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  1. Holy moly macaroni. Did they really shoot those steamy kisses alongside with episode 1??? The emotions were totally different. Respect for the actors!
  2. Every time I see SB I want to punch him in the face. If that counts as “doesn’t like.”
  3. Hello everyone, does anybody know what brand is Hyun Bin’s green coat he’s been wearing in episode 10? I’ve been lusting over it the moment I saw it.
  4. For all Jang Seung Jo fans! Maybe because I like him as an actor I’m praying he won’t turn evil. He actually looks much younger in his real life. He’s super cute and handsome
  5. I really hope WS won’t turn into a hateful and clingy second lead... He seems like a decent human being unlike his trash mother. I feel so sad for him if he really faked an affair so SH could walk away. Even though he doesn’t win her heart I hope he’ll find his own happiness and break free of his mother’s clutches.
  6. Does anybody know the song that starts playing around 33:20? When they met on a pier? Is it an existing song or is it a part of OST?
  7. Hello everyone, I just caught up with both episodes and I’d like to ask about one thing that’s been confusing me - I thought SHK’s character had a kid? I was convinced from the promos that she had a kid with her ex-husband. Or did the creators decide not to include a child after all? And we still don’t know her age, right? I don’t think she’s supposed to be over 40...
  8. I’ve been listening to Lost by Ahn Ji Yeon since the morning and I can’t stop my tears from pouring out. I agree with @alivingparadox24 that it’s going to be hard to beat this level of chemistry that SIG and JSM had. Not a single moment felt awkward between them, every touch and every look was infused with the electrifying chemistry. Even if I have to wait another decade, please let them do another project together, Drama Gods!
  9. I just finished the final episode. I don’t know what to say. Silly me actually thought there were safe and there could be a happy ending for them when JK started approaching him and they began to hug. I didn’t see it (stone faced secretary) coming. I think we’re all happy they didn’t end up as siblings, so shipping them doesn’t feel icky. But I think I’m not the only one who feel like the ending lacked impact. J-version was plain insane, I can’t imagine how the audience must’ve felt back then. Our ending was sad but somehow reassuring because they cleared all the misunderstandings before their partings. Thank you 100MSFTS team for creating such a beautiful drama! I already miss our couple... Let’s hope SIG and JSM will be paired up again someday...
  10. This is the end, folks. 20 more minutes to go. I’ll be staying from soompi until the subs are out. I have several things I need to arrange today and I don’t need people to think I’m a crazy person if I suddenly start clutching my chest and sobs uncontrollably. Let’s give each other strength to survive this.
  11. I’m pretty sure they’re going to die. Just look at them. They are even wearing contrasting black and white outfits. @teachermok I found lyrics on this site: https://baralyrics.blogspot.com/2018/11/ahn-ji-yeon-lost-lyrics-ost-part-3.html
  12. In J-version she shot him because she thought he used her to get a revenge and that he never loved her. But I just can’t see JK doing the same in this version because she kept getting confirmations that he truly loved her. But she might kill him if she believes MY is after JG’s head. The moment he pulled the trigger he sealed his tragic ending.
  13. There’s so much I want to talk about but I really want to give Jung So Min a standing ovation first! I hope she will choose melodramas more often because after seeing what she’s capable of in episode 15 I’m starting to think she’s wasted for regular rom-coms. The scene where she begged MY and wailed desperately was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever watched. I had to cover my ears at one point (just like MY) because it was so chilling - that was some raw acting there.
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