone else said) and the actors have great chemistry together, where their interactions all seem natural. Fu and Zeyu just click right away and their bickering/exchanges makes their relationship so much heartwarming and real. Even the relationships between Fu, Zeyu, Aunt Meili and the Father are fun to watch. Their undying support Zeyu MAKES ME SOFT.
  3. Basically, I took a look into my old tumblr folder and found some stuff
  4. Happy Valentines Day, TCC thread! All smiles from OTP This is still a sageuk with political drama but jeezus, I feel so single watching this show
  5. Andddddd.... breatheeeeeeee We all knew this moment was coming, but it’s still sad to watch. We expected that reaction from SW though, so it’ll be interesting to see where OTP is headed. Man o man, judging from the preview next ep, things won’t be going well for SW. DQ (that hag) is really taking advantage of this situation. So is it now confirmed that Lady Kim was killed? I’ll sure miss her. Well, I guess I’ll just have rewatch the kiss like 10 times so I can live in their happiness @circulate9ooSame, all that tension and angst awaiting in ep 11, I need it nowwwww
  6. Watched the first ep, and it was pretty meh. I haven’t seen the JPN original so I came in with a “fresh” mind. Honestly, nothing really stood out (outside of KTR). SJI is a pretty typical, overlooked female lead, and I’m not complaining. SES was fine...? Her acting wasn’t bad, at least to me, but it seems that knetz disagrees. When the casting was announced, Dramabeanies were also pretty skeptical. But she didn’t a terrible job or anything here, it was alright. I’m lowkey annoyed by KTR and I hope that he’s supposed to be even a bit unlikeable. Feels a bit weird to see such a wacky character because Jin Goo roles have always been serious. I can’t really judge anything about the plot, since it is just the exposition and we’re slowly learning about the characters. 6.5/10
  7. Omg, that’s what Lady Kim gets. Karma is a CLOWN. And is SCS trying to team up with JP? Noooo, I really like the three way fight between the Dowager Queen, SCS, and the Clown. It’s way more fun. (Unless SCS will betray JP in the end?) And having two go against each other sides feels a bit... redundant? Anyways, I’m more curious about that mini army that Queen Dowager has set up. And I’m still in shock that YH is actually dead. I wanted a redemption arc, but at least this is better (sad, I know) than making him crazy and insane for another 8 episodes. Man, the scenes in the cave/beach was heartbreaking. Watching YH struggle to eat and talking about the king to coughing up blood and talking about his little brother, ugh TCC whyyyyy. Lee Kyu is the character I wanted from the start. Layered and grey, not just the perfect, good helper on the king’s side. He wants a good Kingdom, but at what cost? Kim Sang Kyung does a great job and I can’t be more happy. Okay... YJG just knocks it straight out of the park. This is THAT role. I mean, watching the scene over, you can see the pain, sadness and desperation in his eyes in three seconds before he falls over. And the way his body was coughing up blood as he tried to talk, I don’t know how but I FELT THAT. HS and YH are two different people, but it’s the same YJG! You can see a big difference between the two, and the mood of the scene changes too.
  8. The Baeksang Awards is basically Korea’s Emmys, even tho it includes film. I hope YJG will get some recognition there!
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