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  1. As Yang Se Jong’s fan I’m pretty disappointed by his wig. It looks awful. I know he’s supposed to look “rough”opposite to polished WDH but the wig looks really bad. Sigh. And why does he look so dirty in all teasers?
  2. He looks really dirty and a lot of darker than WDH. Was he always this dark? Our SJ has been working out, looks like he’s more willing to show skin than he used to do
  3. @mademoisellesia Sigh. I agree with you, WDH hair looks way better than SJ shaggy head.
  4. Is it just me or Yang Se Jong and WDH have been working out intensely?
  5. @lightbringer06 I feel like k-dramas without love triangles don’t appeal to Korean audience. They even needed to make up a new character for this. I generally don’t suffer from the Second Lead Syndrome and as far as I remember the second leads nowadays aren’t THAT deadly as they used to be 10 years ago. The last time I couldn’t finish the drama because I was outraged by the way the writers handled the second lead was BTW, is @lightbringer06 referenced to Brent Weeks’ Lightbringer series?
  6. #4 Usually a female lead overhears a male lead confessing his feelings to someone else. That’s why I liked this scene so much in Reply Me 1997. He straight up told her he liked her and never wanted to see her again. Her face when she realised she really hurt him. He’s still one of the best male leads ever.
  7. So NokDu is a fierce warrior. I can already imagine him kicking butts while wearing those female clothes LOL. Kudos to JDY for being brave enough to take this role. I guess not every male actor would be comfortable to show his feminine side.
  8. Hello everyone! Happy to be joining the thread. I’ve been on a k-drama hiatus for over 8 months but I think this is the drama that can bring me back to the dramaland. When the drama was first announced I immediately thought of Jang Dong Yoon. They needed someone young, pretty and talented to stand his ground opposite Kim So Hyun. And oh boy, sometimes the drama gods really hear us out. I hope So Hyun’s character doesn’t know his real identity because it wouldn’t be that funny otherwise. Dong Yoon’s is really pretty but his broad shoulders and mannerism aren’t really feminine haha.
  9. Holy moly macaroni. Did they really shoot those steamy kisses alongside with episode 1??? The emotions were totally different. Respect for the actors!
  10. Every time I see SB I want to punch him in the face. If that counts as “doesn’t like.”
  11. Hello everyone, does anybody know what brand is Hyun Bin’s green coat he’s been wearing in episode 10? I’ve been lusting over it the moment I saw it.
  12. For all Jang Seung Jo fans! Maybe because I like him as an actor I’m praying he won’t turn evil. He actually looks much younger in his real life. He’s super cute and handsome
  13. I really hope WS won’t turn into a hateful and clingy second lead... He seems like a decent human being unlike his trash mother. I feel so sad for him if he really faked an affair so SH could walk away. Even though he doesn’t win her heart I hope he’ll find his own happiness and break free of his mother’s clutches.
  14. Does anybody know the song that starts playing around 33:20? When they met on a pier? Is it an existing song or is it a part of OST?
  15. Hello everyone, I just caught up with both episodes and I’d like to ask about one thing that’s been confusing me - I thought SHK’s character had a kid? I was convinced from the promos that she had a kid with her ex-husband. Or did the creators decide not to include a child after all? And we still don’t know her age, right? I don’t think she’s supposed to be over 40...
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